That Week When Kanye West and Taylor Swift Traded Roles in the Democrat Narrative

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Giving advice like this is why she had to take a job at a third-rate cable outlet. – MSNBC’s pet fake conservative host Nicolle Wallace told Chris Matthews on “Hardball” yesterday that she advised Jeb Bush to physically attack Donald Trump after their first debate.: “I told Jeb Bush after that debate that I thought he should have punched [Trump] in the face.”  The demented Wallace said that doing so would have made Jeb! a hero.  All of which explains why Nicolle Wallace can’t get a job as a political advisor anymore.

Mmmmmm…smells like #Winning… – 

Senate confirms 15 Trump judges after GOP leaders, Democrats strike deal

“Everybody mount up!  We got us a runaway!”:  It is truly sad and astonishing how viciously the Democrats and their media toadies invariably go after any African American who strays from their leftist plantation.  Astonishing and disgusting and yes, sad.  It happens every time.

From Clarence Thomas to J.C. Watts to Herman Cain to Ben Carson to Tim Scott to Candace Owens, with many others in between, the playbook is always the same.  They’ve even done it to the great Jim Brown, one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement and a symbol of “Black Power” for half a century, for simply saying he doesn’t think kneeling in protest of the national anthem and American flag is appropriate.

Now comes Kanye West, one of the most successful Black music artists and businessmen of this or any generation, a man who just 13 years ago was hailed as a hero by these very same people when, on national television, he said “George Bush hates black people.”  Kanye was a hero again when he stole the mic from a teenage Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards show so he could take off on a rant about how Beyonce’ should have won the award for best video instead.

Kanye’s always been a little off-the-wall and more than a little “out there”, prone to going off on somewhat bizarre and disjointed tirades in public settings and speaking his mind far more bluntly than polite society thought was, well, appropriate, don’t you know. But as long as Kanye was sticking with the approved Democrat/media narrative that George W. Bush was a racist or Tay-Tay was just a privileged white girl stealing an award from a more deserving Black woman, Kanye was, like, totally awesome.  He wasn’t cray-cray, he was just Kanye bein’ Kanye.

But yesterday, Kanye goes to the White House wearing a red MAGA cap, hugs President Donald Trump and goes off on a terrific rant about how Trump’s pro-America, anti-Obama policies are in fact incredibly empowering for African Americans, and suddenly you see the leftist keepers of the Democrat talking points on MSNBC and CNN calling him “crazy,” a “house-negro”, an “embarrassment”, an “uncle Tom”, and even worse.  One fake “conservative” host on MSNBC accused him of having “mental problems” and the President of being “willing to exploit them.”  Interestingly, most of these things were said by white people, who, if they said exactly the same things about any Democrat black person would immediately be accused of being racists.

This week’s radical shifting of celebrity roles in our fake news media must have non-ideological African Americans suffering from whiplash.  Just a few weeks ago, the Democrats/media Axis of Propaganda’s narrative told them that Tay-Tay was the privileged little white girl who is still holding Beyonce’s trophy hostage, and Kanye was a symbol of Black empowerment.  Today, they’re supposed to now worship Tay-Tay because she endorsed a certain Democrat loser in Tennessee, and they’re supposed to hate Kanye for hugging a President.

Just a guess, but it seems likely that the millions of African Americans who now have jobs after collecting unemployment for 8 years under Barack Obama probably don’t much care what a bunch of mainly-white talking heads at MSNBC and CNN are saying about Kanye West.

And speaking of Tay-Tay… – Man, has it been a bad week for Taylor Swift, or what?  Sunday night, the pop singer finally broke her political silence, endorsing Democrat Phil Bredesen in his race for the U.S. Senate against Republican Marsha Blackburn.

At the time Tay-Tay jumped off the political cliff, the most recent polls indicated this was a very tight race.  But when the New York Times decided to do a live poll of the race two days later, it showed Blackburn with a huge 18 point lead.  Two additional polls issued this week also show Blackburn’s lead in the mid-teens.

Swift’s jump into politics was conveniently timed to coincide with her hosting the American Music Awards program Tuesday night, and organizers of the event were hopeful that the star could bring in yuuuuuge ratings.  Nope.  Tay-Tay’s gig was in fact the lowest-rated AMA show in history.

Combine that with the certainty that her ill-advised leap into leftist politics will no doubt result in a steep drop in her future music sales, and this has been the week from hell for poor Tay-Tay.  But hey, she has S.E. Cupp, Nicolle Wallace and the rest of the depraved nitwits who serve their Democrat masters on MSNBC on her side, so she’s got that going for her.

It isn’t much.

That is all.

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4 thoughts on “That Week When Kanye West and Taylor Swift Traded Roles in the Democrat Narrative

  1. ounce oflogic - October 12, 2018

    Taylor Swift: Very few people listen to or care what she says and most of those that do listen are not old enough to vote. Her jumping on the over-crowded bandwagon will not change a single vote.
    Kanye West: Like it or not, Everyone hears what he says, and he is providing information to Blacks that they never get anywhere else. He is changing minds.

  2. Matthew - October 12, 2018

    I honestly dont think either one has THAT much influence…… what they have is a points of difference from their audiences. If tay tay had stayed out of politics in general, she would have stayed the teenage sensations she’s built herself to be (btw most of those people dont vote or spend a lot of money). I think the same could be said for kanye, no matter which side of the political aisle he was choosing to be on, he could have done far more business wise being mum on the subject of politics, in public at least.

    This is why jordan, a well known democrat, did billions in shoe sales and raked in millions for himself. He let his athleticism be the inspiration, just like these music artists could do with their music.

    Politics is a sh*thole no matter what side of the aisle you happen to reside on, yes some people are right and some are wrong, and most are a little right and a little wrong on everything, but there is no denying politics lowers the level of discourse in the country. Unfortunately that comes with the terrritory of having people in charge to make important decisions in our absence of making those for ourselves.

  3. Meremortal - October 12, 2018

    There was a time when even visits from criminal celebs was fine with the media:

    “Rapper Rick Ross visited the White House on Friday as an ambassador for President Obama’s black and Latino youth program — and his court-ordered ankle monitor reportedly went off shortly after the president concluded a speech…”

  4. Keith - October 12, 2018

    Couple of other items-

    1. Kimberley Strassel’s column in the WSJ today notes that the FBI’s James Baker (not that James Baker, he’s a senior FBI attorney) met with Michael Sussman, a senior attorney with Perkins Coie, the firm that contracted to Fusion GPS for the Steele Dossier that was the basis for the FISA wiretaps. They met a few weeks before the 2016 election and this shows the cooperation between the FBI and the Clinton campaaig.

    2. Congress has asked Glenn Simpson (owner of Fusion GPS) to testify. He has declined, pleading the 5th.

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