Time to Call the Vote or Just Surrender, Mitch

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So much hypocrisy, so little time. – It would be impossible to detail all the rank hypocrisy coming from the political left related to the Kavanaugh nomination right now, but this tweet from Moveon.org just cannot go unmentioned:

For all you Millennials out there who are too young to remember, Moveon.org’s name LITERALLY refers to the one and only reason for its creation in the late 1990s, which was to use Saul Alinsky tactics to convince the public to “just move on” from Bill Clinton’s serial sexual abuses. LITERALLY.

Ok, one more breathtakingly disgusting tweet from a leftist organization that cannot go unmentioned:

That’s right, friends, the demented creeps at Amnesty International want you all to believe that Brett Kavanaugh is actually, in his spare time, a budding Saddam Hussein.  Holy crap.


The Creepy Porn Lawyer is frustrated. – Speaking of demented creeps, Michael Avenatti was on Twitter on Monday complaining that his emails to the lead counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mike Davis were not getting returned in a timely manner.  Someone really should let this guy know that the congressional email system automatically shoves any incoming emails whose IP address is Creepy.Porn.Lawyer.1 over to the spam folder.

But the Creepy Porn Lawyer is coming, and apparently a whole string of exactly who you’d expect are coming with him (no puns intended). – Avenatti’s latest story keeps changing, which is not surprising coming from this greasy carnival barker.  He started it off with the following tweet on Sunday:

But last night, in an interview on – guess where? – CNN, which is always willing to accommodate any anti-Trump hack who wants his face on national TV, the Creepy Porn Lawyer claimed to have “multiple” women willing to claim that Mr. Kavanaugh engaged in all sorts of sexual shenanigans while in college.  He further pledged to start bringing them forward – no doubt also on CNN – within the next 48 hours.  So, just in time to pre-empt the hearing scheduled for Thursday at which both Kavanaugh and accuser Christine Ford are supposedly going to testify.

Gosh, what a coincidence, right?

So, we now have the Democrats’ game fully laid out for all to see, and it goes like this:

  • Find some initial accuser willing to smear Kavanaugh and also willing to pretend to be willing to testify under oath;
  • Derail the scheduled process by insisting that the first accuser cannot possibly be ready to testify by Monday, Sept. 24, and demand a later hearing;
  • Once you get that later hearing scheduled, then issue a constantly-changing set of demands that you know Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley will not meet, because your client has no intention of ever testifying under oath and potential felony charges for perjury;
  • As the new hearing date approaches, get another accuser who also has no earthly intention of testifying under oath out in front of the public to create confusion and place further pressure on Kavanaugh and cowardly senate RINOs Republicans like Jeff Flake and Susan Collins;
  • As the second accuser’s story is being systematically shown to be an outright fraud that is even too fake for the freaking New York Times to run, bring out the Creepy Porn Lawyer to up the pressure with even more absurd and salacious claims against the nominee;
  • All the while, have your depraved and evil Democrat senators like Dianne Feinstein and that brain-dead nitwit from Hawaii all over TV insisting that the Thursday hearing be cancelled because you know your “witness” has no intention of showing up for it.

This is classic Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals 101.  You have to give the Democrats credit – this bit of evil destruction of a good man’s reputation and life has been extremely well-coordinated.  The obvious effort is to create such a high degree of confusion that the average member of the public cannot possibly figure out what the truth is and ultimately gets to the point where they all say “enough!  stop this madness!” and the nomination gets pulled by its sponsors.

As we sit here this morning, there is no real way to know with certainty if the Democrats and their fake news media wall of propaganda will achieve their end goals, but the GOP’s foolish efforts to pretend their accusers are acting in good faith (they aren’t) and negotiating with their extremely expensive lawyers moves the ball forward for the bad guys with each passing day.

Majority Leader McConnell can make all the tough floor speeches he wants (he made a pretty good one on Monday), but until he calls an end to this circus and forces a vote on the nomination, he is playing directly into the Democrats’ twisted, gnarled hands.

In the end, McConnell, Grassley and the Senate Republicans are either going to have to take a stand and force a vote, or ask Kavanaugh and President Trump to pull the nomination.  Had they done what they should have done and gone forward with the scheduled committee vote yesterday, they could be holding the final vote tomorrow.

The Senate Rs appear to be living under an illusion that if they just keep negotiating and compromising, their Democrat “colleagues” will ultimately start behaving reasonably and the pressure will relent.  This is insanity and frankly stupid.  In fact, the Democrats will only continue increasing the pressure and bringing more and more accusers out of the woodwork to make increasingly outrageous claims.

When it becomes obvious to even the most clueless GOP senate members late on Wednesday that Ms. Ford is not going to show up for Thursday’s hearing, McConnell and Grassley need to simply schedule a vote.  If that doesn’t happen, then this nomination is dead, and our constitutionally-guaranteed rights to the presumption of innocence and to face one’s accusers are dead along with it.

It really is that simple.

That is all.

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10 thoughts on “Time to Call the Vote or Just Surrender, Mitch

  1. Jim McFarland - September 25, 2018

    Avenatti is going to hell, it seems: he’s demon-inspired or demon possessed.
    Better repent, dude. The dark ones are coming for you – soon. And it won’t
    be by human device nor hand. Repent while there’s time! Turn away from your

  2. M. S. Spencer - September 25, 2018

    If you give a mouse a cookie…Republicans obviously never read the book.

  3. Michelle Palmateer - September 25, 2018

    It is a sad day for America, when a political party can throw a temper tantrum and succeed in getting their way. No voting or voice of the majority being heard to get their way, endangers our entire political system. Our system has survived longer than most Democracies in the history of mankind, however it appears to be in it’s end stages. It may be the time for war to save our Republic.

    1. Jonesy - September 25, 2018


      I hope that you are wrong on your assessment. I would truly fear the day our system of checks and balances is no longer effective or the ballot is tossed aside for direct action. However, I do feel that if that day ever comes, it comes while I am able to deal with it so my kids don’t have to…..

  4. Stephen Fry - September 25, 2018

    I’m a little surprised that liberals are going all in and using all their ammo on Kavanaugh. I guess they don’t realize the next nominee could very well be a catholic woman, Amy Coney Barrett. Can’t really pull out the #Metoo arrows for that one…and she’s arguably more conservative than Kavanaugh anyways…

    1. David Blackmon - September 25, 2018

      I’d caution you on that argument: I’m old enough to remember the whole Bork fiasco. All the conservative pundits back then were shocked that the Democrats would go all in on slamming Bork because, they assured us in unison, “Anthony Kennedy is even more stringently conservative than Bob Bork is.”

      We spent 31 long years seeing how that worked out for us.

      That’s not a slam against Amy Barrett, just noting that, where the Supreme Court is concerned, assuming what anyone will do once on that court is a fool’s errand.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Dan - September 25, 2018

    Mr. Blackmon: I am really impressed with your insight and commentary. You seem to nail it every time I”ve checked in the past couple of months!

    1. David Blackmon - September 25, 2018

      Thanks. Liberal idiots and SJWs everywhere disagree, but I’m thinking you’re a very wise man.

  6. Pilot Dave - September 25, 2018

    WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

  7. RPS - September 25, 2018

    Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

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