First They Came for Donald Trump and we did Nothing; Then They Came for Jim Jordan…

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? –  San Fran Nan and her fellow Democrats recoiled in horror at yet another fantastic jobs report, as the private sector added another 213,000 new jobs in June, once again beating analyst expectations.  The jobs report includes new record low unemployment for Hispanic workers and continued record low unemployment for Black workers.  Thus, Democrats went into a panic, with Pelosi issuing a statement claiming that “Donald Trump’s reckless policies are hurting millions of hardworking families.”

Because lying shamelessly is all they got.

A classic case of reflection projection. – After looking in her mirror and asking “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” but getting back only an image of an utterly sick and twisted woman, MSNBC fake journalist Mika Brzezinski decided to call Ivanka Trump an “utterly sick” and “twisted” individual.  It’s like a Walt Disney movie over there at Morning Joe.

A failed attempt to change the subject at NBC. – Scared to death that Donald Trump’s challenge to fake Indian Senator Elizabeth Warren that she take a DNA test to prove her specious claim of Indian ancestry might ultimately prove fatal to their favorite Democrat senator, the news fakers at NBC News decided to move into preemptive strike mode, issued a fake “fact check” on Friday in which they claim that DNA tests just don’t really work so good on Native Americans.  No, really, they did that.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up, but NBC sure does.

NBC’s fake rationale is that, golly, DNA tests don’t really provide proof of “tribal citizenship”, as if that is what anyone is asking for.  In fact, all anyone is asking for is some proof that Warren – a lifelong fraud who has profited richly from the obviously false claim of Indian heritage and based an entire political career on it – in fact has Indian blood coursing through her veins.  “Tribal citizenship” is completely irrelevant to anything, but NBC is so desperate to cover for its favorite Democrat in the Senate that it comes up with this nonsense.  And people in the fake news media wonder why they are so utterly detested by most Americans.

Remember, if they can do this to Jim Jordan, they can do it to you. – Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan has become the latest target of the Deep State cabal.  Less than a week after he humiliated head Deep State honcho Rod Rosenstein in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, several former wrestlers for Ohio State – where Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach back in the day – suddenly came scurrying out of the woodwork to level allegations that Jordan was aware that a team doctor (now conveniently dead, of course) was sexually abusing team members and did nothing to stop it.

The accusations center around allegations that the team doctor insisted on giving team members hernia tests each time he examined them.  For all you ladies and those who never played high school sports, the hernia test consists of the the doctor placing two fingers underneath a man’s testicles and telling the athlete to turn his head and cough.  If you went out for football, basketball or baseball, you were administered one of these tests by the team doctor before the season’s first practice, and likely any time you sustained any sort of injury, if your doctor was cautious.

Given the extreme physical nature of the sport of wrestling, it’s actually very easy to see why a team’s doctor would want to conduct such exams more frequently, and any group of high school and college-aged men would inevitably resort to joking about such an uncomfortable process.  One of Jordan’s accusers – who was of course given copious air time by CNN this week – even stated that the doctor administered this test every time a wrestler had to be examined.  This is not “sexual abuse,” this is a doctor doing his job.

Out of this, we now have a handful of former Ohio State wrestlers suing the University with claims the the doctor was a “serial groper”, as one of the wrestlers put it on CNN.  And guess what law firm happens to be representing the plaintiffs?  None other than the infamous Perkins Coie, the same firm that was paid millions by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to dummy up the fake Trump Dossier during the 2016 presidential campaign.  The same firm that has close ties to DOJ lawyer Bruce Ohr, who officed just two doors down from …wait for it…Rod Rosenstein before he was demoted last December.

So now Congressman Jordan – who just happens to be one of the three candidates to succeed the outgoing Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House – finds himself having to somehow defend himself over vague accusations that he “had to know” that a doctor was doing someone’s notion of too many testicular exams of his wrestling team’s members.  It’s like having to respond when a lawyer asks you “how often to you beat your kids?”

This is the Deep State in action, folks.  It is slimy like James Comey, oily like Rod Rosenstein and as un-American as Barack Obama’s legacy.  If they can do this to Jim Jordan, a powerful congressman from Ohio, just think what they can do to you.

Just another day in the DC Swamp is alive and well America.

That is all.

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5 thoughts on “First They Came for Donald Trump and we did Nothing; Then They Came for Jim Jordan…

  1. Drew - July 7, 2018

    We can stop this light up the phones to that so calked law firm. The MSM has been the engine of violence in this nation for decades. The airwaves belong to all Americans not just the far left lunatic fringe and its time to pull license and award them to people who are responsible to all Americans.

  2. Craig Chilcutt - July 7, 2018

    Rep. Jim Jordan’s Nephew, Eli Stickley, Killed in Car Crash

    Coincidence I’m sure…

  3. Larry Folds - July 8, 2018

    Hopefully little Jeff, our fearless AG will wake up.

  4. guidvce4 - July 8, 2018

    I can always tell when someone on the right is getting close to the dirt of the left. Some specious charge will come out of the blue(pun intended) that, if true, would have surfaced decades ago in a minor run for some local office. For it to pop up now, has “manufactured” written all over it. Sorta like the “dossier”. From the same law firm no less, already discredited by its past actions. Marx(and I don’t mean Groucho) and Alinsky would be so proud of the whole leftist cabal for continuing to push the propaganda of the left after being proven totally false with the dossier.

    Nope. Not tired of winning yet. Is it coincidental that every time Trump, or the conservatives, have some sort of victory towards furthering the agenda of the People, some sort of smear charge comes popping out of the woodwork? I think the left has a list of possible scenarios, all lies, ready to go every friday to deflate any good news from the administration. They are all suspect and not to be believed, in my humble opinion. I consider all leftists, of any stripe, to be traitors and worthy of a place at the end of a rope swinging from a lamppost in DC.
    Maybe its just me, but I think not.
    Thanks, DB, for keeping us informed.
    MAGA! KAG1

  5. Roger Rodger - July 8, 2018

    Once the line is crossed, the gloves will come off. We have President Trumps and Rep. Jordans back. Until then just keep feeding them rope.

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