The Democrat Party Now Actively Supports Bigotry and Mob Rule

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[Note:  The original text of this piece incorrectly identified Lexington as “suburb of Washington, DC.”  That’s what I get for relying on my memory for geographic accuracy.]

Leftists hate you and want to deprive you of your rights, Part 10,983. – The big news on Saturday came with the revelation that the owner of the Red Hen, a small, trendy restaurant located in the Northern Virginia town of Lexington, kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her small children and five other members of her family out as they attempted to have dinner there on Friday evening.

The establishment’s owner, one Stephanie Wilkinson – who also apparently owns several other businesses in the small town – claims she received a call around 8:00 p.m. from her employees, notifying her that Sanders and her family were, gasp!, in the restaurant and expecting to plop down about $700 for dinner.  Noting that her employees were in a state of emergency snowflake triggering over having to serve a deputy of the President of the United States of America (because of course they were), Wilkinson donned her Birkenstocks, peasant dress and pussy hat (ok, just guessing there, but it seems likely) and rushed over to demand the paying, polite customers leave her greasy spoon immediately.

All parties present acknowledge that the Sanders party politely left.  Sanders even offered to pay for the privilege of being booted out of the place, but Wilkinson, being the raging nitwit she is, didn’t even want her money.  That would have been the end of it, but one of the spoiled, Millennial employees felt the need to post about it all on Facebook (because of course he did), which then produced an uproar on Twitter (because of course it did).

Sanders, in an effort to clear up all the lies being spread about the situation on social media, then decided to issue a tweet of her own about it:

This factual message set off another round of social media outrage, as leftist snowflakes became triggered all over again (because of course it did).

The fake news media is treating this situation as if it was just something that took place on the spur of the moment (because of course they are), that Wilkinson had no idea Sanders and her family were coming to dine in their restaurant and was just responding to the wishes of her triggered employees.

But let’s think about that:  The truth is that that Sanders had made the reservation well in advance.  The truth is that Ms. Wilkinson and her husband are leftist activists (because of course they are), as demonstrated conclusively in this photo:

This woman’s such a radical nitwit she even puts a pussy hat on her kid.  I’m sure he never gets bullied at school.

And then there’s this quote from her in the Washington Post:

“I’m not a huge fan of confrontation. I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals,” she told The Post.

Well, gosh, what better way to make someone feel uncomfortable than to see their name on your reservation list and hatch a plan to seat her party, get the drinks served and appetizer order taken, and then humiliate her, her young children and the five other people she’s with by kicking them out?

This of course comes just a few days after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was run out of MXDC, a really lousy imitation Mexican food place in Washington, by a bunch of activists who had been alerted to Nielsen’s presence by the restaurant’s staff.

As with everything else the Democrat Party and fake news media do these days, this is all stuff that is straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook:  You take an issue, personalize it by demonizing selected targets and make it increasingly difficult for them to do their jobs or live their lives.  Very predictably, fake news media personalities and Democrat politicians praised the discriminatory actions against both women on social media, CNN and MSNBC.

Again, as with everything else the Democrats and fake media do, none of this is organic.  None of it just happens on the spur of the moment.  This tactic of humiliating Trump Administration personnel in public is obviously part of a well-coordinated plan, and it will soon spread to efforts to discriminate against anyone who publicly identifies as a Trump supporter if there are no visible consequences for the Red Hen or MXDC.

Conservatives have always shied away from engaging in boycotts or public demonstrations that attempt to shut such bigoted businesses down for two reasons:  1) most conservatives actually work for a living and don’t have the free time to go hang out on a street corner chanting stupid slogans and holding cardboard signs, and 2) conservatives know that any public gathering of more than 10 people whose politics are to the right of Fidel Castro will be spun by the fake news media as a gathering of Nazis.

But in today’s digital, Internet world, there are many other ways to negatively impact a business, especially those in the service industries.  Already, Red Hen’s website was crashed yesterday by a flood of people making fake reservations, as were their pages on Yelp and OpenTable by floods of people trying to post fake reviews.  Some enterprising hacker even managed to hack the business’s online menu with a note that dining there causes erectile dysfunction.

But back to the point, which is that the Democrats and their activist supporters in and out of the fake news media are now actively supporting discrimination and mob rule.  If you think otherwise, you just need to pay closer attention to what’s really happening in our society.

Way back in the early 1990s I wrote a newspaper column in which I discussed the increasingly obvious reality that Democrats’ ultimate goal was to make it illegal to be a Republican.  Many readers back then scoffed at that notion.  Those who are still among the living are probably not scoffing this morning.

Just another day in leftists hate you and want to take your freedoms away America.

That is all.

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12 thoughts on “The Democrat Party Now Actively Supports Bigotry and Mob Rule

  1. Fester N Boyle - June 24, 2018

    Democrats haven’t kicked so many people out of their establishment since the 1950’s Jim Crow days. Never forget southern voters, here’s what the Dems think of you

    Here’s some Democrat FBI agent’s texts about voters in states like VA, recall these –

    Page: [Jill] lost. What a f-ing disappointment.

    Page: 52/47. I’m really so disappointed. What is wrong with people?

    Strzok: [redacted]nb) I saw. Disappointing, but look at the district map. Loudon [sic] is being gentrified, but it’s still largely ignorant hillbillys [sic]. Good for her for running, but curious if she’s energized or never again.

    Democrats calling red state voters “ignorant hillbillies”………..

    1. Carlos Dangler - June 24, 2018

      My favorite comment lately is, “The Democrats haven’t been this angry and bitter since Lincoln freed their slaves!”

  2. Mark Webb - June 24, 2018

    The Democrat Party Has Always Supported Bigotry and Mob Rule

    Fixed it for you….

  3. Richard Marshall - June 24, 2018

    “a small, trendy restaurant located in the Washington, DC suburb of Lexington, VA”

    I almost stopped reading right there, since the author has no clue that Lexington is 200 miles from DC. However, I preserved and it is an otherwise excellent write up.

  4. Robert Williams - June 24, 2018

    It would be useful to know if Ms. Wilkinson discriminates against women in her other business’s. Perhaps naming her other business’s would allow us to see if this is a pattern of discrimination. Generations of patriots fought for women’s rights and these authoritarian thugs should be called out for their bigotry against women.

  5. merlintobie - June 24, 2018

    I hope all these leftist loonies attacking PDJT administrators and their families leads a YUGE increase in the security costs to protect them. They all need 24 hour armed professional security, NOW. Secret Service or a private army, whatever. Increase the security budget 100 fold. Spare NO expense. Take the funds out of a pet liberal cause.

  6. bbigaouette - June 24, 2018

    so….she was asked to leave because of her political viewpoint (she works for POTUS), but is this any different than a baker refusing to make something for a gay couple? Both were customers and both were refused service because of their ideological beliefs. But who was paid restitution for pain and suffering?

    1. Jim McFarland - June 24, 2018

      Big difference: the bakers in nearly all the cases stated that they had no problem baking the cakes; they didn’t want to write or decorate with things and words that went against their own personal beliefs. Would you force someone to bake a cake – and decorate it – with things that offend your conscience?

      In the case of the restaurant: the family probably saved themselves a case of H. Pylori, because someone who is so easily triggered would doubtless spit in their food.

  7. Fred Ward - June 24, 2018

    Actually, they want to kill us. Dehumanization is the first step.

  8. Jim McFarland - June 24, 2018

    Bob Goodlatte defended Lexington – a truly beautiful little city, a town that has gorgeous rolling farmlands and beautiful vistas, with a lot of history and mostly great people. However, with idiots running businesses like this, it won’t be long before they tear down “Stonewall” Jackson’s homeplace and try to rename every place and thing after Leftist heroes and SJWs and their ilk. I wrote to the Chamber of Commerce and told them that I will NOT be visiting their lovely little town as long as it permits people like Ms. Sanders to be abused by petty, sniveling tyrants who abuse their guests.

  9. wilco - June 24, 2018

    A democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. It only applies to the election process. She needs to understand the difference between that and a Constitutional Republic. Only then may the fog lift from her vision and brain.

  10. Buzz - June 24, 2018

    Call up this craphole liberal invested restaurant and make a reservation for several people, the don’t show up, or show up with a group, order the cheapest things on the menu the sit and talk for hours and tie up their table. Don’t leave a tip either as the wait staff are all liberals who will tattle to the management if they find out you support PRESIDENT Trump, or the 2nd Amendment.

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