Good Guys With Guns Got the Job Done on Tuesday. Will the Media Give Them Due Credit?

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Don’t expect CNN to spend any real time covering this one. – A good guy with a gun stopped a school shooting on Tuesday, and the fake news media barely noticed.  A “resource officer” at Great Mills High School in Southern Maryland responded within 60 seconds to reports of a shooter on campus and traded shots with the attacker in an act that likely prevented more killings from taking place.  The shooter ultimately committed suicide, and witnesses called the officer, Deputy Blaine Gaskill, a hero.

It is worth noting that, had the “resource officer” and other Broward County deputies who were quickly on the scene responded in the same way to last month’s mass killings at Parkland High School, it is very likely some of the 17 victims of that shooting would be alive today.  Parkland was a tragedy that was created by an utter, complete failure by government and law enforcement at every level, from the FBI to the cowardly Broward County Sheriff’s department, from the Department of Justice to local school officials.  Everyone failed those kids and teachers who lost their lives to a well-known threat who should have been properly dealt with years before.

The Great Mills incident clearly shows what one law enforcement officer, properly trained and armed, can do to prevent needless loss of life.  It is such a clear and unambiguous lesson that we should expect our fake news media to drop it like a hot potato today, after having given the incident cursory coverage on Tuesday.  Because this is not part of their preferred narrative.

Of course, the fake news outlets have their ready-made excuse for scurrying away from the Great Mills story as fast as their cockroach legs can take them, as the bomber who has been terrorizing the Austin, Texas area was brought down overnight.  The problem they’re going to have – though they’ll find 100 ways around talking about it – is that this is yet another example of good guys with guns getting the job done.

Where the Parkland killings represent the total breakdown of the nation’s law enforcement system, the Austin bomber’s identification and final resolution – he killed himself by exploding a bomb in his car when local police and FBI officers had him pinned down – represent an example of law enforcement getting its job done at all levels.  Even the moribund, beleaguered FBI proved that it still can provide a real public service, at least in isolated incidents, so maybe FBI Director Christopher Wray is starting to get his job of rebuilding the agency and its reputation done.

Throughout all the revelations of massive wrongdoing within the FBI’s senior levels in its Washington, DC headquarters over the last 2 years, defenders of the agency have always been quick to point to “the great men and women” who make up the agency’s rank and file, and continued to characterize the FBI as “the world’s premier law enforcement agency.”  But the truth is that it has been painfully difficult during that time to point to any clear examples of why the public should regard the agency with such high esteem.

Instead, during that same period of time, we have been presented with example after example of massive failures by FBI officials to do their damn jobs in places like Orlando and San Bernardino and New York City and Las Vegas (where we still have been given no believable explanation of why more than 50 people lost their lives) and Parkland.

But Austin appears, at least at the moment, to be different.  It appears to be a case in which the FBI was called in by local law enforcement for help in trying to identify and capture a serial bomber who was proving to be painfully difficult to catch.  It appears to be a case in which the profiling, technology and other methods practiced by the FBI made the difference leading to the ultimate positive resolution of a very vexing matter.  And the suspect, at the time of this writing identified only as a “24 year-old white male,” does not appear to be someone who had been on the FBI’s radar for years prior to his murder spree, as was the case in Orlando, San Bernadino and Parkland.

We’ll find out more as the day goes on, but regardless, the lesson from these two incidents is clear:  good guys (and gals) with guns, when properly trained and properly focused, remain the people’s best line of defense against the nutjobs in our society.

Just don’t expect CNN to be holding any prime time townhalls in which students from Great Mills High or relieved citizens of Austin, Texas or representatives of the NRA get to deliver that message.  Because the preferred narrative must always prevail.

Just another day in good guys with guns protecting America.

That is all.

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[Photo Credit:  New York Daily News]

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