The Harvey Weinstein-ing of Bill and Hillary Clinton is Well Underway

Today’s Campaign Update

  • Liberal icons continue to fall to revelations that they have abused women in the past.  I would have said “allegations” rather than “revelations”, but hey, I’ve been told that all these women must be believed.  Liberals made these rules, and now they must live with them, even as it becomes painfully obvious that the issue of sexual harassment is mainly an issue among liberals preying on liberals.
  • Yesterday alone, the roster of liberal sexual abusers grew with the addition of these names:  Democrat Cong. John Conyers; very, very haughty liberal CBS/PBC fake news man Charlie Rose; NY Times White House fake reporter Glenn Thrush; leftwing movie director Oliver Stone; Senator Al Franken was accused by a third woman; even Bill Clinton had four more women come out and accuse him of sexual abuse.  Folks, that’s just one day in liberal sex abuse world.
  • Don’t think this is all, or that we are even nearing the end of these revelations.  The reality is that this deal is just getting started in earnest where politicians are concerned.  I haven’t noted it here to this point, but it was revealed last week that congress has for the last 20 years had a process for sexual harassment allegations in place that requires accusers to sign non-disclosure agreements and go through 30 days of mandatory “counseling” before moving forward with formal claims.  Over the last two decades, even this process, which strongly discourages the victim from moving forward, has resulted in congressional payouts of more than $15 million to victims of sexual abuse.  John Conyers is just the tip of the iceberg where that’s concerned, trust me.
  • We’ve also just begun to scratch the surface where Bill Clinton is concerned.  The four women who accused the former President yesterday were all employees of billionaire Ron Burkel, with whom Clinton spent years flying around the world with a gaggle of young women during the early 2000’s.  Clinton also made dozens of flights on private jet of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who owned a private island known as ‘Orgy Island’ during the same time period.   What do you think he was doing with his pal Jeff?
  • Guess who else was a big pal of Mr. Epstein:  That’s right – Kevin Spacey, who himself stands accused of pedophilia by a covey of actors!  See how this all starts to tie together?  It doesn’t take a genius to see what our nation has ahead of it in the coming weeks and months, as all the people who have spent the last quarter century covering up for the Clintons wake up to the realization that they have lost their power and influence.
  • One such person is New York Senator Kirstin Gillebrand, who famously spent several weeks earlier this year acting on polling data that told Democrats that the best way to appeal to Millenials is to curse a lot in public.  Holy cow, did Sen. Gillebrand act on that data, filling every speech with f-words and s-words for weeks on end.
  • It’s no secret that Sen. Gillebrand entertains presidential ambitions of her own, and she has obviously decided that one good way to raise her profile is to quit covering for Bill Clinton, as she has done for many years, and go after him, as she did in an interview late last week.  In that interview, she told her fake journalist softball-lobbing interviewer that Mr. Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  She sort of got cold feet on Monday – possibly realizing she’d put herself in danger of committing Arkancide – and backed off of that claim, but her goal of raising her public profile by criticizing a Clinton was already accomplished.
  • Sen. Gillebrand is an early adopter of the ‘bash Clinton’ strategy for raising her public profile, and such early adoptions are always filled with stops and starts.  But we can expect more and more ambitious liberal politicians to jump on this train as the Clintons’ power and influence continue to wane.  It’s a much slower process, but the Clintons increasingly are finding themselves in the same situation that Harvey Weinstein is now in, isolated and with fewer and fewer hangers-on and media shills willing to do their bidding.
  • Unless the fake news media outlets that have covered for the Clintons for the last 25 years engage in one more big rally on their behalf, and start once again working to destroy anyone who criticizes them or accuses them of sexual wrongdoing, this process is irreversible.  Bill and Hill may well end up preferring to be prosecuted over the Uranium One scandal than to suffer through the ultimate public revelations of all of Bill’s sexual escapades.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple.

Just another day in liberal chickens coming home to roost America.

That is all.



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2 thoughts on “The Harvey Weinstein-ing of Bill and Hillary Clinton is Well Underway

  1. funky mañana - November 21, 2017

    Liberals in politics, mainstream media,business etc. used their liberal talking points as a cover for taking advantage of women they came in contact with.You don’t have to drain the swamp, just add chlorine to clean it.Purge,Prosecute,Punish.

  2. Fannie Lawrence Knott - November 22, 2017

    There are laws of the universe, which had no human influence or interference in their passing. One of them tells us that, “What goes around, comes around”. Another says, “…for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be revealed.” Matt. 10:26b

    You ignore these laws at your own peril.

    And we’re seeing the truth of these universal laws, along with the currently realized peril of those who thought themselves above laws in general, and these two in particular.

    And the incredible reality, the reality that is driving these people up walls, is that if only they had acted properly, honestly, truthfully and with integrity, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING TO THEM.

    You may wish to feel sorry them. I don’t. I’ll reserve my sorrow for their victims.

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