The Fake News Media Created Charlottesville, and Will Create More in the Future

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • What happened in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday should surprise no one.  This was an inevitable outcome of this country’s lack of anything resembling an independent national news media.  If anything, it’s surprising it took this long for such a tragedy to happen.
  • For two years now, leftist agitators funded by George Soros-supported groups have been violently assaulting supporters of Donald Trump without a single word of objection or condemnation from any leader of the Democratic Party.  Not a word.  Worse, none of these “leaders” have been asked by anyone with any major national news outlet why they stand silently by as supporters of their political party engage in increasingly vile and violent protest actions.  Not a single Democrat politician has been questioned by any “journalist” why they not only refuse to condemn such actions, but tacitly endorse them by proclaiming themselves to be participants in the “resistance”.  Not a single “journalist” has asked any Democrat why they refuse to even condemn the rise of a neo-fascist group that calls itself “Antifa”, and which pays masked thugs to burn buildings, attack law enforcement officers and beat up anyone who disagrees with them.
  • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is one of those Democrat “leaders” who has proclaimed himself to be a part of the resistance.  It should surprise no one that, armed with the knowledge that a bunch of ignorant redneck White Supremacist dimwits were coming to one of his state’s cities to stage a rally, McAuliffe looked the other way as the Soros groups bused in hundreds of paid Antifa and Black Lives Matter (also Soros funded) counter-protesters into the city.
  • Guess what?  Violence ensued.  Lots of violence, as the police – no doubt on orders from Democrat politicians – made little effort to keep the violent leftist agitators separated from the ignorant redneck White Supremacists.  People were beaten with fists.  People were beaten with bats.  People were sprayed with pepper spray.  Police were assaulted, mainly by the Soros people (no surprise there).
  • Then, once all the rednecks had finished with their “White Supremacistin’ ” – presumably because their tiki torches had burned out and their wife beater shirts had begun to reek – and dispersed, some idiot from Ohio decided to drive his Dodge Challenger into a group of counter-protesters, killing one and sending 19 more to the hospital.
  • We will hear much talk in the news media in the coming days about the background of this guy, whose names is James Alex Fields, Jr.  We’ll see every fake journalist at CNN and MSNBC and the broadcast networks do everything they can to tie him around the neck of President Trump, and Republicans in general, something they have steadfastly refused to do with the Democrats and their Antifa and Black Lives Matter troops.
  • What we won’t hear much about is the fact that, as abhorrent as they are, the redneck dimwits had a valid permit to stage their rallies.  It’s sad, but it is a reality in our free society that clown shows like these people get to stage peaceful rallies if properly permitted.  That’s what the first amendment guarantees.  When properly managed by local officials and law enforcement, there is no reason for anyone to get hurt.
  • We also won’t hear that the Antifa and Black Lives Matters protesters had no such permit.  We won’t see much, if any analysis of who it is that paid those counter-protesters to show up, who paid for the buses they arrived in.  We won’t see much, if any analysis of the fact that the mayor of Charlottesville is himself a self-described “Democratic Activist” who was educated at…wait for it…Berkeley, whose campus was the scene of an Antifa-fed riot early this year.  We won’t see anyone in the mainstream news media point out the reality that all of the violence that took place on Saturday could have been easily avoided had the Democratic public officials in charge of the situation done their jobs rather than actively encouraging the confrontations.
  • It is because of the things we won’t see the media do in the wake of this tragedy – because we do not have a functioning, independent news media in this country that works to hold favored public officials accountable in any real sense – that we will see more and more Charlottesvilles repeated in other Democrat-run cities and states in the coming years

Just another reason to be thankful that Democrats only control 15 governor’s offices these days.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “The Fake News Media Created Charlottesville, and Will Create More in the Future

  1. Edsss - August 13, 2017

    Although the drive by media is certainly complicit in this, the Charlottesville situation has been a LONG time coming for anyone that has watched (and done nothing to help) the PD transformations and the City Counsel transformations. It’s been a pressure cooker for a decade or better.

  2. RichTheengineer - August 13, 2017

    Soros, his family and their cronies need to go away. NOW! That includes hardcore leftist Bolshevik Criminals in media.

    1. Mikki Dean - August 13, 2017

      These thugs are not going away on their own. They are determined to make the rest of us go away. Or as the science guy said, “die off”.

  3. Preston - August 13, 2017

    Very well said David, these are pretty much my same thoughts and I agree that we will see more of this in the future. I would also add that the many police officers that have been ambushed/murdered by the BLM gang and/or their supporters, seemed to receive less news coverage than a local school board meeting.

    I too am surprised something like this has not happened sooner. There are many issues with a common thread (left wing ideology) as a root cause and I feel like I could write many paragraphs in the same vein of your article.

    I agree with Edsss comment as well, but not just about Virginia, the whole country has been a pressure cooker for a decade or better. IMO, it probably started sometime during the second term of Bush and has continued to boil through the 8 year coronation of King Obama.

    I’ll finish with this, the pendulum has already started swinging the other way (before Charlottesville) and as it gains momentum we could see far worse than what happened in Virginia. In no way do I support the white supremacists, but people who do not toe the left-wing ideological line have been pushed too far.

  4. Ray Speck - August 13, 2017

    Just before I read this excellent article I watched a 5 person panel on CNN berating the president for not immediately coming out and admonishing the “White Supreme faction in these riots. They went on and on with their slanted diatribe- proving what the author of this article has just Written. Not one mention of any of the facts involving this riot was explored or shown from the other side. If this is today’s “journalism” then Journalism is DEAD!

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