A Border Miracle Based Strictly on Psychology

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Tired of winning yet?  National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told C-SPAN Monday that the rapid downturn in illegal border crossings is “nothing short of miraculous.”   He elaborated that total recorded border crossings in 2017 are just 53% of what they were in 2016, and that percentage continues to drop each week.  As we have noted before, this has been achieved without building single foot of wall, without changes to existing statutes, without any new huge budget allocations to the Border Patrol, without the introduction of any new technology.  The one and only reason for this fall is the simple fact that we have a President of the United States who is focused on enforcing the laws already on the books.  Isn’t it amazing how simple psychology changes human behavior.
  • Meanwhile, in the aspiring third world country of California, 8 Senate Republicans broke with party leadership and voted in favor of extending that state’s job-and-business-destroying “Cap and Trade” program through the year 2030.  After the vote was taken, Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) told reporters that “California Republicans are different than national Republicans.”  Yes, they appear to be Democrats.
  • Fresh off of causing progressives’ heads to explode with its fantastic “clenched fist of truth” ad starring Dana Loesch, the National Rifle Association embarked on another snowflake-triggering exercise, this time targeting the fake journalists at the Washington Post.  In the ad, a while male (trigger) spokesman looks directly into the camera (micro-aggression) and tells the WaPo (unfair targeting) that ““Your paper’s new slogan may read Democracy Dies (trigger) in Darkness (micro-aggression). It should say Journalism Dies at the Washington Post.”  The University of Missouri is gonna need more safe spaces.
  • Speaking of entitled snowflakes, the bicycle riders of Portland, Oregon are up in arms after the leftist Democrat-dominated legislature passed a budget package that includes a $15 excise tax on the purchase of high-dollar bikes.  This move comes a year after the legislature raised the state’s gasoline tax by 10 cents/gallon, a move that prompted complaints from car owners tired of having to dodge bike-riding scofflaws in their daily commutes that bicycle-riders weren’t paying their fair share for road maintenance.  Of course, snowflakes protested the move.  BikePortland publisher Jonathan Maus called it “an unprecedented step in the wrong direction.  We are taxing the healthiest, most inexpensive, most environmentally friendly, most efficient and most economically sustainable form of transportation ever devised by the human species.”  Yes, and you are also not exempt from paying taxes.  If you can afford a $2,000 bicycle, you can also afford a $15 tax, especially given that Oregon has no sales tax.  Toughen up.
  • In other news, Senate Republicans appear to be intent upon committing political hari-kari, as the defection of two staunch conservatives, Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, ensured the death of the current legislative vehicle for reforming Obamacare in the Senate.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that his strategy will now shift to a straight repeal of Obamacare, with an ensuing effort to pass a bi-partisan reform bill.  Given that almost every Senate Republican already voted in favor of a straight repeal multiple times while Obama was in office, one might think they would easily do so again.  But one would be wrong in thinking that.  There is no more dangerous and faulty assumption to make than assuming intellectual consistency from DC establishment Republicans.  It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

Just another day in milquetoast Republicans America.

That is all.

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