Climate Change Alarm Intensifies – Today’s Required Viewing

If you believe reports from climate alarmists that a) arctic sea ice is disappearing, b) Greenland’s ice sheet is melting, c) sea levels are rising at an alarming pace, or d) arctic temperatures are abnormally high, then you really need to watch the video linked below. The actual official data – which this video cites in each case – shows every one of those alarmist claims is an outright lie.
What is really going on is that climate scientists, seeing their sources of federal funding in the Trump Administration beginning to dry up, are making increasingly ridiculous claims in a campaign to frighten the public to demand more funding for their “scientific” work.
Seriously, take five minutes to watch this video. Then just cut and paste the link to all your leftist friends. Then watch as hilarity – and hysteria – ensues.  
That is all.
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