Obama’s Policy Legacy Is Dying, But His Cultural Legacy Lives On

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The Obama policy legacy continues to be systematically repealed by President Trump and congress, but sadly, the Obama cultural legacy will live on for many years thanks to the hundreds of utterly corrupt individuals he appointed to the federal judiciary.  Last night we saw the latest example of what will become a long-term lawless, corrupting influence in our daily lives, as Hawaii District Court Judge Derrick Watson issued his latest extra-constitutional ruling related to the President’s travel ban.  No doubt many of you have been laboring under the illusion that the U.S. Supreme Court – which has already ruled on the ban – is the final arbiter of judicial actions in our country.  Silly you.
  • The Supreme Court, if you remember, decided that the President’s ban is clearly constitutional, but that it should not apply to those who have close relatives in the U.S.  The Trump Administration interpreted that exception to include brothers, sisters, children and parents of U.S. citizens.  Mr. Watson – he clearly doesn’t deserve to be referred to as “Judge” – has taken it upon himself to decide for the entire nation that the Administration’s interpretation is just too darn narrow, and has ordered that the exception be expanded to “grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and”…wait for it…wait for it…COUSINS!
  • Now, think about that last one for a minute.  Mr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes would no doubt be ashamed) does not put any limitation on what that particular designation means.  Is it just first cousins?  Second cousins?  Should we include 3rd and 4th cousins twice removed?  What about step cousins – do they have a pressing need to just willy-nilly be allowed into our country for some unexplained reason?
  • And how are our already-overwhelmed immigration officials supposed to verify such claims to cousin-ship?  Are they supposed to get online, go out to, pay to establish accounts for such immigrants, and trace their ancestry back to some great-great-great-grand uncle they have in common with a U.S. resident?  See the problem?
  • So, the inevitable result of Mr. Watson’s order here will be what Barack Hussein Obama always sought to create for our society in every decision he made:  Chaos.  This is what leftist radical community organizers do, it’s what Barack Obama has spent his entire adult life doing, and it is what his hundreds of judicial appointees will continue to try to do to our society long after Mr. Obama has left office.
  • If any of this surprises you, you just haven’t been paying attention.
  • In other news, a truck carrying a load of slimy eels overturned on an Oregon highway on Thursday, and all I could think of was that this is just like when Congress comes back into session from one of its 752 annual recesses.
  • Speaking of congress, Senate Republicans revealed their  latest version of Obamacare reform legislation, and guess what?  The only “free market” piece of its 200+ pages is the 2 sentence amendment proposed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Otherwise, the bill looks an awful lot like…well, it looks an awful lot like Obamacare, retaining as it does most of Obamacare’s taxes and subsidies, although it would at least eliminate the clearly unconstitutional (I don’t give a damn what Justice Roberts says) personal mandate.
  • So it’s not the promised “repeal and replace”, but rather a modest reform of the current system.   But, as modest as it is, it would reduce the mushrooming federal budget deficit, provide consumers will vastly more options in their health insurance choices, and reduce paperwork burdens on caregivers.  The wretched Susan Collins and libertarian Rand Paul have already announced they won’t vote for the bill, but the rest of Senate Rs, if they give a damn about the country, had better line up behind it and get it passed.  If they don’t, there will be hell to pay at the voting booth next November.

Just another day in Slimy Eel America.

That is all.


1 thought on “Obama’s Policy Legacy Is Dying, But His Cultural Legacy Lives On

  1. Pam - July 14, 2017

    Bathhouse Barry was the focus group creation of Wall St … With a Control File sufficient to insure his confinement to designated plantation policy.

    O’s 3 hankie back story made Wisconsin housewives teary eyed for a NEW, post racial America under “his” stewardship. …sniff sniff

    What they got was date rape.

    So, white America… have we learned our lesson yet? South Africa should have been an instructive primer. You can take the boy out of Africa…

    Loretta Lynch could have been Minister of Justice in Chad, or Nigeria.
    We have descended into post constitutional chaos because we ignored the historical markers for African governance. The liberation of Haiti cost the lives of thousands and thousands of French . WILL WE EVER LEARN?

    Some things cannot be solve by proffering yet another cheek….

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