A Bankrupt City In A Bankrupt State Lands The Olympic Games

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • In case you missed it because the fake news media couldn’t be bothered to report on it amid its unending obsession about their collusion fantasy play, the cities of Paris, France and Los Angeles, CA were selected by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympic Games.  It remains to be decided which “lucky” city will host which year, but either way, both promise to be disasters of epic proportions.
  • Take Paris first:  Paris is sadly a city plagued by frequent, major Islamic terrorist attacks, and the city’s government has shown zero sign of being willing to do anything effective to truly resolve the issue.  Worse, France’s open borders policy virtually ensures that this problem is going to only become worse as the years go on, as more and more immigrants enter the country from Islamic nations.  Hosting an Olympic Games will require Paris to become a literal police state for a minimum of six weeks, and the cost of infrastructure and security-mandated improvements will be astronomical.
  • Los Angeles may be even worse.  LA is a bankrupt city in a bankrupt state run by mentally-bankrupt idiots.  So naturally, the city’s leaders want to host an event that will require them to go find someone willing to loan them tens of billions more dollars that will be needed to upgrade and vastly expand the city’s crumbling infrastructure, and tens of billions more to finance the building of all the massive new event venues that will be required.  No doubt, this sanctuary city in a sanctuary state which refuses to enforce U.S. immigration laws will come begging to the federal government to provide much of this funding.  DC Democrats will be more than willing to support such largesse because they are thoughtless sheep.  Any DC Republican who votes in favor of sending federal dollars to support this looming fiasco will richly deserve to be run out of office by his or her constituents at the next possible opportunity.  There is not one good reason why taxpayers in Texas or any other state should be required to provide a thin dime to help pay for this nonsense.
  • GOP Congressman Steve King of Iowa caused a stir in the leftist fake news media on Wednesday when he suggested that we could provide an initial down payment on paying for President Trump’s proposed southern border wall by simply transferring the half-billion dollars that would otherwise go to funding the Planned Parenthood abortion mills.  That made for a great half-day media cycle for Congressman King, but let’s be honest here:  We all know that the Republicans in congress are going to cave like a house of cards on both of those funding issues at the first sign of negative media coverage, don’t we?  Well, don’t we?  Yes, we do.  Let’s move on.
  • So, in the last few days we’ve had the news that The Rock is going to run for president, and Kid Rock is going to run for the senate against the insipid Debbie Stabenow.  Wonder what Rock Hudson would do if he were still alive?  And what about Dash Riprock of Beverley Hillbillies fame?  Oh, and hey, Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey were in “30 Rock” – does that mean we can get them to challenge Hillary for New York City Mayor, or Chelsea for that congressional seat?  Just so many “rock” solid possibilities here…

Just another day in what’s with all these “Rocks” running for office America.

That is all.


[Photo Credit:  Monica Almeida]

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