At Long Last, Senator Schumer, Have You No Shame?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The Wall Street Journal ran a story yesterday that didn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump Jr.  Yes, I swear it’s true, hard as that is to believe amid the fake news media feeding frenzy over its latest fake scandal.  The WSJ story deserves our attention because it puts the lie to the media narrative that the reason why the Trump Administration has had so few people confirmed to appointed positions is the slowness of their making the nominations, not obstruction by Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrat blockaders.  Here’s the key passage:

“According to the Partnership for Public Service, as of June 28 Mr. Trump had nominated 178 appointees but the Senate had confirmed only 46. Barack Obama had 183 nominees confirmed by that date in his first term, and George W. Bush 130.

The White House has understandably begun to make a public issue of the delays, and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says it “has only itself to blame.” But a press release Mr. Schumer sent out Monday made the White House case, showing that the Senate has received 242 nominations but confirmed only 50 through June 30. Democrats are now the problem.”

  • So, next time some nitwit tells you that the dearth of confirmed political appointees “is all Trump’s fault!!!!!” (they always scream, don’t they?), ask them politely to quit lying to you.
  • It’s important to know that Schumer is able to accomplish this level of obstruction because he is the first Senate Minority Leader in history to simply abandon all concern for the well-being of the country and order his troops to demand cloture votes for each and every nominee presented to the Senate.  This of course comes only after Democrat Senators have used up all delaying tactics within the committee process, which can go on for months, and means that, when a nomination comes to the floor for a vote, there is a minimum 2 day delay before the matter can come up, and then a minimum of 30 hours for floor debate before the cloture vote to end debate can be held.  These are the senate rules as they exist today.  Given that as of Monday, the Senate only had 34 session days remaining on its calendar for the entire year, you can see the problem this represents.
  • But wait, there’s more!  It gets even more absurd for judicial nominees, where Senate Democrats have held up 21 of the 23 judges nominated by President Trump thus far.  Current rules for the Judiciary Committee – through which all judicial nominees must pass – include the so-called “blue card” rule.  This idiotic relic of a more collegial past, in which both political parties actually gave a damn about the country, forces Judiciary to wait until each nominee has received “blue cards” of approval from both senators who represent the state in which the judge would serve.
  • Here’s the thing we all must understand:  The Democrat Party does not give a damn about the future of this country.  The Party as a whole quit caring about national security half a century ago, it no longer cares about the ability of the executive branch to function properly, and it certainly doesn’t care about the ability of the judicial branch to adjudicate justice.  This is, after all, the political party that worked feverishly in Virginia last year to ensure convicted felons were able to vote in the November elections – the Democrats in fact view felons and violent criminals as a natural Democrat voter bloc.  And don’t even think about arguing that point with me – it is manifestly true.
  • Several months ago, I wrote a piece that discussed the fact that our constitutional system of government is to a large extent based on the assumption that voters would elect people to office who actually have a sense of shame.  The assumption was that a free, independent press protected by the First Amendment would serve as the public’s watchdog and shame bad actors into better behavior by exposing their abuses.  Barack Obama was able to engage in all sorts of shameful, often illegal behavior in office because he had no sense of shame, and the fake news media refused to report on his abuses.  Hillary Clinton was able to stay out of prison because James Comey and Loretta Lynch have no sense of shame, and the fake news media work feverishly to cover up her illegal behavior.
  • By the same token, Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats have no sense of shame, no concern for the country, and know the fake news media will never focus on their own abuses.  The occasional report in the WSJ is welcome, but will do nothing to force the Democrats to do what’s best for the country.
  • The proper staffing and functioning of the executive and judicial branches of the federal government have always assumed that members of both political parties in the Senate would place the needs of country above the crass interests of party.  Given that Democrats are obviously no longer willing to do that, the time has come for the GOP majority in the Senate to put an end to rules that are relics of a past that is long gone and will never return.

Just another day in Democrats have no shame America.

That is all.

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