Trump Erases Obama Legacy as the Fake Media Obsesses Over Tweets

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

At the current pace, by the end of March, 2018 it will be as if Barack Obama never served as President.  By the end of March 2018, I believe that President Donald Trump will have signed congressional bills that repeal and replace ObamaCare, and which significantly reform both personal and corporate income taxes.

At that point, what will be left of the admittedly paltry Obama policy legacy?  Not much.  In reality, in fact, it’s already almost all gone, and the lazy, self-absorbed political activists who dominate the fake news media have barely noticed, mainly because they’ve been too busy obsessing over the two or three 140-character messages the President sends out on his favorite social media platform every morning.

Last week was a great example:  While the fake journalists at the NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC the WaPo and the three broadcast networks gave most of their print space and air time to rants about the President’s latest tweets about Mika and Joe, the President’s EPA announced the full repeal of the horrible Obama-era power grab called the Waters Of The United States rule.  This massive regulation would have basically given the EPA authority to regulate any temporary or permanent body of water in the entire nation, including puddles in your lawn, drainage ditches, overflowing swimming pools, and even city streets that are designed to carry storm water that ultimately drains into rivers and lakes.

After failing to pass this vast expansion of regulatory brutism even when his party controlled super majorities of both houses of congress in 2009-10, Obama’s EPA spent five years and hundreds of millions of dollars shoving this clearly illegal regulation through the system, including spending more than $10 million on an illegal advertising program for it.  The fake news media gave the regulatory effort gobs of free air and print time during its proposal and finalization phases, in its role as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

But when EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced last week that the rule was being completely repealed, and a vastly scaled-back proposal would replace it, it got virtually no notice at all from the same fake media outlets that had promoted it so heavily just a few years ago.  They were all too consumed with making up narratives in which the President’s telling the truth about Joe and Mika in his morning tweets somehow constituted an impeachable offense.

Last week was also what the President and his Administration called “Energy Week”, a week in which Mr. Trump and his various cabinet officials announced all manner of pro-energy development actions they will be implementing in the coming months and years.  Again, the fake media, which has always firmly opposed U.S. energy development that doesn’t involve killing millions of birds and bats each year with windmills and solar arrays, barely took notice as the anti-development policies of the Obama years continued their rapid and systematic disappearance from the books.  They were just too busy debating whether it was Joe or the President or his son-in-law who first brought up the whole National Enquirer thing.

When the House of Representatives easily passed its Sanctuary Cities bill and Kate’s Law, again the fake news media failed to notice the steady advance of new laws that will help to completely erase the open borders, lawless policies of Mr. Obama.  They were all too busy obsessing over the latest futile gesture of congressional Democrats, this one a bill that proposes to remove President Trump from office due to mental incompetence.  No one in the fake news media could be bothered to point out the irony of the fact that the 25 sponsors of the bill are all pretty much mentally incompetent themselves.

We have to understand why this is happening.  It’s happening because the fake news media is not there to report the news.  Its collective goal, starting in 2008, shifted to doing everything it could to get Barack Obama elected to the presidency, and then, for the following 8 years, became to ensure the public never learned the truth about the radical socialist/fascist policies Mr. Obama was pursuing.

Then, on November 8, 2016, the collective goal of the fake news media shifted again, this time to do everything it could to effect the personal destruction of Donald J. Trump and facilitate Democrat efforts to ultimately remove him from office.  They initially latched onto the Democrat-invented Russia Collusion fantasy play. When that all fell apart on the shoals of James Comey’s mendacity, they then latched onto the equally-baseless “obstruction of justice” fantasy.  That having now been clearly shown to be utterly without any merit whatsoever, they have now shifted to the Democrat narrative that, because he likes to tweet in the morning hours and because he punches back against all the various assaults on his character in the fake news media, the President is somehow mentally incapable of performing his official duties.

But the results speak for themselves in that regard, don’t they?  In performing his official duties, President Trump has successfully erased his predecessor’s weak legacy more rapidly than anytime since Ronald Reagan took apart the feckless legacy of Jimmy Carter in 1981.  This is his job, this is why he was elected, these are his official duties.

So if you’re a Trump supporter who worries that all this tweeting is distracting the President from getting his job done, stop it.  He’s getting the job done more effectively and efficiently than any other president in modern times.  The results are undeniable, and the fake media’s obsession over the President’s tweeting habits only makes it easier for Mr. Trump to keep systematically erasing all of the Obama policy legacy from our collective national memory.

Some observers even claim this has been Mr. Trump’s intentional strategy.  That may be true, or it may not. Either way, it’s working.

Just another week in disappearing Obama legacy America.  May it RIP.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Trump Erases Obama Legacy as the Fake Media Obsesses Over Tweets

  1. D. Moore - July 3, 2017

    Great update today!

    Going to binge watch the John Adams mini-series tomorrow – as we always do on July 4. I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it.

    1. David Blackmon - July 3, 2017

      That’s the very best thing that has ever aired on American television. Just a fantastic history lesson that all Americans should be required to watch.

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