Trump’s Unforced Error

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • My favorite part of the fake news media’s group head explosion yesterday in the wake of President Trump’s tweets about Joe and Mika is all the tsk-tsking among the fake journalist community about how the President’s behavior “wasn’t presidential”.  Oh, by “presidential” you mean having sex with interns in the Oval Office, like media hero Bill Clinton?  Or by “presidential”, do you mean loading up jumbo jets with foreign currency to ship over to Iran’s Mullahs and lying to the public about it – that kind of “presidential”?  Or by “presidential”, do you mean having affairs with film stars and mobster girlfriends while the adoring media looks the other way, ala media icon JFK?  That sort of “presidential”?  Wait – by “presidential”, do you mean escalating a war halfway across the world, a war in which 58,000 Americans would ultimately lose their lives, based on a Gulf of Tonkin “incident” that you and your media supporters know is a CIA-implemented fraud?  THAT kind of “presidential”?
  • As is pretty much always the case, the substance of the President’s little tweet-storm will be proven to be correct.  Note that during the entire day, no one made any effort at all to dispute the facts of the tweets.  Mika is “low IQ” – that reality becomes absolutely manifest to anyone who watches more than a few minutes of the program.  She’s the dimmest in a room filled with dim bulbs.  Joe and Mika did spend three days stalking the then-President-elect at Mar-a-Lago over New Year’s – their presence there was well-documented and criticized by their jealous fellow fake journalists at the time.  We will almost certainly learn in coming days that she was indeed bleeding from a recent face-lift, though the fake media will do its very best to cover that part up.  There is little doubt Joe Scarborough – who spent years serving in congress while pretending to be a conservative Christian but now lives a life of leftist hedonism – is a bit of a psycho.  How else to explain his 18 months of shameless sucking up to Donald Trump while he was campaigning for the presidency, and immediate shift to being a daily presidential slanderer once Trump assumed the office?
  • President Trump at this point completely lives in the fake media’s collective head.  They are utterly and completely obsessed with him and consumed by him.  He is, quite literally, driving what already was an unstable and inherently dishonest national media establishment stark, raving mad.  And here’s reality:  A fake news media establishment that has not spent a moment defending KellyAnne Conway from the disgusting, daily sexist attacks on her character for the last year has no moral authority whatsoever to accuse anyone else of “sexism”.
  • All of that having been said, the timing of his Mika/Joe tweets couldn’t have been worse, and amounts to a real unforced error.  When we all got up yesterday morning, Trump had CNN and its CEO Jeff Zucker on the ropes.  As I pointed out in yesterday’s Campaign Update, CNN was in the horrible position of actually being The Story.  The fake news network’s fraudulent behavior and Zucker’s feckless leadership was on everyone’s mind, and pretty much all anyone was talking about.  Add to that the fact that the President’s travel ban would go into effect later in the day, and the House was about to pass both the Sanctuary Cities bill and Kate’s Law, and the Trump Administration was destined to have a very successful day.
  • Instead, the President steps on his own message at 8:50 a.m., and the rest of the day turns into a media frenzy about tweets.  Not good.  Not smart.  Or, as the President himself might include in one of his 140 character tweets: Sad!
  • I have no problem with Mr. Trump counter-punching those two clowns.  Their show is nothing more than 3 hours of unending character assassination and dehumanization of a sitting POTUS, 3 solid hours of assassination dog-whistling, 5 days a week.  So hey, they deserve a little pushback.
  • But damn, do it at the right time.  If you want to tweet-storm these clowns, pick a slow news day during congress’s August recess, not a day when CNN is in full meltdown mode.
  • Because the truth is, Morning Joe, as repugnant as its content is to the President, has almost no audience.  You know who the program’s most religious viewers are?  Fake journalists who work in the fake news media.  Morning Joe is where they get their first dose of daily talking points to parrot throughout the day.  Otherwise, the show’s viewers consist mainly of elite leftist snobs in New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles.  Literally no one who is important to Donald Trump’s success as President watches this program.
  • So, bottom line, the tweets were a clear and stupid unforced error on the president’s part.  His main media antagonist was on the ropes, self-destructing, and he interrupted that dynamic.  Not the end of the world, but a lost opportunity to have this Sunday’s morning news programs focused on what has been a very good week of policy wins for the Administration.  Instead, they’ll all be focused on tweets.  Sad!

Just another day in unforced error America.

That is all.

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  1. Pam - June 30, 2017

    Unforced error? Kate’s Law and the Travel Ban went into effect whilst the Wiley Coyotes all jumped off another cliff …


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