Van Jones Video Makes Fake News CNN “The Story”

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s never a good things for any news outlet when it becomes “the story,” but that’s what has happened to the Fake News-purveying CNN.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

  • It’s official:  The Fake News Network, aka CNN, has now become “The Story.”  The Story is no longer Russia Collusion, or  Obstruction, or Obamacare Repeal and Replace, or Tax Reform, or whatever President Donald Trump happened to tweet out this morning.  CNN is now The Story, in the wake of the release of a second expository video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, in which communist former Obama advisor and long-time CNN contributor Van Jones calls the Fake News Network’s focus on Russia Collusion “A big nothing burger.”  That’s all he said in the very brief clip, but it’s all he needed to say.
  • Suddenly, nobody is talking about Russia or Obstruction anymore, and everyone is talking about CNN and Project Veritas.  The fake journalists at CNN spent more time defending themselves and their Fake News Network on Wednesday than they did attempting to slander the POTUS.  Yes, much of the media noise about CNN/Veritas was slamming Veritas and defending CNN, but that misses the point.  The point is that this was The Story that everyone in the fake national news media was focused on.  Given that O’Keefe says he plans to release another new CNN-exposing video every day for the rest of this week, it’s a safe bet that this will continue to be the case.
  • The bad news for the rest of the fake news media is that CNN is not the only fake news outlet getting such attention. Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, in remarks he gave following a screen of “All The President’s Men” in New York City, chastised the fake journalists at the NYTimes and other big media outlets for engaging in the same sort of unmitigated bias that characterizes CNN’s 24 hours of fake journalism every day.  Sharyl Attkisson, another fantastic real journalist who was fired by CBS News for actually investigating the Obama-era abuse of the IRS, told a Fox News panel that the national news media gives the public a “false sense of reality”, and that many of those posing as journalists on TV and in social media are nothing more than “well-funded actors.”  Ouch.
  • Amidst all of this, CNN is being stalked by AT&T, and rumors abound that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s head might be on the chopping block should that buyout take place.
  • Of course, CNN’s on-air fake talent tried desperately to shift the focus, smearing O’Keefe and his “heavily-edited” videos, and laughably claiming that Jones was “taken out of context”.  Wolf Blitzer, who was captured on film sharing wine and snacks with the Clinton staff at the Democrat National Convention, tried to shift focus back to President Trump, claiming that his calling the fake news media “the enemy of the people” back in January is putting fake journalists like him in danger.  *sigh*
  • Predictably, CNN’s ratings continued to crash and burn, with the Tuesday night ratings showing a significant drop from Monday’s.  Fox News continued to increase its renewed dominance of CNN and MSNBC, with its total audience very nearly equaling both of its main competitors combined.
  • Make no mistake about it, CNN is in deep trouble at the moment.  Its reputation is dead to anyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavity, its leadership is in peril, its ratings are tanking, and it may soon be bought out and have to answer to new overlords.
  • Meanwhile, President Donald Trump held meetings with energy leaders and victims of illegal immigrant crime, hosted the Chicago Cubs at the White House, and continued to press GOP senators for their support for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, hinting at the end of the day that the senate was about to produce a “big surprise” on the Obamacare issue.

Just another day in fake news media becoming The Story America.

That is all.

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