Fake News CNN In Full Meltdown Thanks To James O’Keefe

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

CNN found itself in full meltdown mode on Tuesday over its latest in a long line of fake news embarrassments, and a James O’Keefe “Project Veritas” video of one of its producers admitting the network fakes the news for ratings.  O’Keefe promises more videos are yet to come.

  • Despite the public pronouncements of CEO Jeff Zucker, all is not well at CNN, the fakest news outlet in the fake news universe.  Despite Mr. Zucker’s Monday claim that his network is “more trusted than ever”, the cable channel’s ratings are in full tank mode vs. its main competitors at Fox and MSNBC in ratings released on Monday.  CNN has just one daily program among the top 20 in that mix, and it comes in at #20.  It’s key to remember that those ratings reflect viewership for the week before CNN was forced to pull down and apologize for a fake story alleging collusion between a Trump advisor and Russia, and before Project Veritas released its video showing a senior producer at CNN admitting that the channel fakes the news in a quest for…wait for it…higher ratings!  Hey, Jeff, it isn’t working, dude.
  • Making matters worse for Zucker, White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders went off on CNN in her daily press briefing, calling the network and other outlets who have been faking the news over the last year “a disgrace to journalism”, among other things.  When a gum-chomping reporter for Playboy Magazine interrupted her answer to a question, she called his behavior “outrageous”. Which it was.  You go, girl!
  • But it gets even worse for the beleaguered Mr. Zucker.  O’Keefe announced on Twitter yesterday that he has not just one, but several more, even more revealing videos of CNN employees caught in rare moments of honesty, and he plans to trickle them out into the public domain in coming days, perhaps starting today.  Quick, somebody get me some popcorn!!!!
  • So what does it all mean?  Well, the travails at CNN are just one of many indicators out there right now that the worm has begun to turn in the Trump Administration’s favor.  If you look at those TV ratings, you see Fox News, after two months running in second place to MSNBC as the public began to think there might actually be something real in the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play invented by the Democrats and promoted by the fake news media, now back firmly in first place, where it had dominated for more than a decade.  You also have the late night TV ratings that were released on Tuesday in which Jimmy Fallon is suddenly besting the execrable, Trump-bashing Stephen Colbert, ending a two-month losing streak.  Then you have rank and file Democrats, in the wake of the humiliating loss by Pajama Boy in GA HD 6 last week, pounding on San Fran Nan, Chuck Schumer and the rest of their leadership to stop even talking about the Russia Collusion fantasy and start talking about real issues that people actually give a damn about.
  • All of these things and many more are indicators that the public has by and large realized that the Russia story is nothing but a huge hoax – as Ms. Sanders described it yesterday – and has grown so weary of hearing about it that they are starting to abandon support for any media outlet or Democrat who continues to focus on it.
  • Then you have Bob Mueller, who has done his former credibility enormous harm by going out and hiring a procession of Clinton-and-Obama-supporting lawyers to form up his team of “investigators”.  He has so tainted his own investigation at this point that even some Democrat members of congress and leftist talking heads have begun to express concern about it.  Unless he makes some additional hires that indicate he is at least trying to form up a balanced team, no one is going to take anything he finds seriously at the end of the day.
  • Finally, you have the fact that suddenly, it’s not just Trump and his people who find themselves the subject of congressional, FBI and Justice Department investigations. Over the last couple of weeks, the headlines have been sprinkled with announcements that investigators are now targeting Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, John Podesta, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, Congressman John Conyers, even FBI interim Director Andrew McCabe, an Obama loyalist holdover.  You can expect the list of Democrats under investigation to grow substantially in coming weeks, especially as the investigations into Obama-era abuse of intelligence information get fully underway.
  • All of which places Zucker and CNN in even more of a bind, since they have so firmly established themselves as the propaganda arm of the national Democrat Party.  Would it surprise anyone if we soon discover that CNN, the network whose employee was caught passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance, was also coordinating talking points and coverage with elements of the Democrat Party?  If you’re honest, the answer to that question is a firm “no.”  And that one-word answer perfectly encapsulates why CNN finds itself in full meltdown mode today.
  • Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Just another day in melting-down CNN America.

That is all.

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