CNN is Having a Bad Week; The Trump Administration Should Make it Worse

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Two fake reporters and a fake editor resigned from CNN on Monday amid the fallout from the #fakenews network’s having to retract and apologize for yet another fake story on what it likes to call “RussiaGate”.  Interestingly, one of the fake reporters, a guy named Eric Lichtbau, had recently come to CNN from the equally fake NYTimes.  Apparently, infesting the already fake CNN with the “standards” of the NYTimes only served to compound fakery on top of fakery.  But don’t worry about CNN – journalism schools turn out thousands of great fake journalists every semester, so they’ll be able to just plug three more news fakers in and keep their fake news operation running like a finely-tuned fake machine.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed (and most normal Americans haven’t), the White House has taken to holding most of its press briefings off-camera in recent weeks.  This has set CNN’s prissy White House fake reporter, Jim Acosta, off on a series of on-air rants with several of CNN’s fake news hosts.  Over the past week, Mr. Acosta has called White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer “worthless”, accused the White House of suppressing the news, and of “black-balling” him and his fake news network.  Yesterday, after he had repeatedly heckled Spicer during the daily press briefing, Acosta found his seat moved to the back row at President Trump’s even with the Prime Minister of India later in the day.
  • All of this brings to my mind the question of why the White House continues to allow Mr. Acosta and his fellow fake journalists at CNN access to the White House at all?  In the wake of the recent Harvard study that found that CNN’s fake reporting on the Trump Administration is 93% hostile, it is more blatantly obvious than ever that Mr. Acosta and his CNN colleagues are nothing more than Democrat operatives with press credentials.  CNN is, after all, the same network that fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance during the campaign.  If you are going to allow CNN to ask questions at daily press briefings, you might as well invite the DNC over to do the same.
  • I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating:  The President of the United States and his press people have an obligation to tell the truth to the American people, and keep them informed on what the Administration is doing.  It is up to the Administration to decide how it will meet this obligation.  No POTUS has any obligation whatsoever to legitimize any specific news outlet by granting it press credentials and access to the White House.  When any news outlet makes a conscious decision to abandon all journalistic ethics and become nothing more than a propaganda arm for the opposition political party – which is exactly what CNN has done – then the POTUS has no reason or obligation to allow it continued access to the White House or any executive branch department of the government.
  • CNN, the major TV networks, the NYTimes and the WaPo all continue to engage in their anti-journalistic practices for the simple reason that, to this point in time, they have had no accountability or consequences for doing so.  The Trump Administration could change all of that by revoking the press passes of Mr. Acosta and everyone else from CNN, as Newt Gingrich has been advocating it do in recent weeks.  It is long past time for these bad actors to face some consequences for their bad acts.
  • Tired of winning yet? – Meanwhile, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court allowed most of the Trump Administration’s long-proposed travel ban on seven Muslim terrorist-supporting nations (as identified by the Obama Administration) to go into effect.  In allowing the ban to go into effect, the 9 justices first had to conclude that, when they formally hear the case in the Fall, the Administration is very likely to prevail on the constitutional issue at hand, i.e., whether the current POTUS has the express authority to limit immigration any way he sees fit, as every other POTUS has had.  If you marvel that there is even any question about this power, understand that it is only a question in the perverted minds of the Obama-appointed federal judges whose anti-constitutional lower court decisions in this case couldn’t even pass the laugh tests of the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.
  • The hilarious part about all of this is that the Administration’s proposed “ban” is really a proposal for a 90-day “pause” in immigration from the countries in question, and more than 180 days have now passed since it was initially proposed.  In addition, more than 90 days will pass before the Supreme Court will even hear oral arguments in the case, since the Court does not reconvene until October.  Thus, by the time the constitutional vagaries in this case have been fully adjudicated, the point will be moot. Welcome to the wonderful world of American jurisprudence.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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  1. D. Moore - June 27, 2017

    “CNN” has gone from meaning from Crap Not News to Christ Not Now!

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