CNN Slathers More Lipstick On Its Fakenews Pig

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The breathless headline at Buzzfeed this morning reads “CNN Is Imposing Strict New Rules On Its Russia Coverage”.  Wow.  “Strict new rules,” huh?  What must those be?  Well, if you read the actual story itself – which we know that most of Buzzfeed’s short attention-span browsers won’t, you find that these “strict new rules” involve CNN’s fake journalists having to – gasp! – check with a couple of editors before rushing their unsourced fake stories to the CNN fakenews website.  What this tell us, if you understand what’s happening here, is that, prior to the issuance of this memo, CNN’s fake journalists could just toss stuff up there without having to check with an editor.  Given that the memo was issued after CNN was revealed yet again has having posted an utterly false hatchet job on a former Trump campaign operative, it should come as no surprise that CNN has to this point been exercising literally no journalistic process at all.
  • But now they are, right?  Well, no.  The thing to understand about this much-ballyhooed memo is that it targets only CNN’s fake journalists who post website stories.  It does not impact CNN’s even faker reporters, anchors and talking heads to infest the fake news network’s television coverage.  Those people are still free to toss out any slander, libel or fairy tale they want to toss while on the air.  So, despite Buzzfeed’s blaring headline, it turns out these “strict new rules” are just CNN’s way of slathering a bunch more lipstick on its #fakenews pig.
  • But hey, CNN is far from the only TV network dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of fake news.  Take NBC’s Chuck Todd as a great example.  Mr. Todd, on his Meet the Press Sunday morning program, interviewed Communist Senator Bernie Sanders for eight full minutes without asking him a single question about why he and his wife find themselves under investigation by the FBI.  This “oversight” by Mr. Todd extends the stonewall of this story by his entire network, which has to this point failed to spend a single second of air time informing its viewers of the Commie’s legal dilemma.
  • But hey, it’s not just CNN and NBC:  CBS and ABC have also joined NBC in stonewalling the Sanders story.  See, FBI investigations are only “news” to the fake news networks when they target Republicans.
  • But back to CNN:  the greatest part of this entire episode is that CNN fake reporter Brian Stelter had to admit in his newsletter on Sunday that CNN’s editors are refusing comment on the matter, even to CNN’s own fake reporters!  That, folks, is 100% priceless right there.
  • Tired of Winning Yet?:  Variety’s Sonya Saraiya reports in her weekend column that, after just 3 weeks on the air at her new home of NBC, Megyn Kelly’s “star is dimmer than ever.”  Ms. Saraiya continues:  “Kelly is didactic without being trustworthy; patronizing without being impressive. Her voiceover suggests doom without really proving it; there’s a scare-mongering side to her reportage. And, most importantly: She’s alienated everyone.”  Ouch.  Of course, Ms. Kelly’s planned morning program does not debut to September, so she hasn’t had a chance to alienate NBC’s morning viewers just yet.  But she will; oh yes, she will.

Just one more day in #fakenews media America.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “CNN Slathers More Lipstick On Its Fakenews Pig

  1. naro - June 26, 2017

    The new journalism in CNN, MSNBC, NYSLIMES and Washington COMPOST allows writers to use anonymous sources (who are usually imaginary) to write major news articles, and when proven false they suffer no adverse consequences of any kind. So of course they will continue to do so.

    1. David Blackmon - June 26, 2017


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