This Is What It Looks Like When Democrats “Tone Down The Rhetoric”

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • This is what it looked like on Friday as Hollywood liberals and Democrats “tone down the rhetoric” in the wake of the shooting of House Minority Leader Steve Scalise:
    • The Fake Indian Sen. From Massachussets – aka, Little Big Mouth Warren – responded to the GOP plan to repeal and replace the collapsing Obamacare system by calling it “blood money.”
    • Not to be outdone, shameless Senator Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal claimed that “Senate Republicans want to gut Medicaid – throwing children and families who rely on it to the wolves” and “The Republicans’ health care plan will literally cost American lives.”
    • Chuck Schumer was tame by comparison:  “The Senate Republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the House bill.”
    • A Democrat Party official in Nebraska was fired when a tape went public that showed him saying of Scalise “I wish that m*****f***** had died!”  This was the Nebraska state Democrat Party, of course.  If he were part of the national Democrat Party, he’d have been lionized and elevated to DNC chairman with cussing skills like that.  BTW, the guy hilariously claimed his taped remarks were “taken out of context.”
    • Tatted-up, meth-head, wife-beating actor Johnny Depp, seeing what’s left of his fading career swirling around the proverbial toilet bowl, issued a semi-apology for the remarks he’d made Thursday, outright advocating for some actor to assassinate the sitting President of the United States.
    • An Illinois Democrat was tossed into the pokey for making multiple on-line posts saying that he wants to assassinate the President.  This used to be a crime everywhere, for anyone who did it, but now it’s apparently only a crime for Joe Schmoes who live in Podunk, Ill.  Hollywood has-beens, dog-whistling fake journalists and Democrat members of congress are obviously exempt these days.
    • And all of that was just what happened on Friday.  Sure glad to see all this unity coming from the Democrats.
  • Better late than never, I guess.:  The Senate Judiciary Committee, after wasting the better part of a year chasing the Democrat/media invented Russia Collusion Unicorn, finally announced that it is going to investigate the blatantly corrupt behavior of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch towards the Hillary Clinton campaign and e-mail scandal.  Given that this investigation, if properly pursued, will inevitably lead to the doorstep of not one, but both Bill and Hill, Ms. Lynch would well advised to hire a team of bodyguards and seal herself off into an armored safe room for the duration.
  • President Trump, meanwhile, fresh off of trolling the fake news media/Democrat Axis of Nitwittery with his implying that tapes of his conversations with James Comey might exist, came up with a fresh troll when he announced he would kick off his 2020 campaign with a fundraiser to be held at…wait for it…the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.  Now that the whole Russia Collusion thing is dead, and the Obstruction of Justice charge has been revealed as another blatant fantasy play, we can expect the fake news media and Democrats to start changing the subject to “conflict of interest.”  While they’re distracted chasing through rabbit holes, the President and his Administration will continue to quietly rescind the entire Obama “legacy”.  Genius.

Just another day in Axis of Nitwittery America.

That is all.

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