The Fake News Media Is To Blame

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Fake journalists all over the fake news media spent most of the day yesterday desperately trying to distract the public’s attention away from the undeniable reality that it was their own lack of any journalistic ethics whatsoever that led directly to the mass shooting of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and four others on Wednesday.  Chuck Todd was the champion rationalizer when he proclaimed that “we’re all to blame”.  Meaning, of course, that everyone except him and his fellow fake media assassination dog-whistlers are to blame.  Well, sorry, Chuck, it’s you.  Your fellow fake journalists.  Your network and its corporate owners.  The shooter’s Facebook page and other writings make it very clear that he hung on ever lunatic conspiracy theory spun by your colleague, Rachel Maddow, every disgraceful, irresponsible claim made by your colleague, Larry O’Donnell.  It’s you, Chuck, you, your disgusting colleagues, your disgusting bosses, not some farmer out in Podunk, Nebraska, or some hairdresser in Sawdust, Texas.  You.
  • The editors at the fake newspaper of record, the New York Times, tried to do their blame-shifting for their own heinous behavior by regurgitating the long-ago debunked lie that the Gabby Giffords shooting was caused by a Sarah Palin campaign ad.  When even CNN and the Washington Post started reporting that that was an outrageous lie, and Ms. Palin let it be known she was consulting her lawyers about a potential defamation suit, since the Times’ editors most certainly knew it was an outrageous slander when they published it, the Times meekly published a quick retraction.
  • And it is that very episode, of two fake news outlets actually exercising journalistic integrity to shame another fake news outlet to correct a false story, that proves my point that the loss of all semblance of journalistic integrity and ethics is the biggest problem facing our society.  Bear with me here, because this is important.
  • The founders of this country knew that a free and functioning press was critical to the maintenance of the kind of republican democracy they were trying to establish.  They knew this because such a free press was needed to curb abuse of power in the executive, congressional and judicial branches of government.  The best way to curb such abuses of power and misbehavior in office was to empower a fourth estate, the press, that had the freedom to discover such abuses and the willingness to bring them to public attention – regardless of the political party involved – in order to shame officeholders into behaving more properly, just as the WaPo and CNN helped to shame the NYTimes.
  • Where Democrats are concerned, the press long ago by and large abandoned this responsibility, and completely threw it away in 2008 when they uniformly decided to sign onto the Obama campaign.  For eight long years, the incredible abuses of power by President Obama and his evil surrogates went unremarked by the fake news media.  That abject failure of journalistic integrity has in turn now led Democrats and their voter base to believe they can engage in pretty much any behavior or rhetoric, no matter how disgusting or encouraging of violence, because they know they have no price to pay in the media.
  • So you have spectacles like the DNC Chairman and a senator from New York running around the country gratuitously tossing out profanities because they know the will suffer no reputational cost, and because they think it will attract Millenial voters to their party.  You have Kathy Griffin posing for that disgraceful photo because she believed she could do anything, no matter how outrageous, and not suffer any consequences (she didn’t factor in the social media backlash into her thinking).  You have Maxine Waters running all over the country spewing pro-assassination rhetoric because she knows she can do that with impunity.  You have Hillary Clinton proclaiming herself proudly as a part of the “resistence”, tacitly endorsing the violent protests by Antifa, because she knows there is no price to be paid.  You have leftwing celebrities calling daily for the assassination of Mr. Trump because they know there is no price to pay for such behavior.  You have the DNC fixing the primaries for Hillary Clinton in the full light of day because they knew the media wouldn’t report on it in real time.  This list could go on and on and and on.
  • When there is no political price to be paid due to media diligence, politicians will behave badly.  Badly behaving politicians will lead to bad behavior by their voters, because they too know there is no price to be paid.  This is not complicated.
  • What you see today is Republicans all over the morning shows talking about how they plan to tone their rhetoric down in the wake of Wednesday’s events.  Hell, even Ted Nugent’s talking about toning it down.  Why?  Their behavior didn’t lead to any of this.  You don’t see a similar number of Democrats doing that.  In fact, you already saw Nancy Pelosi ratcheting the rhetoric back up yesterday.  Why?  Because Republicans and Ted Nugent know they have to do this or the fake media will attack them.  The Democrats, meanwhile, knowing there is no price to be paid for their own bad behavior, will go right back to their own bad behavior.
  • It’s the fake news media’s fault.  The journalistic profession in America is dead.  Our leaders can either come to grips with this reality and begin to find ways to hold the media accountable for its serial heinous abuses of its first amendment privileges, or we will ultimately find ourselves in a civil war.  This is not mere speculation.  This is an inevitable outcome of the path we currently find ourselves on.

Just another week of fake news media destroying America.

That is all.

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