Liberal/Media Assassination Advocacy Sadly Bears Fruit

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Just one day after I published a piece asking why liberals and their agents in the fake national news media were openly promoting the assassination of a sitting U.S. President, their incessant dog-whistling bore its first fruit when a lunatic disciple of Bernie Sanders opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a softball practice involving 15 Republican members of congress.  The shooter, whose social media rantings and associations made it clear he had been fully indoctrinated by the radical leftwing advocates employed by CNN, MSNBC, HBO and the Comedy Channel and their non-stop de-humanization of President Trump and GOP members of congress, was killed by the heroic efforts of two members of the Capitol Police.  Thankfully, at least as of this writing, no other deaths occurred, although House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition in a DC area hospital.  Our prayers are with this good man.
  • Make no mistake about it:  this shooting was not some random act of a random lunatic.  This attempt at mass murder – which would have been successful had those two Capitol Police officers not been there as Mr. Scalise’s security detail – was a direct result of the never-ending efforts by the Democrat Party and the fake national news media to portray Republicans – all Republicans – as inhuman monsters who want to throw granny off the cliff, take the country back to slavery and kill babies.  The killer’s social media presence makes it clear that he bought into all of that, and hung on every Rachel Maddow conspiracy theory and Bill Maher dog-whistle.
  • There are millions more just like this guy in America, left-leaning true-believers who have lost all touch with reality, and whose nascent violent impulses are urged on every day by the wild, irresponsible claims of Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters and Al Franken, and every night by the disgraceful rhetoric from jerks like Larry O’Donnell.  Over the last year, we have seen disciples like this guy acting out by beating up Trump supporters as they entered or left campaign rallies, rioting in the streets of Washington, DC during he inauguration, and donning black masks and burning up the town of Berkeley, CA.  Hell, the son of Hillary Clinton’s own vice-presidential candidate was one of them, and no Democrat could be bothered to publicly condemn his actions when he was arrested for violent assault on Trump supporters.
  • Similarly, not one Democrat has been asked by a single fake reporter in our fake news media why they steadfastly refuse to condemn such violent protest actions, or why they refuse to condemn the ongoing hate rhetoric that emanates daily from the Chairman of their own political party.  Indeed, most Democrat members of congress – not to mention Hillary Clinton – proudly pledge themselves as members of the “resistance”, for which those black-masked rioters serve as a de facto militia. If this had been some right-wing nut-job shooting at Democrats, those questions would have been asked by dozens of fake reporters of every GOP politician in sight.  But then, we can never expect Democrats to be held to any minimal standard of civil discourse by a fake news media that also lacks such standards, can we?
  • Yesterday’s shooting is a direct result of the reality that our country no longer possesses a responsible news media establishment.  Though they have always been liberally-biased, management at our national media outlets in the past policed their employees and held them to some level of responsible behavior in line with what used to be held out as “journalistic standards.”  Such standards were completely abandoned in 2008, when every media outlet other than Fox News decided to become active members of the Obama presidential campaign, and they have never been regained.
  • Last night, with Cong. Scalise struggling for his life, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in congress pretended to “come together” with Republicans, pledging to do better and try to find an end to all the un-civil discourse that has come to dominate the Capitol.  It was reminiscent of the moments after 9/11, when Democrats made similar pledges to “come together” with Republicans for the good of the country.  That “come together” time lasted for about two weeks before Harry Reid led the charge to begin slandering President George W. Bush again, and it all returned to business as usual after that.  Don’t kid yourselves that this “come together” moment will last more than a few days.
  • We will have another nice “come together” moment tonight, when the Democrats and Republicans play their annual softball game.  But we have to remember that the one and only driving principle of today’s Democrat Party is the acquisition and maintenance of political power.  They believe their polling data tells them that “the resistance” and demonization of Republicans – even if it means empowering nut-jobs like this shooter to try to kill Republicans – is their best way back to that.  The only reason you saw Nancy Pelosi saying nice things to Paul Ryan last night is because San Fran Nan believes it was the best political move for her to make.  No more than a week or two from today, she will have new polling data that she believes tells her to go back to business as usual and start dehumanizing all Republicans again, and she will lead the charge and her sheepish fellow Democrats will follow her right back.
  • This is who the Democrats are.  It is what they do.  And all the fake reporters in the fake news media will continue to be their de facto cheerleaders, because that is who they are, and what they do.  Don’t kid yourselves otherwise – doing so is becoming increasingly hazardous to your health.

Just another day in assassination dog-whistling America.

That is all.


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