Jeff Sessions Takes Corrupt, Clueless Democrats To School

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Some observations from AG Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence (pardon the oxymoron) Committee on Tuesday:
    • Sessions’ tone was perfect, his righteous indignation completely appropriate under the circumstances, his defense of his honor compelling and believable.  All in all, a great decision by him to insist on public testimony when the committee Democrats wanted to question him out of the public eye.  Given their own performances, which ranged from disingenuous (Mark Warner), to imperiously strident (Kamala Harris), to buffoonish (Ron Wyden), it’s easy to see why they wanted to do this one in private.  Too bad.
    • If California Sen. Kamala Harris is, as many claim, the Democrat Party’s “rising star”, then the Democrats have no future.  She was out of her league, and transparently dishonest.  But hey, Democrats love voting for transparently dishonest candidates, which explains why she’s a Senator now.
    • A social media scandal broke out when Sen. Harris was shut down by the Chair because her time had run out as she was repeatedly interrupting AG Sessions in order to prevent him to give a full answer to a stupid question. Fake journalists and leftist trolls tisk-tisked all over Twitter about how Republicans just love to shut down women.  Trouble with that was that it was actually ranking Democrat Mark Warner who shut Ms. Harris down, as Chairman Richard Burr had temporarily left the room.  D’oh!
    • The fake reporters at the Huffington Post actually picked up on this little nuance, and ran a story on the incident bashing not “Republicans”, but “Men” instead. Well, you know, they had to bash somebody.  It’s what they do at the HuffPo.
    • Senator from the News Media John McCain was once again utterly incoherent in his questioning, causing AG Sessions to have to ask him to repeat questions several times because they were simply not understandably put.  Maybe he should start avoiding these things, and stick with softball interviews with Chris Matthews instead.  Either that, or get some new meds.
    • Tom Cotton of Arkansas was the star of the show, humiliating the Democrats by comparing their Russia collusion fantasy to the plot of a bad spy movie.  Well, ok, the Democrats weren’t really “humiliated”, since they are so uniformly lacking in any sense of self-awareness anymore that they are long beyond any ability to feel such embarrassment.
    • In an off-hand remark, AG Sessions let it be known that his office has already begun “multiple” investigations into illegal leaking of classified information.  That information no doubt had knees shaking among myriad Obama holdovers at the FBI and various intelligence agencies, not to mention the NSC and the White House.  It also left James Comey trying to decide which third party cutout to use to leak some more self-serving stuff to the New York Times.
    • BTW, it’s a bit off-subject, but has anyone else noticed that we still have not actually seen any of Comey’s mystery “contemporaneous memos”?  Just wondering.
    • At the end of the hearing, it is very telling that the Democrats are now so utterly lacking in any support for their “collusion” or “obstruction” fantasies that all they had left to complain about after the hearing was the fact that the U.S. Attorney General would not divulge details about conversations he has had with a sitting President of the United States, a longstanding Justice Department policy that was invoked dozens of times by both Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder without a peep of protest from a single Senate Democrat.
    • The Collusion fantasy is dead – even MSNBC’s fake host Chris Matthews understands that.  The Obstruction fantasy is on life support.  Expect to see the fake news media/Democrat Party axis of nitwittery coordinating on an entirely new fantasy scandal over the next week or two.  Because it’s all they have.
  • Tired of winning yet?:  Fake news personality Megyn Kelly is bombing in her new gig over at NBC.  Her first two episodes have lost miserably against re-runs of CBS’s “60 Minutes”, with her second week’s audience falling by 36% from her first one.  And now she’s in trouble for deciding to feature an interview with conspiracy theory-promoting talk radio host Alex Jones on her third episode.  My goodness, what’s going to happen in the Fall, when “60 Minutes” starts airing new stuff?  Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.  BTW, if Megyn Kelly was a man, her snarky fake journalist colleagues would be calling her an “empty suit,”, a term they normally reserve for Scott Pelley.  But it takes too long to call her an “empty sleeveless, low-cut, short-skirted ensemble by Gucci” instead.

Just another day in collapsing media/Democrat/Megyn Kelly fantasy America.

That is all.

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