Why The President Should Fire Robert Mueller (And Probably Will)

Today’s Campaign Update Supplemental

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Several readers and Facebook followers have expressed concern about the rumors flying around that President Trump may be planning to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ostensibly to investigate the Democrat/fake news media’s “Trump/Russia Collusion” fantasy.  Mr. Mueller has now been revealed to the public as a long-time crony of obvious Trump hater James Comey, has been revealed to have helped Comey compile the testimony he offered to congress last week, and to now be filling his staff with a raft of Clinton donors.

All who have contacted me today have expressed the concern that the President would invite a “political firestorm” and possible impeachment action in congress should he take that step.  To those concerns, I would reply:

What do you think is going on right now?

I’m not trying to be insulting here, but seriously, this President has been subjected to an endless political firestorm from the fake news media, the Democrats and their insane voter base, and from fake Republicrats like John McCain since Election Day and before.  This firestorm is never-ending, and will be a permanent fixture for the duration of Mr. Trump’s term in office.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, several congressional Democrats have already compiled and filed articles of impeachment, and you can bet the number in the Democrat ranks – along with Rinos like McCain – will only grow over time.

The fact of the matter is that this is nothing new for Republican presidents, although it has been more intense for President Trump.  This is what the Democrats and Rinos do every time any Republican is elected to the presidency.  They and their  agents in the fake national news media go about inventing an endless stream of “scandals”, the vast majority of them imaginary and the remainder vastly over-blown, and Democrats immediately go to working on finding reasons to file impeachment articles.

Donald Trump was elected to the presidency to clean up the Washington DC “swamp”, and this cycle of fake scandal mongering against any Republican president is in fact a permanent part of that swamp.  Past GOP presidents have simply played the game and suffered through a series of special counsels and special prosecutors as those people mounted near-permanent, wide-ranging investigations against their administrations.  This has proven to be a strategic error for each and every past GOP president.  It is a cycle of insanity that past Republican presidents have been too timid to try to end.

Trump is different.  Trump is not your standard issue Republican POTUS.  Trump believes in his mission, which he has made crystal clear for more than two years since the day he announced his candidacy.

This is why I believe Trump should and will fire Robert Mueller.  Mueller, knowing his own massive conflicts of interest, should have had the personal integrity to turn down this assignment when it was offered to him.  That he accepted the job in the first place is a clear signal that he is nothing more than the same sort of bottom-dwelling swamp creature that Comey is.

Comey desperately needed firing, and so does Mueller, for the good of the country.  Firing Mueller would not end the whole Russia investigative fantasy world for Democrats, because timid Republicans in congress will allow their own investigations to continue endlessly.  But firing Mueller would end the public farce that special counsel processes always become before it wastes an overwhelming amount of public money and needlessly destroys the reputations of good men and women.

Donald Trump has a long and consistent history of firing people who just need firing.  I would expect Mueller’s firing to happen before the end of June.  No use wasting time.

That is all.

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