Why Are Liberals Openly Advocating The Assassination Of A U.S. President?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Why are liberals openly advocating the assassination of a U.S. President?:  New York City’s “Shakespeare In The Park” troupe had a very bad day on Monday, in the wake of the premier of its production of “Julius Caesar”, which portrays the assassination of a central figure who looks an awful lot like President Donald Trump.  The inevitable controversy over the play has now resulted in several of the troupe’s major sponsors cancelling their support, including Delta Airlines, Bank of America, and later in the day, American Express.  Naturally, Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, which has been dog-whistling in favor of assassinating the President since shortly after he announced his candidacy for the office, announced it sees no problem in continuing its own sponsorship of the troupe.  CNN’s own fake journalist, noted plagiarist Fareed Zakaria, described the production on Twitter as “brilliantly interpreted”, and a “masterpiece.”  He will no doubt get a raise.
  • This “Julius Caesar” production is just the latest in a long line of media/liberal assassination endorsements, following close on the heels of Kathy Griffin’s posing with a mock-up of the President’s severed head, the Snoop Dogg video in which he simulates shooting the President, and the multiple ‘Trump is a monster and who wouldn’t want to kill a monster’ dog-whistles issued daily by the fake journalists and pro-assassination contributors on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC.
  • One would think that liberals/progressives/socialists/communists in America, most of whom pledge allegiance to the political party that was home to the last assassinated U.S. president, John F. Kennedy, might think twice before so openly advocating for the killing of another POTUS.  After all, liberals in 1963 and since love to blame that assassination on the “climate of hate” around Mr. Kennedy as a result of all the negative rhetoric pointed in his direction from conservative and business interests of the time.  Yet, these same people now go out of their way to justify the climate of hate they and their friends in the fake news media and entertainment industry have created around President Trump.  But then, that would assume that liberals/progressives/socialists/communists actually do engage in some sort of logical, rational thought process, which is of course not the case.
  • In the end, those on the political left and their media agents are creating a justification for violence against President Trump in the exact same way that radical Muslim clerics create a justification for violence among their followers. This is a very, very dangerous and un-American game they are playing.
  • If this surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention, Part I.:  Speaking of liberals playing dangerous games, remember when the liberals who infest the EPA turned an entire river in Colorado and New Mexico yellow, when they accidentally caused the collapse of a pile of tailings from a coal mine?  Yeah…  Anyway, the Associated Press reports that, according to the EPA’s Inspector General’s office, the agency actually had no rules whatsover governing the conduct of its own employees when they inspect such mines.  If true, this would be literally the only aspect of our entire society over which the EPA had failed to develop rules.  But then, liberals always – ALWAYS – look to exempt themselves from the rules they wish to impose on everyone else.
  • If this surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention, Part II.:  Hey, guess what Lifezette reported yesterday?  If you guessed that Special Counsel and long-time James Comey crony Robert Mueller is stacking his staff with Hillary Clinton donors, you are the winner.  What did you expect, an honest investigation?  In Washington DC?  Yeah, that was never in the cards.
  • Rumors are flying all over Washington that the President is considering firing Mr. Mueller due to his obvious, massive conflicts of interests, and due to the plain and simple fact that he was appointed ostensibly to investigate the Democrat/media-created “Russia collusion” fantasy, which has been repeatedly demonstrated to have never happened.  So why continue to farce?  It’s a good point.  But here’s a better idea:  If Bob Mueller wants to demonstrate that he is the “honorable man” he has been portrayed as being by the Democrat/media complex, then how about resigning due to his obvious, massive conflicts of interest?  Yeah…that’s not going to happen.

Just another day in Trump Witch Hunt America.

That is all.

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