When Slimy DC Swamp Dwellers Attack

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Creaky Old John McCain, whose incoherent questioning in last week’s James Comey hearing led to speculation about whether he was having a stroke or is suffering from dementia, chose yet another foreign venue in which to criticize President Donald Trump on Sunday.  He told the Guardian that U.S. “leadership” was better under Barack Obama than it currently is.  Mr. McCain has made a habit of bashing the current President on foreign soil and fake news media, something he never did to Barack Obama, even after Obama was revealed to have shipped more than $400 million in cash money to the Mullahs in Iran in the hold of a cargo plane in 2015.  This man poses as a “conservative” and as a “Republican,” but his public utterances, particularly in foreign venues, reveal his true nature as just one more of the worst kind of slimy inhabitant of the DC Swamp.
  • Speaking of slimy inhabitants of the DC swamp…:  Blessedly former bi-polar FBI Director James “I was trying to blend in with the drapes” Comey has reportedly landed himself a $10 million deal to pen a book in which he will expand even further on the web of lies, half-truths, demagoguery and betrayals of the American public’s trust that he rolled out over the last 24 months.  Can’t wait to read Chapter 7, The Art of Leaking Through Third Parties To The New York Times, or Chapter 10, When Hope Is A Command, or Chapter 13, How To Avoid Attention By Being a Foot Taller Than Everyone Else And Stationing Yourself In The Center Of a Room”.
  • San Fran Nan Pelosi told a fake journalist that she wished that George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney were president instead of Donald Trump.  Of course, she also wishes aliens would stop abducting her each Thursday evening, so she wishes a lot of things.
  • The UK Sunday Express reports that NASA has now discovered 10 asteriods that pose a threat to life on plant Earth.  Hell, they could find 40 more threats to life on earth than that serving in the U.S. Senate alone.  Look closer to home, folks.
  • Meanwhile, in case you missed all the fake reports in the fake news media about it – well, ok, the fake news media isn’t doing any reporting on it – the U.S. economy is booming under President Trump.  The Dow Jones Industrial average is up 15% since Election Day, the rate of unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 16 years, and the economy is expected to expand more rapidly during 2017 than during any year of the Obama Administration.  Business capital investment is way up, home sales are up, new home starts are way up, and manufacturing is expanding.
  • If you think any of this is an accident, you are wrong.  The biggest single problem with the U.S. economy over the last 8 years was the avalanche of new, unnecessary, onerous, soviet-style regulations coming down at a record pace from unelected operatives in the Obama bureaucracies.  This ever-expanding burden created an air of pessimism and gloom in the business community, discouraging capital investment.  The Trump program of rolling back many of these regulatory schemes, and halting the issuance of new ones has already reversed that pessimism, and the results are obvious.
  • The Democrats and fake news media know this, which is why the continue to focus on fantasy “scandals” and insist on multiple congressional investigations into them.  Sadly, many congressional Republicans are also swamp-dwellers, and are more than happy to cooperate.  This is the reality Trump faces – a bi-partisan DC establishment that is willing to destroy a nascent economic boom in order to protect the personal nests they have been feathering for decades, and a fake news media establishment that’s an integral part of the game.

Just another weekend in low-life DC Swamp dweller America.

That is all.

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