The Ghost Of Seth Rich Haunts The Democrat/Fake Media Axis

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Can we talk about the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich for a minute?  Mr. Rich’s parents have obviously been ‘gotten to’ by someone, as they have gone from hiring a private investigator to look into their son’s murder just a few months ago to now penning op/ed pieces begging everybody to just abandon the investigation altogether.  Their new spokesman, a Democrat political operative named Brad Bauman, is a long-time crony of David Brock, the rancid schmuck who runs Media Matters, and was, as the father recently complained, “assigned” to the family by the DNC, against their wishes.
  • The fake news media and other Democrat surrogates are in such a panic about the new round of speculation about the murder that they have gotten their repugnant toadies at Media Matters to go after the sponsors of Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News.  The liberal sons of Ruppert Murdock, who are in the process of destroying Fox News so they can keep getting invited to all the right cocktail parties, caved immediately to the Media Matters pressure when a single sponsor,, pulled its ads from the program, ordering Hannity to stop discussing what is and remains a very, very suspicious unsolved murder that no one – not the DC cops, not the FBI, not anyone at all – is investigating.
  • Any thinking person must ask themselves, why are the Democrats and their surrogates, along with the Murdocks, so desperate to avoid any mention of an unsolved murder that would, if it involved a different cast of characters, make for an incredibly interesting news story?  Why is everyone involved going to such obvious, blatant lengths to maintain the fiction that Mr. Rich’s murder was, as the DC cops laughably describe it, a “robbery gone bad”, even though not a single item was taken from Mr. Rich by his killers?
  • The likely answer is very clear to anyone who wants to see the truth: Seth Rich was, as Julian Assange has tacitly admitted, WikiLeaks’ source for the treasure trove of emails it obtained from the DNC server in mid-2016.  If that is true, then it is easy to see why the DNC is so panicked about the possibility of this information becoming public:  Because their whole “Trump colluded with Russia” Unicorn fantasy depends on the Russians being WikiLeaks’ source.
  • If the DNC and the Clinton camp were free of any wrongdoing in this case, then we would expect innocent parties to be agitating for a robust and speedy investigation that ultimately identifies the “real” killer of a man who was their colleague.  Instead, we get this rush to demonize anyone who even mentions the case in the public realm, and an assault by DNC toadies on sponsors of the one prominent media personality who was continuing to report on the case.
  • It is a national disgrace and tragedy that no one in a position of authority can be bothered with even attempting to identify Mr. Rich’s murderer.  The DC cops rushed to the “robbery gone bad” conclusion in an obvious lazy attempt to not have to work the case, even though every bit of evidence agitates against that conclusion.  The Obama/Comey FBI came in, confiscated Rich’s laptop, and has basically done nothing since.  The laptop, of course, has most likely long since disappeared, or been subjected to Hillary Clinton’s “bleach bit” trick.
  • Shame on all of them, and shame on all of us.  A young man is dead, murdered in the street, and his case deserves a resolution, regardless of the political consequences.  Bullying efforts to shut everyone who speaks of the case up will haunt the Democrat/fake media axis until the case is resolved, exposing them all as the frauds they really are.

Just another day in Seth Rich cover-up America.

That is all.


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  1. David Farrar - May 28, 2017

    If Sean Hannity is coming back to Fox News, it must mean Julian Assange can prove it was Seth Rich who is responsible for the Podesta’s leaks, and Hannity and Fox News will be sitting on the biggest news scoop of the century!

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