The Insane Terrorist Atrocity Response Cycle Begins Again #lovewins

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The cycle is now all too familiar:  A radicalized Islamist commits an atrocity in which he murders dozens of innocent victims in a public space; first responders rush to the scene and treat the event as a law enforcement matter; even though everyone on the face of the earth recognizes the nature of the event (the fingerprints are by now ubiquitously recognizable), officials keep the name of the evil loser secret on the pretense of attempting to determine a “motive” for his actions;  snowflakes and social justice warriors all over Twitter and Facebook agree on a common avitar and hashtag so that they can pretend they are doing something effective to help, and then start shouting down and demonizing anyone who correctly identifies the nature of the atrocity; fake journalists and talking heads all over the global fake news media pretend in unison that this is something other than what we all know it is for hours on end;  but then someone leaks the name and it becomes obvious that what we all already knew is correct, that this is yet another atrocity committed on the dying Western world in the name of Islam.
  • Now that the truth is out, the demonization of anyone who has clear eyes about the nature of the enemy intensifies, not only on social media, but in the fake news media as well;  public officials begin to recite the standard talking points we’ve heard so tragically many times before:  that this poor wretched soul – who is obviously an adherent of Islam – is not Islamic at all, and that his actions – which clearly, unarguably were carried out in the name of Islam – had nothing to do with Islam at all, that in our modern world with our open borders, why, we all just have to get used to living with acts of inexplicably deranged – even though the reasons for his derangement are clear for all to see – people like this, that he is a “lone wolf” – even though ISIS is claiming credit for his radicalization and his atrocity, and we have just found out that the crazy SOB had been under surveillance of national and local authorities for months, if not years because of his known associations with ISIS and other radical Islamist groups, and nothing was done to stop him.
  • Next, as the demonization of those with clear eyes continues in the social media, comes a few days of discussion in the fake news media about what we must do to combat this “problem”.  While clear-eyed individuals like Sebastian Gorka, , General Mattis and General Kelly and others talk about the need to eradicate radical Islamists from our midst, CNN and MSNBC seek out policy luminaries like Katie Perry who talk about how we can solve the whole thing with love and open borders, #lovewins.
  • Then, after five or six days, the snowflakes and social justice warriors have their short attention spans kick in and move onto demonizing someone else over some other thing, #weknowbetterthananyoneelse, and the fake news media follows suit.  Public officials go back to doing the same ineffective things they were doing before the atrocity took place, and liberals in government return to making certain that borders remain open and no new policies that might effectively combat radical Islam are enacted.
  • And the rest of us go back to our daily lives and pray that none of our loved ones become victims when the next radicalized Islamist commits the next atrocity in the name of Islam.  Because we know the next time will inevitably come, since the snowflakes and social justice warriors and fake journalists and liberal politicians will work so hard to ensure nothing effective is ever done to prevent it.

Just another day in the utterly insane, #lovewins, open borders Western world.

That is all.

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