Comey’s False Presidential Handshake Claim

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So let’s address this bullsh*t claim by a buddy of James Comey (no doubt at Comey’s urging, reciting Comey’s script) that he was “disgusted” by having to shake President Donald Trump’s hand at a White House reception for senior Administration officials 2 days following the inauguration.

Comey’s claim is that he intentionally wore a blue blazer so that he might be able to “blend in” with the curtains in the room so as not to attract the President’s attention.  He further claims that he was “disgusted” when the President “singled him out” among the other senior officials and asked him to come shake his hand.  Comey’s buddy claims the handshake was “purely one-sided” and that Comey felt like the President was “trying to compromise him” by shaking his freaking hand.

Ok, let’s analyze this, first by going to this link and looking at the film of the incident.

What is the first thing you notice by looking at that film?  If you’re like most people, you notice that James Comey is about a foot taller than anyone else in that entire room.  Let’s be honest here:  If the Director of the FBI really believed that, by wearing a blazer that is similar in color to the curtains in that room, he was going to avoid attracting attention from the President or anyone else, he is obviously too damned dim-witted to be the FBI Director, and needed firing for that reason alone.

Now take a look at the photo accompanying this piece:  You see the administration officials are lined up along the back wall of the room, and that Mr. Comey had stationed himself directly in the MIDDLE of that line up.  By placing himself there, he ensured that he would occupy the very CENTER of the President’s point of view.

So, he’s a foot taller than everyone else in the room, and he intentionally stations himself in the center of a line of shorter people.  Does this really look like someone hoping to avoid attention, or does it look like the normal behavior constantly exhibited throughout his career by the tirelessly attention-seeking James Comey?

Now, back to the video:  Look at the handshake.  Comey, contrary to what his buddy claims, reaches his hand out to accept the President’s hand, leans in to listen to whatever the President wanted to whisper in his hear, and smiles throughout.  Is this the behavior of a “disgusted” underling, or of a tireless attention-seeker who is more than happy to have been singled out in that room of peers?

This is just one more example of the reality of James Comey:  He is a weasel, a skunk, an attention-seeking jerk, and someone who obviously needed firing.

That is all.


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