Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.18.2017

  • Democrats are celebrating this morning – their wet dream has arrived:  a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department, a career-long creature of the DC swamp, with no limits on what he can investigate, with an unlimited time frame during which to conduct his investigation, and with a pretty much unlimited budget for his investigation.  This is what they’ve wanted since Election Day, and thanks to the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stupidly recuse himself from anything related to the Russia investigation, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein gave it to them yesterday in the form of former FBI Director Robert Mueller.
  • Every time one of these atrocities of federal law has been established, the fake news media immediately trots out testimonials about the man’s (they’re always old, white men – you would think all the social justice warriors would object to that part of the scam at some point) impeccable credentials and character.  He will then make a statement – which will surely come  today – about how he is going to be laser-focused on the supposed topic of his investigation, and he will make damn sure the investigation is conducted efficiently and won’t turn into some sort of witch hunt that ends in some sort of kangaroo court that throws people like Scooter Libby in prison for a made-up crime just so the special counsel can claim a scalp.
  • After making that pledge – which again, Mr. Mueller will certainly make later today or no later than tomorrow – the special counsels of the past have then embarked on a long, unlimited witch hunt that has always ended up in a kangaroo court climax accusing and prosecuting individuals for “crimes”, real or imagined, that were usually not remotely the subject of the investigation to begin with.
  • Regardless of his own personal character, intentions and qualifications, Mr. Mueller’s investigation will inevitably be taken in this traditional direction and end in this traditional outcome, because he is little more than a figurehead, the “upright man”, the public face of a process that will soon be staffed and run by a group of young, ambitious lawyers who will make it their goal to collect as many scalps as they can in order to make names for themselves, so that they too can become fabulously wealthy, career-long creatures of the DC swamp.
  • And if you think the Trump Administration leaks like that 35 year-old sieve you got as a wedding gift in 1981, just wait until you see the magnitude of leaks that will soon begin flowing from Mr. Mueller’s staff.  Again, it’s the Democrats’ wet dream, not to mention the WaPo and the fake NYTimes.
  • But hey, you’re sitting there thinking, the positive side of this is that all those congressional investigations will now be shut down and congress might actually get some real business done, right?  Wrong.  Leaders of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and the House Oversight Committee have already announced that the appointment of Mr. Mueller will not in any way affect their own efforts to provide the Democrats in congress with a daily array of talking points and classified material to leak to the press.  Republicans are too stupid to do anything else.  Silly you for thinking otherwise.
  • Mr. Mueller is no doubt a fine man – the obligatory testimonials to that effect are already rolling in, and there is no reason to doubt them.  As well, he has been a fine public servant, as his leadership of the FBI during the George W. Bush administration by and large attests.  But we heard the very same sorts of testimonials and saw similar records of public service in the past about Ken Starr, Lawrence Walsh, Patrick Fitzgerald and every other old white guy who has served as a special counsel over the last half century.
  • But every one of the special counsel investigations of the past have followed the exact same pattern of promised quick efficiency and laser-like focus on a narrow investigation, to inexorable and dramatic expansion, to outright years-long witch hunt, to a kangaroo court conclusion.  Why?  Because that’s how this process was designed to work by the creatures of the DC establishment who wrote the governing statute.  It would be better named the DC Swamp Preservation Act.
  • So get ready for a witch hunt followed several years from now by a kangaroo court that sends people to prison for “crimes” completely unrelated to the ostensible subject of Mr. Mueller’s investigation.  The hope of the Democrats is that Mr. Mueller finds away to still be “investigating” on Election Day 2020, and the odds are very much in favor of that being the case.

Just another day in here-we-go-again, special counsel America.

That is all.

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