Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.16.2017

  • Today’s Fake News From The Deep State:  The Washington Post filed a fake report based on nothing but anonymous sources claiming that President Trump revealed classified information about ISIS during his recent meeting with senior Russian officials.  Here’s the problem with this report:  The fake news media wants us all to believe this report, but we can’t trust our fake news media to tell us the truth about anything relating to President Trump, since the fake media has been revealed a multitude of times issuing fake reports about him.  The WaPo is among the worst offenders in this regard.
  • The really disturbing aspect of this report – which is offered without any real evidence and has been denied by multiple people who were actually in the room at the time – is that there are so many people in the fake news media, in the Democrat Party and in the U.S. intel community who are dead set on leading our country into a shooting war with Russia.  That’s what the whole “Trump colluded with Russia” fantasy play is all about, it’s what this WaPo story is all about, and it’s what the Democrat Party’s entire strategy towards this Administration appears to be all about:  They are attempting to make it literally impossible for a U.S. President to establish anything resembling positive relations with the world’s third largest military power.  A real journalist would be doing his or her best to try to figure out why that is the case.  Unfortunately, there are only about three real journalists working in the fake national news media these days, so no one should be holding their breath waiting for this to happen.
  • Cancel the Press Briefings, now.:  this report is just one more reason why the President should cancel the daily White House press briefings today, because today’s farce will consist of nothing more than hostile fake reporters asking loaded, hostile questions about this fake report in the Washington Post.  Why should the White House host an event that will only serve to give fake reporters a chance to continue harping on a fake narrative?  Today would be a great day to stop this madness.
  • Today’s News The Fake National Media Won’t Report:  In real news, a private investigator hired by the family of the late DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was mysteriously murdered last July just as WikiLeaks was beginning to release damaging emails obtained from the DNC server, told a local DC TV station yesterday that he has obtained evidence from Rich’s computer that proves Rich was in touch with WikiLeaks prior to being killed.  The DC Police, without any evidence to support it, have claimed Rich’s murder was a robbery gone bad, even though nothing was stolen from him.  Rich’s family has believed since day one that their son’s murder was connected with his job at the DNC.  All I know is, this investigator probably should hire a body guard of his own.
  • Speaking of the DNC…:  The Democrat National Committee is now the defendant in a class action suit filed by workers who staffed the DNC National Convention last year in Philadelphia.  The reason for the suit?  The DNC, which has in its platform a demand to raise the minimum wage nationally to $15/hour, only paid the workers $8/hour.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

1 thought on “Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.16.2017

  1. Nathan - May 16, 2017

    Less than 2 years ago, the Russians had an airliner brought down over Egypt by an ISIS planted bomb and 224 people died. If the United States has knowledge of threats to aviation (that is the subject that Trump allegedly gave them information on), he has a humanitarian duty to inform them of that information. If you want to destroy relations with Russia, keep a secret that results in another (or series) of airliners being blown up/shot down.

    This report is being driven by someone, either at DTRA (if it is MANPAD related), CIA or NSA getting word that their program was getting POTUS level visibility and freaking out and running to the Post.

    It’s a leak, and the most dangerous (politically motivated) sort. The fact of the matter is that the President has the ability to share classified information with other heads of state directly or through ambassadors. It is typical, routine, and necessary. Some Hillary supporting bureaucrat who was watched to many episodes of “The Americans” needs to be in jail, because leaking the details that were sent to the Post is highly illegal. This is the kind of situation where FBI needs to be knocking on a reporter’s door and putting the guy in handcuffs. Just because a source divulges classified information doesn’t make it unclassified. Possessing the information and putting it in print is also illegal.

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