Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.13.2017

  • I’ve written this several times, but it deserves repeating today in light of President Trump’s telling Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro that he is considering cancelling the daily White House press briefings and instead taking and answering questions in writing, and holding periodic press conferences himself:  The President of the United States has no obligation whatsoever to hold daily press briefings.  He has no obligation whatsoever to legitimize specific media outlets, especially those that serve – as almost all major national media outlets serve today – as nothing more than propaganda arms for the opposition party.
  • The President of the United States does have an obligation to inform the public about his administration’s priorities and activities.  Typically in the past, this has been accomplished through interviews and open press availabilities with a press corps that for the most part used to take seriously its obligation to accurately inform the public.
  • However, the Republic somehow managed to survive and thrive without the rubric of daily White House press briefings for more than 190 years, until Richard Nixon became the first POTUS to establish this model of communication.  Those briefings have continued since, for better or for worse.
  • Back in January, I wrote that this daily press briefing model would be a lousy model for this particular President to continue, and that he and his staff should seriously consider changing it up, implementing instead a model in which the press, since it has chosen to be nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party, is dealt with in a more arm’s-length fashion, and in which the President communicates more directly with the American people.  It now appears that President Trump is having thoughts along these very lines.
  • That’s a positive thing, something he should follow through on implementing.  Yes, the fake news media would wail and demonize him and scream like stuck pigs and do all of its “reporting” about the administration with stories based on nothing but unidentified leakers.  In other words, the status quo would prevail.  So what?  The current process is not good for anyone, not the White House staff, not the President, not the fake news media, not the public.  There has never been a situation more in need of radical change, something President Trump is good at.
  • To do that, though, will take a shake-up in the President’s communications team, which I advocated in this space yesterday.  Sean Spicer is a trooper – figuratively and literally, given his National Guard service – but he is not cut out for this particular role.  He needs to be reassigned.  Much of the rest of the communications team also needs to go, given the awful advice they have been giving the President.
  • A new team needs to be brought in, a new model established.  Let the fake journalists who coordinate daily narratives and talking points with the DNC scream about it all.  It doesn’t matter.  What are they going to do?  Call you a fascist?  Hell, that happens 50 times a day on CNN alone anyway.  Doesn’t matter.  Are they going to accuse of suppression of the press?  Hell, that happens 50 times a day on MSNBC alone anyway.
  • The press has uniformly abandoned its intended role in our society, the role of the independent watchdog of the public interest, in favor of becoming nothing more than talking points monkeys for the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party.  It really is time for the Trump Administration to stop this Kabuki dance, and stop legitimizing people who have voluntarily de-legitimized themselves and their industry.
  • Today would be a good day to begin the process.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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