Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.11.2017

  • Tired of winning yet?:  The Border Patrol reports that border crossings are down by 76% since the first of 2017.  No wall, no new laws, no big increased budget, no deployment of new technology.  Down 76% simply on the news that we have a president who will enforce the nation’s immigration laws.  If you’ve wondered in the past when I’ve said on numerous occasions that former President Barack Hussein Obama used doing nothing as a strategic weapon, now you know part of what I mean when I say that.  Where illegal immigration is concerned, he raised doing nothing to an art form.
  • Can we go ahead and nominate him now?:  Actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, told GQ Magazine that “it’s a very real possibility” that he will run for president in the future.  Lots of observers recoiled in horror at the prospect, but my reaction is that I hope he’s telling the truth.  Seriously, look around at the collection of radical nutjobs, career criminals and hopeless nitwits the Democrat Party otherwise has available to offer for the nation’s highest office, and you have to inevitably conclude that The Rock would be a gigantic upgrade.
  • Here’s what I wonder about the Democrats and their fake journalist agents in the fake news media this morning:  How are you going to sustain this outrage for eight years?  Seriously, how are you going to do that and retain your physical health?  Your emotional health, such as it is?
  • No kidding, Donald Trump is most likely going to be a two-term President – he is well on his way to ensuring his re-election already.  There is not going to be any impeachment, not over the firing of James Comey, or anything else.  Impeachment is a very specific thing, a thing that requires the commission of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by the President, and there aren’t any such things present now, and won’t likely be any in the future.  And honest to goodness, it really does not matter what nitwits like Maxine Waters say about it.
  • You people are living in a fantasy world in which firing the Director of the FBI is, for whatever reason you wish to make up out of whole cloth – like he did it at the wrong time, or he didn’t deliver the message to Comey in the right way, or he did it for nefarious reasons – is an impeachable offense.  Here’s news for you:  You’re wrong about that, and James Comey agrees with me, not you.  Indeed, Mr. Comey himself, in a farewell note to FBI employees yesterday, acknowledged that “a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all.”  You folks can whine, or yell, or pull your hair out, or post nasty notes to me on social media all you want, but you’re wrong, and James Comey agrees with me, not you.
  • Really and truly, you people need to get a grip on yourselves.  I know you have all been systematically brainwashed by your heroes in the fake national news media to believe Donald Trump is somehow an illegitimate president, but he isn’t.  I know you’ve been brainwashed to believe that the Trump campaign somehow conspired with the Russians to steal the election, but they didn’t.  I know you’ve been brainwashed to believe that Donald Trump is a flaming moron who is destroying America, but he isn’t – he’s actually extremely intelligent and thinks way ahead of you and all the people who say that about him.  I know you’ve been brainwashed to believe that only your thoughts and opinions matter in this society, and that people who don’t think exactly as you think are evil people who should be tossed on prison or executed, but that’s wrong, too.
  • Honest to God, you are wrong about everything.  Literally everything.  I know the fake news media keeps telling you otherwise, but they’re wrong too, because most of those people are just like you and have been brainwashed just like you have been.  They’re so brainwashed, in fact, that they don’t even understand that they’re now the ones doing the brainwashing.
  • The fact that you are wrong and I’m right is why the Republican Party currently holds the Presidency, both houses of congress, 2/3rds of state governorships, and majorities in 2/3rds of state legislative bodies.  The crazier you get, the faker the fake media becomes, the fewer people vote the way you do.  If you represented the majority of thought in this country, those numbers of office-holders would be reversed, especially after having your overlord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama, ensconced in the White House for eight long years.
  • I know you’re hopelessly outraged by all of this, but this is the truth of your situation.  Donald Trump is going to be President for four full years, because you simply do not have the votes to take over congress in 2018 and execute an impeachment.  He is also very likely to serve a second full term in office after being re-elected President in 2020, because despite what your heroes in the fake news media keep telling you, he is keeping his promises made during the campaign in a very big way.  Again, they’re lying to you because they know you prefer it that way.
  • By the way, this preference for being lied to in order to support the fantasy world in which you live is the very same reason why you keep voting for pathological liars to be your party’s presidential nominees.  Think about it:  your last five presidential nominees have been Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  This is like the murderer’s row of pathological liars.  It will take a change in your preference for being lied to before that ever changes.
  • So, how are you going to sustain this outrage for eight years?  How long can you go on waking up each morning with smoke pouring out your ears at the thought that Donald Trump still sits in the White House?  How long are you going to keep carrying some cardboard sign with something stupid or obscene written on it out to the local freeway to block traffic?  How long are you going to keep putting on black ski masks and vandalizing college campuses?  More to the point, how much longer is your grandma going to be willing to put you up in her basement and cook supper for you?
  • Eight years is a long time to be angry, a long time to be outraged, a long time to continue alienating everyone you used to call a friend and family members with profane and borderline insane rants on Facebook, not to mention those three dozen 140-character outbursts on Twitter you post each day.  At some point, the nature of human existence requires all of us to grow up and either make an effort to become a productive member of society or doom ourselves to a lifetime of failure.
  • Waking up outraged for eight years – or even just four – will pretty much doom you to the latter path.  How long can you keep it up with the knowledge that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere?  It’s a question you’re all going to have to answer, because he really is not going anywhere.

Just another day in Perpetually Outraged Liberals America.

That is all.


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