Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.10.2017

  • Well, yesterday was a very slow news day, so I think I’ll just take a day off from the Campaign Update….what?  There was a firing?  Comey?  James Comey?  How did I miss that one.  Ok, well, that was probably non-controversial, right?  I mean, after all, every Democrat in America was calling for Comey’s head barely a week ago, blaming him for the loss by their hero, The Most Corrupt Woman in America, last November, so surely no one raised a fuss when Trump fired such a universally-detested public figure.  Right?  No?  Ok, better go check the news, dang it.
  • Ok, just kidding.  By now, we all know that Democrats went even crazier than usual at the news of Comey’s firing, doing yet another 180 on their view of our former bi-polar FBI Director, who has done more to starkly reveal the abject intellectual dishonesty of every day Democrats than any public figure in American history.  As I posted on Facebook last night, Democrats were for James Comey (July 5, 2016) before they were against him (October 28, 2016) before they were for him (November 6, 2016) before they were against him (May 3, 2017) before they were for him (today).
  • Another Facebook post from last night:  This is the Democrats, furiously deleting every Tweet and Facebook post they’ve made demanding Comey’s firing since last October 28:


  • Someone pointed out that I should have added fake journalists to that caption, but all fake journalists are is Democrats with by-lines, so it was already implied.
  • What else to say about Comey?  Look, he did this to himself.  He had a chance last July 5 to make himself a true American hero.  He and he alone had a chance to demonstrate that no one in this country is above the law.  He could have done that by making a criminal referral to the Attorney General in the case of Hillary Clinton and her illegal email server, a case he himself very publicly made before then refusing to make the referral.  Last week he claimed he did that because he (correctly) believed the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was hopelessly corrupt and would not take appropriate action on his referral.  Regardless of whether that is true or not, that was not his judgment to make.  His job was to make a criminal referral when he had found criminal activity.  Everything that has happened to and with Mr. Comey since that time has simply been a natural extension of the wrongness of his decision that day.
  • I just flipped over to Morning Joe, and I’m pretty sure Mika is about to have a nervous breakdown.  Come to think of it, she looked exactly the same way the morning after Election Day, so maybe it’s just how she looks whenever justice prevails in America.
  • Fake journalist Mark Halperin is badgering Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who is a superstar) about why the President felt an urgency to act on the firing as soon as he had received that recommendation from the Justice Department.  While Sanders gave a very non-confrontational answer, the real, true answer is that he had to act as quickly as possible so that scumbag Obama holdovers in the Deep State weren’t able to leak the information to fake journalists like Mika, Joe and Mark Halperin.  This is really not rocket science here.
  • While the fake news media is spinning the Comey firing as somehow “unprecedented”, and an “abuse of presidential power,” the same fake media outlets cheered in 1993 when Bill Clinton had his people dummy up an ethics complaint against then-FBI Director William Sessions and fired him because he had allegedly used his government jet a few times to visit his daughter.  Again, if you’re expecting intellectual honesty or consistency of thought from those on the political left, you are doomed to a lifetime of disappointment.
  • Other than the Comey firing, the big news yesterday was that the fake journalists at the NY Times published an editorial that was actually critical of abortion.  Surely, someone will be getting fired over that decision, given that the leaders of the Democrat Party have repeatedly said there is no room for diversity of thought on that subject in their party anymore.

Just another day in Perpetual Liberal Outrage America.

That is all.

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