Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.9.2017

  • This is what university progressives refer to as “compassion.”:  Emory University in Georgia now has a policy of paying all tuition and living expenses for its illegal alien students.  American citizens, and students who took the time to immigrate into this country through the legal process, must of course pay their own full load, and will no doubt see their already exorbitant tuition and fees raised as the school passes along the costs of its illegal students.  Trump Derangement Syndrome in action.
  • Meanwhile, in Australia…:  Australia’s Labor Party has now been branded ‘racist’ by that country’s own fake news media for running an ad that advocates “Employ Australians First.”  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • They’re calling it Creepy Old White Guy.:  The Dairy Department at Cornell University announced it has created a special flavor in honor of former Vice President Joe Biden.  I’ll let you imagine the rest.
  • These Californians crack me up.:  The Sacramento Bee is carrying a story this morning which hilariously claims that “California may end ban on communists in government jobs.”  So all those closeted commies who have infested the state’s government for the last 80 years will soon be able to hold their coming out ceremonies.
  • Meanwhile, in other fake news…:  The Associated Press has a current story up with the following headline:  “TRUMP MOVES TO GET MORE CONSERVATIVES ON FEDERAL BENCH.”  It’s important to note that, at no time during the 8 years of Barack Obama or the 8 years of Bill Clinton did the AP run a story headlined “(CLINTON/OBAMA) MOVES TO GET MORE PROGRESSIVES/COMMUNISTS/RADICALS ON THE FEDERAL BENCH.”  #Fakenews, defined.
  • Asking the question we have all been breathlessly contemplating ourselves.:  Random House announced that novelist Curtis Sittenfeld will pen a novel imagining the life The Most Corrupt Woman In America might have had if she hadn’t married Bill Clinton.  Folks, if Hillary had never married Bill, none of us would have ever heard of her. Sorry, but that’s the truth.  Come to think of it, no one outside of Arkansas would have ever heard of Bill, either, since he would have in that case lacked his ruthless shield for all those Bimbo Eruptions.  So, if Mr. Sittenfeld gets it right – which he most assuredly will not – the novel will have a very, very happy ending for all Americans, but especially for Democrats, whose political party the Clintons, along with the Obamas, have done so much to destroy.
  • He never really thought he’d go back into politics.  Well, except for when he thought about going back into politics.  Which was pretty much all the damn time.:  Terminally annoying Ohio Gov. John Kasich – whose dad, in case you hadn’t heard, was a postal worker – refused to tell an interviewer on Monday whether or not he was planning to primary Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020 (he is).  Gov. Kasich, who has spent every waking moment of his adult life – and most of his dream time – thinking about nothing but politics, hilariously said, ” I’m going to keep a voice, but I can’t predict to you — I never thought I would be governor, I never thought I’d go back into politics.”  So, hey, all you Republicans out there, lying about politics is not just a habit of Democrats.
  • Oh, yeah, and a Senate committee took testimony from the incessantly hyper-partisan Sally what’s-her-name and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and learned that there is still no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.  We can count on today’s fake news media/Democrat joint talking points to pretend otherwise.

Just another day in Why Can’t John Kasich and the Clintons Just Go Away and Leave Us All Alone America.

That is all, thank goodness.


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