Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.28.2017

  • Fake Indian Senator heap big angry at former Big Chief taking wampum from forked tongue Wall Street guys.:  Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian Senator from Massachusetts, is upset with Barack Obama, because he cashed in with a $400,000 speaker’s fee paid for by a Wall Street firm.  The Fake Ms. Warren, of course, greedily takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street interests into her campaign funds, and earns hundreds of thousands of dollars each year as a “professor” at Harvard, in a chair named for a deceased powerful Wall Street lawyer.  In a political party built on fakery, “Faucahontas” may well be the fakest of them all.
  • We here at the Alt-Left love Maxine Waters, even if she is a rambling, incoherent simpleton.:  This is fun.  The link takes you to a video of Maxine Waters, who has forgotten how to pronounce “North Korea.”
  • We here at the Alt-Left also love Nancy Pelosi, who often makes Maxine Waters look like a pure genius by comparison.:  In the interests of equal time, the Democrat minority leader also often appears to be losing it.
  • Why the whole “Russia hacked the election” thing has disappeared from the headlines.:  The evil minions at Facebook issued a report yesterday on the supposed “impacts” of “fake news” reports carried on that platform during the 2016 election campaign.  The report’s conclusion is that such reports constituted less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the overall political discourse at Facebook, a tiny percentage that had no impact at all on voter decision-making.  Very predictably, the fake news media is making no mention of that conclusion.  Doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative, after all.
  • News you won’t see in the fake news media.:  A new poll from YouGov indicates that just 35% of Americans believe the fake news media exercises its guaranteed press freedoms responsibly.  Those are the Democrats who responded to the poll.
  • Let’s just hope he’s not Taco Loco.:  The Dallas Cowboys took a kid named Taco in the first round of the NFL draft, a defensive end out of Michigan.  This really has nothing to do with the Campaign that Never Ends – I just wanted to use the line that I sure do hope this Taco is Bueno.  Taco Bueno – get it?
  • So unabashedly fake they’ve become a parody of themselves.:  Ok, lessee here…Trump’s tax cuts eliminate the income tax entirely for couples making $24,000; they cut the rate for the next $26,000 by 33%; they cut the rate of tax on the middle class by 40%; and they cut the rate on the upper class by 11%.  Fake media strategy?  Scream that IT’S A TAX CUT FOR THE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey, rumbling tummies are a trigger point at Yale.:  A group of Yale graduate students went on a “hunger strike” in hopes of convincing the University that the $40 grand in annual free tuition and $30 grand annual stipend for health benefits and living expenses they currently receive just is not enough for their expensive tastes.  When it was revealed that the “hunger” part of the strike is actually optional, and that these snowflakes can actually go get food whenever they want to, the students were roundly and appropriately savaged on social media.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

Just another day in America, where even the hunger strikes are fake.

That is all.

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