Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.24.2017

  • Thank God he’s not being divisive.:  In between shouting his focus-grouped cusswords, DNC Chairman Tom Perez told an audience in Las Vegas Saturday that his Party has no room anymore for anyone who is pro-life.  This is part of what Mr. Perez – who Democrats said was brought in to bring “stability” to their dying Party – calls his “National Unity Tour.”  Yeah…that isn’t really working out.
  • The poll also found that water is wet.:  67% of respondents to a new ABC/WaPo poll said that the Democrat Party is “out of touch with ordinary Americans.”  The other 33% are Democrats.
  • Nothing to see here, folks, move along.:  The sponsoring fake news outlets did their best to hide it from their dwindling audiences, but that same poll also contained yet another humiliating result for The Most Corrupt Woman in America.  Respondents said that, while they favored The Most Corrupt Woman when they voted last November by a 46-43 margin, if they had it to do over again, they would vote for Donald Trump by a 43-40 margin.  No word if The Most Corrupt Woman blamed that result on a) her inept staff, b) misogyny, c) James Comey, or d) the Russians, but it seems likely that she would.
  • Hey, stupid sells.:  Queen of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, told her nitwit-filled audience that the civil war that is breaking out in Venezuela is all due to the fact that the country’s state-run oil company made a contribution to the Trump Inauguration festivities.  That may be the fakest news ever reported by any outlet in the fakety fakey fake national news media.  Can there be any doubt she will win a fake award from her colleagues for this fake report?
  • And speaking of stupid, CBS is with her.:  CBS Morning News fake host Gayle King told an Access Hollywood interviewer that her extended vacay with the Obamas “was not political at all.”  For the record, Ms. King gave more than $34,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign, and her daughter worked as a staffer in his White House.
  • “I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.”:  Ok, this guy’s not one-eyed and fat, but I just wanted to use that great Robert Duval line from “True Grit.”  But some guy named Curtis Kalin, writing in the Washington Examiner, says that the “Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas is one of the worst taxpayer-funded fiscal sins of all time.”  He’s obviously never heard of federal subsidies for corn-based ethanol.
  • Our science is the kind you can’t do without a whole bunch of federal dollars.:  Speaking of atrocious taxpayer subsidies, a bunch of people claiming to be “scientists”, led by Billy Nye the “science” guy – who is actually an engineer – held a demonstration on the National Mall in support of “science”.  Very predictably, this “non-partisan” gathering immediately turned into a series of ugly, profane attacks on the Trump Administration, and was really nothing more than a demonstration in favor of continuing the billions in federal subsidies to any researcher whose “research” toes the partisan line on “climate change”.  In reality, this demonstration had as much to do with “science” as any episode of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”
  • Sounds like a classic Obama non-solution, all right.:  Ex-Obama official Cass Sunstein suggested on Sunday that Facebook and other social media outlets should experiment with using an “opposing viewpoints” button instead of attempting to censor and curate content.  Yeah, that is probably not going to work with people who throw daily temper tantrums on their Facebook feeds, and then put on masks, grab their pepper spray and go out looking for someone to assault in public.

Just another day in Everything is Fake, Even Science America.

That is all.


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