Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.21.2017


  • Who you gonna believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?:  There was another Islamic terrorist attack in Paris for which ISIS has taken credit, and everyone in authority and in the fake media in that country and in America is doing everything they can to pretend it has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  Who could’ve ever seen that coming?
  • Hey, whatever happened to that Jill Stein?  Isn’t she a pistol?:  Turns out that the insufferable Ms. Stein and her Green Party are now coordinating efforts with the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) to “fight Islamophobia”.  CAIR, of course, has long served as an apologist group for Islamic terrorists and is known to have many ties to terrorist organizations.  Hey, maybe ol’ Jill can get her new friends to demand a recount of the number of their ISIS buddies were killed by that MOAB we dropped Afghanistan last week.  That’d be great.
  • Speaking of prominent radical Islamists…:  Keith Ellison, the Islamist Vice Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, told an audience on Thursday that his Party would be in far better shape if Barack Obama hadn’t been such a bad Party leader.  That is absolutely true, and everyone should appreciate such a rare moment of abject honesty coming from any Democrat leader.
  • Here at the DNC, we are unified in our separate-ness.:  Speaking of the DNC, Chairman Tom Perez, the DNC’s serial-cussing Chairman, and Commie Senator Bernie Sanders kicked off their “Democratic Party Unity Tour” this week, with the stated goal of unifying the Democrats behind a far-leftists agenda and turning it into “a 50-state party”.  Because, you know, right now it’s about a 12-state party at best.  The problem is, in his first interview on the tour, the Commie Senator told the interviewer that he is “not a Democrat”, which kind of puts the lie to the whole deal, doesn’t it?
  • You know he’s lying because he still has a job at CNN.:  CNN fake journalist Jake Tapper, who drank the Obama Kool-aid for 8 long years, told an interviewer that too many in his profession were “too friendly” to Mr. Obama, and “drank the Kool-aid.”  In his next breath, the putz claimed that he was “very tough” on Obama.  No word if Mr. Tapper also thinks Harry Potter is, like, a real person.
  • Tired of winning yet?  Part I:  The Labor Department reports that continuing jobless claims fell below the 2 million mark in April for just the second time since 2017, a 17 year low.  Democrats and fake journalists across the country hate this news with a passion, trust me.
  • Tired of winning yet?  Part II:  The American Action Forum reports that the actions taken by President Donald Trump to rescind Obama-era regulations in just his first 85 days in office have already saved the American people more than $86 billion, a pace of more than a billion dollars every day.  Elections matter.
  • God Bless Texas.:  Today is San Jacinto Day, the 181st anniversary of the 18-minute battle that won Texas’s independence from Mexico.  If you’re a Texan, take a minute out of your day to remember the brave individuals whose actions led to all that this great state gives you today.  If you’re an American, you should also take a moment to reflect on these events, because the Battle of San Jacinto was not just a great day for Texas, it was a great day for America as well.

Just another day in God Blessed America.

That is all.


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