Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.12.2017

  • Ok, just shoot me now – I can’t take anymore of this.:  LA Times fake writer Micheal Hitzak, a winner of the fake Pulitzer fake Prize for fake journalism, theorized on Tuesday that President Trump and United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz conspired to create the airline’s current fiasco in order to distract attention from other Administration controversies.  Honest.  I swear.  You just.  can’t.  make.  this.  stuff.  up.
  • Tired of winning yet?:  The government reports that border crossings in March were down more than 72% compared to the last month of the Obama Administration.  As noted here before, this is without a wall, without any new laws, without a bigger budget for ICE or the Border Patrol, without any new technology.  This is simply the result of the voters electing a President who chooses to enforce the laws already on the books.
  • Trump was right.  Again.:  The WaPo reported last night that the FBI was indeed spying on the Trump Campaign.  The Post no doubt reluctantly reported that the FBI did obtain a FISA Warrant so it could spy on Carter Page, who was a foreign policy advisor to the Trump Campaign.  The fake reporters at the Post naturally portray this as evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, but what it really is is additional proof that Trump’s Tweet about having been surveilled by the Obama Administration was correct.  It’s obvious that if the FBI had obtained any evidence that Page had somehow engaged in improper communications with the Russians, we would damn sure know it by now through illegal leaks from Obama holdovers in that agency.
  • That giant whooshing sound you heard around 10:00 last night was the deflating of the fake news media balloons.  The fake reporters in the fake media had issued breathless reports over the last two weeks that the Democrats were going to win the special election to fill the 4th Kansas congressional district seat that came open when Mike Pompeo was named CIA Director.  All the fake reporters and fake talking heads were on pins and needles last night, praying that this “safe” Republican seat would fall to their beloved Democrats.  And, just as last November 8, the early results were encouraging, as their Democrat hero led by a few percentage points in the early returns.  But the worm began to turn around 9:00, and by 10:00, the fake journalists at the Associated (fake) Press was forced to call the election for the Republican.  A few minutes later, hundreds of fake pre-written stories about how this Democrat victory means that President Trump has no mandate to govern the country rained into trash cans in fake press rooms in Washington and New York.  So sad.
  • Here at United, The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.:  United CEO David Munoz issued three different statements yesterday in the wake of the widely-viewed video of O’Hare Airport cops forcibly dragging a bloodied passenger from one of the airline’s flights.   His first statement claimed his employees did everything right; his second claimed that the flight had not been over-sold as had been widely reported.  It was only in his third statement of the day, as his airline’s stock had plummeted in trading, that he actually managed to apologize for the incident and pledge that his airline would do better in the future.  I don’t know who is in charge of United’s communications operation, but I do know I personally could do a much better job, and probably work a lot cheaper.  Just sayin’.
  • Meanwhile, White House spokesman Sean Spicer seemed to be being advised by the same people advising Mr. Munoz, first stupidly saying in his daily press briefing that “even Hitler” did not resort to using chemical weapons (he obviously did), and then, even more stupidly going on CNN later in the day to issue an apology.  At some point, this Administration has got to stop pretending that CNN is a legitimate news organization, and instead treat it as the partisan Democrat operation it actually is.  The apology was the right thing to do, but do it with a real journalist, like Chris Wallace or Sharryl Atkisson.  Stop the pretense that CNN matters.

Just another day in bad communications America.

That is all.


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  1. Nathan - April 12, 2017

    Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on the battlefield, and he certainly didn’t consider Jews to be “his people”. Still, it’s semantics.

    Hitler analogies should be avoided, because they are always stupid.

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