Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.11.2017

  • Hey, remember when they invited you to “Fly the Friendly Skies?”.  Yeah…those no longer exist.:  United Airlines enhanced its apparently-desired image as the worst airline in the history of airlines, after its policy of massively over-booking its flights led to the forcible, violent removal of a 69 year-old passenger who didn’t want to give up the seat that he had, after all, paid for.  The incident of the man being body-slammed by O’Hare Airport police and dragged off the United flight were predictably recorded by multiple smart phones and has now been viewed by millions at this point.  United CEO Oscar Munoz issued an apology, but what he really needs to do is issue his resignation for turning his airline into such an atrocity.
  • We’re really not gonna miss this guy.:  Alabama GOP Governor Robert Bentley resigned under fire, after it was revealed that he illegally funneled campaign funds to a staffer with whom he was having an affair, among other accusations.  Ironically, Gov. Bentley had announced he could not vote for Donald Trump last October because Trump had been caught on tape making lewd comments.
  • In what is possibly the least surprising polling result in history, the new McClatchy-Marist poll shows support for the Republican majorities in both houses of congress slipping, even among Republican voters.  Gosh, I wonder why that could be happening?  The poll, of course, comes just as the do-nothing congress is off taking the least-deserved two week vacation in American history.
  • Let’s take a moment to review a little history here:  A year ago, Republican voters were furious at GOP congressional members for having done pretty much nothing at all to slow the Obama agenda, and the Republican Party was looking at an election in which it was likely they would lose their majority in the Senate, an much of their then-huge majority in the House.  They were bailed out by the insurgency of Donald Trump, who dragged many members who were undeserving of re-election over the finish line with him.  Since Election Day, it appears that the Republicans in congress have lost track of that reality, and have yet again gone about doing stupid things, failing to follow through on major campaign promises they all made, and generally getting very little of any substance done.  Given all that, it is completely unsurprising that they are again, as a class, among the most hated pieces of the Washington DC swamp.  If their performance does not improve between now and November 2018, that election will most likely be a “wave” election, with the Democrats sweeping back into majority status in both houses of congress.  If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have any sense of the real peril their party faces, they have yet to show it via action.
  • Tired of Winning Yet?:  The LA Times ran a story with the headline “Rio Grande Valley Unusually Quiet As Southwest Border Crossings Reach 17- Year Low.”  In an only semi-related story, a much-heralded and promoted anti-Trump “Mega March 2017” in Dallas was a major bust on Sunday.  Promoters had initially estimated that 400,000 would attend the march, which was a protest against the President’s policy of actually enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.  A week prior to the event, the promoters dropped their projection to 100,000.  During the event, the promoters estimated the actual crowd at 20,000.  Dallas Police, meanwhile, estimated the crowd at no more than 3,200.  Winning.

Just another day in law enforcing America.

That is all.


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