Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.10.2017

  • I’m old enough to remember when they actually played music.:  It seems the only way the Dixie Chicks can sell records is to send their obnoxious lead singer, Natalie Maines, out there to bash a Republican president.  During the height of the Iraq War, Ms. Maines issued her complaints about George W. Bush during the group’s concert events in Europe.  They can’t attract an audience anymore, so now Ms. Maines has resorted to social media, issuing nasty tweets to President Trump.  My goodness.
  • This is Jerry Brown, “skillfully” stealing and spending other people’s money.:  After the California legislature passed yet another massive tax increase on the state’s beleaguered residents – this time in the form of a major raise in the gasoline tax – the fake reporters at the Associated Press published a piece with the headline “California’s gas tax hike shows governor’s political skill”.  Presumably, when the AP publishes a future fake news item about all the businesses and residents who abandon the Golden State as a result of its soul-crushing tax burden, it will carry the headline “California’s mass exodus shows governor’s relocation skill”.
  • Ok, well, maybe it was two lone wolves.  Oh, wait…:  Islamic terrorists killed at least 44 Christians in two separate church bombings on Palm Sunday.  Fake reporters and fake editors all over the U.S. fake news media were left feverishly scrambling to find a way, some way, to blame it all on their cherished “lone wolf.”  Meanwhile, ISIS yet again took full credit for this latest atrocity.
  • The liberal Boogeyman speaks.:  Russia announced on Sunday that it would respond to any further U.S. military actions against the Syrian government with military action of its own.  This left fake reporters and fake editors all over the fake U.S. news media scrambling to invent a rationale to credit Russia’s statement to it’s cherished “Trump/Russia” coordination fantasy.
  • Hey…did Vlad sign off on this?:  Meanwhile, the Trump Administration put Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad on notice that it will take further military action should Syria again resort to the use of chemical weapons.  Contrary to the belief of the fake news media, Vladimir Putin was not consulted prior to the issuance of that notice.
  • Beware of praise coming from ghouls.:  In an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, war-mongering Senator Lindsey Graham said  “I would say this about President Trump, I’m proud of him.  He did something Obama did not do and if I’m North Korea I’m going to think differently about Trump.  He didn’t draw a red line, he just acted.”  That’s all well and good, but we should all hope that the President takes any praise coming from the Graham/McCain war hawk faction of the U.S. Senate as a reason to even more carefully review everything that he’s planning to do in the Middle East.  It’s one thing to bomb an air field in retaliation for a chemical weapons atrocity, but these guys want to send 200,000 U.S. men and women into another country’s civil war, and that is a different thing entirely.

Just another day in Red Line Enforcing America.

That is all.




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