Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.6.2017

  • Heads exploded all across the fake news media on Wednesday when President Trump, asked by a fake reporter if he “thinks” Susan Rice committed a crime, gave an honest answer:  “Do I ‘think’?  Yes, I ‘think’.”  The fake media will wail and scream about this statement for weeks, because they are unalterably opposed to anything Donald Trump says or does, and thus incapable of actually learning anything real about him.  But everyone else needs to realize that, when the President says something controversial like this, he does so for a reason.  The fake media spent a month claiming the President had “no evidence” that he and his transition team had been spied on by the Obama minions, and now simply ignore the compelling evidence that he was in fact correct about that.  This very scenario of Trump making seemingly unsupported statements that later turn out to be absolutely true played itself out time after time during the campaign as well.  It’s a very safe bet that, if the President “thinks” that Susan Rice committed a crime, that is because he has been advised that that is the case by his advisors and lawyers.
  • These guys couldn’t sneak up on a dead oak tree.:  The fake reporters and fake editors at Reuters ran with a story on Wednesday titled “Window Closing On Republican Stealth Assault on U.S. Regulations.”  “Stealth Assault”????  Really?  Is there really anyone in America who still does not know that President Trump and congressional Republicans are going about reversing many of the most heinous regulatory actions of the Obama Administration?  Has Reuters just not sent any reporters to all of those very high profile press conferences on Capitol Hill during which GOP members of congress have bragged about all the regulations they’re going to de-fund and reverse using the Congressional Review Act?  Have all of Reuters’ fake journalists simply missed the endless television loops and front page newspaper stories with huge photos of President Trump signing dozens of executive orders that reverse Obama regulatory actions?  Is there no one at Reuters who even proof-reads their reports anymore?  Holy cow.  #Fakenews, defined.
  • The Times was for it before they were against it.:  And speaking of #fakenews, the fake editors and fake reporters at the fake NY Times, after praising then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s move in 2013 to abolish the filibuster for federal judicial nominations, published a fake piece on Wednesday in which its fake writer frets about the possibility that Mitch McConnell might do the same for Supreme Court nominees.  The fake writer then frets about whether or not the evil Republicans might then go ahead and just abolish the filibuster for legislation as well.  So much fake fretting going on at the fake NY Times these days, after eight years of never fretting at all.  Funny how that works.
  • Tired of winning yet?:  The government reports that the U.S. economy added a whopping 263,000 jobs in March.  The consensus of “experts” had projected the number would be more like 170,000.  Which it would have been, if Barack Obama were still President.
  • No one snatches defeat from the jaws of victory like congressional Republicans.:  As he prepares to adjourn the House of Representatives for its completely unearned two week vacation, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that his GOP majority – which somehow managed to vote to repeal Obamacare dozens of times while it knew Barack Obama would veto any such bill – just cannot find a way to agree on a bill to modify the healthcare atrocity now that there is a Republican sitting in the White House anxiously awaiting to sign a bill – any bill – that comes his way.  In other news, you can now find Paul Ryan’s photo adjacent to the word “Ineffective” in the latest version of Webster’s Dictionary.
  • Let’s just send them all to the unemployment office instead.:  I know I’ve pointed it out before, but it deserves repeating here:  The do-nothing House of Representatives and do-nothing Senate are working a grand total of 8 – EIGHT! – days in April, and are currently scheduled to work a total of 12 days in May.  If these people were actual employees, they’d all be fired, and deservedly so.
  • Yahoo News reports that pop songs are getting faster as Americans’ attention spans are getting shorter.  This story was very interesting to me, and I just wanted to say that…hey, look at that bird over there!

Just another day in short attention-span America.

That is all.

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