Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.31.2017

  • This makes them different from the Democrats….how, again?:  With the Democrats threatening to shut down the federal government over the pending expiration of the current continuing resolution (CR), Republican “leaders” in both the House and Senate have already conceded that they will continue to fund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, and will deny President Trump’s request for funding for the border wall.  I’m sorry, but didn’t we just have an election about every one of those funding priorities last November, and didn’t the voters indicate they prefer to reverse all three of those decisions by the pathetic GOP congressional leadership?  What am I missing here?
  • Let’s just rename it The Federal Bureau of Non-Disclosure.:  You would have had to search long and hard to find it due to the mainstream fake media blackout on anything not harmful to President Trump, but the Weekly Standard reports that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes pointed out yet again that the FBI is still stonewalling his Committee’s requests for information related to its investigation of the Democrats’ Trump/Russia fantasy.  In response to Nunes’s statement, the FBI sent a spokesman out to say “We’re cooperating”, and then presumably went back to stonewalling the Committee.
  • But was her son, Scut, involved?  What about his toady, Grover Dill?:  Speaking of stories you can’t find, a former Obama official named Evelyn Farkas told Mika Brzezenzski (or however you spell that name) on MSNBC early in March that she and many other Obama officials had indeed participated in an organized effort to circulate raw surveillance intelligence involving members of the Trump Transition Team, and had gladly shared the intel with members of the fake news media, unmasking some American citizens in the process.  She told this all to MSNBC gladly, and in a manner that made it obvious she is in fact proud of her actions.  She apparently did not understand that, in the process of that interview, she was potentially admitting to the commission of multiple felonies by herself, other Obama officials and members of the fake news media.  Thus, the fake news media has been jointly sitting on this story hoping it would just fade away.  Trouble is, the story has been getting a ton of attention in the realm of talk radio this week, so suddenly Ms. Farkas felt the need to go back on cable TV on Thursday to deny everything she had told Mika.  And her friends in the fake news media will nod their heads and move on.  Nothing to see here, all is well.
  • Editor:  you really think the public will buy that cock and bull story?  Reporter:  Well, sure, er, the Democrats will, at least.:  Rather than report on the admissions of Ms. Farkas, the fake (literally fake, since it is no longer in print) magazine Newsweek ran with a “blockbuster” story about how our suddenly intrepid (now that he’s bashing a Republican) bi-polar FBI Director James Comey really, truly, no kidding was begging to run to the NY Times late last summer with an op-ed in which he would reveal the Russian efforts to “rig” the elections.  And guess who stopped him?  Why, our hero, Barack Obama, of course!  Also of course, this Newsweek “blockbuster” is based solely on the word of not one, but two (!) source…who naturally remain unidentified.  *sigh*  #Fakenews at its finest.
  • A story you can easily find this morning is the Wall Street Journal’s report that General Mike Flynn has offered to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in exchange for immunity.  Upon hearing of this offer by Gen. Flynn, talking heads all over the fake news media exploded, and immediately jumped to the conclusion they have jumped to 1,000 times before over the last 21 months, which is that “this is finally it” for President Trump.  Trouble is, if you read the whole WSJ story, you find this statement from Gen. Flynn’s lawer:Mr. Kelner, Mr. Flynn’s attorney, decried the “unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason” and other charges by lawmakers and media commentators.“No reasonable person, who has the benefit of advice from counsel, would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch-hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution,” he said.That doesn’t sound much like someone who’s getting read to toss the POTUS under the bus.  It sounds a lot like someone who saw the shameful travesty that happened with Scooter Libby during the last Republican presidential administration, and who wants to avoid the same fate.


But hey, it’s all Trump Derangement Syndrome, all the time in the fake news media.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.31.2017

  1. Allan B. Spence - March 31, 2017

    I despise about half of the Republican elected officials in a similar manner that I hated about half the Longhorn fans in the Simms/Applewhite era. Would love to throttle so many of them them starting with Graham and McCain.

    1. David Blackmon - March 31, 2017

      I wish you’d stop mincing words, Allan, and tell us how you really feel. 🙂

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