Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.30.2017

  • Remember, if a Democrat is guilty of some wrong-doing, the first thing he does is accuse a Republican of the same behavior:  Guests at a swanky New York restaurant reported that Chuck Schumer chased a couple of diners there from the establishment Sunday evening, because they voted for Donald Trump.  Several guests heard Schumer questioning how they could do that, because “he’s a liar!”   Schumer’s belief about the President’s honesty may be heartfelt, at least to the extent he actually possesses a heart, but that did not prevent him from enjoying the free drinks and hors d’ouvres at the East Room of the White House at a reception just 24 hours later.
  • That’s true, Mr. President, but you’re not supposed to say it.:  Upon finding out about Schumer’s restaurant outburst, President Trump called Schumer the Democratic Party’s “Head Clown.”  Upon learning of the President’s retort, California Rep. Maxine Waters felt highly insulted.
  • Remember, if Democrats see a Republican member of congress performing effectively, the first thing they do is demonize him.:   House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes continues to be the target of a focused demonization campaign by the Democrats and their agents in the fake news media, to the point now where Democrats on the committee are now refusing to participate in hearings, and even to read the intelligence they have been provided which demonstrates that the Trump Transition Team was indeed under surveillance by the Obama Administration.  Saul Alinsky would be proud.
  • The target has moved.:  Everyone should note that the Democrats’ demand on the Trump/Russia fantasy has now shifted from “we want a special prosecutor” to “we want a special Commission“.  This shift took place after Jeff Sessions was confirmed to become Attorney General and began filling key roles there with people who aren’t loyal to Barack Obama.  Their fear of a special prosecutor is that Sessions would appoint someone who is not a creature of the DC establishment, and thus might conduct an honest inquiry into the matter.  With a special Commission, however, the Democrats know that they and establishment Republicans will be able to pack such a thing with their establishment cronies who, as we saw with the 9/11 Commission, will be perfectly happy to produce a fake report on the matter.  Remember, the goal is here is not just to de-legitimize President Trump, it is to ultimately impeach him.  The Establishment can’t do that unless it has “proof” of the Trump/Russia fantasy, even if the “proof” is fake.
  • Now, that’s what I call breaking a drought!:  But hey, there’s good news out there, too.  The Mirror reports that Mexico has invented a cloud that rains tequila!  No word if the Mexican government plans to park this party cloud over construction crews in order to slow construction of President Trump’s border wall, but they should.

Just another day in Saul Alinsky America, and Jose Cuervo Mexico.

That is all.


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