Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.18.2017

  • Hey, Angie, how ’bout paying your bills?:  President Trump met with Angela Merkel on Friday, in what observers described as a “tense” meeting.  Gosh, wonder why?  Reportedly, the President pressed the German Chancellor about the need for her wealthy country to actually pay its dues to NATO, which it has been under-paying for basically as long as that organization has existed.  Shockingly, the Chancellor announced during their joint presser afterwards that she is now suddenly committed to doing that.  Turns out, somebody just had to ask.  Or more likely, demand, which would explain the “tenseness”.
  • Of course, “safe” is a matter of perspective.:  Also during the presser, Ms. Merkel laughably claimed that her policy of rampant open borders has made the European Union safe.  As if on cue, a radical Islamic terrorists went on a shooting rampage in the Paris airport.
  • That noise you heard around noon Friday was fake reporters heads exploding all across the fake news media:  Finally, President Trump got a big laugh during the presser when he tripled-down on his claim that Trump Tower was wire-tapped during the campaign, stating that being wire-tapped by the Obama Administration gave him “something in common” with Chancellor Merkel, who was also famously wire-tapped by the evil Obama minions, a truth the fake media has gone out of its way to forget.
  • Google lost hundreds of UK clients yesterday as a result of its ongoing policy of allowing rank anti-Semitic videos to remain active on YouTube.  This happens because Google is owned and run by progressives, and progressives are all about Antisemitism these days.  Sad but true.
  • Hey, remember when the Secret Service was this crack team of impenetrable security?:  Yeah, those days are long gone.  Yesterday, a SS agent in New York City had his laptop stolen when he left it unattended in the seat of his car.  The laptop reportedly contained the floor plans to Trump Tower, along with information about the criminal investigation of The Most Corrupt Woman in America.  Later on Friday, we learned that the fence-jumper who was arrested on the White House grounds last week had actually been roaming around inside the “security” fence for 17 minutes before the SS even realized he was there.  If you’re not worried about the President’s safety, you should reconsider.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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