Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.16.2017

  • The Poster Child for congressional term limits goes completely off the rails.: Senator From the News Media John McCain went all “hey you kids, get off my lawn!” on Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday, accusing Sen. Paul of “working for Vladimir Putin” on the floor of the Senate.  Sen. McCain’s latest crotchety temper tantrum came over a vote about letting Montenegro join NATO, a move to which Sen. Paul objects because he knows the U.S. will end up paying most of what the tiny country should pay to be in the organization.  Sen. McCain apparently believes the mighty armed forces of Montenegro – which consist of 3 guys carrying M-1 carbines – are all that stand between the free world and domination by the all-powerful Russian dictator.  Sadly, the voters of Arizona chose just last November to give the 80 year-old McCain yet another 6 year free pass to pursue his obvious goal of involving the U.S. in a shooting war with Russia.
  • That’s some fast typing right there.: An activist federal judge in Hawaii issued a stay on enforcement of President Trump’s latest temporary travel ban, despite the President’s clear and unambiguous authority to restrict immigration into the U.S. on any basis he sees fit.  Demonstrating the utter lack of any integrity whatsoever in his action, the judge issued a 43 page decision within 2 hours of hearing oral arguments in the case.  Apparently, he just happened to be carrying around a pre-written decision for exactly this case in the pocket of his robe.  The federal judiciary is now filled with blatant seditionists.
  • They found common ground at a truck stop in Shreveport.:  Texas Congressmen Will Hurd (R) and Beto O’Rourke (D) found themselves stranded at the San Antonio airport on Tuesday, their flight to DC having been cancelled by the “blizzard” that didn’t actually show up.  They decided to rent a car and make the 30 hour drive together, and live-streamed the whole thing on Facebook.  Not sure why I’m including this here, other than it’s pretty damn cool.
  • Is there nothing “global warming” cannot do?:  A University of New Hampshire professor – no doubt funded by a federal grant – has come up with a new angle on global warming alarmism.  She released a report yesterday predicting that the all-knowing, all-powerful “global warming” is shrinking mammals, and will soon cause horses to be no bigger can your average house cat.  Presumably “global warming” will also result in “fire and brimstone raining down from the sky.  Forty years of darkness!  Earthquakes, volcanoes…the dead rising from the grave!  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!”
  • His home is scheduled for a Soros-funded fire-bombing this Saturday.:  74 year-old radio talk show host Michael Savage just released a book about the Trump presidency titled “Trump’s War:  The Battle For America”.  Naturally, he was beaten up by a deranged social justice warrior at an Italian restaurant Tuesday night.  This is what Democrats refer to as “dialogue”.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

1 thought on “Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.16.2017

  1. Lee Lasiter - March 16, 2017

    With Gorsuch’s confirmation on the horizon, would love to see SCOTUS censure these activist Federal judges while their rulings are thrown out. Impeachments may also be in order.

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