Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.14.2017

  • Wooing practice begins at 9:00 sharp, Madam Chancellor.:  The blizzard bearing down on Washington DC caused German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose open borders policies are in the process of utterly destroying her country’s native culture, to postpone her planned meeting with President Trump today.  But whenever they do meet, Der Spiegel reports that the Chancellor is “planning woo Trump, rather than confront him” over his plans to enforce America’s immigration laws.  Somehow, I don’t think Ms. Merkel will find a very receptive audience for this strategy.  Might be best to postpone this meeting until a better approach can be devised.  Like invading Poland, for example.
  • MSNBC will no doubt soon be offering him his own prime time talk show.:  The irresponsible nitwits who run Austin’s SXSW drunk-and-traffic-fest provided a platform for the debut of an absurdly plotted “documentary” by a Michael Moore disciple named Jason Pollock, which claims to reveal ‘new evidence’ in the Michael Brown case.  Despite the easily-discerned fact the film is an abject work of fiction that reveals nothing but the dishonesty of the filmmaker and incredible gullibility of its audience, riots very predictably broke out in Ferguson, MO.  This gave the talking heads at CNN something to talk about other than President Trump, so I guess we should be grateful for that.
  • Yes, in the same sense that a lion loves a zebra.:  Speaking of SXSW, the comical fake editor of the NY Times, Dean Baquet, told an audience there that President Trump “actually loves the New York Times.”  Such fake hubris is fake unbecoming of you, Mr. fake editor.
  • How many different positions will James Comey take on this?  The over/under is currently 3.:  Snoop Dog released a video in which he pretends to shoot President Trump.  Predictably, there is no outrage coming from the fake news media in response.  Imagine how Martha Raddatz or Jake Tapper would have responded if a high-profile artist had released such a video when Barack Obama was President.  Your fake news media in action.
  • Last week they were all claiming the then-unseasonably warm temperatures were due to “global warming.”:  A major blizzard blew into the northeastern seaboard last night, and will blanket everywhere from Washington, DC through Maine with a major late-season snow.  Climate frauds everywhere are blaming this very common periodic occurrence on…wait for it…wait for it… “climate change”.  Because that’s what climate frauds do.
  • Yes, because the Tea Party uprising was a truly organic occurrence, and everything the left is doing is utterly fake.  See the difference here?:  The interminably dense fake journalists who inhabit Nate Silver’s 538.c0m blog published an hilariously dimwitted piece titled, “The Left Might Have a Hard Time Replicating The Tea Party’s Success”.  You don’t say….

Just another day in Fake News Media America.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.14.2017

  1. Clay Lasiter - March 14, 2017

    If Ms Merkle still does not understand the damage her immigration policy has done to Europe, or that Brexit was a result of that same policy, then she certainly will not understand why the US elected President Trump.

  2. D Moore - March 14, 2017

    Keep up the great work, David. I look forward to your insight every morning.

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