Obama’s Legacy: The Normalization of Abuse of Power

As we watch Obama apologists and their media agents defend Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower this weekend, we can say for sure that Barack Hussein Obama’s main legacy as President will be the normalization of the abuse of presidential power. From hundreds of unconstitutional executive orders to using the IRS to punish conservative non-profit organizations to wire-tapping a GOP presidential campaign, Barack Obama has forced the fake news media and the Democratic Party as a whole to defend the exact same actions that got a Republican president removed from office 43 years ago.
Richard Nixon is up in heaven today thinking, “Man, I was just born half a century too early.”
If I were advising Trump, I’d advise him to immediately demand the resignations of every intel operative who was hired or appointed in the Obama administration, do the same at the State department and the Justice Department, and also immediately fire every U.S. attorney, just as Bill Clinton did.

The President should also demand that Mitch McConnell immediately put the Senate into recess for several days, so that he can do immediate recess appointments of his remaining cabinet nominees, and all other political appointees he has thus far been able to identify.  Again, using national security as the reason.

We must have a functioning government, and the Democrats and news media are conspiring to prevent that from happening. This is not an attempt at a “silent coup”, as Rush Limbaugh has been saying this week: this is an attempt at a very loud and public coup, and it needs to be stopped.  Time to simply start over from scratch.

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  1. Caprize Segall - March 4, 2017

    love this read 🙂

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