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NEW: Photos Emerge of Concentration Camp-Like Conditions in Border Facilities – UPDATED

It’s been obvious for weeks that the sights at border facilities at the Texas/Mexico border must be depressing and disgusting, as the Biden/Harris people have desperately worked to prevent images from them to be released to the public, knowing they’d likely cause a scandal. The recent moves by the ghouls running this administration to move thousands of illegals to holding facilities in places like Dallas and Midland, and policy changes over past few days to expedite the release of asylum applicants into the public without proper, time-consuming processing has only served to emphasize the likely images of squalor and concentration camp-like conditions that must exist in these border facilities.

This morning, those suspicions have been borne out as photos taken inside the facilities have been leaked on social media. Here are some of them, from the account of independent journalist Ian Miles Cheong:

**UPDATE**: Here are more from James O’Keefe:

The Obama/Biden-era chain-link walls have been removed from the interior of these facilities, now replaced with plastic curtains, but the images of refugees recruited by leftist activists in Central America milling around in squalor are just as disgusting and disturbing.

Of course, now that these photos are in the public domain, the corrupt news media will coordinate efforts with the Biden/Harris people to spread the lie that this is somehow all Trump’s fault, because that’s what these despicable toadies do for Democrats.

But remember: Prior to January 20, these border holding facilities were virtually empty thanks efforts by the Trump Administration to control the border and pressure the government of Mexico to process the vast majority of Central American asylum-seekers in that country. You weren’t seeing such images before then because these conditions simply did not exist.

**UPDATE**: To emphasize that truth, President Trump issued a formal statement late on Sunday:


The Biden/Harris people have now reversed all of those very effective policies in their insane zeal to import a new potential Democrat voting bloc into our midst. That is the motivation behind all of this – it’s the truth, and we should not be shy about pointing it out.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: For the Trump Social Media Platform, the Devil Will be in the Details

News that is certain to drive the left nuts. – The big news over the weekend was the bombshell dropped by former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller, who told Howie Kurtz on Sunday that the former President would soon be returning to social media. That prospect in and of itself would be guaranteed to drive the average participant in Twitter’s Perpetual Outrage Mob into saliva-spewing fits of outrage, but the second part of what Miller said can only serve to up the ante: Trump will be returning on a social media platform of his own making.

From the story at

Miller shared the news with Howard Kurtz on Fox’s “Media Buzz” that it would be coming in about two to three months.

Miller said he thought Trump’s statements, because they were fewer and longer, were almost getting more play than when he had been posting on Twitter.

”I do think we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform,” Miller said. “This is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media.”

“It’s going to completely redefine the game, and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does, but it will be his own platform,” Miller said.

Miller said that the president had been in numerous discussions at Mar-a-Lago, that multiple companies were interested but Trump knew in what direction he wanted to go. “This new platform is going to be big. Everyone wants him. He’s going to bring millions and millions – tens of millions – to this new platform,” Miller exclaimed. Trump had 88.6 million followers when he was suspended from Twitter.

It might indeed “completely redefine the game” if the right is able to have more non-restricted social media platforms that aren’t subject to being shutdown by leftist-oriented Big Tech. The right needs to work harder at breaking that stranglehold that the left has over most of social media. Because with that stranglehold comes control and the ability to dictate what information is ‘allowed’ and what will be shut down because it doesn’t serve the Democratic cause/narrative. We saw how critical that was both before and after the election with the media dispensing with any pretext of fairness and flat out impeding things from being spread, like the Hunter Biden story in October.


First thing to note about this story: While Miller’s statement seems fairly definitive, Trump is well-known in this business life for floating trial balloons designed to gauge public reaction to potential ventures before moving ahead with them. So, no one should get too excited about the prospect just yet.

Second, as we have seen in the cases of other alternative social media platforms like Gab and Parler, any site that wishes to compete with the leftwing Soviet-style propaganda/censorship Big Tech monopolies has some gigantic obstacles to overcome, especially if the goal is to monetize them in any significant way. As Parler discovered, web-hosting service companies like Amazon and others coordinate efforts with Twitter/Facebook/Netflix, and will brutishly de-platform offending sites at a moment’s notice, essentially destroying their business models.

The same is true of web-searching tools like Google and others, who rig their “algorithms” to discriminate against any sites and individual articles containing political thought that goes against leftist orthodoxy. With advertisers all basically using numbers provided by Google Analytics as the basis for payouts, Google basically controls the flow of money in this space.

Think about it: My own site has seen its hit numbers reduced to near-zero over the past two months due to a Google decision to artificially zero-out referral traffic counts coming in from several conservative aggregator sites. If they’re taking time to mess with small potatoes like DBDailyUpdate, think what they’ll be willing to do to a social media platform with Trump’s name attached to it.

This insidious, 1984-like censorship of “wrong thought” also extends to website builder platforms like WordPress, which de-platformed The Conservative Treehouse with just days of advance warning and no clear explanation of how that site had violated the terms of its agreement. TCH has been able to recover, but only at tremendous expense to its owners.

The point of all this is that, if Trump really wishes to mount his own proprietary social media platform, he will basically have to also create his own proprietary web hosting service and web builder software platform, and will have to find non-traditional ways of monetization since Google will certainly use its monopoly status to artificially under-count his traffic to advertisers. In theory, this is all doable, but will be incredibly complex and extremely costly.

The response to that from some will no doubt be, ‘well, Trump’s a billionaire so he can afford it.’ Yes, Trump remains a billionaire, but this is a man wh0 saw his net worth cut in half while serving in the presidency for four years. You can be sure that he is going to want to see any new venture he takes on now be a profitable enterprise.

So, while the prospect of Trump mounting a social media platform that really provides a viable alternative to the array of Soviet-style monopolies is encouraging, the devil is going to be in the details of how he brings it all off. One thing’s for sure: Like any Trump enterprise, it will definitely be interesting to watch it all play out.

That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: Biden Tripping on Air Force One Steps is the Perfect Metaphor for his Entire Presidency

Some mornings, you get up and see something and you don’t even know what to say about it, so I’ll just let you watch Joe Biden attempting to run up the steps to Air Force One:

Holy crap. That’s three falls in what – 24 steps? Hilariously, a paid liar who works as a spokesperson for the White House blamed the not one, not two, but three falls on…wait for it…THE WIND!

I swear I do not make this stuff up:

From the story at the New York Post:

A White House spokeswoman said Friday that President Biden fell on the steps of Air Force One because “it’s pretty windy outside.”

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard the presidential aircraft that she also was nearly toppled by the wind.

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself,” Jean-Pierre said.

She added the Biden “is doing 100 percent.”

According to the National Weather Service, Joint Base Andrews in Maryland is experiencing winds of more than 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 25 mph.

However, the wind did not prevent the plane from taking off for a trip to Atlanta, where Biden will meet with community leaders about a shooting spree that killed eight at area massage parlors. He also will visit the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ok, so, this is “100 percent” of what China Joe can do, per his own spokesperson. My goodness.

God help him if Joe Biden ever has to face the breeze that rushes out of any random Las Vegas casino when the front doors open. Then again, if his lying spokesperson is to be believed, he’d just blow right away and thus presumably be out of our lives forever, so let’s see if we can get him out there soon.

Speaking of China Joe, the elderly reprobate sock puppet for the DC Swamp currently pretending to be the legitimate President of the United States of America, he and his utterly incompetent, pathetic diplomatic staff are getting their heads handed to them by Putin and Xi Jinping this week. The corrupt Democrat toadies who staff our major news media outlets are all doing their best to pretend that this is all just fine, that there’s nothing to see here, but they’re lying to us as usual. This is not fine at all. It is in fact the opposite of fine.

Check out this video clip of the Chinese ambassador completely humiliating ineffectual and weak Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin before the press cameras of the world:

We are so screwed.

From a story at Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden faced significant backlash on Friday following a meeting that his administration had with Chinese communist officials on U.S. soil, a meeting that was widely panned as tense, chaotic, and disastrous.

The meeting in Alaska came at the request of the Biden administration and was their attempt at trying to restart bilateral relations with China. Instead, after addressing some issues that the administration had with China, China openly mocked and attacked the U.S.

Chinese officials told Biden’s administration that the U.S. “does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength” and that “whether judged by population scale or the trend of the world, the Western world does not represent the global public opinion.”

China analyst Gordon Chang responded to the meeting by saying that China did “not come to Alaska to talk to the Biden administration.”

“They came to dictate,” Chang said. “China’s arrogant and insecure leaders are at their most dangerous. Deterrence is failing. Biden’s most urgent task is to reestablish it.”


Well, of course the Chinese thugs came to Alaska to dictate to the United States. After all, Biden is not just a sock puppet for the DC Swamp – his entire family is utterly beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. China Joe is not called China Joe for no reason: He’s completely compromised, and these thugs know it. Why would anyone expect them to behave any differently? This was the most predictable outcome in the world.

Our Sock Puppet-in-Chief is also finding himself being publicly humiliated by Vladimir Putin, and very predictably has zero effective response.

From the story at Daily Wire:

Russia upped its challenge to Democrat President Joe Biden on Friday after the Biden administration did not respond to a challenge from Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a discussion during a live broadcast public event.

Putin’s challenge came in response to Biden claiming that Putin was a “killer” this week during an interview with ABC News.

“I would say to him: I wish you good health,” Putin initially said on Thursday. “Although they think we are the same as them, we are different people; we have a different genetic and cultural-moral code. But we know how to defend our own interests, and we will work with them but in those areas in which we are interested and on terms we consider favorable for us. And they will have to reckon with that.”

Later, when speaking on television, Putin, according to Reuters, “cited a Russian children’s playground chant to scathingly respond to Biden’s accusation with the comment that ‘he who said it, did it.’”

“I want to offer President Biden to continue our discussion but on the condition that we do it live, online, without any delays but in an open, direct discussion,” Putin said.


Now, put yourself in Biden’s shoes: You’re supposedly the President of the United States – at least, that’s what your staff of nurses tell you when they bring you your tapioca pudding and graham crackers each morning – and the leader of Russia has just sarcastically wished you “good health” and not-so-subtly and very publicly let you know he has compromising information on you that would indicate you are a criminal (“he who said it, did it”): What’s your next move?

If you aren’t compromised, you respond immediately and forcefully, because allowing these taunts to just hang out there in the public domain makes your position vis a vis Putin weaker by the moment. But if you’re China Joe Biden, you just say nothing and try to run up the steps to Air Force One to show you’re fit as a durn fiddle, and we all saw how that turned out, didn’t we?

Back to that humiliating scene up in Anchorage: Think for a moment about how our last real Secretary of State, the great Mike Pompeo, would have reacted to this communist thug speaking to him in a public meeting in such tones and with such language. It would have been an ugly scene indeed, because that’s how the official representative of a country with the slightest sense of self respect responds to thug representatives of a government of a country that has spent the last 30 years growing wealthy by stealing our technology and subjugating its own people.

Instead, Blinkin sits there looking and acting like a third-grader being brow-beaten by an abusive teacher. For better or – far more likely – worse, this is how our formerly great nation will be represented in diplomatic meetings with the thugs of the world for the next four years.

Way to go, Democrats! This is what you voted for.

That is all.

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Watch Rand Paul Pound Propagandist Anthony Fauci During Senate Hearing

This is absolutely epic, and is something every American should watch and digest, because Dr. Paul is absolutely correct about Little Menace to Society Anthony Fauci’s sinister motivations for continuing to insist we must all keep wearing masks – preferably two at a time – even after we’ve had the vaccine.



Anthony Fauci is not serving as a “scientist” in his current role: He is instead a rank propagandist who would have been right at home in Hitler’s mid-1930s Germany.

Thank you, Rand Paul for correctly pointing out the unarguable fact that there is ZERO “science” behind Fauci’s rank propaganda.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pac’e than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Thursday News Roundup: In a Single Year of COVID, The UniParty Has Destroyed the American Republic

365 Days to do Nothing at all Effective to Stop the Spread. – Since we just passed the anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve,” a false narrative that has turned into a full year now, let’s start with a couple of memes that exemplify the current great divide in our society that that false narrative has ended up creating:

May be a cartoon of text that says '80827.06.20 JUST LOOK AT THEM THE END IS NIGH COMPLETE LUNATICS το THE BEACH KEEP'

May be an image of text that says 'It's been a year since most of you became afraid of dying, but in reality you wasted a year being afraid of living.'

And you thought you were doing something that mattered. – FUN CLIMATE FACT FOR TODAY: Tesla’s entire profit margin is derived from selling $390 mm of carbon credits per quarter to other car companies, which is encouraged under government regulations established by Bush and Obama. Recently, Tesla bought 45,000 bitcoin. The energy consumed in the “mining” of that number of bitcoin generated a larger carbon footprint than has been saved by the 1.6 mm cars Tesla has ever sold.

Think about it: Tesla has offset its entire historic corporate carbon footprint gain just from the mining of the Bitcoin.

That doesn’t even include the carbon footprint of the mining of the lithium and other rare earth minerals that go into Tesla batteries.

It doesn’t even include the footprint from the mining and manufacturing of all the steel, aluminum and other metals used in cars.

It doesn’t include the footprint of all of the plastics – derived from petroleum, after all – used in the manufacturing of the cars.

It doesn’t include the footprint of all the energy consumed in the process of manufacturing the cars themselves.

Nor does it include the carbon footprint of the massive amounts of energy consumed in the recharging of the batteries, the vast majority of which is generated by fossil fuels.

So if you think buying a Tesla means you’re doing your part to save the planet, well, Elon Musk sure fooled you, huh?


But back to COVID. Today’s Required Reading comes from Mackubin Owens at The Federalist. – Mr. Owens has a tremendous essay out this morning that details the mass control experiment to which not just Americans, but people in pretty much every country on earth have been subjected over the past year under the rubric of COVID-19 response. As Owens points out, the viral gift from China is very real, but the DC UniParty has used the emergency as a convenient opportunity to test just how far they can go in taking away the rights of ordinary citizens before the begin to push back.

Sadly, we have discovered over the past 365 days that they can go far, very far indeed.

This is a great piece that everyone should take the time to read. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Most Americans may not realize it, but we have been subjects of a vast sociological experiment over the past year. The last year may not have been intended as an experiment but it has illustrated some unpleasant truths about what Americans have become as a people, most importantly, that the citizens of a country who once proudly proclaimed the motto, “don’t tread on me” have been willing to endure a great deal of treading.

The experiment involved our response to COVID-19. What it proved was that Americans are all-too-willing to abandon their rights out of fear. The virus, of course, was real. But it became an excuse for unelected bureaucrats—our new priesthood of “experts”—and petty tyrant governors to impose arbitrary, one-size-fits-all restrictions, many of which the members of the priesthood did not follow themselves. As Rahm Emmanuel, former President Obama’s chief of staff and later mayor of Chicago infamously proclaimed in 2008, we should never let “a serious crisis go to waste…it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

So what “things” did the pandemic allow government to do that no one thought it could do before? It used fear to shut down small businesses, wrecking the livelihoods of American workers; outlawed church and synagogue services; outlawed family gatherings; curtailed travel; shuttered schools and colleges. It did all these things in the name of “science” although scientists disagreed among themselves about the efficacy of the measures the government imposed. 

Tyrannical governors also used the pandemic as a way of turning Americans against one another, inviting them to inform on their fellow citizens if they believed others were not following the “rules.” Such actions have put us on a dangerous path: toward becoming a surveillance state like Communist East Germany, as portrayed in the film, “The Lives of Others.” Those who think this is a good idea might want to watch, or re-watch, that remarkable movie.

But weren’t these measures for our own good? George Orwell had an answer for that in his book, 1984: “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power….We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is the end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”


“The object of power is power.” Most often, I have prescribed that motivation to the very foundation of the modern Democrat Party in America in my writings over the past 35 years. But the truth is that it applied across party lines these days. As recently as the 1990s, and the GOP takeover of the House of Representatives that took place in 1994, most Republicans were still interested in using their power for the public good.

The Contract With America that new Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and the House Republicans rolled out that year was all about returning rights to the people that government had already taken away from them, and to the GOP’s credit, its members of congress acted on many of the elements of that Contract. Sadly, that would prove to become the peak of real “republicanism” within the Republican Party; since then, the party’s leadership has increasingly shown itself willing to immerse itself in the corrupt dealings and machinations of the DC Swamp, consistently suborning efforts by Democrats to concentrate power in Washington DC, albeit at a slightly slower pace.

President Donald Trump did what he could do to drag some of the GOP kicking and screaming back into working for the public good during his time in office. But as we painfully witnessed, he was one man working almost alone in that endeavor, and ultimately found himself unable to overcome the swampy dealings by the likes of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney.

“The object of power is power,” and, it’s important to add, the exercise thereof. We as Americans have seen the truth of that bit of wisdom played out all over our nation for the past year, and the results have been horrifying.

Power-mad Democrats and Republicans alike have discovered that most Americans are perfectly willing to become imprisoned in their homes, deny their children access to education, have their freedoms of association, assembly and religion stolen from them, see their friends and neighbors be put out of jobs and have their businesses destroyed and walk around wearing masks like every day is Halloween when presented with fearful advisories by false “experts” like Anthony Fauci and false narratives claiming all of these denials of their fundamental rights as Americans are for their own good and to keep them “safe.”

Benjamin Franklin once famously said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Sadly, most Americans have spent the last year clearly demonstrating to the power-mad monsters in the DC UniParty that we deserve neither. You can be certain that, armed with what they have learned, those monsters will continue to exploit that knowledge to what they perceive as their advantage.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Michelle Obama Joins Up With Harry and Megs and Trump Wants You to Take The Vaccine

If you think Meghan and Harry and Oprah aren’t coordinating messaging with the Obamas, well... – You might want to think again, and you might want to include the Bushes, too. In an interview conducted by the laughably amateurish Jenna Bush on the Today show, Michelle Obama joined in the hurling of racism charges at the English Royal Family, saying she was not surprised by Meghan’s unsupported allegations.

Thus does a former first lady of the United States of America once again wander into the muck of pop culture, in the process defaming the monarchy of America’s closest ally.

From the story at The Hill:

Former first lady Michelle Obama says she’s not shocked to hear Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, speak out about claims of racism within Britain’s royal family, saying that race “isn’t a new construct in this world for people of color.”

“It wasn’t a complete surprise to hear her feelings and have them articulated,” Obama told Jenna Bush Hager in a Tuesday interview on NBC’s “Today” show when asked about Meghan’s allegations.


Interestingly, Michell’s not-so-subtle insult targeting Queen Elizabeth stands in direct contrast to a little anecdote she tells in her 2018 autobiography about the Queen behaving in a decidedly un-racist manner when they met:

In her 2018 memoir, “Becoming,” Obama shared how she felt nervous “coming face-to-face with an honest-to-goodness icon,” but quickly found the queen to be “warm and personable” as the two bonded over uncomfortable footwear.

“I confessed then to the Queen that my feet were hurting. She confessed that hers hurt, too. We looked at each other then with identical expressions, like, ‘When is all this standing around with world leaders going to finally wrap up?’ And with this, she busted out with a fully charming laugh,” Obama recalled in her book.


Yes, truly, only a white supremacist racist Queen would chuckle along with a Black American first lady when she says her feet hurt.

Holy crap.

Look, for those of you sitting there thinking, hey, Michelle was asked the question, she just answered it, just stop it. First of all, Michelle Obama doesn’t just willy nilly walk onto a set or pick up a ringing phone and talk to reporters unprepared. She and Jenna Bush unquestionably communicated prior to that interview, so that Michelle could carefully prepare answers to the questions she knew would be asked. It is entirely likely, in fact, that Michelle herself actually suggested that line of questioning so that she could roll out that specific answer. In fact, it is entirely likely that that specific Q and A was the motivating reason for the interview to be held.

That is how these interviews work for Democrats.

Second, even if the question about Megs and Harry had come as a spur-of-the-moment surprise, the only proper answer for any former first lady with a shred of decorum and sense of her status in society and the weight her words carry would be to say she has no comment on a private matter involving the British Royal Family. This was a pre-planned, intentional exercise designed to keep feeding the engine of anger over “racism” in our society, whether real or made up out of whole cloth, as is likely the case with Harry and Meghan. This is what the Obamas have always done and will continue to do.

Yes, it’s despicable. Yes, it’s digraceful. Yes, it’s depraved, demented and disgusting. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here.

Speaking of pre-prepared questions and answers… – Oh, boy, Jen Psaki said yesterday that our national Sock Puppet-in-Chief is gonna do an actual press conference on March 25, the first of his presidency:

From the story at Politico:

President Joe Biden will hold his first formal news conference on March 25, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.

While the president has periodically taken questions from reporters, Biden has been under increased fire from conservative news outlets — as well as some political allies — for waiting longer than some predecessors to hold a media availability after taking office.

Should the March 25 date hold, Biden will have gone more than two full months without holding a news conference to start his tenure. Recent past presidents have typically done so within their first month as a good-faith gesture toward the free press.


Note the outright lie Politico pushes to provide cover for China Joe even in such a simple story: That he has “periodically taken questions from reporters.” This is simply false. Biden has occasionally listened to a question as he is exiting the scene, but he has never, not one time, provided substantive answers to any real media questions across his first 8 weeks in office. Now Psaki claim he will actually hold a “press conference,” but no one should expect it to resemble the wide-ranging, off-the-cuff affairs conducted almost daily by President Donald Trump.

Like Michelle’s interview with Jenna, this will all be carefully staged well in advance.

Greg Kelly captures the likely pre-coordination between Psaki and her lapdog pals perfectly in this tweet:

Exactly. This will be a pretend presser with only pre-approved questions posed by pre-selected reporters. This human sock puppet is not capable of doing otherwise.

And guess who knows the truth of that? – A majority of Americans, that’s who. Yes, friends and neighbors, a new poll finds that a majority of voters now believe China Joe Potato Head Biden is unfit to hold the office of the presidency:

From the story at

Less than half of all U.S. voters think President Biden is fit to hold the office of the presidency, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Asked about a series of recent gaffes Biden has undergone during the course of his duties, those survey were invited to offer their opinion as to Biden’s fitness for the office of the presidency.

Forty-seven percent said the president is “fine and fit for office and the gaffes don’t concern me,” while 40% said they were “concerned President Biden is suffering from some sort of condition that contributes to the gaffes.”


Honestly, I just cannot even fathom what sort of drugs the 40% of Americans who actually think this guy is capable of doing the most demanding job on the planet are taking. It’s truly mind-boggling.

Meanwhile, America’s Last Real President wants you to go get your shots. – The media, which toadies for the Democrats 100% of the time, will of course characterize this as President Donald Trump responding to Little Menace to Society Anthony Fauci’s statement Sunday urging him to advise his followers to go get one of the various COVID vaccines. The allegation that Republicans have been slower to be vaccinated than Democrats has served as a convenient talking point for Fauci in his never-ending hyper-partisan TV rhetoric.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News last night, Trump did indeed urge his voters to be vaccinated:

“I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it,” the President said. “And a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But you know, again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that. And I agree with that also. But it’s a great vaccine. It’s a safe vaccine and it’s something that works.”

Now, was that a response to the Little Menace to Society, or was it a President whose Operation Warp Speed is directly responsible for these vaccines becoming publicly available in a record short time that even Fauci himself was saying was essentially impossible last summer?

Personally, I’ll go with the latter. Trump is a notably prideful man with a huge ego, and he is rightly proud of what his administration – not China Joe’s – was able to achieve with these vaccines.

So, if you’ve been waiting to see what America’s last real President had to say on the matter, now you have it. Go get your damn shots.

That is all.

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Biden Tosses Cuomo Under the Proverbial Bus

See that Bus, Governor? Jump under it or I’ll toss you. – China Joe Biden did a puffball pre-prepared fake interview with former Clinton bagman-pretending-to-be-a-journalist George Stephanopoulous yesterday, and boy, did he throw Andrew Cuomo under the proverbial bus. Hilariously, he also threw himself under the bus to any viewer who’s being intellectually honest about allegations of Biden’s own wildly inappropriate behavior towards women.

Not only did the sitting pretend-President of the United States repeat his previous mantra that he wants the New York Attorney General’s investigation into Cuomo’s behavior to continue, he expanded to say that he expects Cuomo will “probably end up being prosecuted,” too.


From the story at DailyWire:

President Joe Biden said that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo could face criminal prosecution following an investigation into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Biden has refrained from calling on Cuomo to resign, instead asserting that the investigation into Cuomo’s conduct, led by New York Attorney General Letisha James, should be allowed to play out. The governor has faced bipartisan calls to resign from dozens of state and federal lawmakers since the first allegation was made public last month.

“I know you said you want the investigation to continue,” Stephanopoulos said. “If the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign?”

“Yes,” Biden responded. “I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too.”

The host pressed Biden on if he thought that Cuomo could be an effective governor after all of the public backlash against him. “Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, the majority of the congressional delegation don’t think he can be an effective governor right now. Can he serve effectively?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well, that’s a judgement for them to make about their state whether he can be effective,” Biden dodged. “Here’s my position and its been my position since I wrote the Violence Against Women Act. A woman should be presumed to be telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward, number one.”

“But there should be an investigation to determine what she says is true,” Biden added.


See how he did that last bit, about “believing” women but also requiring an investigation? That’s about his own behavior, not Cuomo’s. If Donald Trump gave that answer to Stephanopoulous, the little fake journalist would have brow-beaten him about it for the duration of the interview. But with Biden, there’s not even a follow-up about, say, Tara Reade or any of his other accusers.

Because that’s what the media does for its fellow Democrats.

But back to Cuomo: The thing to really take away from this Q and A is to remember that the entire exchange was carefully scripted in advance. Biden’s prior stance about simply wanting the investigation into Cuomo’s behavior to continue was designed to provide Cuomo cover to remain in office while Letitia James supposedly carried out her investigation, likely stringing it out past the end of Cuomo’s term in office. But this addition to it, about expecting Cuomo to be prosecuted, effectively takes that cover away, given that it indicates that the President of the United States personally believes Cuomo is guilty as charged.

Any way you look at it, that is an extraordinary development in the Cuomo saga.

If you think your life is bad right now, look at it this way: At least you’re not Andrew Cuomo.

That is all.

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Tuesday News Roundup: Meghan’s Popularity Collapses as Ted Wheeler Desperately Tries to Shift His Riot Narrative

Oh, golly darn. This is so sad. Wait, no it isn’t – it isn’t sad at all. – It turns out the Brits don’t take too kindly to a third-tier royal pretender and his megalomaniacal wife working with Oprah to slander and defame the Royal family. At least, that’s what a new poll of adults in England appears to show:

From the story at Breitbart:

The poll found that 48 percent of the respondents had a negative opinion of Prince Harry, compared to 45 percent who had a positive view. This brings Harry’s net favorability rating had been negative for the first time ever, giving him a net score of -3.

The report added that Meghan’s scores have also fallen significantly, as only three in ten people said that they had a positive view of her, while 58 percent had a negative opinion.

This gives Meghan a net rating of -27, which is down from -14 a week ago.


Yikes. A minus-27 net negative rating is George W. Bush circa 2006 territory, there, Megs. Way to go!

It literally could not happen to nicer people.

Speaking of collapsing ratings… – Check out what happened to the ratings for the cultural rot-fest that were this year’s Grammy Awards:


Our Short-Term Memory Reminder of the Day. – Wait: This would be the same criminal destruction and violence that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler spent the last 8 months actively encouraging and suborning? Man, this guy has got some nerve:

Yes, friends, now that a reliable DC Swamp Sock Puppet has been installed in the White House, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is desperately trying to change the narrative surrounding the Democrat Party-supported BLM/Antifa riots that have plagued his city almost nightly since last July. After spending 8 solid months actively supporting the riots and despicably limiting the ability of his local police force to respond to them, the Mayor has suddenly decided it’s time for the game to end.

Thus, we get this thoroughly dishonest story from the news-fakers at The Hill. Here’s an excerpt:

Officials in Portland, Oregon say residents are growing increasingly frustrated with ongoing political violence after a demonstration resulted in more property destruction and multiple arrests.

“The community is sick and tired of people engaging in criminal destruction and violence and doing it under the guise of some noble cause,” Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, said during a news conference with other local leaders on Monday night, according to The Associated Press.

Rioters in the city, who have called for the defunding of the local police department along with other measures, have on several occasions targeted a federal courthouse, spraying it with graffiti, setting fires and destroying nearby storefronts and other property.

“The people who work here support the voices of racial and social justice and will not be intimidated from doing our jobs by the ugly graffiti or broken windows,” Scott Erik Asphaug, a U.S. attorney for the District of Oregon, said during the press conference, the AP reported. “We do not confuse the voices of the many with the shouts of the few who hope to hold our city hostage by petty crime and violence.”

For weeks, federal officers have been stationed outside the courthouse, where Justice Department officials have spent an estimated $1.5 million on repairs in the last year.

Last week, rioters smashed windows and blocked streets once again after police removed protective fencing from the courthouse. Some rioters threw objects at police and more than a dozen people were arrested during the clash.

Police say the rioting was carried out by members of the same group they clashed with during similar instances of unrest last summer, an organization they characterized as the “self-described anarchist left.”

“I want to be clear that this was not a protest group,” Chris Davis, the city’s assistant police chief, said, according to the AP. “This was a group of people who have come to believe that they are entitled to damage other people’s property, threaten community members and assault police officers.”


It is key to note that, despite Wheeler’s effort to shift the narrative here, he has obviously ordered his assistant police chief to continue to avoid properly identifying the rioters as being organized by the BLM/Antifa domestic terrorism effort. Note also that the Democrat operatives at The Hill make zero effort to report that fact accurately themselves.

The news-faking never ends.

Is she pathological , or merely habitual? – That’s the key question surrounding the new Secretary of Interior, a radical leftist activist named Deb Haaland. Ms. Haaland may well have filed the single most inaccurate financial disclosure form of any cabinet nominee of this century, leaving out the various sources for most of her income over the past decade. Now, John Solomon at reveals that she also failed to disclose her years of work for a tribal casino operation.

From the story at JustTheNews:

Congresswoman Deb Haaland, President Biden’s newly confirmed Interior secretary, omitted from her Senate vetting questionnaire two tribal casino-related jobs that she held in the last decade and previously disclosed on other government forms, Just the News has learned.

Haaland, a member of the Pueblo Laguna in New Mexico, did not report on her Senate questionnaire that she served as a paid board member of the Laguna Development Corp., her tribe’s gaming and development arm, from 2010 to 2015 or received pay working for another Pueblo’s band’s casino in 2016-17.

Just the News discovered the omissions by reviewing earlier government disclosure forms that Haaland filed with the state of New Mexico when she ran unsuccessfully in 2014 for lieutenant governor and with the U.S. House clerk when she filed to run for Congress in 2017.

The omissions are the latest disclosure problems for the New Mexico Democrat as her nomination passed through the Senate, which confirmed her Monday to be the first-ever Native American Cabinet secretary, by a vote of 51-40.

Earlier, Just the News reported that Haaland had given four conflicting accounts on government forms ranging from $2,250 to $46,000 about how much money she earned in 2018, the year she won her seat in Congress. She also was forced to disclose she did not file a federal tax return in 2018, but did so belatedly last December as her nomination was being vetted.

Ordinarily, such disclosure and tax problems can pose a problem for a nominee. But Democrats plowed ahead and secured Haaland’s confirmation in the face of strong GOP opposition.


A couple of things to note about this story:

– First, we had to get the story from the conservative news outlet You can be sure that if Ms. Haaland was a Republican, the news of the serial lying on her disclosure form would have been headline news at every corrupt leftwing media outlet in the country until her nomination was either voluntarily withdrawn or spiked by the Senate.

– Second, note that every Democrat in the Senate, along with one Republican, voted to confirm Ms. Haaland despite all of the false information and omissions she supplied to congress.

Democrats desperately want her running DOI precisely because she is so ideological and corrupt, and thus can be relied upon to work to kill oil and gas production on federal lands and waters. Given that the Secretary of Interior is arguably the third most-powerful executive branch official behind the president and Secretary of State, Haaland could well prove to be China Joe’s single most destructive appointee.

Way to go, Democrats!

That is all.

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Democracy Dies Thanks to the Washington Post’s Dark Motivations

The news-fakery never ends. – Yesterday, two months after the original, utterly false story had been published and long after the damage had been done in terms of brainwashing the public, the Washington Post attempted to quietly issue a “correction” about one of its myriad anti-Trump stories:

To give you all a quick Cliff’s notes version of what happened:

– An utterly corrupt Georgia elections investigator secretly recorded a call he had with President Donald Trump last December, in the wake of the blatantly stolen election there.

– This investigator – who was in fact not investigating anything at all, but helping to cover things up – then lied about the contents of the call to the Washington Post, whose utterly corrupt reporters and editors eagerly lapped up the lies and ran with the story without doing a shred of work to verify their lone, single source for it.

– The investigator attempted to erase the recording of the story in order to cover up his lies, and thought he had been successful.

– But the recording was recovered in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, and then released to the public.

– Caught in their propagation of outright lies due to their own shoddy journalistic practices, the WaPo then attempted to quietly “correct” its utterly false story, two months after the fact.

This is what passes for “journalism” in America today.

The purposeful dissemination of rancid fake news that ran the epidemic during the Trump Administration as the Democrat activists posing as “journalists” coordinated efforts with the Democrat Party’s never-ending coup d’état efforts have only continued to get worse and worse since Trump left office on January 20. Nazi-style propaganda outlets like the WaPo provide numerous examples of rank news-fakery every day of the week at this point in their desperate efforts to provide cover for the nation-killing policies of China Joe Biden.

Check this one out from just yesterday:

So, illegal immigrants are “not overrunning U.S. border towns,” according to the WaPo’s propaganda parrots, but less than an hour later they run a report admitting that border migrant facilities are now so woefully overrun that the Biden people are now having to transport many aliens 400 miles north to be held at the convention center in Dallas.


But back to the January hit piece on Trump. The former President issued a wonderful statement of his own yesterday after reading the WaPo’s half-hearted effort to “correct” its false reporting:


“You will notice that establishment media errors, omissions, mistakes and outright lies always slant one way – against me and against Republicans. Meanwhile, stories that hurt Democrats or undermine their narratives are buried, ignored, or delayed until they can do the least harm – for example, after an election is over.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up, alright.

For 30 years now, I have regularly written op/ed pieces detailing how and why the utter corruption of our nation’s news media apparatus presents a vastly more clear and present danger to America’s survival than Russia or China could ever hope to do. 30 years ago, I was writing about the simple, pervasive bias in the nightly newscasts that would help elect a lifelong reprobate like Bill Clinton to the presidency a year later. At that time, newspapers like the Washington Post, despite their clear editorial bias, still deployed newsroom standards of journalism that demanded at least two verified sources for every story and careful editorial review before any story went to print. In sticking to such standards, the Post, the New York Times and other major media outlets could at least be relied upon to get their facts right, even as they made concerted efforts to slant those facts in favor of their beloved Democrats.

We’ve seen a steady erosion of those standards since the advent of the Internet midway through Clinton’s time in office. They totally went out the window in 2015, when Donald Trump – the ultimate outsider and enemy of the DC Swamp/New York/Los Angeles axis of disinformation – declared his candidacy for the presidency. It was at that point in mid-2015 when the national news media abandoned what little pretense of fairness and accuracy it still maintained and went into full-on Nazi propaganda mode.

Things have degenerated so deeply now that today it is virtually impossible to find any real, unbiased and unfalsified “news” reporting anywhere in the United States of America. The best one can do anymore is to identify a variety of outlets that can at least be relied upon to get the facts mostly right, and then run it all through your personal BS filter as you are consuming the contents. Those who lack a reliable personal BS filter generally end up voting Democrat.

The existential threat to our country’s survival that the media now represents just successfully helped the Democrat Party steal the presidency for the coming four years. Real Americans have the next three years and eight months to find a way to defeat the Nazi-style axis of propaganda in 2024, or likely lose the country for good.

Democracy is dying in the darkness created by our utterly corrupt news media. Some like to blame the Internet for this, but the Internet did not order a single editor to abandon a single principle of journalism. Those decisions were made by corrupt human beings.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: Fauci’s Just Making it up as he Goes Along as Biden Hides the COVID Ball From Abbott

We are so screwed. – Over the past week we have been treated to the spectacle of officials of the United States military publicly attacking a journalist, Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Carlson has been bluntly critical on his show several times about the increasing level of “woke” stupidity that has invaded and now permeates the leadership of the U.S. armed forces and likely harms their readiness to defend the country.

Rather than taking actions designed to demonstrate their readiness, U.S. military leaders have instead taken to their Twitter accounts to lambast Carlson and whine about how unfair he’s being to them. And to no one’s surprise, the fascistic behavior by the generals have been cheered along by corrupt news media and Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter who spent the previous four years complaining about…wait for it…fascism!

You seriously could never make this stuff up, folks.

Given the utterly absurd, almost unbelievable nature of this entire episode, it is no surprise at all that the comic geniuses at the Babylon Bee have managed to capture its very essence in a short piece this morning:

Here’s an excerpt:

U.S.—According to sources, the party that screamed about the rise of fascism for the last four years has been cheering on the military for attacking a popular journalist.

“Yeah, get him! Take Tucker down!” shouted one pink-haired woman wearing a “Trump = Hitler” T-shirt for old times’ sake. “I’m glad the military is criticizing a reporter. This is the only way we’re going to be able to take down the fascists once and for all!”

CNN, the station that narrowly saved our country from sliding into fascism through its bold coverage of the Trump administration, also cheered excitedly as the powerful military commander slammed the Fox News anchor for his comments about pregnant women in the military.

“Only through getting the military to target our political opponents can we finally end fascism,” said Brian Stelter as he replayed the Fox News footage on his own program. “I am glad this leader in the government’s military has finally found the courage to attack the free press.”


Yes, it’s hilariously absurd – that’s what parody is supposed to be. But is the parody any more absurd than what has actually taken place?


The Outrage of the Week. – It is a simple fact that the Biden administration and Democrat Party activist groups are currently encouraging thousands upon thousands of Central Americans to flood our border with Mexico with COVID-positive illegal aliens. Doing this during the midst of a global pandemic is possibly the single most despicable thing the Democrat Party could possibly do, so we obviously should have expected it to happen since Democrat politicians are always searching for ways to become more despicable than they already are.

Even more outrageous than coordinating efforts with human traffickers and drug cartels to actively cause the flood itself, the Biden administration is also refusing to provide the Texas government with an accurate tally of the number of COVID-positive illegal aliens it is releasing into the state’s general population, according to Governor Greg Abbott.

From a story at Fox News:

President Biden’s “open border policies” are not only inviting more illegal immigration to the U.S. but also enriching and empowering drug cartels in Mexico who profit from smuggling migrants across the borderTexas Gov. Greg Abbott said Sunday.

Abbott told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo that he went to the border last week and met with border patrol officers who said that they warned the Biden administration that its new border policies would lead to a “massive surge” in illegal immigration. He said that officers believe the number of migrants arriving at the border will only increase in the coming months.

In response to the surge in migrants and cartel smuggling, Abbott said that Texas launched Operation Lone Star. The operation deploys National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety officers to help fill in the gaps along the border through which cartels smuggle migrants while border officers are occupied handling the surge in migrants at other major points across the border.

Abbott said the operation works “to prevent the cartels from bringing across the border the most dangerous criminal elements as well as the opioids that they’re trying to smuggle across the border.”

While such a surge in migrants and cartel smuggling pose major challenges on their own, Abbott noted that there have been some migrants who arrived at the border infected with COVID-19.

But the governor said that he was unable to give data on the number of those migrants who arrived at the Texas border and tested positive for coronavirus because the Biden administration has “refused and failed” to give those numbers to the state.

“We expect that data and we expect the Biden administration to step up and assist the state of Texas in being able to respond to that imported challenge, imported only because of the change in policies by the Biden administration,” Abbot said.


They hate you and would rather you were dead, folks. Believe me now?

Unsurprisingly, during his weekly parade across the Sunday morning talk shows, the little menace to society Anthony Fauci had nothing at all to say about his own administration actively importing more cases of COVID-19 into a Red state. That’s because this is all a feature of the Biden/Fauci plan, not a glitch. Once you understand and accept that reality, everything they do and say makes perfect sense.

Speaking of Anthony Fauci… – You all know that this guy has spent the last 13 months just making stuff up as he goes along, right? Surely by now everyone realizes that’s the case, don’t they? Ok, yeah, not Democrats.

Anyway, Fauci was making it all up again yesterday during  his weekly Sunday talk show tour. At one point in an appearance with Fake Jake Tapper on CNN, Fauci, after spending a solid year telling us we must – MUST, I say – all stay six feet away from everyone else in the crowded grocery store or we might die – DIE, I say – told Tapper, hey, turns out three feet is probably fine.

I swear I do not make this stuff up, folks:

The United States’ top pandemic advisor said Sunday that authorities were considering cutting social distancing rules to three feet (one meter), a move that would change a key tenet of the global fight against COVID-19.

Anthony Fauci, a world-respected figure during the coronavirus crisis, said experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were examining a Massachusetts study that found “no substantial difference” in COVID cases in schools observing six-foot and three-foot rules.

Asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” show whether that meant that a three-foot separation was sufficient, Fauci replied, “It does, indeed.”

“The CDC is very well aware that data are accumulating making it look more like three feet are OK under certain circumstances,” Fauci added.

While cautioning that the CDC was still weighing the data and conducting its own tests, he said its findings would come “soon.”

The six-foot social distancing rule has been a widely-adopted global measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, along with mask-wearing and hand-washing.


If this surprises you, you have not been paying attention. After all, Fauci spent months telling us that wearing masks was really a waste of time for anyone other than doctors and nurses before suddenly turning on a dime and lecturing us that we not only need to wear masks in public, but also need to wear them in the car and even in our own homes. More recently, he’s been advising us to wear not one, but two of the damn things despite the fact that there is not a shred of science or data that indicates that wearing masks has any impact at all on the spread of this viral gift from China.

He’s making it all up as he goes along, and has been since Day 1. Once you accept that reality about the little menace to society, everything he says and does makes perfect sense.

That is all.

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Biden, Credibly Accused of the Same Behavior, Refuses to Call for Cuomo’s Resignation

Accused molesters of a feather stick together. – To literally no one’s surprise anywhere, China Joe Biden refused to condemn the behavior of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when asked about the Governor’s ever-expanding sexual harassment and nursing home killings scandals. Biden, who himself stands credibly accused by at least a dozen women of inappropriate touching and hair sniffing – not to mention his wildly in appropriate public interactions with children over the decades – obviously does not want to get into the game of casting stones from the glass house in which he consumes his tapioca pudding.

Thus, when asked by a drive-by reporter about Cuomo’s own rancid behavior towards women, all the Sock Puppet-in-Chief would say was “I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us.” Naturally, the genetically incurious reporter – because they’re all genetically incurious when it comes to Democrats – failed to ask a follow up question, because that’s what corrupt reporters do for Democrats.

Biden’s non-committal comments come amid an avalanche of demands for Cuomo’s resignation coming from his fellow Democrats, and as one of Cuomo’s main accusers called the Sock Puppet and Sock Puppet-in-Waiting Kamala Harris out for their silence on the matter, according to a report by Fox News:

New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating harassment allegations, and Cuomo has said he will “fully cooperate” with her probe, but expressed no plans to resign. A defiant Cuomo addressed the allegations during a press call on Friday afternoon, insisting that he “did not do what has been alleged.”

Despite this, nearly 90% of New York’s congressional delegation has called for the governor’s resignation or impeachment, as have more than 80% of state senators. Last week, the state Assembly initiated what could be the first step toward impeachment by opening an investigation with full subpoena power into sexual misconduct allegations against the governor and his handling of COVID-19 at nursing homes.

Biden’s weekslong silence surrounding the scandal came under question over the weekend by former Cuomo aide and first accuser Lindsey Boylan, who called out the president and vice president in a since-deleted tweet for refusing to publicly address the mounting allegations.

“The governor has denied all wrongdoing,” Boylan wrote on Twitter. “He got on his platform today and said ‘there are many motivations of why people do things.’ He is calling up hate and speculation to be directed to his accusers. All harm and hate directed at the women sits squarely on @NYGovCuomo.”

Boylan later added, “It also calls into question the judgment and courage of both @POTUS and @KamalaHarris.” She later deleted the second tweet.


Gosh, wonder what motivated Ms. Boylan, also a Democrat, to delete that tweet about Biden and Harris? Needless to say, the tweet was 100% justified.

At any rate, no one should expect China Joe to do the right thing in this situation and join the chorus for Cuomo’s resignation. After all, he’s very credibly accused by Tara Reade – remember her? – of even worse behavior than Cuomo has been thus far, and thus would be making the case for a resignation of his own, which we all know will be coming soon enough as it is.

That is all.

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Sunday News Roundup: Meghan Markle Wants to be President and Gavin Newsom’s Cynical Ploy

All it took was 2 million angry Californians to sign a petition demanding his recall. – In an honestly hilarious move, despicable California Governor Gavin Newsom has decided to let Californians eat indoors again. Well, mostly, anyway. Kind of.

Newsom, desperate to try to salvage a bit of his public image in the wake of his utter and complete mismanagement of his state’s response to COVID-19, is allowing restaurants and other entertainment venues to open to limited capacity, but only in 400 government-dictated zip codes. According to the corrupt hacks at CBS News, those zip codes encompass “most” of the state’s 40 million citizens.

From the story at CBS News:

Most of California’s 40 million residents will be able to enjoy limited indoor activities such as dining inside or watching a movie at a theater by mid-week as coronavirus case rates continue to stay low, state officials said Friday.

Officials said that 13 counties, including Los Angeles, would be able to open restaurants, gyms and museums at limited capacity on Sunday, the result of the state hitting a 2 million equity metric aimed at getting more vaccines into low-income communities. Another 13 counties are expected to reopen Wednesday under a different metric.

Also next week, the state expands eligibility for the still-scarce vaccine.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced last week that he would set aside 40% of vaccine for residents of about 400 ZIP codes the state deems most vulnerable based on metrics such as household income, access to health care and education levels.


Wait. Why are the various vaccines “still-scarce,” as CBS claims? I mean, China Joe has been installed in the Oval Office for 7 weeks now, and inherited millions of ready-made doses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines the day he took the oath. Now, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been added to the arsenal, yet after all this time, the vaccines are “still-scarce”??? How can that be?

Remember, too, that China Joe assumed full credit – and thus full responsibility – for all of the vaccines that have been distributed thus far during the speech he read on his TelePrompter on Thursday. Even the millions of doses that had already been distributed before he took office. Funny how that works.

Yet, despite all of this mass-production by three major companies and all this time in office, California – the bluest of blue states – still finds its share of doses to be so scarce that Newsom claims to only be able to semi-open up a few activities for a very limited number of people in just 13 counties?

Despite CBS’s best efforts to spin a positive narrative around it, this is Democrat failure of epic proportions. Newsom will likely still prevail in the coming recall election for the simple fact that the vast majority of Californians are hopelessly brainwashed. But this bit of desperate sophistry won’t do anything to help his cause.

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – For those who have forgotten, this is what it looks like when a real President takes real questions from the news media:


Yeah, good times…good times…

Our national insanity continues. – Well, hopefully you all – unless you’re lucky enough to live in Arizona – remembered to “spring forward” this morning, moving all your clocks ahead an hour in order to participate in our nation’s annual bit of insanity commonly referred to as “Daylight Savings Time.”


Of all the incredibly dumb things we do as a nation, this annual exercise in mass insanity is the dumbest. The farm-based culture that justified its implementation well over a century ago no longer exists in any real way, and even in America’s remaining farm-based areas it serves very little useful purpose anymore.

Yet, in 49 of our 50 states, the clocks all got moved ahead 2 hours this morning and the only reason why is because that’s what we have always done.


Today’s Fakest of all the Fake News Award goes to… – The cretins at The Hill, for this little gem:

Yes, friends, the corrupt hacks at The Hill expect you to believe that our Sock Puppet in Chief, whose entire family is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ChiCom government, is going to spend the next couple of weeks confronting those same ChiComs in a meaningful way.

If you actually believe this story, please shoot me an email because I really, really want to know what kind of drugs you’re on.

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

Hey, you only thought President Kamala was a frightening prospect. – Wait’ll you get a load of … wait for it … President Meghan Markle!?!

Hey, don’t yell at me – I’m just repeating what the Daily Mail says was the real motivating factor behind Harry and Meghan’s rancid interview last weekend with a fawning Oprah Winfrey. I kid you not: It turns out Meghan’s real ambition is to be President of the United States of America, at least if the Daily Mail is to be believed, which I admit is like a total crapshoot. Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Meghan Markle will use the furore over her interview with Oprah to launch a political career which could take her all the way to the White House, if rumours circulating around Westminster last week turn out to be accurate.

One senior Labour figure – a veteran of Tony Blair‘s Downing Street administration with strong links to Washington – claimed to The Mail on Sunday that Ms Markle, 39, was networking among senior Democrats with a view to building a campaign and fundraising teams for a tilt at the US Presidency.

Last night, a source close to the Duchess of Sussex declined to comment, but the couple have made little secret of their political beliefs.

If she made it to the White House, Meghan would be the first female US President – succeeding where Hillary Clinton narrowly failed four years ago – and the second non-white occupant of the Oval Office after Barack Obama.

She would also be following in the footsteps of President Ronald Reagan, who was a Hollywood actor for four decades before switching to politics. During the 2020 campaign, the Duchess addressed the When All Women Vote Couch Party, the organisation co-founded by Michelle Obama to encourage participation in elections.

Meghan’s friends have previously encouraged speculation about her political ambitions – describing her rise from modest beginnings as ‘the embodiment of the American dream’.


Hey, look: She certainly wouldn’t be the first sociopathic narcissist to win the Democrat Party’s nomination. Hell, that’s pretty much a job requirement at this point. I mean, the Democrats have already saddled us with a mentally impaired sock puppet for the time being – until they decide it’s time for him to “resign” so Willie Brown’s girlfriend can take over. Why would anyone doubt that this former “Deal or No Deal” model turned pretend princess could win the Democrat Party’s nomination, especially with Oprah backing her?

Fair warning: If you are scoffing at this whole idea, you simply don’t understand the Democrat Party’s voter base.

That is all.

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Shocker: Mainstream News Media Suddenly Covers Portland Riots

Hey, look who’s suddenly reporting on the Portland riots! – After 8 months of pretending the riots simply did not exist, corrupt, leftwing media outlets like CBS News and The Hill are suddenly filing reports on the latest turn in the ongoing BLM/Antifa insurrection in Oregon’s largest city:

As you can see, the focus of the story is on the fact that the Portland Police are suddenly being allowed by Communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler to actually arrest a large number of the domestic terrorists, a stark contrast to the hands-off policy they had been forced to deploy while President Donald Trump was in office.

Here’s an excerpt from the CBS News report:

About 100 people were detained in Portland, Oregon, Friday night, according to police. Police say they surrounded protesters after some began to break windows.

“On Friday, March 12, 2021 at about 9:00p.m., a group began marching in the street, blocking vehicular traffic, from Jamison Park, 810 Northwest 11th Avenue. They were advised by loudspeaker that the street was open to vehicular traffic, but the crowd continued to march in the street,” police said in a press release Saturday.

“At about 9:15p.m., at Northwest 15th Avenue and Northwest Overton Street, some in the crowd began breaking windows… Officers moved in to address the criminal behavior. They created a perimeter around the group.”

The tactic appears to be an example of “kettling,” a police strategy of surrounding a crowd and containing people within a perimeter, The Oregonian/ reported. The newspaper noted that police halted the march only minutes after it started.

Police said in a tweet Friday night that they were detaining everyone within the boundary for the “investigation of a crime.”

“You are not free to leave. You must stay where you are and comply with officers’ lawful orders,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a tweet.

Police attached photos of broken windows as well as weapons they say were left behind by protesters. “Officers discovered numerous items left behind by people inside the perimeter, including a crowbar, hammers, bear spray, slugging weapon with rocks, high impact slingshot, and knives,” reads the press release.


What is so interesting about these and several other mainstream media reports covering the same story this morning is they all seem to be original reporting, not just cut-and-past jobs based on some original report by the AP or the New York Times. Just as the police are breaking from their past behavior related to the insurrectionists, the media outlets are suddenly breaking from their refusal to report the news coming out of Portland, which for the last 8 solid months has been left up to independent journalists like the intrepid Andy Ngo.

So, what we have here is a narrative shift on every front, something that only happens when both the corrupt news media and the Democrat Party want it to happen. It is key to remember in all of this that BLM and Antifa are both nothing more than subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, which funds and sponsors them and their rioting, and exploits it for political purposes. BLM and Antifa make up the militarized wing of the Democrat party just as the corrupt news media serves as its propaganda arm.

They are all one big organism.

The question with this particular narrative shift is, why now? Why have corrupt fake news outlets who have ignored these nightly riots since last July suddenly obviously assigned beat reporters to go to Portland to cover them? Theoretically, it could be as simple as the editors in every one of these news rooms simultaneously deciding that the mass arrests of more than 100 Democrat party  surrogate terrorists is an actual news story.

More likely, however, it’s a realization that this is a story that requires spinning in exactly the right way, i.e., referring to the BLM/Antifa terrorists only as “protesters,” with neither “BLM” nor “Antifa” making an appearance anywhere in the stories. Why, these are just a bunch of misguided kids, unaffiliated with any organizing element at all, you silly citizens.

Yeah, that’s much more likely, isn’t it? And we very likely won’t see CBS News or The Hill publishing follow-up stories about how all of these 100 terrorists were let back out onto the streets without bail, or a later story about how corrupt local prosecutors refuse to bring charges against all but a tiny handful of them. See, those narratives have already been fully spun and established as some sort of “social justice” in the minds of brainwashed leftists all over the country.

Thus, what we most likely have here in this sudden flurry of corrupt news media stories out of Portland is your classic hit-and-run reporting by what the late, great Rush Limbaugh liked to call our “drive-by media.” Now that these cursory stories about the 100+ arrests have been dutifully filed and the preferred DNC narrative has been spun, you should expect outlets like CBS News and The Hill to return to their previous mode of radio silence on the matter.

Because this is what the corrupt news media does for the Democrat Party.

That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: President Kamala is Gonna be a Hoot, and America’s Education System is a Disgrace

Cue Luca Brasi: Andrew Cuomo’s career will soon be sleeping with the fishes.  – The dam really burst on the New York Governor yesterday, as even AOC and Chuck Schumer are now urging him to resign his position. I write about it all in detail in another piece this morning. Go read it.

Speaking of reading… – Here’s some Required Reading for today, about the “Sovietization of the American Press,” by Matt Tiabbi writing at It is one of the most detailed and frankly glorious takedowns of America’s increasingly corrupt news media I’ve ever seen.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

The first 50 days of Biden’s administration have been a surprise on multiple fronts. The breadth of his stimulus suggests a real change from the Obama years, while hints that this administration wants to pick a unionization fight with Amazon go against every tendency of Clintonian politics. But it’s hard to know what much of it means, because coverage of Biden increasingly resembles official press releases, often featuring embarrassing, Soviet-style contortions.

When Biden decided not to punish Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi on the grounds that the “cost” of “breaching the relationship with one of America’s key Arab allies” was too high, the New York Times headline read: “Biden Won’t Penalize Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi’s Killing, Fearing Relations Breach.” When Donald Trump made the same calculation, saying he couldn’t cut ties because “the world is a very dangerous place” and “our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the paper joined most of the rest of the press corps in howling in outrage.

In Extraordinary Statement, Trump Stands With Saudis Despite Khashoggi Killing.” was the Times headline, in a piece that said Trump’s decision was “a stark distillation of the Trump worldview: remorselessly transactional, heedless of the facts, determined to put America’s interests first, and founded on a theory of moral equivalence.” The paper noted, “Even Mr. Trump’s staunchest allies on Capitol Hill expressed revulsion.”

This week, in its “Crusader for the Poor” piece, the Times described Biden’s identical bin Salman decision as mere evidence that he remains “in the cautious middle” in his foreign policy. The paper previously had David Sanger dig up a quote from former Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross, who “applauded Mr. Biden for ‘trying to thread the needle here… This is the classic example of where you have to balance your values and your interests.’” It’s two opposite takes on exactly the same thing.


Go read the rest of it. It will be the best 15 minutes of time you invest today. Promise.

Kamala Harris has zero ability to match her facial expressions to the context of her speech. – That is the only conclusion one can reach after watching a speech she delivered yesterday about the administration’s efforts related to COVID-19. She simply has no feel for the message she’s delivering, a common affliction among sociopathic narcissists.

Someone named just “Bonchie” has a good piece about it all at

Here’s an excerpt:

Here’s her cringy performance, proclaiming “help” is on the way, like she’s about to run into a burning building and rescue a litter of cats.


Harris always looks like she’s not sure what to do with her face, whether it’s an interview or public remarks like this. In this case, is she supposed to smile and laugh, or be more stoic, given the seriousness of the pandemic? Heck if she knows, and that comes through in her comments, where she seems on the verge of giggling, while reading stale one-liners about who this bill supposedly helps.

But it’s those one-liners that really show just how out of touch Harris, and the Biden administration as a whole, are. A $1,400 check is not going to help people who can’t put food on the table. It’s certainly not going to bring much comfort to someone who lost their job because Harris and her ilk pushed ridiculous, ineffective lockdowns.

This is a “let them eat cake” moment, if there ever was one. These politicians destroyed the lives of millions of people, when science continually said it didn’t need to happen. Now, they want to be praised and congratulated for throwing you some scraps, while they spend even more of your money to pay off blue states and labor unions. There are no heroes here. Harris, the Biden administration, and a litany of blue state governors and mayors are the villains in this story.

Harris is just not good at this. We are all aware of the rumors of how she got her start in politics, but since then, she’s survived off playing identity politics, certainly in regards to gaining the vice-presidential role. If there was ever a video that encapsulates why she didn’t even make it to Iowa during her presidential run, this is it. It’s not really what she says, as much as it is how inauthentic she appears when she says it.


This person, whose political career began as the escort for powerful San Francisco Democrat Willie Brown, will soon become President of the United States, and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

Thanks, Democrats!

Education Insanity from DailyWire. – One of the more disturbing regular reads on my agenda is the weekly “Education Insanity” compendium put together by the folks at DailyWire.

If you want to know what America’s kids are being subjected to in the nation’s universities, you should make a point of reading this piece each week. Yeah, it will give you an epic case of heartburn, but it’s important to know how our young people are being brainwashed by the Alynskyite/Marxist establishment that dominates the education system today.

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s piece:

7. Georgetown Student Bar Association Asks Students To List Pronouns ‘In Solidarity’ With Transgender Peers – Washington Free Beacon

The Georgetown Law School’s Student Bar Association requested that all students put their preferred pronouns in their social media biographies, next to their names on Zoom, and in their email signatures. The school requests law students do so to stand “in solidarity and support” of their transgender and “non-binary” peers.

6. Kentucky College Hosting ‘White Citizenship As Terrorism’ Event, Labels ‘Trumpism’ As ‘White Terrorism’ – Young America’s Foundation

Berea College, a liberal arts school in Kentucky, is hosting an event entitled “White Citizenship as Terrorism: Make American Great Again, Again,” on March 17 via Zoom. A flyer for the event tells students that the presentation “offers to resituate Trumpism and white citizenship as forms of white terrorism enacted against the majority of people living within the borders of the U.S. and beyond.”


So, if you’ve been wondering why your college sophomore called you a terrorist and introduced himself along with preferred pronouns that begin with the letters “x” or “z” last Thanksgiving, wonder no more. Just understand that, if your skin is white, then you are a terrorist, and that if you refer to your daughter as “she” or “her” you are a transphobe, or something like that. Also, you’d better get up to speed on the fact that, if you don’t agree that there are something like 185 “genders” rather than the two genders you learned about in your own education years, then you hate “science” and are officially an oppressor.

Then take a moment to ponder the fact that this is the utter crap that you are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for every semester.

Isn’t education wonderful?


That is all.

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The Gates of Cuomo’s Alamo Have Been Breached and the Enemy is Storming Over the Walls

To the People of Texas & all Americans in the world—

Fellow citizens & compatriots—I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat. – Col. William B. Travis at the Alamo, 1836


His position is not at all noble, of course, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo surely must be feeling a bit like Col. William Barrett Travis did as he found himself besieged on all sides by the army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in March of 1836. The volleys from the Mexican army coming into the position within the confines of the Alamo were constant for more than a week as Travis and his rag tag band of Texians, including garrisons led by Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett, bravely held the city of San Antonio, giving Sam Houston time to raise the army that would ultimately defeat Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto in the following month.

Over the past three weeks or so, Cuomo has sustained a constantly-building bombardment of sexual harassment and assault accusations into his own position, along with damaging reports from a long-compliant and friendly news media and a growing chorus of demands for his resignation from Republicans in Albany, a chorus that has now been joined by fellow Democrats in the state and in congress. Through it all, Cuomo has held firm in his position that he will never resign, defending himself first with claims that he didn’t know his brutish actions had caused his army of female accusers any pain, and more lately simply denying any of it ever actually happened, and trying to paint himself as the victim here.

He repeated that latest lie again at a hastily-arranged press conference on Friday, as even his friends at the New York Times – who he’s always in the past been able to rely on to cover for him – continued their abandonment of him:

The governor responded with defiance — a surprise in a traditional political sense, given that other elected officials have resigned in the face of far less unanimous sentiment. But it also marked a return to form for the pugilistic governor, who last week had struck a more conciliatory, apologetic tone in addressing the harassment accusations.

In a hastily arranged news conference after the House members issued their calls, Mr. Cuomo quickly rejected the demands for him to step down, and denied harassing or abusing anyone. He lashed out at the lawmakers for jumping to conclusions, calling them “reckless and dangerous.”

“I did not do what has been alleged, period,” Mr. Cuomo said.


What has been alleged, of course, is that Cuomo is a bully and serial abuser of women both in the workplace and out of it, preying in female staff, acquaintances and reporters alike. After an entire 30 year career in New York politics in which he has been coddled by the political class and protected by the press, Cuomo believes he is immune to being held accountable.

Gosh, so hard to see why he’d feel that way, right?

The latest episode of the Perils of Andrew began yesterday morning with yet another woman coming forward to accuse the brutish Governor of sexual assault, this time in the form of a former political reporter in Albany named Jessica Bakeman.

Ms. Bakeman accuses Cuomo of humiliating and inappropriately touching her on multiple occasions during the months in which she attempted to do her job of covering his administration.

From the story at the New York Post:

Jessica Bakeman says she was sexually harassed by Cuomo several times since the start of her journalism career in 2012.

In a first-person piece for New York Magazine, she described a 2014 holiday party in which the governor gripped her tightly as she went to say goodbye for the night.

“He took my hand, as if to shake it, then refused to let go,” Bakeman wrote. “He put his other arm around my back, his hand on my waist, and held me firmly in place while indicating to a photographer he wanted us to pose for a picture.”

Bakeman, who was 25 at the time and working for what is now Politico New York, said red flags went up, given her “job was to analyze and scrutinize him.”

“I didn’t want a photo of him with his hands on my body and a smile on my face,” she wrote. “But I made the reflexive assessment that most women and marginalized people know instinctively, the calculation about risk and power and self-preservation. I knew it would be far easier to smile for the brief moment it takes to snap a picture than to challenge one of the most powerful men in the country.”

Months into her professional career, Bakeman alleged Cuomo slid his arm around her shoulders while he told stories with her male colleagues at a party at the Executive Mansion for an outgoing communications aide.

“He left it there, and kept me pinned next to him, for several minutes as he finished telling his story,” she recalled of the alleged 2012 incident, when she worked for USA Today. “I stood there, my cheeks hot, giggling nervously as my male colleagues did the same. We all knew it was wrong, but we did nothing.”


Yes, of course she and her reporter colleagues did nothing, because this was Andrew Cuomo and they had all no doubt been ordered by their editors to provide political cover for him. Thus empowered by his pals in the media, Cuomo, an obvious Clintonian narcissist, felt he could do whatever he wanted to do with cute young reporters like Ms. Bakeman. And who in Albany who mattered was going to argue with him? Certainly not any of his Democrat colleagues in the state assembly. So long as Cuomo was able to bully his myriad victims into silence, the press and his fellow Democrats remained silent, too.

But that’s all changed now, as several powerful state Dems, including the Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker – along with 55 additional Democrat members of the state senate and assembly – have come out to demand Cuomo’s resignation and even authorize the beginning of an impeachment investigation as the parade of accusing women has grown in numbers.

On Friday, in the wake of Bakeman’s newest charges, Cuomo’s Resignation Chorus grew to include most of the Democrats who make up the New York congressional delegation. The first hole in that dam appeared when despicable Jerrold Nadler issued a statement demanding the governor end the madness. Had it stopped with Nadler, there would have been no problem since no one actually has any respect for that little creep.

But the little leak that Nadler started quickly turned into a flood led by exactly who you’d expect if you’ve been paying any attention at all: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:

Once AOC had weighed in, Cuomo’s dam of Democrat support completely burst, as a dozen or so more New York congressional dems followed like the sheep they really are, and the day concluded with this little joint missive from New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand:

So, as of this morning, Cuomo now retains the support of literally no one in the state of New York’s political structure. No Republicans, no key Democrats. None. Add to that the fact that he is no longer enjoying the mafia-racket-like protection of the New York Times and the rest of the national news media, and it becomes increasingly obvious that Cuomo’s defensive position is ultimately as untenable as that of Travis and his 180 or so Texian volunteers was in 1836.

The opposing army has breached the gates and is now pouring over the walls, and it seems just a matter of time – and not much of it – before the sordid political career of media darling Andrew Cuomo will reach an ignominious end.


That is all.

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Friday News Roundup: Paxton Puts Down Democrat Insurrection in Austin as Biden Speaks to Blue States Only

Today’s Global Church of Climate Change Reminder: It’s a religious cult, not a scientific enterprise:

May be art of 2 people and people standing

How much more proof do you need? Seriously.

Note: If you’re waiting for an order from your Sock Puppet-in-Chief to tell you it’s ok to celebrate Independence Day, you clearly don’t understand what “independence” means. – That of course would apply to pretty much all Democrats these days, as they no doubt sat hypnotized before their TV sets and watched China Joe Biden read a text written by his handlers and tell them it will all be ok by the 4th of July and they’ll be able to hold “small gatherings” then if we all just behave like good little liberal automatons until then:

…and hey, if you just walk six feet away from the nearest member of your “small gathering,” he will – maybe – let you pull down the three masks you’ll be wearing by then to take a sip of your beer. Yay!

Well, guess what? We’re already doing all of those things and more here in Texas, and in Florida, and South Dakota, and North Dakota, and Montana, and Wyoming, and Kansas, and Iowa, and Oklahoma and in other Red states I’m not thinking of right now. As usual, the Sock Puppet was talking to his pals in the Blue states, because they’re the only people this great Divider-in-Chief ever speaks to in any real way. Hell, it’s all he is allowed to do by his abusive handlers.

But what about that insurrection in Austin? – Of course, here in Texas, the abusive Democrat mayors and county judges are attempting to rebel against Gov. Greg Abbott’s elimination of mask mandates, and City of Austin and Travis County officials imposed a mask mandate of their own the day after the Governor’s statewide order expired. But the Governor and Attorney General Ken Paxton are serious about eliminating such orders even at the local level; so serious, in fact, that Paxton filed a lawsuit in state court to force the leftist thugs to give up:

From the story at the Washington Times:

AUSTIN, Texas — Acting on his threat, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Austin and Travis County officials on Thursday over their decision to continue requiring mask-wearing in public.

Paxton had threatened a suit after the local officials decided Tuesday to exempt the city and county from Gov. Greg Abbott’s lifting of the state’s mask mandate Wednesday.

In announcing their opt-out Tuesday from Abbott’s order, Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Travis County Judge Andy Brown said they were merely enforcing the COVID-19 prevention rules made by Dr. Mark Escott, medical director and health authority for the city and county, as they contend state law provided.

“Judge Brown and I will fight to defend and enforce our local health officials’ rules for as long as possible using all the power and tools available to us,” Adler said in a statement. “We promised to be guided by the doctors, science and data as concerns the pandemic and we do everything we can to keep that promise.”

Adler added: “We are not aware of any Texas court that has allowed state leadership to overrule the health protection rules of a local health authority.”


Fair warning: the judge in this case, Lora Livingston, is a Democrat, so you can be sure she will ignore the law and the constitution and rule the wrong way, because that’s what Democrat judges do, even in Texas. But Paxton and Abbott will prevail on appeal.

Are six abused women and thousands of dead nursing home residents enough for New York assembly Democrats? – It’s still far to early to tell, but at least the Speaker of the state’s assembly took the step of formally approving an impeachment inquiry to take place against thug Governor Andrew Cuomo, a fellow Democrat on Thursday,

From the story at

ew York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie issued a statement on Thursday saying that he is authorizing the initiation of an impeachment investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“After meeting with the Assembly Majority Conference today, I am authorizing the Assembly Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment investigation, led by Chair Charles D. Lavine, to examine allegations of misconduct against Governor Cuomo,” Heastie, a Democrat, said in the statement.

“The reports of accusations concerning the governor are serious. The committee will have the authority to interview witnesses, subpoena documents and evaluate evidence, as is allowed by the New York State Constitution. I have the utmost faith that Assembly member Lavine and the members of the committee will conduct an expeditious, full and thorough investigation,” Heastie said.


Now, understand that this “inquiry” will be led by fellow corrupt Democrats, who will no doubt do everything they can to rig it in a way that will lead to an outcome that avoids an actual impeachment. At least, that’s what will happen assuming that the facts and number of female accusers remain where they are today. You can expect this “inquiry” to conclude that some action short of actual impeachment – such as a meaningless vote to censure the Governor – is really all a serial killer-and-abuser-of-women deserves in a case like this.

You should also understand that this “inquiry” will focus in almost exclusively on the sexual harassment allegations against the Governor, and not on the deadly impacts of his COVID policies and his desperate efforts to cover them up. If you’re a woman, you should understand that the reason why the inquiry will have that focus is because Democrat politicians really don’t consider those allegations to be truly serious, and thus not meriting a severe punishment like impeachment.

The simple fact is that Democrat politicians look at sexual harassment in the very same way they look at illegal aliens – as political tools to be used to their advantage, nothing more. So, when completely unsubstantiated and frankly unbelievable sexual harassment charge are lodged against any Republican, like Bret Kavanaugh, you invariably see Democrat politicians and their agents in the corrupt news media rush to scream about their seriousness and spend weeks railing about them. But when totally believable charges complete with photographs are lodged against a Democrat, well, the women lodging them aren’t really taken all that seriously, are they?

To see the absolute truth in this, all you have to do is remember the progression of the whole #MeToo movement. That started out as a ball of fire, with every Democrat politician and Democrat agent in the media pounding on how crucially important it was day after day after day for weeks on end. But then, as it became clear that the main guilty the movement identified was this parade of Democrats, mainly leftist entertainment and media figures like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin, Kevin Spacey, Andy Dick and Charlie Rose, and Democrat politicians like Al Franken, the whole thing just went poof! into the ether. Suddenly, this whole sexual harassment thing wasn’t really all that big a deal after all in the collective mind of the Democrat/media establishment.

The problem for Democrats in New York is that they will now have to focus on the sexual harassment angle in order to justify letting Cuomo off with a slap on the wrist. If they focus on thousands of needlessly-dead citizens and Cuomo’s efforts to cover them all up, well, that slap on the wrist just won’t be enough.

These are all Democrats, remember, including the media. This is what they do for each other.

Don’t shoot me – I’m just the messenger here.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Thursday News Roundup: A Border ‘Crisis’ of Biden’s Own Making

Biden Gas Price Premium Update. – The Biden Gas Price Premium rose again last week, and now stands at $.60 since Election Day, 2020:

May be an image of text that says '9 Month Average Retail Price Chart Crude Oil USA verage Crude Oil SUS/barrel 67.84 64.55 61.27 57.99 54.70 51.42 48.13 44.85 41.57 38.28 35.00 Election 6/18 6/27 Regular Gas Price (US $/G) 4.03 3.84 3.64 3.45 3.25 3.06 2.86 2.67 2.47 2.28 2.08 7/16 7/26 8/4 8/13 8/23 9M 340 000 10/18 10/28 11/6 11/16 11/25 12/4 12/14 12/23 12 1/11 1/20 1/30 2/18 2/27 36 2020 2021 D.e(Month/Day) ©2021'

Way to go, Democrats! Remember: You voted for this, so no bitching at the pump!

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of Minneapolis… – The BLM/Antifa domestic terrorist complex sponsored by the Democrat Party has now created a new “autonomous zone” right there in the midst of the city, and if you try to report on it, they will assault you:

Holy crap. Just one more thing to thank your Democrat friends for voting for last November.

Hey, wonder what tipped him off? – Now that a recall election targeting him has become a fait accompli, California Governor Gavin Newsom has finally realized he has “made mistakes.”:

From the story at the Daily Caller:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom admitted that he has “made mistakes” during his Tuesday night State of the Union speech at Dodger Stadium.

“Look, we’ve made mistakes,” Newsom said according to SFGATE. “I’ve made mistakes. But we own them, we learn from them, and we never stop trying.”

“I just want you to know – we’re not going to change course just because of a few naysayers and doomsdayers,” the governor continued. “To the California critics who are promoting partisan, political power grabs with outdated prejudices and rejecting everything that makes California truly great, we say this: We will not be distracted from getting shots in arms and our economy booming again. This is a fight for California’s future.”

As of Sunday, the [recall] petition’s organizers said that they have gotten more than 1.95 million signatures, which is more than enough to trigger a special election. The signatures still have to be authenticated to confirm that they are from California residents, but an early attempt to verify the signatures found that the vast majority were legitimate.

Newsom was caught dining indoors at a restaurant, the French Laundry, without masks and with a large group of people from multiple households. California guidelines stated that people should avoid such gatherings since it is a major risk factor for COVID-19 transmission. He later apologized for attending the dinner party.

The governor has also been criticized for a slow vaccine rollout and for implementing harsh coronavirus restrictions. As signatures on his recall petition grew, Newsom began lifting the shutdown orders and reopening the state.


What a peach of a guy he is. Despicable.

The sad thing is, most California voters are so hopelessly brainwashed that Newsom will likely easily prevail in the recall election later this year. After all, he does have a “D” next to his name.

How the corrupt news media controls public perception, part 6,582:

May be an image of text

Hey, about that border “crisis”… – Where the “crisis” at the border is concerned, you are currently being brainwashed by the corrupt news media to believe that it is all just some sort of organic thing, a “crisis” that built naturally and without the active promotion of Democrat activists and the Biden/Harris administration. This is, of course, a completely false narrative, but you are expected to accept it and parrot it, and if you refuse to do that then you will be screamed down by your liberal friends as some sort of cold and heartless monster.

Because that’s all those on the political left know how to do anymore whenever they come face to face with reality.

Over the past couple of days, narrative pushers in the corrupt news media, in coordination with the Biden administration and the DNC, have noticed that, omigosh, there are a bunch more illegal alien kids being held in cages, er, “migrant child facilities” now than there were when evil old Trump had them in “cages.” Nevermind that Trump’s “cages” are the exact same holding centers as Biden’s “child facilities,” it’s the narrative that matters, not reality.

On Wednesday, the creeps at the Washington Post led the way on pushing the false narrative:

Here’s an excerpt from that Post story:

The magnitude of the crisis facing President Biden at the U.S.-Mexico border came into clearer focus Wednesday as the new administration was holding record numbers of unaccompanied migrant teens and children in detention cells for far longer than legally allowed and federal health officials fell further behind in their race to find space for them in shelters.

More than 8,500 migrant teens and children who crossed the border without their parents are being housed in Department of Health and Human Services shelters as they wait to be placed with relatives or vetted sponsors. Nearly 3,500 more are stuck at Border Patrol stations waiting for beds in those shelters to open up, the highest figure ever, according to internal data reviewed by The Washington Post.

Held in grim steel-and-concrete cells built for adults, these young people are spending an average of 107 hours awaiting transfer to an HHS-run shelter, well over the 72-hour legal limit, the data shows. The largest number of unaccompanied minors held this way during the Trump administration was about 2,600 in June 2019, according to congressional testimony and two former Customs and Border Protection officials who were involved in handling that crisis.


Man, you have to love that opening line, don’t you? “The magnitude of the crisis facing President Biden” is in fact exactly the “crisis” Biden’s evil handlers actively wanted to create by willy nilly reversing the Trump policies that had been so effective.

As Brit Hume correctly points out, the current “crisis” at the border is no accident: It is in fact the direct, highly predictable result of Biden/Harris policies. For Democrats, this “crisis” is a feature, not a glitch. Cages and shipping containers filled with unaccompanied illegal alien minors is exactly what they wanted to create at the Texas/Mexico border. After all, it is far more politically productive for them to bring in thousands of 15 year-olds who can vote for Democrats for the next half-century than to import a bunch of 40 year-olds who might only be able to do so for half that number of years.

Yes, it’s all so incredibly despicable. Yes, it’s demented and depraved and disgusting and disgraceful. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here – what else did you expect?

In response to all of this media/Biden fakery on the border, President Donald Trump issued a message in which he blasted Biden and his fellow Democrats for actively creating this “crisis,” saying that America is being “destroyed” by the Biden policies:

Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden. Our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned, and mocked by the Biden Administration. A mass incursion into the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute.  Many have criminal records, and many others have and are spreading covid.  Interior enforcement has been shut down—criminals that were once promptly removed by our Administration are now being released back onto the street to commit heinous and violent crimes.  ICE officers are desperate to remove these convicted criminals, but Biden won’t let them.

The spiraling tsunami at the border is overwhelming local communities, depleting budgets, crowding hospitals, and taking jobs from legal American workers.  When I left office, we had achieved the most secure border in our country’s history.  Under Biden, it will soon be worse, more dangerous, and more out of control than ever before.  He has violated his oath of office to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.

There has never been a time on our southern border like what is happening now but more importantly, what is about to happen.  Now that Biden has implemented nationwide Catch-and-Release, illegal immigrants from every corner of the Earth will descend upon our border and never be returned.  You can never have a secure border unless people who cross illegally are promptly removed.

I had a great relationship with Mexico, and its wonderful president, but all of that has been dissipated by the gross incompetence and radicalism of the people currently in charge. The Remain in Mexico Policy was incredible, but immediately abandoned by Biden, probably because it worked so well.  Likewise, our Safe Third Agreements in Central America were extraordinarily successful, so Biden foolishly ditched them too.  We stopped payment of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to them and then developed an excellent relationship that made our country and their countries more secure.  We put in place powerful rules and procedures to stop the smuggling and trafficking, but the Biden Administration has abandoned these proven strategies and instead given the smugglers and traffickers effective control of our border.

Despite being delayed by years of litigation and politics by the democrats, the wall is almost finished and can be quickly completed. Doing so will save thousands of lives.

The Biden Administration must act immediately to end the border nightmare that they have unleashed onto our Nation.  Keep illegal immigration, crime, and the China Virus out of our country!”


Again, everything the corrupt media is telling you about what is really taking place at the border with Mexico is a disgusting lie. Every word. This is a “crisis” that Biden and his fellow Democrats have intentionally created for purely political reasons. It is a “crisis” that your Democrat friends actually voted for.

So, next time you see them, thank them for messing up your country.

That is all.

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Today’s Required Reading: The New York Times Devalues the 1st Amendment Again

The corrupt news media is now attempting to make itself immune to criticism. – That’s the only message one can take away from a kerfuffle that broke out yesterday between Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and the leftist creeps who run the New York Times. It’s a little complicated, so bear with me here.

The whole thing started on Tuesday when young, white and oh, so privileged New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz sent out the tweet below:


As Carlson pointed out during his monologue that very night, this “smear campaign” consists of other Twitter users pointing out all of the outright lies she’s included in some of her recent reports. Which is a very easy task to complete given the nature of Lorenz’s “reporting.”

Here’s a clip of Carlson’s monologue:

In defense of their privileged reporter whose life is a bowl of cherries compared to 99% of the other human beings on earth, the Times management responded by sending out the statement below:

Ok, so, Tucker criticizes Lorenz in exactly the way she has gone after so many others on Twitter and in the pages of the New York Times, and Tucker’s the “cruel” bad guy. Because of course he is. Because the Times wants its people to be immune from criticism. It’s the very same evil, despicable tactic being used by Meghan Markle now to go after Piers Morgan, filing a complaint with Britain’s speech regulator alleging that Morgan’s pointing out the truth about the serial lies she told Oprah Sunday night is damaging to her fragile psyche.

It’s one thing for a g-list has-been actress pretending to be a princess to take such actions to try to silence her critics; it is quite another for a prominent member of the American news media to take them against American citizens. For the New York Times to be actively supporting this kind of overt censorship betrays a complete abandonment of its role as a protector of the First Amendment.

The whole sordid episode got the attention of liberal writer Glenn Greenwald, who weighed in with an epic piece excoriating the privileged Ms. Lorenz and her bullying bosses at the Times. It is a wonderful and informative read that you should take the time to consume today.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

The most powerful and influential newspaper in the U.S., arguably the West, is The New York Times. Journalists who write for it, especially those whose work is featured on its front page or in its op-ed section, wield immense power to shape public discourse, influence thought, set the political agenda for the planet’s most powerful nation, expose injustices, or ruin the lives of public figures and private citizens alike. That is an enormous amount of power in the hands of one media institution and its employees. That’s why it calls itself the Paper of Record.

One of the Paper of Record’s star reporters, Taylor Lorenz, has been much discussed of late. That is so for three reasons. The first is that the thirty-six-year-old tech and culture reporter has helped innovate a new kind of reportorial beat that seems to have a couple of purposes. She publishes articles exploring in great detail the online culture of teenagers and very young adults, which, as a father of two young Tik-Tok-using children, I have found occasionally and mildly interesting. She also seeks to catch famous and non-famous people alike using bad words or being in close digital proximity to bad people so that she can alert the rest of the world to these important findings. It is natural that journalists who pioneer a new form of reporting this way are going to be discussed.

The second reason Lorenz is the topic of recent discussion is that she has been repeatedly caught fabricating claims about influential people, and attempting to ruin the reputations and lives of decidedly non-famous people. In the last six weeks alone, she twice publicly lied about Netscape founder Marc Andreessen: once claiming he used the word “retarded” in a Clubhouse room in which she was lurking (he had not) and then accusing him of plotting with a white nationalist in a different Clubhouse room to attack her (he, in fact, had said nothing).

She also often uses her large, powerful public platform to malign private citizens without any power or public standing by accusing them of harboring bad beliefs and/or associating with others who do. (She is currently being sued by a citizen named Arya Toufanian, who claims Lorenz has used her private Twitter account to destroy her reputation and business, particularly with a tweet that Lorenz kept pinned at the top of her Twitter page for eight months, while several other non-public figures complain that Lorenz has “reported” on their non-public activities). It is to be expected that a New York Times journalist who gets caught lying as she did against Andreessen and trying to destroy the reputations of non-public figures will be a topic of conversation.

The third reason this New York Times reporter is receiving attention is because she has become a leading advocate and symbol for a toxic tactic now frequently used by wealthy and influential public figures (like her) to delegitimize criticisms and even render off-limits any attempt to hold them accountable. Specifically, she and her media allies constantly conflate criticisms of people like them with “harassment,” “abuse” and even “violence.”


Go read the rest of it. It will be the best 15 minutes of time you invest today. Promise.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Cuomo Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon, but Joe Biden Might Be

Let’s start today with a CORONAPANIC UPDATE. – Ok, now, pay attention here, class.

Florida: No masks, no lockdowns, open for 6 months.

California: Mandatory masks, rigid lockdowns, closed for about a year now.

Compare the charts.

May be an image of text that says 'Florida Z-score Baseline Normal range Prediction Substantial increase 40 30 20 10 0 -10 2020 10 California 50 2021 Z-score 40 Baseline Normal range Prediction Substantial increase 30 20 10 0- -10 2020 10 50 2021'

This is not hard, people. It really isn’t.

Need more evidence that masks and lockdowns make literally no difference at all in the spread of this viral gift from China? Take a look at this one:


Arkansas: Mandated masks last July.

Oklahoma: Never mandated masks.

Yet the infection curves of the two states have followed the exact same progression, almost down to the exact same number, every day since last January.

You want to wear a mask, wear a mask. Hell, wear two of them if they make you feel better about yourself. But stop pretending they  matter, because they don’t. Not even a little bit.

About Harry and Meghan… – If you care about my views on Harry and Meghan and the British royal family – and honestly, I can’t imagine why you would care about any of this – I wrote about them at some length in another post today. Go read it, and then watch this clip of Tucker Carlson giving us his views on the subject. You’ll be glad you did.

Pow. Devastating.

Hey, I wonder what tipped them off? – A new Rasmussen survey finds that 50% of Americans now realize that China Joe Potato Head Biden is not up to the job of the presidency:

Can we find out what the other 50% are drinking or smoking? Because I want me some of that.

From the story at the National Pulse:

52 percent of likely voters are concerned that he hasn’t held a press conference, including 32 percent who are “very concerned,” the poll also finds.

“More than six weeks since his inauguration, President Biden still hasn’t held his first White House press conference, and half of voters are worried about his ability to do the job,” Rasmussen summarizes.


Look: The Obama people who are actually running the government right now never were going to be able to maintain this façade of having a human sock puppet sitting in the Oval Office pretending to be president for very long. I never have expected that they’d allow Biden to remain in office past May or so. But his condition appears to be deteriorating so rapidly now that I’m beginning to think that he might not even last that long before he is told to “resign” due to some made-up new illness that will be used as the excuse.

Check out this bit of video from his visit to a mall yesterday:

Note the panic – the literal panic – among Biden’s handlers when it appears that he might actually attempt to provide an extemporaneous answer to a question posed by some reporter who is suddenly getting tired of being ignored and used as a lapdog for this kind of carefully-staged event. Donald Trump used to provide off-the-cuff answers to overtly hostile press questions two or three times every damn day of the week. Why? Because he was actually running his own administration.

China Joe is not running this administration, not even a tiny sliver of it. He is not in fact in charge of anything, and the public is finally starting to wake up to that reality despite the best efforts of the corrupt news media to provide cover for the Obama people who actually are running this administration.

This can’t last much longer. We could be into the Kamala Harris Administration by May 1.

The Cuomo scandals just keep getting more and more grotesque. – As if killing thousands of elderly nursing home residents wasn’t enough, we found out on Tuesday that Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-related executive orders also resulted in the death of hundreds of New Yorkers in homes for the disabled:

From the story at

The April 10 executive order, first highlighted by Maria McFadden Maffucci for National Review, directed residential group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to accept positive COVID-19 patients released by hospitals, just like the executive order for nursing homes. Cuomo’s nursing home order was eventually rescinded, but the order relating to homes for people with disabilities remains in effect. The results were tragic.

According to a study published in Disability and Health Journal in June and cited by McFadden Maffucci, New Yorkers with disabilities living in residential group homes were more than twice as likely to have severe outcomes and deaths from COVID-19. “Circumstances and decisions made early in the pandemic may have contributed to the higher case rate of people living with IDD in residential group homes. Those who tested positive for COVID-19 or who had presumed infection (during the time of limited testing availability) were required to return to their residential setting with instructions to sequester,” the study’s authors wrote.

Now, Fox News reports that 552 residents at homes for people with disabilities have died of COVID-19, according to the New York Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Additionally, more than 6,900 of the more than 34,552 people living in these homes have been infected with coronavirus.

“These group homes were required to have a process in place to expedite the return of asymptomatic residents from the hospital, who were deemed appropriate for return to their OPWDD certified residence,” an agency spokeswoman said. “In other words, OPWDD providers could accept individuals only if they could safely accommodate them in the group home.”

She added that people “who could not be safely accommodated either remained at the hospital or were served in one of the over 100 temporary sites established for COVID-19 recovery efforts in partnership with OPWDD provider agencies.”


Holy crap, the catastrophic malfeasance never ends with this guy.

But wait, there’s more!

As if that weren’t repugnant enough, also on Tuesday a sixth woman emerged to accuse the horny Governor of sexually harassing her while she worked for him:

From the story at Breitbart:

A former press aide of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has added her voice to the growing number calling for him to resign, claiming the politician invited her to his hotel room and embraced her after a work event in 2000, when Cuomo led the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and she was a consultant for the agency.

The woman, Karen Hinton, says she pulled away from Cuomo, but he pulled her back toward his body, holding her before she backed away and left the room, according to the report.

This comes amid multiple other allegations by females who say the governor sexually harassed them.

Cuomo made clear he will not resign from his post, saying: “I’m going to do the job the people of the state elected me to do” and apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable, calling the allegations an “important lesson.”

“I also want you to know that I have learned from what has been an incredible, difficult situation for me as well as other people, and I’ve learned an important lesson. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for whatever pain I caused anyone, I never intended it, and I will be the better for this experience,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, the Times Union on Saturday became the second Editorial Board call on Cuomo to resign after news broke of the nursing home deaths coverup, and multiple women accused the governor of sexual harassment.

As Breitbart News reported, the newspaper’s editorial board wrote an op-ed titled, “Resign, Mr. Cuomo”.


Cuomo, as I made clear yesterday, is not going to resign. He is instead playing the Clintonian game of pretending to focus on doing the “work of the people” while hoping that his buddies in the corrupt news media will simply stop focusing on this serial abuse of women and killing of various groups of New Yorkers. It’s the same game Ralph Northam played to get past his blackface scandal two years ago, and Cuomo at this point sees no reason why it won’t also work out for him. Given the utterly corrupt nature of our news media today, he’s probably right.

The only way Cuomo leaves office before the next election is if a Democrat-dominated state senate and assembly vote to impeach him. That would require a bunch of Democrat politicians suddenly developing a sense of conscience and ethics, so you know it is at best a real longshot.

That’s just the way it is.

That is all.

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America’s Royal Family – the Kardashians – is More Worthy of our Time than Britain’s

So, everybody is still talking about this interview Oprah did with Harry and Meghan on Sunday this morning, three full days later, and that just pisses me off. This is America, not England, and Americans should have better things to worry about than what these two spoiled hundred-millionaire brats were saying to the billionaire Oprah in the garden of their $14 million California home.

But apparently we don’t, so there it is.

During my regular Tuesday spot with hilarious radio host Greg Budell on News Talk 93.1 FM in Montgomery, Alabama yesterday, Greg asked me which British royal family member was the ‘racist’ that Meghan claims asked Harry about what the color of his child would be when she was preggers. I simply responded, “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” A couple minutes later, I realized I’d better clarify and expand on that answer because in today’s America, if the question is about racism in any way, shape or form and you aren’t very specific about every little word you say, some people – i.e., the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter – are going to assume you are a racist.

So, I clarified that yes, I care about and condemn racism in all its forms, though I doubt any member of the royal family is actually a racist. Well, maybe Andrew, but how likely is it that he was taking time off from pursuing teenage girls to have a conversation of any sort with Harry? Not bloody likely, especially since the Queen long ago banned him from any contact with or participation in the Family’s weird endeavors.

What I don’t care about, though, is the Windsors, the bleeping royal family. Oh, I think the Queen is somewhat admirable in her longevity and her ability to maintain the façade that the crown actually matters in some real way across almost 70 years now, but other than Elizabeth, what member of the royal family blood line over the last century has actually been what any honest person would refer to as something special or admirable?

You could make a semi-case for Princess Anne, who managed to qualify for and win a medal at the 1976 Olympics as an equestrian, but why was she able to do that in the first place? Because she was born into massive wealth and privilege and thus had nothing better to do than to ride horses around one of the many royal estates, that’s why. And despite that notable achievement, she was by most accounts much like Meghan: A spoiled, mean and entitled brat who treated her staff horribly.

Let’s be honest about the Royal Family, shall we? They are trailer park trash who own a bunch of palaces. And they own all those palaces and spend their days shuttling between them, having tea, and participating in an array of goofy ceremonies before their semi-adoring public not through the results of any actual meritorious service or enterprise that their family members have been responsible for over the years, but simply by chance of birth.

I would say they’re basically Kardashians but without the big rear ends and exotic good looks, but that would be insulting to what has sadly become America’s own royal family. I mean, at least the Kardashians actually did something real to earn their fame and money. Yeah, those real things involved “accidentally” leaking porn videos of themselves and posting sexy pictures on social media. But hey, those things then led to a series of reality TV shows that had nothing to do with reality, but which made them hundred millionaires themselves, producing a financial legacy that these Jenner girls then parlayed into billions of dollars in sales of designer clothes and other actual business enterprises.

Many of us here in America like to mock all of that, but think about it: What has any member of the British Royal Family ever done that would amount to actually creating anything of true monetary value? At least the Kardashians/Jenners have contributed to the economic growth in our country. Yes, it can be argued that they’ve also contributed to our country’s moral decay, but I’d argue that that decay has long been inevitable and would have moved along at the same pace with or without them. All the Kardashians did was figure out a way to exploit it.

Americans know what the Kardashians are and hold few illusions about them. But millions love them anyway. The Brits, on the other hand, know full well who the Windsors and Mountbattens are, but choose to delude themselves with the fiction that they are somehow admirable and deserving of their ridiculous station in life.

The British Crown is in fact one of the oddest holdover institutions from the Middle Ages, one that has no real societal function or benefit other than to give the British people a central figure to rally around in difficult times. The perpetuation of this institution seems to work for the Brits, as silly as that seems, and that’s fine.

But when I see millions of Americans and our corrupt news media spending day after day after day obsessing over what two of the least admirable people on earth said to slander the Queen of England Sunday night with Oprah, well, that just pisses me off. Our own ancestors fought an entire revolution so we would no longer have to pay any attention at all to those people anymore.

If Americans must obsess over trailer park trash, let’s stick with the Kardashians. At least they did something productive to earn it.

That is all.

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Climate Scam Update: Poor Greta Thunberg Still Hasn’t Figured Out the Scam

Climate Scam Update, Part 1 – Poor, abused little Greta Thunberg is all verklempt at China Joe Biden because she doesn’t think he is taking the climate emergency seriously enough:

From the story at

Greta Thunberg, the world-famous Swedish teen environmental activist, said President Joe Biden is not going far enough to “treat the climate crisis like a crisis,” accusing him of being “not nearly enough in line with the science” on the issue.

During an MSNBC interview Sunday night to discuss Biden, whom she endorsed in the 2020 presidential election, on how his administration is handling climate change thus far, Thunberg was asked by host Mehdi Hasan how she would grade the commander-in-chief on climate issues.

“​Well, you shouldn’t take that from me, I’m just a teenager, so I’m not—I don’t have the mandate to sort of give grades like that. My opinions on this doesn’t matter​,” the 18-year-old activist said.

“​​You should rather look at the science and whether his policies are in line with the Paris agreements and to stay below 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius, and then you can clearly see that, no, it’s not nearly enough in line with the science. That’s not me saying, that’s just black and white, looking at the facts​,” she continued.


Poor Greta is the opposite of AOC: She’s so naive and not all that bright, and thus, still hasn’t figured out that she is literally the only person involved in the leadership of the “climate change” industry who hasn’t figured out it’s all a gigantic scam. She still thinks that her religion is some sort of scientific exercise, and so she still gets angry when politicians from every country on earth fail to treat the “emergency” as seriously as they would prefer.

She still hasn’t figured out the fact that, for these cynical politicians like China Joe and AOC, “climate change” is, well, politics. It’s something you give lip service to on the campaign trail in order to secure the votes of the congregation of the Global Church of Climate Change; something you talk a lot about, but don’t really do anything real about, because you know it’s all a gigantic scam. It’s a vehicle to be used to facilitate the implementation of socialist political “solutions”, nothing more.

As Greta loves to remind us at every conceivable opportunity, she’s “just a teenager,” and so can be excused for her naivete’ on the matter. AOC, on the other hand, has no real excuse for her ongoing mendacity on the matter.

Climate Scam Update, Part II – If you need tangible proof it’s all just a scam, take a look at this story:


From the story at Bloomberg:

A Chinese energy company decided to go ahead with a $10 billion coal-to-chemicals plant on the same day that Beijing announced its first short-term blueprint aimed at putting it on a path to carbon neutrality by 2060.

Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co.’s board approved the project Friday, just as the central government was releasing the 14th five-year plan, which focused on promoting renewable energy but lacked hard targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The decision by Ningxia and its timing is evidence that coal will still play a major role in China’s energy mix for the foreseeable future.

The company plans to invest 67.3 billion yuan in the coal-to-olefins plant in Inner Mongolia, it said in a filing to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Sunday. The massive plant, set to be completed by 2023, would be able to produce 11 million tons of methanol a year that would then be converted to 4 million tons of olefins, a building block used in the production of plastics.

The decision also came a week after Inner Mongolia’s provincial government released a draft plan cracking down on cryptocurrency mining and aluminum projects to reduce the energy intensity of its economy. Inner Mongolia should readjust and upgrade key industrial sectors in eco-friendly ways, President Xi Jinping said on a panel discussion last week, China National Radio reported.

The coal-to-chemicals project has already been approved by city and regional governments and promotes the innovative and efficient use of coal, Baofeng said in the statement. China plans to promote “the clean and efficient use of coal,” under its plans for carbon emissions to peak by 2030, according to a work report presented Friday to the National People’s Congress.



Now, understand that 89% of all new man-made carbon emissions on earth since 2009 came from two countries: China and India, with the vast majority coming from China.


Yet, while the U.S. news media and leftwing climate activist community are focusing in on forcing mid-size independent oil producers to somehow become “carbon neutral” – whatever that means – by 2035 or even 2030, other than this piece at Bloomberg, you won’t see any of them uttering a peep about this story from the world’s largest offender. And while all these activists in and outside of the media focus their energies on killing the U.S. coal industry and hampering the U.S. oil business, they can hardly be bothered to even talk about the fact that China still builds dozens, if not hundreds of new coal plants every year.

Oh yeah, and the vaunted Paris Climate Accords don’t ask China or India to do a damn thing to curb their emissions for decades. It’s as if no one other than poor Greta cares that the climate is actually a global thing, and these massive increases in emissions from China and India impact everyone. Why, it’s as if no one involved with the Global Church of Climate Change but this poor naive girl even cares.

Why? Because it’s all gigantic scam, folks. It just is. Some day, poor Greta will figure all of that out, and she’ll end up as wealthy as Al Gore, because that’s how the scam works.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: The Biden Debt Bill Passes the Senate as Harry and Meghan Whine to Oprah

This seems to pretty well sum up the essence of the Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry the Meager:


Or perhaps this:


Oh, by the way, President Donald Trump predicted Harry’s future life a couple of years ago when this creepy, attention-mad couple detached themselves from the Royal Family:

Ok, now, understand this: This interview featured a thoroughly untalented and extremely wealthy Hollywood actress and a human mediocrity who happened to be born into massive wealth and privilege whining to a billionaire TV personality about how terrible their lives together are. And somehow in our utterly perverse popular culture here in America, they are by and large considered to be “victims.”

Holy crap.

But enough about this pair of whiney clowns.

Time to re-think that shopping trip to Bath and Body Works:

This is what happens when a completely ineffective “health” measure becomes a deity to a rapidly growing religious cult.

Oh, hey, you remember that Biden Gas Premium? – Yeah, it’s about to go higher, after Houthi rebels backed by – guess who? – Iran staged another attack on Saudi oil facilities on Sunday.

From the story at Marketwatch:

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition dropped bombs on Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa on Sunday, following attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil and military facilities. The coalition blamed the administration of President Joe Biden for the attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels after a decision to remove them from U.S. terror lists.

“Possible damage at Ras Tanura in particular is generating concern on the oil market, as this is home to Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil storage facility and oil export terminal,” said Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank, in a note to clients.

“The news fell on fertile ground as Brent had already increased to $70 per barrel on Friday,” due to OPEC’s surprise move to not step up production for now, said Weinberg.

“It seems that OPEC is focusing on price control at present, and that it wants to completely eradicate any surplus stock by the autumn in readiness for the possible return to the market of Iranian oil exports in the event that agreement is reached with the U.S. on the nuclear dispute,” he added.


The Biden Gas Premium voted into your lives by your Democrat “friends” currently stands at about $.58 per gallon since Election Day. You should expect it to approach $.70 per gallon by the end of this month, and then you’ll be able to watch it rise to a dollar or so as summer driving season approaches, and refiners are forced to change over to making the more expensive summer blends in the coming weeks by the EPA.

Remember, Democrats, no whining at the gas station. You voted for this.

Meanwhile, here is what your friendly BLM/Antifa terrorists were doing in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend:

Amazingly, the Louisville police actually showed up and arrested some of the thugs who were assaulting teen and pre-teen girls and boys participating in a cheerleading competition.

I’ve never been a fan of open carry laws, and this is why. Police should not be faced with domestic terrorists carrying AR-15s on a sling. Neither should 10 year-old cheerleaders.

The $1.9 trillion Biden Debt Building Bill passed the senate over the weekend, and it essentially destroys the value of work as a foundational principle of our country. – As the Wall Street Journal editorial board points out in a new editorial, the bill effectively establishes a guaranteed federal income that is “unlinked to work.” Among other elements, the bill extends enhanced unemployment benefits through the end of September, enhances the child care credit and earned income credit and sends a $1400 check to individuals with incomes of up to $75,000 ($2,800 for couples with $150,000 income) plus $1,400 per dependent.

Oh, and best of all for the layabout class: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other prominent Democrats are promising to immediately start working on another massive payoff bill to replace this one come October.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal piece:

• The bill sends another $1,400 to individuals earning up to $75,000 ($2,800 for couples with $150,000 income) plus $1,400 per dependent including kids in college. This follows the $1,200 for individuals and $500 per dependent in the Cares Act and $600 for each in the December relief bill. In total, most non-affluent families of four will get $11,400 in direct payments.

Republicans pushed to lower the individual income threshold to $50,000, which is about as much as the average production-level worker makes. But Democrats refused because it would exclude many government workers, especially those in blue states with higher salaries. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden wants to put these payments on autopilot so they don’t lapse until unemployment falls below a certain level.

• Households will also get a $3,600 fully refundable tax credit for each child under age 6 and $3,000 for those up to age 17. The current $2,000 child tax credit is only partly refundable, meaning people who pay little or no taxes don’t receive the full benefit. But now people could collect more from the child tax credit than they pay in taxes and even earn in wages.

• Parents would also benefit from a larger and fully refundable dependent care tax credit. The bill boosts the maximum tax credit to $4,000 for one child and $8,000 for two or more from $1,050 and $2,100, respectively. Since teachers unions have kept thousands of schools closed, Democrats now want to make it up to parents by paying their child care expenses.

• Health insurance plans on the ObamaCare exchanges have long been unattractive for those who earn too much to qualify for premium subsidies and young adults with low health expenses. The bill tries to lure more people to the exchanges by sweetening subsidies through 2022, and Democrats will vote to make them permanent in the midterm election year.

Households making above 400% of the poverty line—$106,000 for a family of four—would qualify for subsidies with their premiums capped at 8.5% of their income. Premium subsidies for lower-income households would also increase on a sliding scale. Most unemployed wouldn’t have to pay a penny toward their premiums, which will be another disincentive to return to work.

• Democrats are also turning the earned income tax credit (EITC) into an unearned income tax credit. The EITC was originally intended to increase the incentive for lower earners to work, but complicated rules have turned it into one more income transfer. Now Democrats are making it so that even the unemployed can get the credit.

Individuals next year will be able to use their 2019 income as the base for determining their credit size if it’s higher than their income for 2021. The maximum benefit for single adults will triple and the threshold for disqualifying investment income will increase to $10,000 from $3,650, a boon for day-trading millennials.

• Democrats say all these income transfers are needed to ensure people don’t go hungry or become homeless. But their bill would also extend last year’s 15% food stamp boost through September and provide another $27 billion in rental and utility assistance, on top of the $25 billion in the December relief bill to cover back rent for nonpaying tenants.

All of this arrives when the Covid vaccine rollout is accelerating, the economy is recovering at a rapid pace, and the national jobless rate is already down to 6.2%. The goal of this Democratic program isn’t Covid relief. The point is to expand and solidify the role of government as the guarantor of every American’s income unlinked to any obligation to work.


Exactly. Liberals in our country have been conditioned by Democrat politicians and their loyal toadies in the corrupt news media to worship the federal government as their secular god. With this bill, Democrats in congress hope to satisfy their supplicants for the next six months, at which time they will have another debt-funded monstrosity already in the hopper to pass around like manna from heaven.

Combine this atrocity with HR1, the “for the people” act, and you have the recipe to fully institutionalize a permanent form of fascist/socialist government in the former constitutional Republic that was America.

That is all.

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HR 1, The ‘For the People Act,’ Would Destroy America’s Election System Entirely

This $1.9 trillion fake COVID bill is bad, for sure. – But if you want to see something really, really, really bad, take a gander at HR 1, which Democrats have cynically named the “for the people” act.

The Democrat Party has spent the last century working steadily to destroy the entire concept of free and fair elections in the United States of America. Last year, they weaponized a global pandemic to use as a tool to greatly enhance the gains they had already made in this effort via the widespread use of mail-in ballots, often deploying clearly unconstitutional means to make it happen. This year, their plan is to exploit their tiny majorities in both houses of congress to complete their century-long mission.

HR 1 is the vehicle they plan to use to accomplish that that goal. This is a bill that, put simply, would nationalize the entire election process, placing it firmly in the hands of whichever political party controls all levers of power in Washington, DC. The Democrats believe their current majorities in congress, along with China Joe Biden’s complete opening of our southern border to massive human trafficking once again, will enable them to finally move the ball across their long-cherished goal line.

Here’s how Congressman Andy Biggs summarizes the effort in today’s Washington Examiner:

One reason that Democrats pursued their second sham impeachment of President Donald Trump is to distract the nation from a myriad of leftist policies they are implementing. One of the very worst is a renewal of their effort to put D.C. swamp monsters such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in charge of all elections.

The far Left wants to take control of local elections and prevent states, counties, and cities from running elections. They also want to eliminate voter identification, a requirement in most states and one that the Supreme Court has upheld. Leftists also want taxpayers to pay for the campaigns of politicians.

These crazy ideas, which will undermine the integrity of all our elections, is priority No. 1 of the Democratic Party. It was the first bill Pelosi and company introduced when Democrats took control of the House in 2019. It was stopped cold by then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But when Democrats took control of the House, Senate, and the presidency in January of this year, it was once again the first bill introduced by the Democrats.

One doesn’t need to look too far to understand why liberals want to centralize election procedures in Washington. They believe that the changes they propose will keep Democrats in power in perpetuity and reduce the role of Republicans. And after all, the purpose of everything Democrats do is not to benefit the nation; it is to keep Democrats in power. By taking control of elections away from the local jurisdictions that have constitutional authority over elections, the political party in power can create a system that favors that party staying in power.

Democrats want to eliminate voter identification requirements. Most rational people want to know that voters are eligible to vote and want to prevent fraud, such as duplicate voters. That is why most states impose minimal voter identification requirements. Without voter ID, it is simply easier to commit voter fraud. Democrats want to erase voter ID so they can cheat.


Biggs is absolutely correct about the Democrat motivation – the sole motivation – to eliminate voter ID. There is no legitimate logical argument that supports such a move in the United States, and never has been. This move has long been the centerpiece of the Democrat strategy to literally control the outcomes of elections in the future. If voters don’t have to provide ID, then there is no way to honestly certify the results of any election.

Another key piece of HR 1 for Democrats is that it will place severe restrictions on the ability of county clerks around the country to purge voter roles of people who have died or moved out of state. This would eliminate all risk in their efforts every election cycle to ensure every name on every headstone in the local cemeteries becomes a loyal Democrat voter. It will also enable the strategy of having voters from other states go to other states to vote in key elections – like happened in the special senate elections in Georgia on January 5.

The “for the people” act is being dishonestly promoted by depraved Democrats as a bill that would “enhance” minority voting rights. This is true only if you consider every person in every minority to be a Democrat voter.

Bottom line: This bill has nothing to do with protecting Blacks or Hispanics or women or anyone else. This bill is designed to accomplish a single goal, and that goal is the institutionalization of permanent Democrat control of all levers of federal power via massive election fraud.

This bill is, in other words, the end game of the century-long Democrat Party effort to eliminate the concept of free and fair elections from the American landscape.

In order for HR 1 to pass, the Senate filibuster will have to be eliminated. You should expect the corrupt news media to ramp up its brainwashing efforts to convince the public that this is a grand idea in the days and weeks to come. Because that is what our news media does for Democrats and their plans to dismantle our country.

That is all.

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New York Democrat Speaker, Senate Majority Leader Call for Cuomo’s Resignation

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, my, my. In separate statements today, both New York’s Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader – both Democrats – said that Governor Cuomo must resign due to a continuing parade of women going public with accusations of sexual harassment and bullying while working on the Governor’s staff.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins was the first to speak out today, but her statement was soon followed by a similar missive from Speaker Carl Heastie.

From a story at The Hill:

The top Democrats in the New York legislature called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to resign on Sunday after two more former aides accused him of improper behavior and as members of his administration stand accused of altering data to downplay the true toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

In separate statements Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D) said they had seen enough.

“Every day there is another account that is drawing away from the business of government. We have allegations about sexual harassment, a toxic work environment, the loss of credibility surrounding the Covid-19 nursing home data and questions about the construction of a major infrastructure project,” Stewart-Cousins said. “New York is still in the midst of this pandemic and is still facing the societal, health and economic impacts of it. We need to govern without daily distraction. For the good of the state Gov. Cuomo must resign.”

“We have many challenges to address, and I think it is time for the Governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of the people of New York,” Heastie said in his own statement.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D), the deputy majority leader, said on Twitter that he agreed with Stewart-Cousins that Cuomo should resign.


So, it seems that, for New York Democrats, a fellow Democrat governor can harass as many as three women without any real consequences, but man, you do it to four, and you’ve crossed the line. And of course, implementing policies that result in the needless deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers in the state’s nursing homes is no big deal at all.



That is all.

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Sunday News Roundup: Fox News Crashes and Burns as the Mob Comes for Pepe le Pew – Will Daffy and Porky be Next?

The dam has burst all over Cuomo. – I write in detail about the ever-growing list of accusations of sexual misconduct in office against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in another piece this morning. Go read it.

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – For those who may have forgotten, here is how women in the corrupt news media were covering Andrew Cuomo just 8 months ago:


Today’s Fun Fact. – Fun Fact: $1.9 Trillion would be enough to send more than $5,000 to every man, woman and child in America, including all the illegal aliens currently in the country.

Instead, the bill currently going through congress would send $1,400 to a small fraction of Americans, as the stated purpose of the disgusting pork-barrel monstrosity – COVID relief – occupies just 9% of the bill’s total price tag.

Thanks, Democrats!

Fox News is collapsing like Andrew Cuomo’s world. – Well this just could not happen to a better bunch of people: The ratings for Fox News continue to implode since the fake news channel’s election night betrayal of Donald Trump and the country. Fox, which consistently led the cable TV news ratings over the past two decades, and for much of last year was the highest-rated network in all of cable, has now dropped to third in the news ratings behind both CNN and MSNBC.

It is a truly stunning fall from grace. From the story at The Independent:

fell into third place among US cable current affairs broadcasters for much of January, languishing behind CNN and MSNBC as conservative viewers deserted the channel in Donald Trump’s final month in the White House.

The first week of the new year saw a mob of enraged Trump supporters stage a failed insurrection at the US Capitol in protest at his election defeat, the president’s historic second impeachment by the House of Representatives, his departure from the Oval Office and Democrat Joe Biden being sworn-in as his successor.

But despite this dramatic sequence of events, Rupert Murdoch’s network suffered its worst month since April 2000, falling into third for total day viewers and overall viewers, according to the latest Nielsen ratings tracking the period between the riot and the Mr Biden’s inauguration as his successor.

Whereas CNN averaged 2.49 million weekly total viewers and MSNBC drew 1.93 million during the period, Fox secured just 1.49 million, down 18 per cent year-on-year.

It also lost out to its centrist rivals in the primetime evening slot for the first time since July 1999, as the likes of Sean HannityLaura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson failed to keep momentum under the president’s “stolen” election narrative when no evidence materialised to support that claim. And it struggled to find substantial attacks on the incoming Biden administration.


Don’t you just love how the leftist nitwits at The Independent refer to rabidly-leftwing CNN and MSNBC as “centrist rivals”? Truly hilarious.

But hey, that’s our utterly corrupt news media in action, and sadly, Fox News is now as corrupt as any other outlet.

Our “You Knew he Was a Snake When You Voted For Him” Reminder. – Evangelicals who idiotically voted for China Joe Biden last November are now pretending to be oh, so schocked and surprised that the Sock Puppet-in-Chief they helped to install is – gasp! – not a good Catholic:

They’ll get no a single ounce of sympathy from me, and don’t deserve any from you, either.


First they came for Dr. Seuss, and we said nothing. But then they came for Pepe le Pew… – And, well, that’s just a bridge too far, isn’t it?

No, I swear I’m not making this stuff up: New York Times writer Charles Blow – quite possibly the dumbest man working in the media today, which is saying an awful lot – actually used his op/ed space in the fake newspaper of record on Friday to go after the greatest French skunk who ever worked in cartoons, the esteemed Pepe le Pew.

Here’s an excerpt from a story at

Now that the New York Times has succeeded in joining other lamebrains in an effort to cancel a half dozen Dr. Seuss titles, it is moving on to its next quirky cartoon character.

Beware, Pepé Le Pew, the Looney Tunes skunk whom aptly-named Times columnist Charles Blow has convicted of “normalizing rape culture.”

“As a child, I was led to believe that Blackness was inferior. And I was not alone. The Black society into which I was born was riddled with these beliefs,” Blow wrote. “It happened for children in the most inconspicuous of ways: It was relayed through toys and dolls, cartoons and children’s shows, fairy tales and children’s books.”

Apparently, a fun-loving cartoon skunk in search of romance and chasing the cartoon female skunk of his dreams (heaven forbid) somehow tied into this message.

“Some of the first cartoons I can remember included Pepé Le Pew, who normalized rape culture,” Blow blows. “Speedy Gonzales, whose friends helped popularize the corrosive stereotype of the drunk and lethargic Mexicans; and Mammy Two Shoes, a heavyset Black maid who spoke in a heavy accent.”

In the event all of that isn’t enough, Blow admitted that he “cheered” when Dr. Seuss got cancelled.

“So, this week when the company that controls the Dr. Seuss books announced that they would no longer publish six of the books because of racist and insensitive imagery, saying ‘these books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,’ I cheered as some bemoaned another victim of so-called ‘cancel culture,’” Blow wrote. “Racism must be exorcised from culture, including, or maybe especially, from children’s culture.”

Blow makes a valid point that racism should be “exorcised” from culture. No one would disagree with that. But know what else should be omitted? Seeking out examples of racism where there’s no intention of it.

Oh, and know what else should be omitted? Pedophilia.

But the Times once published an op-ed stating that pedophilia is “not a crime.” Instead, it blamed “the laws” for “failing” pedophiliacs and “ignoring opportunities to prevent child abuse.”

So, got that? Cartoons are bad, pedophilia is OK, and the Times continues its rapid march right into the looney bin. Just don’t invite Pepé Le Pew.


See how this works? The New York Times literally endorsed pedophilia a few years back, so the Perpetual Outrage Mob did the same. The New York Times goes after Dr. Seuss, so the Mob demands the burning of Dr. Seuss books. Now, Charles Blow and the Times go after Pepe le Pew, and presto!, the Mob demands Pepe be no more.

And that’s just the beginning: On Saturday, the Mob turned its cancelling attentions to Speedy Gonzales and his sidekick, Slowpoke Rodriguez, so they’ll now be gone from society posthaste. Let’s not forget that they went after poor Elmer Fudd several years ago, demanding that Warner Brothers redo their cartoons and replace Fudd’s ever-present shotgun with – I kid you not – a freaking scythe:

Looney Tunes on HBO Max is 'not doing guns,' but scythes, anvils, TNT abound - CNET

So, which Looney Toons character is next for the cancel culture Mob? It’s a tossup between these two guys:

Warner Brothers Daffy Duck Porky Pig cel Rocket Squad signed Chuck Jones cell at Amazon's Entertainment Collectibles Store

Oh, the humanity!

That is all.

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This Guy is Toast: The Dam Bursts All Over Cuomo

The dam bursts on Cuomo. – Well, whatever deal the elderly-killing, sexual-harassing, serial-bullying Andrew Cuomo might have cut with state legislative leaders to avoid impeachment – as I theorized yesterday – is now off, after not one, but two more former female staffers went public with new allegations of sexual harassment on Saturday. The women accuse the Governor of creating a classic hostile workplace environment in which inappropriate touching and graphic sexual innuendo seem to have been Cuomo’s normal mode of behavior.

From a story at

According to the Daily Mail, Ana Liss, 35, was a policy and operations aide for Cuomo for 2 years from 2013-2015. She spoke to the Wall Street Journal and said that he made advances toward her including asking if she had a boyfriend, touching her back and kissing her on the hand. She told the WSJ that she felt diminished from an educated professional to “just a skirt.” She said his behavior wasn’t “appropriate, really, in any setting.”

Karen Hinton’s story suggests this has been going on for some time. Hinton, 62, said that Cuomo embraced her after a work event in 2000. She said she tried to pull away from him, but he pulled her back before she was ultimately able to get away and leave.

Additionally, two male aides claimed that the governor would berate them, call them “pussies” and say “they have no balls.” Other current and former officials told the WSJ that the governor would regularly ask women about their dating lives, touch them and make comments on their physical appearance including asking them to wear high heels.

This is on top of the three women who have already come forward alleging sexually inappropriate or harassing behavior – Lindsay Boylan, Charlotte Bennett and Anna Ruch. Ruch wasn’t even an aide, just a woman that he met at a wedding and who he immediately asked to kiss her.


This now brings the running total to five women, including four ex-employees, who have accused the sitting Governor of New York of engaging in behavior that would have had any major corporate CEO out on his sorry ass weeks ago. Yet, there Cuomo remains, still ensconced in the governor’s mansion and with a public approval rating that somehow still hovers in the high-40s if the polls are to be believed, which I freely admit is a crap shoot.

One of the unintentionally hilarious parts of these newest two accusations is that they came just a day after a leading Democrat in the state senate bizarrely told the press that the legislature would continue to protect Cuomo and allow him to serve out his term in office so long as no more women went public with their accusations:

Yes, friends, I kid you not: According to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, it’s just all cool and stuff for a fellow Democrat to egregiously harass three women, but do it to four, well, that’s crossing some odd line in her demented Democrat mind.

I swear I’m not making this stuff up – from a story at Breitbart:

During an interview aired on Thursday’s broadcast of Spectrum News Capital Region Albany’s “Capital Tonight,” New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) stated that if any more people come forward with allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) “I would think it would be time for him to resign.”

Host Susan Arbetter asked, “What if another person comes forward with a credible allegation against the governor, or two more people? At what point would he lose your support?”

Stewart-Cousins responded, “Well, I think I made it clear on CNN that any further people coming forward, I would think it would be time for him to resign.”


Breathtaking, isn’t it? So, what does this indicate to you? Doesn’t it indicate that Cuomo had indeed struck a deal with his fellow Democrats in the legislature that he would sign their bill stripping him of his executive emergency powers in exchange for allowing him to serve out his term, with the caveat that the three women who had already gone public were all their were?

Of course it does. But the bloom on that rose now appears to be off as Democrat state assembly members took to social media to demand action on the part of their leadership. Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou not only demanded Cuomo’s removal from office over these latest allegations, but also spent a little time describing how the process works:

Like Sen. Stewart-Cousins, Rep. Niou had made no such demands so long as Cuomo had only been credibly accused of abusing just three women in the workplace. It’s bizarre and utterly corrupt, but that does seem to be some sort of ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card in the demented minds of New York Democrats.

So now that Cuomo stands credibly accused by no fewer than five women – and who can doubt  more are on the way – these depraved people will either have to act on their “principles” or create some other artificial threshold for Cuomo to avoid exceeding before they finally act to rid Albany of his pestilence.

If they choose the latter course of action, I’d suggest they set the number really high. Like, in triple digits.


That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: Cuomo Has Likely Cut a Deal as RINO GOP Governors Use Him as a Role Model

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – Americans have now been living under a federally-declared “state of emergency” over a virus for one full year. “15 Days to Flatten the Curve” has turned into “365 Days to Suppress the Constitution.”

Today is also the 187th anniversary of the day the Alamo fell to the Army of Mexico led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Remember the Alamo! Remember the Constitution!

Could today also be the day of the fall of the Cuomo Administration? – Probably not, but one can always hope. The embattled, mass murdering, sexual harassing, serial bullying New York Governor took another blow on Friday as the Democrat-dominated state legislature voted overwhelmingly to strip him of his emergency powers.

As always in the corrupt political world of New York, there’s a catch here: Cuomo has agreed to sign the bill, a commitment he made on Wednesday. That likely means that he has cut a deal with legislators that this will be the only action they take against him, putting an effort impeach him outright off the table.

If this is surprising to you, it shouldn’t be. After all, the Democrats in the legislature and the corrupt news media led by the New York Times were all perfectly happy to keep Cuomo in office and continue pretending he was doing a great job so long as killing old folks in nursing homes and then covering it all up remained his only scandal. After all, people do tend to become more likely to vote Republican as they age, so hey, Cuomo’s policies helped the legislators in their efforts to get re-elected.

They considered that Cuomo scandal – the deaths of thousands of elderly citizens – to be a feature, not a glitch. Remember, if you vote Republican, they automatically assume that you are a racist bigot; thus, they hate you and would rather you were dead. Cuomo just followed up on that modern Democrat principle.

Think about it: We have known about the consequences of Cuomo’s COVID policies for at least 10 months now, since Fox Meteorologist Janice Dean began reporting on it last May. Yet, literally no one in the New York legislature or at the New York Times bothered to say boo about Cuomo until it was revealed he had systematically tried to cover it all up, and – more importantly – until his former female staffers began to go public about his serial abuse of them while they worked for him.

Then, suddenly, Cuomo became a guy who was publicly identified to be on the wrong side of one of the Democrat Party’s pet causes – not human life, but protecting women in the work place. Once that happened, he became persona non grata to the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter, and thus a threat to the re-election chances of New York Democrat politicians, which in turn mad him a threat to all the Democrat activists working at the New York Times, CBS, etc.

On Friday, CBS News also aired the second part of its interview with former Cuomo staffer Charlotte Bennett, who, among other things, accuses the horny Governor of New York of “lying when he said that he had personally taken his mandatory workplace sexual harassment training course. She named another employee, office director Stephanie Benton, as the person who took the course for him, though Cuomo signed off on it as if he had taken it himself. According to a statement from the governor’s office, Benton denies Bennett’s claim.”

I mean, hell, why would this guy need to take a course in workplace sexual harassment training? After all, he appears to be the world’s foremost expert on the subject.

But back to the main point: If you see Cuomo sign the bill to remove his emergency powers, then don’t expect to see the media covering his scandals any longer. He would only do this deal with the sign-off of the New York Times editorial board.

Democrats: If they didn’t exist, you could never, never, ever make them up in million, gazillion years.

Speaking of the corrupt News Media’s shilling for Cuomo… – This video compilation captures some of the highlights of the last 10 months of media malfeasance quite well:

Devastating. In a just society, each and every one of the creeps seen here would be removed from their jobs just as Cuomo himself has removed so many New Yorkers from their jobs over the last year.

But we do not live in a just society anymore.

Is it a joke, or is it real? – You tell me, because I have no idea, but it would not surprise me even a little tiny bit if we soon see the current generation of young, brainwashed Americans walking around wearing one of these little gems:

Not all Republican Governors are made of the stern stuff of Ron DeSantis, Christi Noem, Greg Abbott and Tate Reeves. – While some GOP state executives have moved to free their states of the tyranny of masks and business-and-job-killing occupation limits, other Republican governors have continued to rule basically as Democrats, keeping their citizens under their brutish thumbs as they enjoy exercising their powers.

Take Alabama’s ineffectual Kay Ivey as a good example. On Thursday, she decided she isn’t ready to give up her little tinpot dictatorship, extending the state’s insane mask order by yet another month, through April 9:

From the story at The Hill:

The move sets up a split between Southern Republican governors on mask mandates and could be an indication more GOP governors will not follow Texas and Mississippi’s leads right away.

Alabama’s mask order will remain until April 9, after which Ivey said it would not be extended. She notably defended the effectiveness of the order.

“The bottom line is we have kept the mask mandate in place for more than a generous period of time because it has helped,” she wrote. “And as a result of the people of our state doing their part, we have seen dramatic results & real progress being made.”

While the mask mandate will stay for now, Ivey said that given the improving situation she would ease some orders, including restrictions on the size of a group at each restaurant table.


Mighty big of you, Governor. And note that last part: Ivey is such a control freak that she has actually limited not only the total capacity of each restaurant in the state, but has extended her control to even the number of people who can sit at each table.

Honestly, Alabama voters, if this is the best you can do, just go ahead and vote for a damn Democrat. At least then the facade of Republicanism would go away.

Then there’s Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, another pathetic RINO whose behavior in office has differed little from that of Herr Whitmer in neighboring Michigan. Also on Thursday, as pressure built within the state for him to follow the lead of Texas Governor Abbott to lift his useless mask order and capacity limits, DeWine joined Ivey in take the Democrat stand:

There is in fact ZERO actual data to indicate that masks do a damn thing to retard the spread of this virus. None. In making that statement, DeWine simply becomes guilty of spreading Democrat/media propaganda in order to justify his own ongoing desire to treat Ohio as his own little banana republic.

That’s the truth and we should not be shy about saying it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Neanderthal Thinking Turns Bi-Partisan

A friend sent the following little missive over to me the morning after China Joe Biden had accused Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Tate Reeves of Mississippi of “Neanderthal thinking” after they ended their statewide orders on wearing masks and imposing occupancy limits on a wide variety of dining, drinking and service businesses:

“Those of us who descend from Europe are 3 to 5 percent Neanderthal DNA. We should have a special protected status and get reparations in the form of quality cave art. Our ancestors were obliterated. I am tired of discrimination against Neanderthals.”

Great parody of today’s leftwing Perpetual Outrage Mob thinking right there.

But now, China Joe and his toadying Mob are faced with having to shift their talking and screaming points yet again. Late Thursday, Democrat Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont joined Abbott and Reeves in dramatically rolling back his own unconstitutional orders.

From a story at DailyWire:

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced on Thursday that his state would soon be making significant reductions to restrictions that the state implemented in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“Most of the changes will go into effect on March 19, with several more coming down the line over the following two weeks,” the Hartford Courant reported. “The decision comes as President Joe Biden warns states not to move fast on reopening. Lamont said the decision was a result of Connecticut’s dropping COVID-19 metrics.”

A statement from the governor’s office said that while many of the measures are being rolled back, protocols about wearing face coverings, social distancing, and sanitation measures are still being kept in place.

All capacity limits in Connecticut are being eliminated on March 19 for restaurants, retail outlets, libraries, personal services, indoor recreation, gyms, museums, zoos, offices, and places of worship. On March 29, capacity limits on early childhood classes will increase from 16 to 20. On April 2, outdoor amusement parks can open, outdoor venues can increase to a 50% capacity with a maximum 10,000 people, and indoor stadiums can open to 10% capacity.


So, being a Democrat, Lamont naturally wants to preserve his brutish control over his citizens’ daily lives to some extent, but the direction he is moving is abundantly clear: It is in the same direction as Abbott and Reeves.

Thus, being a Neanderthal becomes a rare exercise in bi-partisanship in today’s polarized America. Go figure. Then again, all three governors are obviously of European descent, thus proving my friend’s thesis conclusively. That Neanderthal blood runs thick.

In fact, my buddy’s anecdote was backed up on Thursday by none other than Senator Marco Rubio, as reported by the New York Post:

Sen. Marco Rubio is urging President Biden to seek “training on unconscious bias” after using the term “Neanderthal” to criticize Republican governors who ended COVID-19 mask mandates.

The Florida Republican humorously described the word as a “stereotype” and noted Thursday that many people of Eurasian ancestry descend from the extinct hominid species.

“President Biden’s use of an old stereotype is hurtful to modern Europeans, Asians & Americans who inherit about 2% of their genes from Neanderthal ancestors,” Rubio tweeted.

“He should apologize for his insensitive comments and seek training on unconscious bias.”

Sen. Rubio was joking, sort of, but Biden’s various forms of bigotry are starkly obvious to anyone who has paid attention to his public utterances through the years. Just yesterday, in fact, Biden told a group of NASA engineers that Indian Americans are “taking over the country.” Presumably, Indian Americans will be glad to learn that Biden is no longer accusing them of owning and running all of the 7/11 stores, as he did in a famous incident about 20 years ago.


Of course, Biden and the Mob will continue to scream about masks and the fiction that they have done anything to halt the spread of the viral gift from China. That bit of idiocy is destroyed in this easy-to-understand chart:

May be an image of text that says '260000 DAILY NEW CASES UNITED STATES CDC "CASES ARE ON THE TH" March3 100000 80000 Harris Pollt 93% MASK COMPLIANCE October 22 National Geographic 92% MASK COMPLIANCE CDC October 89% MASK COMPLIANCE Pew Research CDC June 85% MASK 83% MASK COMPLIANCE COMPLIANCE CDC May 78% MASK COMPLIANCE April 40000 30000 20000 10000'

For those incapable of reading a simple line chart, what this one shows is that, as Americans got to 93% compliance with mask orders around the country, the number of “cases” of COVID-19 rocketed skywards to unprecedented levels. It’s not necessarily a cause and effect relationship, though: More likely just a case of the masks having zero impact on anything, which many studies all over the globe have found.

To be absolutely clear on this: I think wearing masks should be a personal choice and I don’t care what choice anyone else makes. I have worn a mask everywhere it has been required for 10 months simply because those have been the rules, as unconstitutional as they clearly are, even though I know there is zero data indicating that wearing theses masks protects me or anyone else.

What I object to is someone saying “it’s premature” and “the Governor’s a neanderthal” without backing either statement up with the slightest bit of data or science.

I’m not a huge fan of Governor Abbott’s orders, but in his defense, every step he has taken has been based on real data and the advice from his chosen panel of experts. His approach has been systemic and defensible and utterly consistent. The lunatic level of outrage his latest order has produced is completely uncalled for and utterly unsupported by a shred of data or science.

So, yeah, I’m going to push back on that, and I hope others do as well.

Bottom line, this is my most fervent wish about what should happen related to COVID-19:

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That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: Biden’s Handlers Cut His Feed and Who Paid for Illegal Immigrant t-Shirts?

Sometimes the Sock Puppet in Chief forgets his role. – President Donald Trump used to hold 2 to 3 press availabilities on a daily basis; Joe Biden, meanwhile, has yet to hold a single one across his 7 weeks thus far in office. This stark contrast has naturally created troubling questions about what in the world is going on here, especially given the fact that China Joe is so obviously displaying the classic signs of an elderly person dealing with advancing dementia.

The fact that Biden’s handlers have refused to allow him to deliver the traditional speech to a joint session of congress early in his first year is another sign that they understand he is not capable of spending too long speaking in public without what they deem to be “proper” supervision. This is the main reason why his Department of Homeland Security keeps inventing “security emergencies” alleging that the largely-imaginary forces of “Q-Anon” are somehow a threat to the Capital Building, as they did yet again this week, resulting in congressional staffers being sent home for two days. These “threats” that never materialize into anything real provide Biden’s handlers with a handy excuse to explain why he has not gone to Capital Hill to deliver said speech.

It’s all quite a ruse.

All of the White House staff’s machinations to allow Biden to publicly speech only under the most-strictly controlled circumstances produced a comical incident on Wednesday in which a live-streamed event was suddenly cut off after the Sock Puppet said “I’m happy to take questions.”

Oops. No, you’re not.

Biden’s handlers then immediately ended the stream, and a graphic appeared on the participants’ screens that said “Thank you for joining.”

My goodness. This is the “leader” of the formerly free world.

Just in case you take that latest DHS security warning seriously… – Here is what is actually happening at the Capitol Building today:


Oh. Thank goodness that these DHS people aren’t running our public schools or they’d all end up being evacuated every day in response to every fake bomb threat called in by a teenager looking to avoid taking a physical science exam (and that analogy is not at all auto-biographical, ok?).

Hey, China Joe’s already allowed 108 of them who tested positive for COVID-19 into Texas… – Now these poor, destitute illegal aliens all have their own ready-made t-shirts. Guess where those came from?

Anyway, the t-shirts bear a logo demanding that China Joe go ahead and let them into the country illegally because, well, he’s a Democrat and they believe they are somehow entitled. So, there you go.

From the story at Breitbart:

Foreign nationals gathered at the United States-Mexico border this week to demand President Joe Biden’s administration release them into the interior of the country, as they have done with thousands of other border crossers.

On March 2, about a hundred foreign nationals from Mexico, Central America, Haiti, and Cuba protested near San Ysidro, California in Tijuana, Mexico where they requested the Biden administration allow them into the U.S.

Wearing t-shirts with Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign logo and the words “Please let us in!” the group of foreign nationals held signs that read “Biden — please let me enter.” In interviews with AFP, some of the foreign nationals said Biden ought to allow them to enter the U.S. while they await their asylum claims as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has done with others.

“We want an answer from your president, we want someone to come out and give us an answer,” one of the protesters told nearby U.S. federal immigration officials.


Just so everyone is clear here, these illegal aliens are not actually entitled to anything from the United States of America, much less demanding that the POTUS give them an answer to their demands for unearned privilege. Of course, the liberal virtue signal crowd will all get onto their Twitter and Facebook accounts to wail about how awful these people are being treated by just, you know, like, everybody!!!!!!

But all I can wonder about it all is, who paid for those damn t-shirts? Although the answer really isn’t hard to figure out.

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – I’m old enough to remember when Andrew Cuomo’s big scandal – which his friends in the corrupt news media still ignore – was killing thousands of New York senior citizens in the state’s nursing homes. Brit Hume is also old enough to remember that, and Powerline Blog has an excellent piece analyzing that disgusting media failure to do its job.

From the story at PowerLineBlog:


It says a lot that Andrew Cuomo became a media darling even as his policies caused thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes, but now, suddenly, is the subject of impeachment talk because three women have accused him of mild or borderline sexual harassment. What it suggests to me is that our priorities are skewed and that our culture is becoming frivolous.

The allegations of sexual harassment show Cuomo to be a boor, something many of us already suspected. Reasonable people can disagree as to whether the allegations are just cause for removing him as governor.

The fact that Cuomo sent New Yorkers infected with the coronavirus back to nursing homes where, inevitably, they became super-spreaders is a far more serious matter. And if, as may well be the case, he committed federal crimes when asked by the Justice Department about this scandal, this is just cause for removal and for criminal prosecution.


The author, Paul Mirengoff, is right, of course. But anyone expecting the U.S. Justice Department under Merrick Garland to lift a finger to investigate the matter and potentially bring charges against a Democrat governor is destined for major disappointment.

Today’s Required Reading… – Today’s required reading comes from the Washington Examiner, where Tina Lowe has authored a terrific, devastating commentary that disrobes, tars and feathers repugnant California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Here is an excerpt from that piece to whet your appetite:

Even California has its limits. And they just might bring down the curtain on the charmed career of Golden State golden boy Gavin Newsom.

In less than a year, the liberal governor of California went from having a 67% approval rating, including a majority of the state’s Republicans, to potentially becoming the third governor in the nation’s history to lose his seat in a recall election. California may have a Cook partisan voter index of D+12, the sitting vice president and speaker of the House, and nearly 20% of the Democratic Party’s House contingent, but Newsom’s scandal-plagued term might prove too much to ignore.

A group of grassroots organizers has already garnered 1.5 million signatures on a petition to force a recall vote against Newsom, but they intend to send 2 million to the state by the March deadline just in case some are thrown out. Although the organizers largely come from conservative backgrounds and the first major candidate to jump into the race is Kevin Faulconer, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, the anti-Newsom push isn’t strictly partisan.

“If we get back to normal, everyone’s gonna have to go to therapy for a few f—ing years, because we’re all depressed and going insane,” a prominent Latino Democratic strategist who’s worked with scores of state politicians told the Washington Examiner. In the hopes of controlling the narrative, Newsom has traversed the state under the guise of coronavirus management, hamming it up for the camera in convenient photo-ops with close party allies as a show of confidence in his stature.

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The COVID-19 restrictions in every state

But that’s part of the problem. “I don’t want to see my governor happy every day,” the Democratic strategist noted. “I want to see my governor a little bit miserable. Just like me. I don’t want to know that my governor is sending his kids to in-person classes every day.” Newsom’s troubles really started to boil over when he was caught dining at the Michelin-starred French Laundry with 22 others while shuttering local restaurants left and right over coronavirus restrictions.

Although California has suffered a death rate just half as bad as New York and New Jersey, Newsom has committed the sort of made-for-TV errors that only compound his reputation as an out-of-touch ingénue. Newsom has let the teachers unions keep all but 11% of the state’s children out of school, yet he sent his own to in-person private school. And after nearly a year of Californians sacrificing their livelihoods to keep their death rates much lower than most of the nation, it aggregated half of its total deaths from the pandemic in just two months — after Newsom instituted a ban on outdoor dining, putting an already struggling restaurant industry on life support.


Go read the rest of it. It will be the best 10 minutes of time you invest today.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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The Leftist Outrage Mob Goes Crazy in Texas

Ok, so, the new Texas liberal/leftist/socialist/fascist/communist virtue signal is to go onto Twitter or Facebook and brag that “I’m gonna keep wearing my mask – I don’t care what that neanderthal Abbott says!” Which tells you they’re breathlessly keeping up with their Democrat Party talking points, since the elderly Sock Puppet In Chief used the word “neanderthal” yesterday when talking about Texas Governer Greg Abbott’s rescission of his statewide mask order and job-killing limitations on Texas businesses.

But don’t ask them what actual data or science they’re using as the foundation for their demented brag; if you do, they’ll just scream something like “it’s science because Fauci says so!!!!!” or something similar. After all, these are people who have already made a conscious decision to remain willfully ignorant of any data or science that does not support the daily talking, er, screaming points coming at them from Biden and Fauci and that bald little fat guy on CNN.

Let’s face it, they’re already intentionally ignoring every shred of science about kids being back in school so they can go to Twitter and Facebook to signal their teacher’s union-supporting virtue. Expecting any of them to actually pay attention to the real science about the utter uselessness of wearing masks is like asking for a complete change in long-engrained behavior.

Not gonna happen.

Very predictably, the sadistic cowards who run big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target in Texas have also already made the decision to follow the mood of the Perpetual Outrage Mob and continue to require the wearing of masks on their premises, which Governor Abbott made very clear is their right to do in his order. Of course, it’s to their advantage to play to the mob, which makes up half of their customer base. And it’s also to their advantage to do their part in fanning the mob’s flames since it will encourage the mask-wearers to now boycott any small business competitor who chooses to lift their own mask requirement.

See how this works?

As I told a friend on Facebook yesterday, this is what a year of brainwashing by Fauci and the corrupt news media has done to the left: Turned them into a pack of braying hyenas who consider it a significant virtue to deny American kids a full year of real in-school education – something that is most negatively impactful for the least-privileged kids among us – and to walk around hiding half their faces behind one, two or even three masks that have been proved time after time after time to have literally no impact on the spread of this virus.

As well, school superintendents across Texas are signaling their own virtue to the mob by announcing they will keep in place the mask requirements and other restrictions that have set back millions of school children in the state. Here is one typically idiotic statement from the superintendent of the Cedar Hill ISD in North Texas:

“Cedar Hill Independent School District, we certainly believe the mask requirement should continue for the foreseeable future. The masks have allowed us to return to a semblance of normalcy. They have prevented COVID-19 cases and allowed in-classroom learning to begin and thrive…”

No, the masks have not prevented COVID-19 cases. As even Anthony Fauci has repeatedly stated on national television, there is zero evidence that school-age kids are spreaders of the virus, and even less evidence that requiring 7 year-old children to wear masks has prevented a single case of the viral gift from China. This is propaganda, nothing more, and it is what we are running our schools upon. It’s the very same propaganda that screamed that the recent Super Bowl held in Tampa, Florida would turn into a “super spreader” event, but ignores the actual science and data that proves it was in fact nothing of the sort.

As I’ve been warning you for many months now: The left’s response to COVID is not about saving lives, it is about controlling lives. It is about creating the pretense for making things like wearing masks and stay-at-home orders and unconstitutional restrictions on the freedoms we have always held dear permanent features of our lives. These restrictions are things they consider to be features, not glitches, and they are going to cling to them by any means necessary.

Why? Because a population that not only lives in fear but does so willingly is much easer to control as the Democrats continue to shove their rancid form of fascist socialism down its collective throat.

That’s what this is about, and the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter and Facebook provides the foot soldiers for the spread of the Nazi-style propaganda.

As is always the case with leftists, once you accept their actual motivations, everything they do and say, er, scream makes perfect sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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