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Tuesday News Roundup: Ronald Reagan’s ‘Fascism in the Name of Liberalism’ has Arrived

CNN just keeps on getting faker and faker. – I kid you not, CNN’s little Humpty Dumpty mascot, Brian Stelter, did an entire 8-minute segment on his Sunday show in which he and his guest bemoaned the lack of shot-getting selfies posted on the web by personalities on Fox News:


You just could never, never, ever make this stuff up, folks. You just can’t.

Twitter just keeps getting Nazi-er and Nazi-er. – Yesterday, I wrote about the real-estate-buying spree by Democrat domestic terror group Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Khan Cullors. Today, I find myself writing about the fact that the Nazis who police Twitter to eliminate any form of thought that does not comply with the leftist narrative suspended the account of a writer – who happens to be Black – who dared to criticize the self-proclaimed Marxist Ms. Cullors for her lurch into capitalism.

No really. That really happened:

From the story at the DailyMail:

A prominent black sports journalist barred from Twitter for the ‘crime’ of discussing the $1.4 million house bought by a Black Lives Matter co-founder slammed the company for trying to silence legitimate debate.

Jason Whitlock, 53, told on Monday that Twitter was ‘going too far’ by blocking him from posting to his account, which has nearly 450,000 followers.

The censorship by Twitter comes as social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, have increasingly ‘de-platformed’ figures who stray too far from opinions they consider acceptable.

‘BLM is one of Big Tech’s sacred cows,’ Whitlock told ‘I’ve been harping on the fraudulence and the financial grift of BLM for years.’

‘I think Twitter has been looking for an excuse to de-platform me,’ he said.

BLM raised $90 million last year, the AP has reported, but it’s unclear how leaders are paid – if they are paid – because the organization’s finances are opaque, a fact that has sparked criticism, even among local BLM chapters.

Now, Whitlock says, Twitter is trying to silence him for asking questions about BLM’s finances.

He was silenced just as it emerged that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a self-professed ‘trained Marxist’, had purchased the $1.4 million house in LA. The New York Post reported Cullors had also bought two other LA homes in recent years, and paid $415,000 for a 3.2 acre property in Georgia.

When Whitlock tweeted his response to the news of Cullors’s purchase, he included a link to the popular celebrity real estate website The Dirt, which first reported the details of the property.

Cullors, 37, raised eyebrows with her new three bedroom, three bathroom house in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles – a largely white district.

In her new zip code, 88 per cent of residents are white and 1.8 per cent black, according to the census.

Whitlock explained: ‘Twitter locked my account around 4pm Friday,’ confirming his account was still blocked.

‘They said my account was locked because I revealed personal information about someone.

‘They said I needed to remove the tweet that linked the story about Cullors buying a house in Topanga.’

There was no explanation of how linking to the story revealed personal information as neither the story, nor Whitlock’s tweet, listed an address – and the purchase also was discussed widely elsewhere on Twitter and reported throughout the press.

Twitter didn’t respond to’s request for comment.


Twitter refuses to respond for the simple fact that its explanation for Whitlock’s suspension – that he somehow revealed personal information about Cullors, something those on the radical left do all the time without penalty on Twitter – is completely false. Whitlock was suspended because someone in Ms. Cullors’ camp complained about him. That’s how things work at Twitter. There are no “rules” being enforced: It’s just a big tattle-tale micro-society in which those who toe the ideological narrative are safe.

And now you all know why I decided to get off of that evil, Nazi-style platform two years ago.

Future GOP presidential nominee Ron DeSantis put it all very well in a speech on Monday, after the Soviet-style news-fakers on CBS aired a second hit piece on their 60 Minutes fake news program:


“…And some of our biggest media conglomerates, who claim to be avatars of the first amendment and free exchange of ideas, they’ve really become cheerleaders for censorship. If something doesn’t fit the overriding narrative, then in their view it’s better that it gets left on the cutting room floor. It’s best that you edit it out of existence rather than tell people the truth. So, I think what we’re really witnessing is Orwellian. It’s a big tech/corporate media collusion, and the end result is that the narrative is always ‘right.’ Well, I don’t think that’s what the American people want, certainly not people here in Florida.”

Yes, that’s exactly what is happening here, and its only two possible ultimate outcomes are 1) we all end up kneeling down to the false gods who control the narrative, or 2) we all end up involved in a second U.S. civil war.

Because the false gods who control the narrative are never going to relent. Their goal is to turn our formerly free nation into just another Venezuela-style socialist/fascist state, with themselves in charge.

All of which just goes to show that the Great Ronald Reagan was right as usual when he said this:

“If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” – Ronald Reagan

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s here.

That is all.

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Brooklyn Center Riot Provides a Preview of Things to Come in Minneapolis

This is just a small preview of what’s going to happen after Derek Chauvin, the cop who allegedly killed George Floyd, is acquitted, which appears to be inevitable. – Riots and looting mysteriously managed to break out within minutes after it was revealed that a cop in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, had inexplicably shot and killed a 20 year-old black man named Daunte Wright with his service pistol. The killing happened despite the cop’s claim that he was trying to use his taser to subdue Wright, who body cam footage clearly shows was resisting arrest, which is pretty much always the case in tragic stories like this.

How does that happen? You got me. But that’s the narrative the cop is trying to establish, and it obviously isn’t playing well with the community in Brooklyn Center.

From a story at Fox News:

A Sunday afternoon traffic stop in Minnesota turned into a deadly officer-involved shooting and a car accident.

Brooklyn Center Police said in a news release that the stop for a traffic violation was initiated on the 6300 block of North Orchard Avenue shortly before 2 p.m.

Brooklyn Center is about 10 miles from Minneapolis, where tensions are high during the murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd.

Demonstrators gathered shortly after the shooting and crash, with some jumping on top of police cars and confronting officers, and the National Guard was activated.

Authorities said that the driver of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant.


So, just as in the George Floyd case, another life ends during an attempted arrest of a man who is resisting arrest. The cop provides what really does seem to be an almost impossible-to-believe explanation for the shooting, and within a matter of minutes, a big crowd gathers and starts rioting and looting, no doubt organized and egged on by BLM/Antifa terrorists and media operations like CNN and MSNBC.

One African American man in Brooklyn Center no doubt spoke for many in the Black community when he unleashed a profanity-filled tirade on live tv at a CNN crew that was there to falsely portray what is happening in order to attract ratings:

If only we could make CNN get out of here with all of its media shit. The country would be so much better off without their Goebbels-style operation.

This is the exact same narrative that played out in cities all over the country last summer, and now it happens yet again just days before the jury will render its decision in the Derek Chauvin case. It seems almost impossible to believe it can all be just a terribly unfortunate series of coincidences, just as it seems almost impossible to believe that the fact that the FBI has had all of these mass shooters of the last decade under surveillance in advance of their killings is just a series of coincidences.

Yet here we are with the exact same scenario playing itself out over and over and over again in cities all over the country, and this newest example taking place just a few miles from the courthouse where the Derek Chauvin decision will be rendered soon.

The powder keg has thus been lit, and you can bet that none of the Democrat officials in charge in Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota or in the Biden administration will do anything in advance to prevent it from exploding in full force when the Chauvin jury renders its decision.

That is all.

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Welcome to the Corporate Socialist States of America, Part II.

Welcome to the Corporate Socialist States of America, Part II.

[Note: Before reading this, you may want to refer back to my previous piece on this subject from April 5, “Welcome to the Corporate Socialist States of America, Comrades.“]

This story should scare the hell out of you:

From a story at the Washington Post:

More than 100 chief executives and corporate leaders gathered online Saturday to discuss taking new action to combat the controversial state voting bills being considered across the country, including the one recently signed into law in Georgia.

Executives from major airlines, retailers and manufacturers — plus at least one NFL owner — talked about potential ways to show they opposed the legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills and even delaying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures, according to four people who were on the call, including one of the organizers, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor.


So, here we go: More than 100 leaders from internationalist corporate interests – not mere “corporations” as the Post story describes them – gathered on a call to do one specific thing: Coordinate their political activities in a manner that will prevent GOP-dominated legislatures in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania and Arizona and Michigan and Texas from passing laws designed to head off the massive election fraud that took place in the 2020 presidential contest.

Simply put, this was a meeting about the desires of these globalist business leaders to preserve the ability to steal elections for Democrats. Period. That’s what it is.

Note that the Post does not portray these companies as “American” businesses, which is appropriate. Because these are not “American” companies – they are globalist companies with global interests. The fact that they are headquartered in this country is to these globalist men and women a mere footnote to history, not a sign of any loyalty to this country or its form of government. If anything, many of these companies are far more interested in displaying loyalty to the Chinese communist government because that represents a massively larger potential market than America represents today.

These leaders fought to elect Joe Biden last fall not despite  his obvious ties and vulnerabilities related to China, but because of those ties and vulnerabilities. To these corporate socialist leaders, that is a feature of China Joe, not a glitch.

This hyper-loyalty to China and its 1.2 billion person market also explains why these globalist companies also so detested Donald Trump and his “America first” agenda. These corporate socialist business leaders hold no loyalty to America or to its fading capitalist economic system. They are all about control – they want to be able to control their tax environment, which Trump disrupted, control their regulatory environment and control their markets.

Many people will wonder why these globalist corporations hated Trump’s tax reforms, with its cut in the corporate tax rate. The answer is simple: While those cuts did benefit their bottom lines in this country, they were far more targeted on helping small businesses, which these globalists hate since they tend to impede on their market shares. The same is true of all of Trump’s cancellations of heavy regulations: Those mainly benefitted small companies who do not have the resources to comply with and mitigate  the costs of such regulations, something these enormous corporate interests have in droves.

These globalist corporate interests deal with heavy regulatory and tax regimes in communist and socialist countries all over the world. A low tax and regulatory scheme that mainly benefits small businesses in the U.S. is not in their best interests. So, here in the U.S., they are all in favor of more regulations and heavier taxes that mainly disadvantage their small competitors.

Over the past year, we saw the very same principle of self-interest at work with the heavy COVID restrictions. Wal-Mart and Target and Starbucks and Apple and AT&T and all these other giant corporations were all for that stuff because they knew the main effect of it would be to put their competitors out of business, which is exactly what has happened.

Now, with China Joe safely installed as their Sock Puppet-in-Chief, these globalist corporate honchos don’t even feel the need to disguise their efforts: They’ll just have their calls and leak their strategy to carefully-selected corrupt reporters at the Washington Post, CNN and the New York Times to ensure the Republicans who they’re targeting will get the message.

Republican politicians had better wake up and figure out that these big corporations are their enemies fast, or they will find themselves and their party out of power permanently. This call was basically a declaration of war on the GOP and this country’s form of government.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: BLM Marxist Discovers Capitalism as China Joe Leads the U.S. on a Fast Lurch to Marxism

The New York Post nails another one. – “Black Lives Manors” reads the headline at the New York Post in an expose of the recent high-dollar real estate-buying binge by the “Marxist” leader of the Black Lives Matter movment, Patrisse Khan Cullors. The BLM founder and leader recently purchase no fewer than four new homes with a combined value of roughly $3 million, including a $1.4 million barndominium in Topanga Canyon, California.


It turns out that some of the other “Marxist” leaders of the domestic terror wing of the Democrat Party aren’t real happy about Ms. Cullors’ conspicuous displays of wealth, with at least one demanding an investigation into exactly how she has been spending the terror group’s money.

From the story at the Post:

As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate-buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37, also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes, The Post has learned. Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent.

The self-described Marxist last month purchased a $1.4 million home on a secluded road a short drive from Malibu in Los Angeles, according to a report. The 2,370 square-foot property features “soaring ceilings, skylights and plenty of windows” with canyon views. The Topanga Canyon homestead, which includes two houses on a quarter acre, is just one of three homes Khan-Cullors owns in the Los Angeles area, public records show.

Some fellow activists were taken aback by the real estate revelations.

Hawk Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter Greater New York City, called for “an independent investigation” to find out how the global network spends its money.

“If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes,” he said. “It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement.”

Last year, Khan-Cullors and spouse Janaya Khan ventured to Georgia to acquire a fourth home — a “custom ranch” on 3.2 rural acres in Conyers featuring a private airplane hangar with a studio apartment above it, and the use of a 2,500-foot “paved/grass” community runway that can accommodate small airplanes.

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada Janaya Khan attends the Gurls Talk Festival in collaboration with Coach and Teen Vogue at Industry City on March 11, 2018.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ spouse and BLM Canada co-founder Janaya Khan.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for COACH

The three-bedroom, two-bath house, about 30 minutes from Atlanta, has an indoor swimming pool and a separate “RV shop” that can accommodate the repair of a mobile home or small aircraft, according to the real estate listing.

The Peach State retreat was purchased in January 2020 for $415,000, two years after the publication of Khan-Cullors’ best-selling memoir, “When They Call You a Terrorist.”

In October, the activist signed “a multi-platform” deal with Warner Bros. Television Group to help produce content for “black voices who have been historically marginalized,” she said in a statement.

It is not known how much Khan-Cullors received in compensation in either deal.


For a communist, Ms. Cullors sure does engage in a lot of capitalism. Hilarious.

I’ve been warning you about this for more than a year now. – CNN is now even writing about it overtly. That is the inevitable effort by Democrats to not let a good crisis go to waste, and to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opening to force the nation down the path towards the Party goal of becoming a communist paradise.

Now that they have their shiny new Sock Puppet-in-Chief safely installed into the White House, the Democrats are putting their project to transform the nation into full gear, knowing that China Joe is incapable of throwing up any resistance, even on the off-chance he figured out what was going on. Which he isn’t capable of doing, and we all know it.

In a story published at its website on Sunday, CNN glowingly lays out how the “progressives”, i.e., communists in the White House are going about transforming the country and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it.

From the story:

As they chart the country’s tentative economic recovery, White House officials see possibility in the wake of the pandemic — an opportunity to dive full bore into pursuing the most transformative progressive policies in decades.

Holed up in offices in the cavernous Eisenhower Executive Office Building, top White House economic officials are combing through reams of data from the dramatic emergency measures deployed to address the dual economic and public health crises created by the pandemic, the kind of real-time information progressive economists have only been able to dream about during past economic downturns.

They contend that data shows their policy priorities are having a tangible effect — and that it helps make the case for doubling down in the form of a massive infrastructure and jobs package, even if Republicans aren’t on board.

It’s not just that the series of unprecedented measures implemented over the course of the last year, punctuated by President Joe Biden $1.9 trillion Covid relief package, are helping to address the pandemic, though that’s what the numbers show, said Charlie Anderson, director of economic policy and budget for Biden’s Covid-19 response team.

“But (it) also sets in place the foundation for us to do what we should’ve been doing all along,” Anderson said in an interview with CNN.

The result is an administration that is hardly running from the GOP attack that they are going too big, several White House officials told CNN over the past several weeks. Biden and his team say it’s a moment that cannot be missed, one that should be driven by addressing what they view as long-standing structural deficiencies in the economy.


Here’s the great irony in that last part: The “longstanding structural deficiencies in the economy” that these communists want to address are the remaining parts of it that they don’t control. You know, like the ability of “Marxist” leaders of their party’s domestic terrorist group BLM being able to invest in high-dollar real estate and capitalist stuff like that.

You can read through the rest of CNN’s drivel and not find a word about how Biden’s policies have already created the highest gasoline prices in 3 years, have driven up the prices of food at the local supermarket by 20% in just a few months or have created a major humanitarian catastrophe on the southern border. This is all just about 1,000 words of typical state-run media cheerleader drivel, exactly what you would expect from CNN if you’ve been paying a shred of attention in recent years.

What the Biden people in the White House are doing is taking our country on a rapid lurch towards becoming Venezuela, and they’re using COVID-19 as their platform for doing it.

That’s the truth, and we shouldn’t be shy about saying it.

That is all.

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Sunday News Roundup: John Roberts Betrays America Again, and Anthony Fauci Isn’t Sure

The New York Post’s social media guru could have ended the title of this tweet at “not sure”:

From the story at the Post:

It’s been some five weeks since Texas lifted its mask mandate, and there has yet to be an explosion of COVID-19 cases.

It’s something Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t quite explain.

“I’m not really quite sure,” he told MSNBC this week. “It could be they’re doing things outdoors.”

Daily cases in Texas hovered above 7,000 in early March, when Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the state’s mask rules, leaving it up to individuals and organizations to make their own decisions.

Now, according to the Centers for Disease Control, new cases of COVID-19 are under 4,000.

Fauci noted there can be a delay in how and when cases manifest.

“Often you have to wait a few weeks before you see the effect of what you’re doing right now,” he said.

“I hope they continue to tick down. If they do, that would be great but there’s always the concern when you pull back on methods — particularly on things like indoor dining and bars that are crowded — you could see a delay and then all of a sudden tick right back up,” he said.

“We’ve been fooled before by situations where people begin to open back up. Nothing happens and then all of a sudden several weeks later things explode on you, so we’ve got to be careful we don’t prematurely judge that,” he added.


Now, understand that this Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci, has been running around the country for more than a year now proclaiming without any doubt at all that the incubation time for this viral gift from China is two weeks. TWO WEEKS. Yet, as the story notes, Gov. Abbott lifted the idiotic, worthless mask order in Texas FIVE weeks ago now, and the state’s numbers of cases and deaths have dropped dramatically over that time.

So, we’re three weeks past the Fauci-promoted incubation time here in Texas and have not seen the increase in cases that both Fauci and our national Sock Puppet-in-Chief, China Joe predicted would happen, yet, the Little Menace “isn’t sure” why that is the case.

Presumably, the Little Menace also “isn’t sure” how to explain the reality expressed in this chart compiled from official CDC data on the China virus:


Here’s the easy explanation: Texas and Mississippi dramatically DOWN since lifting their mask orders;  Michigan, New Jersey and New York, all of which have kept their mask orders in religiously in place, dramatically UP across the same period of time. Because science, right?

Mr. Fauci can’t explain any of this. He “isn’t sure” why this has happened, just as he has not been “sure” about literally anything about this virus, other than the fact that it happened to originate in a Wuhan lab to which his own National Institutes of Health has sent billions of U.S. dollars over the past 20 years. That part, he’s no doubt very sure about.

This little propagandist is a pure menace to our entire society. A sensible, just society would have put him in prison by now, or at the very least locked him away in some isolation area to ensure he can never show his face on television again. Instead, he will no doubt make several appearances on the Sunday network TV propaganda shows today, in which he will continue to spread his false, constantly-conflicting propaganda and not be able to explain why he has been wrong about literally everything about this virus for 15 solid months now.

At what point do we all just admit that John Roberts is just one more abject failure by George W. Bush? – A year after it was implemented, the Supreme Court of the United States finally got around to declaring California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order shutting down church services in his state to be a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution on Friday in a 5-4 decision. Not surprisingly, the supposedly “conservative” chief justice, the clearly-compromised John Roberts, sided with the three communists on the court in a dissenting opinion that basically says, hey, what First Amendment?

From a story at ScotusBlog:

In an unsigned opinion, the majority wrote that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit’s failure to put California’s COVID restrictions on hold was “erroneous.” The Supreme Court’s decisions in earlier challenges to COVID-related restrictions have, the justices wrote, “made several points clear.” Among other things, the majority stressed, government regulations are subject to heightened scrutiny whenever they treat any secular activity more favorably than religious activity; it doesn’t matter that the state also treats some secular businesses or activities poorly. Moreover, the majority added, a case may remain a live controversy even if the government changes the policy – particularly when, as here, “officials with a track record of ‘moving the goalposts’ retain authority to reinstate those heightened restrictions at any time.”

In her dissent, Kagan contended that the First Amendment “requires that a State treat religious conduct as well as the State treats comparable secular conduct.” That, she wrote, is what California has done, by adopting “a blanket restriction on at-home gatherings of all kinds.” California doesn’t have to treat at-home religious gatherings “the same as hardware stores and hair salons,” she contended.


Note that stunning declaration by the commie Kagan: the First Amendment “requires that a State treat religious conduct as well as the State treats comparable secular conduct.”

Here’s a reminder of what the First Amendment actually says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It has long been established by the courts that the word “congress” applies to government at all levels in our society, and Kagan’s opinion does not attempt to dispute that. But her contention that a state must only “treat religious conduct as well as the State treats comparable secular conduct” is stunning, and the fact that a supposedly “conservative” jurist would agree with that contention is even more stunning, and shows just how precariously-situated our rights in this country truly are.

If Kagan’s absurd contention were correct, then the Constitution would, in addition to a prohibition on government to restrict the exercise of religion, contain amendments prohibiting government from restricting the exercise of going to movies, or rock concerts, or Broadway shows, or other secular public gatherings similar to going to church. But the Constitution does not do that: It specifically singles out the free exercise of religion, and nothing more.

This was a 5-4 decision, folks, with the dissent involving 3 overt commies and a closet commie who isn’t really much in the closet anymore. Various news reports on the decision said something along the lines of “John Roberts sided with the 3 liberals on the court” in describing Roberts’ latest betrayal of this country. At what point do we simply recognize that John Roberts is no “conservative,” and is in fact just part of a 4-member commie minority on the court at this point?

George W. Bush made a lot of mistakes – too many to properly catalogue, in fact. But of all those mistakes, the appointment of John Roberts is proving to be his worst.

That is all.

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Friday News Roundup: The Border Crisis is Intentional, and the Media is Complicit

Prince Phillip died early Friday morning:

From the story at the New York Post:

Prince Philip, the longest-serving royal consort in British history, who was a constant companion to Queen Elizabeth II during their 74 years of marriage and the father to royal heir Prince Charles, died Friday. He was 99.

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,” Buckingham Palace announced on Twitter Friday.

“His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”

Known for his easy-going humor, dapper wardrobe and sometimes startling frankness, The Duke of Edinburgh was a tireless advocate for the monarchy, wildlife conservation, science and a proponent of mixing athletics with scholarship.

He also racked up more than 22,000 solo public engagements since 1952.

The oldest-ever male member of the British royal family, Philip was rarely seen in public after he retired from his public duties in August 2017.



Here’s all you need to know about China Joe Biden and gun control. – China Joe doesn’t even know the name of the agency charged with enforcing America’s gun laws:

At one point in his utterly, completely, 100% dishonest speech announcing his new executive orders on gun control, our brain-addled Sock Puppet read from his TelePrompter a statement claiming that attendees at gun shows are able to purchase firearms with no background checks at all. An outright lie.

When asked at her press briefing later in the day if the Sock Puppet-in-Chief actually believes that lie, the hapless Jen Circle Back Psaki responded exactly as you’d expect her to respond:

“No, it’s not his belief.” That’s an actual, very rare true statement from the White House spokesperson. See, Joe Biden doesn’t actually have beliefs of his own. On any subject. As I’ve written many times in the past, Joe Biden’s brain is an empty vessel waiting to be refilled with the ideas of others.

I mean, my God, this is a man who was forced out of the presidential race in 1988 because he is so vacant-minded that he literally plagiarized the speech of a British politician in an effort to reinvent his own personal life story. This man doesn’t even know who he is as a person, much less hold any deep beliefs about the pressing issues facing America today.

And of course he doesn’t really believe anything he said in that speech yesterday, which as Tucker Carlson exposed in his monologue last night, was nothing but a recitation of the long-promoted false talking points of the radical left on the issue of gun control. That speech – like every other speech he gives – was written for him by others. All China Joe did was read it, and not very well, obviously.

A friend commented after Biden’s latest lurch into Soviet-style totalitarianism that “it’s almost as if the Democrat Party decided last year to intentionally saddle the country with the single dumbest and most easily-manipulated person in their entire party.”

No, it’s not ‘almost’ like that: It’s exactly like that. And they succeeded.

God help us, the alternative to China Joe – the amazing disappearing “Border Czar” and former escort for Willie Brown – is even worse and more dangerous.

We are so screwed.

Meanwhile, at that same fake White House press briefing… – Not a single question was raised by a single fake reporter during this hour-long daily soiree about the literal invasion that is happening at our border with Mexico. Not one.

The crisis at our southern border continues to explode, with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol posting all-time record high numbers of apprehensions during March. The numbers are simply overwhelming:

From a story at the DailyMail:

March saw the most migrant children crossing the border in a month in HISTORY with 19,000 kids taken into cramped shelters that cost $60MILLION a week

March saw the most migrant children crossing the border in history, with 18,890 unaccompanied minors being taken into cramped shelters.

The previous record was when around 11,000 children crossed the border in May 2019.

The March numbers provided by Customs and Border Patrol Thursday represented a 100 per cent increase in crossings compared to February.

Overall in March, the CBP encountered more than 172,000 people attempting to gain entry along the Southwest border, which represented a 71 per cent increase over February 2021.

The CBP’s acting commissioner Troy Miller pushed that the situation was under control.

‘CBP has experienced an increase in encounters and arrests. This is not new. Encounters have continued to increase since April 2020, and our past experiences have helped us be better prepared for the challenges we face this year,’ Miller said in a statement attached to the new numbers. ‘We are committed to balancing the needs of maintain border security, care for those in our custody and keep the American people and our workforce safe.’

It was also revealed on Thursday that Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services is spending $60million a week to house the child migrants in 10 shelters across the country.

Figures seen by The Washington Post show the cost of caring for one of these youths is $290 a day, and the 7,700 available beds have already been completely overwhelmed.

President Joe Biden also tried to characterize the influx as normal seasonal upticks during his late March press conference.

‘It happens every single solitary year. There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March – it happens every year,’ Biden said then.

Of course, China Joe’s statement there is an outright lie written for him by his evil handlers, which accurately describes literally every statement he makes in public. This is not just an ‘uptick’, not anything resembling normal seasonal fluctuations in border human trafficking. These are all-time record numbers, and this is what an invasion looks like.
Meanwhile, China Joe’s “Border Czar,” Kamala Harris, spends her time shopping for cranberry-orange muffins in Chicago.

Why don’t the fake reporters ask about any of this when given the chance? Because this crisis at the border is a feature of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration, not a glitch. This is all just part of the plan, and the corrupt, Soviet-style state-run propaganda media is complicit.

This really is not complicated. Not at all.

That is all.

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Tucker Carlson Flays Joe Biden’s Dishonest Gun Control Push

Tucker Carlson has, in the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s passing, become the premier conservative thought leader in America. No one else is really close. Carlson pulls no punches, speaks with a clarity of thought and intellectual consistency, and regularly roasts both Democrats and RINO Republicans for their constant gaslighting of the American people. And like Rush, he does it all with a keen sense of irony and humor that no one else in the public square today can match.

I was going to write a long piece this morning about China Joe Biden’s reprehensibly dishonest rollout of a set of proposed new restrictions on gun ownership on Thursday, but there is no need: Tucker Carlson already said what I had planned to say.

Here is a clip of last night’s monologue on gun control, followed by a transcript. It should be required viewing/reading in every home in America. I’ve added some bolding of key passages in the transcript.


Nothing the Democratic Party advocates for is more dishonest than gun control. Everything about that specific issue is false. Most policy debates aren’t like that, and we try to be honest about it. No matter how passionate you are about a position, you can still sort of see what the other side is talking about.

You might deeply dislike taxes, for example, but you can still acknowledge it’s fair to charge people for the services they receive from government. The other side isn’t crazy, they’ve just arrived at a different number than you did. You can hate abortion (and we do) and still understand (again, if you’re being totally honest about it) why a scared pregnant teenager might be tempted to have one.

Gun control is not like that. Gun control is entirely fraudulent. The Democratic Party claims that guns cause violence. That’s the core claim, and it is a lie. It’s provably untrue. The places in this country that have the most guns and the loosest controls on those guns also have the least gun violence and the fewest killings. That’s the bottom line. You could look it up; the statistics are available to anyone.

Anyone who tries to restrict your legally owned firearms is not trying to make America safer. The point is to disarm you and strip you of your autonomy, your power, your right to self-defense. Gun control is not about guns. Gun control is about who controls America. Is it the population, as in a democracy, or does all control go to a small group of authoritarians, as in an oligarchy? Those are the stakes in the gun control debate. It’s not about guns, it’s about who runs the country.

With that in mind, Joe Biden’s speech Thursday calling for more gun control should make you uncomfortable. Almost nothing the president said was true. For example, he claimed that firearms purchased at gun shows are exempt from background checks. That’s a lie, as anyone who’s ever been to a gun show can tell you. Biden also claimed that gun manufacturers have total immunity against lawsuits. That’s also a lie. Gun manufacturers get sued all the time, just ask them. And so on. It was a speech aimed to mislead rather than to inform. Before he announced how he plans to restrict your Second Amendment rights, Joe Biden wanted to remind you that those rights are not real in the first place. They are not, as he put it, “absolute.”

BIDEN:  Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. There are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake, for what we’re talking about. But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.

(By the way, if you watched the speech live, you heard the sirens in the background responding to the skyrocketing crime rate in the city Biden presides over.)

The right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed,” the Constitution promised. But according to Joe Biden, that’s not an absolute right, despite what the text says. No, that right is subject to his approval and his interpretation. Joe Biden is in charge of the Constitution now. Joe Biden defines its terms and Joe Biden has decided that something called “stabilizing braces” can no longer be allowed.

Now, a stabilizing brace is used by target shooters to hold heavy firearms. They play zero role in the murder epidemic now underway in our cities. So why is Joe Biden banning them without the approval of Congress? Probably because up to 40 million law-abiding Americans own this device. Under Biden’s order, every one of those people will have to alert federal authorities and pay hundreds of dollars in fines for the crime of owning a harmless piece of plastic that was legal yesterday. If they don’t comply, Joe Biden’s federal authorities can drag them off in handcuffs, seize their property, and charge them with a felony.

So with a single stroke of a pen, Joe Biden just turned tens of millions of overwhelmingly Republican voters into criminals. Is it starting to make sense now? Think about that for a minute and you’ll begin to understand why the Democratic Party is so focused on what they call “weapons of war.” You might know them as semiautomatic, small-caliber sporting rifles that normal people use for hunting and target shooting and home defense.

Here’s the thing: No subject is more carefully cataloged than gun violence. Guns like these so-called “weapons of war” play no meaningful role in crime. Virtually all gun murders in this country are committed with handguns (again, don’t take our word for it, you can look this up). A small number of people are responsible for most of the violence and they use a small variety of weapons to commit it (again, you can look this up). Those weapons are not rifles.

Here are the numbers: According to the most recent data from the FBI, firearms were involved in a total of 10,258 homicides in 2019, the last year for which data is available. Fewer than 500 out of more than 10,000 of those homicides were committed with rifles, including so-called weapons of war. So criminals don’t use rifles. They’re not concealable. Maybe that’s why, in fact, more people were murdered with knives than with rifles.

So if you actually cared about making the country safer and keeping people from getting murdered, you would target handguns in big cities. That’s where the murders are. That’s where the violence is. But the Biden administration is doing the opposite of this, the mirror image of this. The Biden administration is letting big city criminals go. People who use guns for violence are walking out of jail. And instead, the Biden administration is using the full force of government to disarm peaceful voters in zip codes that voted for Donald Trump. It is that simple.

Thursday, Biden announced that he wants to ban what he called “assault weapons.” He was speaking about the AR 15, the single most popular sporting rifle in America. So the question is: If we banned so-called assault weapons, would the country become safer? We don’t need to guess about the answer because we tried this before under Bill Clinton. For ten full years, we banned assault rifles and then, by law, the Department of Justice studied the effects. Once that ban expired in 2004, gun homicides fell in almost every major city (again, you can look this up). So policies like this one are unhinged from reality, to put it gently.

Luckily, to enforce them. Joe Biden nominated a man who is unhinged from reality. His name is David Chipman, and he will now run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), an agency that Joe Biden referred to Thursday as the “AFT”

“David knows AFT well.” Hilarious. If you’re Joe Biden, everything’s a teacher’s union.

So who is this David Chipman? He’s a conspiracy nut, for one thing.

In a recent Internet post, he claimed that the Branch Davidians shot down helicopters during the Waco siege in 1993. They didn’t. No one aboard a federal helicopter was shot or injured that day. The helicopters also didn’t crash. That’s a bizarre claim coming someone who was directly involved in the case, as Chipman was. But it’s worse than that. In the spring of 1993, the ATF killed dozens of innocent children and at least one pregnant woman for no obvious reason. It’s one of the worst things federal agents have done in this country.

If you’re taking over the ATF, maybe you could apologize for that. But no. David Chipman lied about it, and attacked the dead. It was like blaming the Japanese for their own internment, or attacking the victims of the Tuskegee Experiment for getting syphilis. Not evidence of a generous spirit, evidence of a zeal. This is the man Joe Biden just nominated to lead the ATF.

But it gets worse. In a Reddit post, David Chipman suggested that people who fail background checks should be arrested on the spot.

“While at ATF, I conducted studies involving people who failed background checks to determine how many later committed crimes with a gun—many did,” he wrote. “This is a perfect opportunity to arrest people before committing crimes rather than responding after the fact.”

“Arrest people before committing crimes.” That’s a new concept in American law, though the Chinese are highly familiar with it.

However, it does raise a point of pressing interest to the Biden family. Joe Biden just appointed a guy who thinks people who lie on federal firearms background checks should go to prison. Do you know any people like that? Hunter Biden purchased a handgun illegally. He lied on a federal background check. (That’s not speculation. He did. We’ve seen the form.) So the question is, will David Chipman arrest the president’s son? And if he doesn’t arrest the president’s son, the question is: How exactly are you obligated to follow these rules?

That’s a serious question. Can you live in a country where the rules don’t apply to the president’s son, but you could go to jail for violating them? How can you participate in a system like that?

We should note that David Chipman has said a lot of other things on the internet that he doesn’t want you to see. He’s locked his Twitter account so no one can read what he’s written. But the Daily Wire found an archived version of David Chipman’s Twitter page, and compared it to his current page. They found he’s deleted at least 1,000 tweets in recent days.

We can only speculate what David Chipman said in those posts. But we do know that what he’s said publicly tells us all we need to know about why Joe Biden selected him. In October 2018, for example, David Chipman told The Hill that AR-15’s should be treated “just like machine guns” — meaning banned. Chipman made that remark in his capacity as a policy adviser for an anti-gun group. In 2012, he suggested on MSNBC that the Secret Service shouldn’t carry firearms. And last year, David Chipman openly mocked the millions of Americans who are buying guns to protect their families from the crime wave Chipman’s party started:

CHIPMAN: They might think that they’re Die Hard, ready to go, but unfortunately they’re more like Tiger King and they’re putting themselves and their family in danger, and so what I would suggest is to those first-time gun owners – I would secure that gun locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear and I don’t think they are.

It’s hard to imagine a flippant or more infuriating remark. If you bought a gun to protect your family, your business or your home during the riots that these people unleashed on the country, the conspiracy nut running the ATF calls you crazy. That’s why, if you made the mistake of buying a handgun with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds — in other words, if you bought a Glock 19 or any of the most popular handguns sold in America — you’ll be obligated to surrender it to that guy.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM, PBS HOST, 2019: And high-capacity means — what kind of numbers are we talking about?

CHIPMAN: Yes. I think the consensus has been around 10. And there are a number of reasons why. 

BRANGHAM: So, 10 and above would be high? 

CHIPMAN: Yes. Well, I think — let’s say 10 and below are OK or reasonable. Above would be regulated.

So this raises a lot of questions: Why is David Chipman allowed to decide how many rounds you’re allowed in your magazine? What does he know about that? Is he in charge of protecting your family? Does he live in your neighborhood? Are your children his responsibility? It’s outrageous. But worse than that is, it’s theater. It’s not real. People like David Chipman aren’t opposed to gun violence. In fact, people like David Chipman, his party, certainly are making gun violence possible in this country.

We can give you many examples, but here’s just one from Washington D.C.: The city is planning to stop enforcing gun laws. The party that thinks guns cause violence is no longer pulling them off the street. Why? Because it’s racially insensitive to do so. A D.C. police commander called John Haines just sent a memo announcing this policy: “No longer are we focused on getting guns.” What aren’t they telling us out of the other side of their mouth? That your guns are their problem. Your guns, not the criminals’ guns, your guns, because you’re the criminal now.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, where a 21-month-old child was just shot in a road rage incident last month, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also decided that not all guns need to be removed from the streets. According to her, the real danger isn’t handguns. It’s “military-grade weapons” from Indiana:

LIGHTFOOT, APRIL 7: You can go over the border in Indiana and literally buy military-grade weapons at any quantity.

That statement is a shocking lie, and Chicago’s own data proves it. Most violent crimes in Illinois were committed with guns purchased in the state. According to Chicago police, from 2018 to 2019, authorities encountered a grand total of four people armed with rifles. Four. That’s it. That’s what Lori Lightfoot is focused on. 

In that same period, authorities encountered 44 people armed with revolvers, 15 people armed with “chemical weapons” (whatever that is), and 32 people “wielding their feet” in a violent manner. The rest, of course, were semiautomatic handguns That’s what all the murders are committed with, and everyone knows it. Rifles are not a real threat in Chicago, and they haven’t been for a long time, if ever.

Between 2013 and 2016, just 4.8% of guns recovered by Chicago police were rifles. The most recent murder report from Chicago was from all the way back in 2011 (they’re a little slow on the numbers there), but according to that report, just one rifle was used in a homicide in the city of Chicago, one. That’s what they want to take away. Why? Because you own it, not the criminals.

In the decade that followed, a George Soros-funded state’s attorney named Kim Foxx took over in Chicago. During her tenure, prosecutors started dropping cases for serious gun gun crimes. Not accidentally, but as a matter of policy. Aggravated battery with a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon, reckless discharge of a firearm, serious crimes involving guns. They dropped the charges. They’re not worried about gun crime. They’re worried about you protecting yourself, and not just in Chicago.

Across the country, criminals who commit violence with guns are going free. Murder rates are hitting record levels. Meanwhile, you haven’t hurt anyone. You haven’t done anything wrong. But suddenly, Hunter Biden has a fat book contract from Simon & Schuster, and you’re a felon for trying to defend your home. You can see what’s going on here.

Again, they’re not trying to control guns. They’re trying to control you.


That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: Nikki Haley Rears Her Head as Biden’s Border Crisis Grows Worse

The Babylon Bee never disappoints. – This one is absolutely perfect:

Remember the day when the best parody writers in America worked at Saturday Night Live and SCTV? Now, they all work at the Babylon Bee.

I’m old enough to remember when China Joe Biden put Kamala Harris “in charge” of dealing with the crisis at the border. – That was 15 days ago, and since then the fake Vice President has essentially disappeared from performing any apparent duties at all (not that she was doing much before that time) and people – like GOP establishment darling Nikki Haley – are starting to talk.

From the story at Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris continued to draw criticism Wednesday about her absence from the U.S.-Mexico border region — and for not facing reporters about her role as President Biden’s border czar.

Her most recent detractors included former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who called Harris “missing in action” on Wednesday and said, “God help us if she ever becomes president.”

The vice president has so far avoided a border visit — or a news conference about her border-related duties — despite having visited Southern California over Easter weekend. She has now gone 15 days without holding a news conference about the border since taking on her new role.


Yes, Nikki, God help us indeed if Kamala Harris ever becomes president. Of course, the same could be said about you, but more about that later.

When asked about the fact that Harris is obviously doing nothing related to the border crisis, but had the time to visit Chicago and go shopping at a bakery over the weekend, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki replied that the Veep is “allowed a snack.”

Think about the breathtaking level of utter hubris it takes to say such a thing in the midst of the horrific humanitarian crisis that is happening in real time at the border. It borders on being inhuman. These people are ghouls.

Psaki’s snarky reply came at almost the same moment at which Texas Governor Greg Abbott was ordering Texas Rangers – the real Rangers, not the baseball team – to investigate one of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden border detention facilities in San Antonio for allegations of child sex abuse:

From a story at Fox News:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott demanded that the White House close a San Antonio facility housing migrant children Wednesday following allegations that children there were being sexually assaulted.

During a Wednesday evening press conference, Abbott said he received tips that alleged the children at the Freeman Coliseum facility were being sexually abused and were not eating enough.

“These problems are a byproduct of President Biden’s open border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout for those disastrous policies,” Abbott told reporters.

The governor said that separate complaints were sent to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Wednesday, alleging four different kinds of child abuse.

The agencies then informed the state leadership.

Abbott said allegations of sexual assault, an insufficient number of staffers, children not eating, and an inability to separate COVID-19 positive children from virus-free children, were the most critical complaints the Texas government has received.

“In short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare. The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children,” Abbott told reporters, calling on the White House to immediately shut down the facility.


No word if Harris was too busy chowing down on Chicago chocolate eclairs to issue a response, but it seems likely given the evidence at hand.

Again, these people are uncaring, inhuman ghouls who view and value these invaders from Central America only as potential future voters, not as human beings. To people like Harris and Biden and Psaki, these illegal immigrants are no more important than a herd of cattle, there to be controlled and corralled and fed so they can eventually perform a specific service for the Democrat party. Nothing more.

Meanwhile, the DHS Secretary is suddenly talking tough. – In a sure sign that the whole catastrophe on the border is starting to poll really badly for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is suddenly starting to talk tough about cracking down on illegal immigration. Check it out:

From the story at the Daily Mail:

Joe Biden’s Homeland Security head is looking to crack down on illegal immigration by taking more legal action against border jumpers and targeting U.S. cities that act as a safe haven for them.

‘I see cases now where we apprehend and remove individuals that I think need to be prosecuted criminally,’ DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said during a virtual town hall with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees last week where he also revealed President Biden is considering restarting construction on Donald Trump’s border wall.

‘Quite frankly, I’m going to have to understand why some of these individuals are not subject to a Title 8 USC 1326 case and I intend to work with the DOJ in that regard,’ he added.

Entering the U.S. illegally is a misdemeanor under Title 8 Section 1325. Furthermore, reentering the country after being ousted is a felony under Title 8 Section 1326.

Mayorkas told ICE employees that DHS will also take on so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to work with the agency to turn over illegal immigrants hiding out there.

He also vowed during the meeting, according to notes of the conversation reviewed by the Washington Times, that he is opposed to some more progressive immigration and border protection policies, like the push from the far left to totally abolish ICE.


Now, understand that this is all just being said purely for public consumption. It’s tough talk designed to buy some time while the administration works to figure out a way to better obscure the issue, not anything they really plan to do to try to address it in any constructive way.

The implication that Mayorkas and this administration are contemplating charging a single one of these immigrants with a misdemeanor – much less a felony – is laughable on its face. We have to remember that these people were actively recruited by American activists sent into their countries by front groups for the Democrat party. What we see happening in our own country today is the intended result of that recruitment effort. Are we really to believe that the Biden people will now suddenly turn on a dime and start sending these very same invaders that they recruited back to their home countries?

Please. This is just classic Democrat misdirection, and Mayorkas isn’t even particularly good at it.

But back to Nikki Haley… – So why, you may ask, is Nikki Haley suddenly popping back up on Fox News and pretending to be concerned about the catastrophe at the border? Why, she’s running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, that’s why.

Nikki Haley will become 2024’s version of Jeb! Bush, the well-funded front person for the GOP establishment in Washington DC. She already has her very own political action committee established and money is pouring into it from the very same country club Republican set that filled Jeb!’s tank up with $160 million to waste heading into the 2016 primaries.

That worked out so darn well that they’ve decided to run the exact same strategy all over again with Nikki Haley as its poster child. Why, they’ll probably hire a bunch of the same group of circus clowns to run her campaign and waste all her money for her again as she gets her head handed to her by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, just as Donald Trump handed Jeb!’s head to him.

Oh, this is all going to be so much fun.

That is all.

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For Democrats Like Kirsten Gillibrand, Everything is ‘Infrastructure’

Ok, so, Keystone XL is not ‘infrastructure’ in the minds of the depraved Democrats, but this stuff is? – NY Senator and miserably failed presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand got the award for most ridiculous tweet of the day on Wednesday with this little gem:

Paid leave is infrastructure.
Child care is infrastructure.
Caregiving is infrastructure.

Holy crap. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The idiotic tweet naturally attracted an array of pithy responses, but this one is the best:


All pithiness aside, though, it is important to understand exactly what Gillibrand and other Democrats who are offering language to include all manner of social spending priorities of the Democrat party in an “infrastructure” bill that will eventually be moved in congress are doing here: Trying to attach unpopular spending on unpopular programs to a bill whose concept polls well with the public.

Not that paid leave and child care and caregiving aren’t important in our society: The problem with the federal government spending billions of dollars on those things is that they do not poll well. As a result, grasping clowns like Sen. Gillibrand can never get their billions of dollars for vote-buying pork barrel spending approved for such things in a stand-alone bill. The legislative trick they deploy is to attempt to attach language for their unpopular priorities onto bills that are ostensibly focused on popular priorities.

Boom: Child care is suddenly ‘infrastructure.’ See how that works?

As I wrote last week, the ‘infrastructure’ plan submitted by the Biden handlers last week is already less than 25% focused on spending on things we have traditionally defined as ‘infrastructure’ spending. Most of the remainder of the bill is simply massive payoffs to Democrat Party funders in the fake green lobby. By the time any such plan makes its way through both houses of congress it will undoubtedly morph into just another ominbus spending bill with a more popular name.

See, Democrats like to talk about real ‘infrastructure’ spending, but they don’t like to actually spend money on real ‘infrastructure’ projects. Why? Because real ‘infrastructure’ spending doesn’t end up buying them many votes. We have to remember that the ability to spend other people’s money in order to buy votes for their next re-election campaign is the life’s blood of any Democrat politician. It dominates their entire mindset, and devising ways to do it occupies their every waking hour.

Real ‘infrastructure’ projects involve improving and repairing the nation’s dilapidated roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure, projects in which real people who work at real jobs to make a real living participate. Such people are no longer a significant constituency of the Democrat Party, thanks in large part to the 2016 candidacy of Donald J. Trump. This is why not a single Democrat politician batted a fake eyelash when our Sock Puppet-in-Chief cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and its 10,000 jobs on his first day in office: Those are blue-collar workers, and the Democrats have written them off in favor of importing a larger, new bloc of future voters from Central America.

Think about it: Why would Democrats want to spend billions on actual, real infrastructure projects and the blue collar jobs associated with them when they can allocate that same money to Green New Deal boondoggles and social spending targeting the suburban white mothers who have become their prized potential voter bloc in red states like Texas?

That’s what Sen. Gillibrand’s idiotic tweet is all about. This is how the Democrat mind really works, and if you think she isn’t serious about what she tweeted, you are in for a very big and expensive surprise.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Charles Barkley is Right About American Society

Just so you all know, Charles Barkley is right. – Politicians, especially liberal, Democrat politicians, do want us all to hate each other. As I discussed in a piece yesterday, it’s what they thrive on. Dividing people in order to rule them is in fact the entire philosophy of the Democrat Party, and has been since the day of its founding.

Before we go any further, let’s review what Mr. Barkley said during his halftime commentary at the NCAA semi-finals on Saturday:

Here’s an excerpt:

Man, I think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart, but I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power. They divide and conquer. I truly believe in my heart most white people and black people are awesome people, but we’re so stupid following our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, and their only job is, ‘Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods, we all got money, let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other, let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other, let’s scramble the middle class. I truly believe that in my heart.


He’s absolutely right: The vast majority of both white people and black people are in fact great people who love and respect each other as fellow Americans.

I personally witnessed a great example of this at my 10 year-old granddaughter’s basketball game earlier on Saturday. The games are held in a big field house here in our hometown that has a dozen different multi-purpose courts in it. On any given day, there are hundreds of parents, grandparents and friends of the players milling around watching the games, as well as members of teams waiting to play the next game.

The coach of my granddaughter’s team is a young African American guy who is one of the best leaders of kids I’ve ever seen. He commands respect, treats all of them with respect, coaches them up during the games with a sense of humor, and the progress these girls make from game to game is truly amazing. He treats them all exactly the same, including his own daughter, and I doubt any of those girls ever has a second’s thought about what his race happens to be. He’s their coach, and they are really lucky to have him.

That’s a great story in and of itself, a great example of what America really is as opposed to what we see it portrayed as being every night on CNN and MSNBC and Fox News. But that’s just part of the story I saw Saturday.

During the 4th quarter of my granddaughter’s game, one of the teams consisting of what appeared to be 13-14 year old boys that was scheduled to play the next game arrived a little early and were milling around at the end of the court where a bunch of us were sitting in our foldable game chairs. At one point, a black kid was horsing around with a basketball and lost his footing, taking a hard fall in which he hit his head with a loud pop. Within seconds, a group of mothers and grandmothers, some white, some black, had leapt up to help the young man, who had a cut above his right eye and whose eyes were going a little wonky, making me think he might have a concussion.

One of the mothers ran to the reception desk at the entrance to the building and asked the attendant there to call an ambulance, and within another minute or two a nurse who just happened to be there watching one of her own kids play ball – who also happened to be white – arrived to examine and comfort the kid, and did a great job with him until paramedics arrived. No one hesitated for a second to help this kid; no one had a thought about what his race was; no one made any effort to segregate the growing crowd of onlookers along racial lines.

Contrast that to a political class that is so hyper-focused on race that we have the spectacle of Democrat and some Republican governors using racial metrics to determine who gets the COVID vaccine first in their states. It’s appalling.

What I witnessed Saturday was just a group of American parents and grandparents stepping in to help an American kid who was hurt.

That’s what 95% of America really is. To quote Charles Barkley, “most white people and black people are great people.”

Sadly, too many of our politicians come from the other 5%, and that dynamic also goes beyond the political class into the social and traditional media class.

It’s the 5% who are the loudest, most obnoxious and most divisive users of Twitter and Facebook. CNN and MSNBC award platforms to divisive hucksters and buffoons like Don Lemon and Joe Scarborough and Chris Cuomo and Al Sharpton because they know those are the people who will regularly say outrageous and divisive things that attract viewers to their shows and clicks on their websites.

Barkley is absolutely right about the politicians, but it’s too bad he didn’t carry his thoughts over to the media as well, because the media class has become an even more pernicious and divisive influence on our society than the political class.

Think about it: What’s worse, a President who continues to lie about the Georgia voter law despite all of his lies having been thoroughly debunked and exposed, or the corrupt media establishment that continues to pretend his lies – and their own lies – about the law aren’t lies at all?

Biden’s hapless spokesperson, Jen Psaki, was figuratively disrobed during her press briefing yesterday by Peter Doocey on this subject, yet she gamely continued parroting her false talking points about the Georgia law anyway, because it’s all she knows how to do.

Who’s worse, Psaki, or the 30 or so fake journalists in the room who leapt to help her desperately try to change the subject to something else she could lie about?

Who’s worse, a President who continues to lie about the Georgia voter law and now lies about the fact that he did indeed call for MLB to move its All-Star game out of Atlanta, or a corrupt media establishment that dutifully parrots his lies as if they weren’t lies at all?

Here’s an excerpt from that piece at DailyWire:

President Joe Biden refused to call for the Masters Tournament to leave Georgia after pushing for Major League Baseball to boycott the state.

Biden backed off his pro-boycott messaging after he and other Democrats were pinned with the blame for the MLB deciding to move its 2021 All-Star game and rookie draft out of Atlanta. Biden had encouraged the decision days before it was made over election reforms Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law last month.

“I think that’s up to the Masters,” Biden said when asked if the professional golf tournament should boycott Georgia like the MLB.

“It is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” he added.

He went on to note that businesses and events leaving Georgia carries an economic cost. When businesses leave Georgia, “the people who need the help the most, the people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most.”


Oh, you think? Maybe that’s something you and the corpulent huckster Stacey Abrams should have thought of before you called for MLB to make its move out of 51% Black Atlanta to Denver, one of the most lilly-white cities in America.

Charles Barkley is right: Most white people and black people are indeed great people. Unfortunately, the people in our society with the loudest voices and biggest platforms from which to use them are not.

That is all.

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Tuesday News Roundup: MLB Sells Out Atlanta as the Texas Rangers Sell Out Their Ballpark

They’re so demented that they put a mask on the freakin’ Easter bunny. – I kid you not, at Saturday’s annual White House Easter egg hunt, China Joe and his weirdo wife Jill Si Se Pwadwe Biden put a COVID mask on the Easter bunny:

May be an image of 1 person and standing

Note that China Joe even had to have note cards to be able to talk to children on Easter.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. You can’t.

Look for the Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci, to be whining about ‘Super-spreaders in Texas’ today…. – The Texas Rangers almost sold out their stadium on Monday – more than 38,000 fans were reportedly on-hand in a 40,000 seat stadium to see the terrible team the cheapskate owners are fielding this year lose badly to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Despite an edict from the team that fans must wear masks unless eating or drinking the highly over-priced food, almost none were wearing masks and none of the stadium ushers or security personnel could be seen saying a word to them. It was absolutely glorious.

May be an image of one or more people and crowd

Meanwhile, in Waco, thousands of fans of the Baylor Bears basketball team gathered in the school’s football stadium to watch the basketball national championship game. They all sat closely together in the stands, mostly without masks, and rushed the field together after the game ended in a Baylor win over Gonzaga:

It will be interesting to see how Anthony Fauci, in his role of chief COVID propagandist for this Soviet-style administration and its state-run news media, responds here. In his regular appearances on the Sunday weekend fake news programs, his emphasis was surprisingly on the belief that the vaccination program – for which he is now falsely taking credit – is working and the country will likely avoid a “4th wave” of the virus that others on the administration’s COVID propaganda team are out there predicting.

Will he lecture Texas, which has seen its COVID cases fall dramatically since Governor Abbott decided to ignore Fauci’s edicts in early March, on risking such events becoming ‘super-spreaders?’ He made the same false predictions about the Super Bowl in February and spring break beach gatherings in Florida and is risking now becoming perceived as the boy who cried wolf one too many times if he continues this line of propaganda, so maybe not.

As President Trump likes to say, we’ll see what happens.

Speaking of The Little Menace to Society, this is a situation he really should be taking full credit for. – Mask Nazis are everywhere in our society now, mask-shaming people in order to signal their own virtue and feel better about themselves. Here’s a clip of one Mask Nazi who works for Spirit Airlines running a family off of a plane because their 2 year-old daughter – who was eating – didn’t have a mask on:

A pox on all these people, and the Little Menace who gave them license for such behavior. They are among the worst people in our society today.

Speaking of the worst people in our society today, let’s talk about the FBI. – Asche Scow at has a really good piece about the fact that the FBI has now been utterly corrupted by Obama loyalist Democrats in its ranks and is now simply a tool whose mission appears to be to persecute Republicans while letting Democrats skate, a reality I’ve been writing about for years now.

Here’s an excerpt:

What is the FBI’s main purpose now? Because outside of some great investigative work that gets little national attention, the bureau increasingly seems to be used as a federal weapon aimed primarily at Republicans, generally protecting Democrats while leaking any detail of ongoing investigations that could damage the GOP.

The latest example relates to an FBI investigation into a political ally of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), during which allegations were made against Gaetz accusing him of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, whom he allegedly paid to travel with him. The New York Times reported on the investigation, quoting three, anonymous “people briefed” on the investigation. Gaetz has denied the allegations. Maybe there’s something there and maybe there isn’t, but no matter the outcome, the way the investigation was reported appeared, at least in part, politically motivated.

RedState’s Bonchie addressed the problematic aspects of the Times’ recent Gaetz piece:

Really, it should bother everyone, no matter their feelings on Gaetz, that the FBI can just leak something like this, to attack someone in such a blatantly political way. When you are facing an anonymous allegation, you can’t respond to it in any effective manner. Just last night, the reporter behind the Times story appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show and countered Gaetz’s claim about the man he named, yet she did so offering no proof whatsoever. These games are rigged, and you aren’t supposed to be able to defend yourself.

This is the same tactic media outlets took during the FBI’s investigation into whether former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to “steal” the election. That investigation ultimately found no evidence of such collusion, but that didn’t stop media outlets from publishing thousands of articles over a two-year period featuring quotes from “sources familiar with the matter.”


For the record, I have no idea of Matt Gaetz is guilty or innocent of the behavior he has been accused of by our disgraceful FBI/Justice Department and the corrupt propaganda media, but do agree with Scow that the manner in which this story has been leaked is utterly despicable

Go read the rest. You’ll be glad you did.

And speaking of Major League Baseball… – The cowards who run MLB appear to have found a new home for their annual All-Star game:

So, here’s the thing to understand about this story: The main reason why MLB decided not to hold the All-Star game in Atlanta was because of a new voter law the legislature passed requiring those using mail-in ballots to provide the same sort of voter ID that in-person voters have always been required to show when voting in that state. Got that? Georgia’s voters have lived with a voter ID requirement literally forever, but the Democrat Party discovered a way to get around that last year, by having millions of mail-in ballots mailed to everyone in the state, and they don’t want to give up that easy ticket to massive voter fraud.

That is what this is about.

Ok, so, clearly Colorado doesn’t have such a voter ID requirement, right?

Uh, well, not exactly. As reported at, Colorado has a similar provision in place:

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Colorado also requires that a voter provide identification to vote – including in some instances of voting by mail. When voting by mail for the first time they may have to provide a photocopy of their identification with their return ballot, which seems extremely burdensome for people who don’t have a scanner or a printer at home.

In case the screenshot isn’t readable, here are the documents the Colorado Secretary of State lists as acceptable forms of identification:

  • A valid Colorado driver’s license or valid identification card issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue. (Note:  documents issued to not lawfully present and temporarily lawfully present individuals under Part 5 of Article 2 of Title 42, C.R.S. are not acceptable forms of identification.)
  • A valid U.S. passport.
  • A valid employee identification card with a photograph of the eligible elector issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. government or of Colorado, or by any county, municipality, board, authority, or other political subdivision of Colorado.
  • A valid pilot’s license issued by the federal aviation administration or other authorized agency of the U.S.
  • A valid U.S. military identification card with a photograph of the eligible elector.
  • A copy of a current (within the last 60 days) utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the elector.
  • A Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaskan Native Blood.
  • A valid Medicare or Medicaid card issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • A certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate for the elector.
  • Certified documentation of naturalization.
  • A valid student identification card with a photograph of the eligible elector issued by an institute of higher education in Colorado, as defined in section 23-3.1-102(5), C.R.S..
  • A valid veteran identification card issued by the U.S. department of veterans affairs veterans health administration with a photograph of the eligible elector.
  • A valid identification card issued by a federally recognized tribal government certifying tribal membership.

But, Colorado won’t accept “any document produced by Colorado’s statewide voter registration system” as proof of identification, and it won’t accept expired driver’s licenses.



Another stated reason for moving the game was complaints by Stacey Abrams that Georgia doesn’t provide enough days for early voting. Well, guess what? As you can see from the graphic below, Georgia provides more early voting days than Colorado does:


Naturally, articles from CNN, ESPN and other corrupt, Soviet-style media outlets fail to include those details, because reporting the truth is not their mission.

You just could never make this stuff up. Not in a million, billion, gazillion years.

That is all.

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60 Minutes’ Smear Job on Ron DeSantis Collapses

60 Minutes provided a prime example of the utter corruption of our nation’s media establishment on Sunday with a smear of Ron DeSantis. – In the story, 60 Minutes fake reporter Sharon Alfonsi accused the Florida Governor of engaging in a “pay for play” scheme in which the Publix chain of pharmacy/grocery stores was awarded a contract to become a distributor of the various COVID vaccines in exchange for a $100,000 contribution to the DeSantis gubernatorial campaign in 2018. 60 Minutes made no effort to explain how, in 2018 when the contribution was made, anyone at Publix could have known about a pandemic that would take place in 2020, but hey, this is fake news we’re talking about here – logic and facts play no role. Only the fake narrative matters.

Alfonsi’s piece included film taken during a DeSantis presser in which she accused the Governor and he gave a full and complete answer. Naturally, Alfonsi and her editors at 60 Minutes carefully edited the clip in order to eliminate all of the actual facts of what happened. Take a look:

Publix, naturally outraged, responded to the 60 Minutes smear job with the following statement:

“The irresponsible suggestion that there was a connection between campaign contributions made to Governor DeSantis and our willingness to join other pharmacies in support of the state’s vaccine distribution efforts is absolutely false and offensive,” the supermarket company said on Monday in a statement. “We are proud of our pharmacy associates for administering more than 1.5 million doses of vaccine to date and for joining other retailers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia to do our part to help our communities emerge from the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, the 60 Minutes smear has created such public outrage in Florida that even Democrats are coming to the Governor’s defense. First, Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat who is serving his 3rd term as Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, issued this tweet excoriating CBS for its intentionally false smear job:

Next, Dave Kerner, the Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County, issued this statement blasting the corrupt 60 Minutes/CBS crew for its false reporting: “The reporting was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false. I know this because I offered to provide my insight into Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts and 60 minutes declined,” Kerner declared. “They know that the Governor came to Palm Beach County and met with me and the County Administrator and we asked to expand the state’s partnership with Publix to Palm Beach County. We also discussed our own local plans to expand mass vaccinations centers throughout the county, which the Governor has been incredibly supportive. We asked and he delivered. They had that information, and they left it out because it kneecaps their narrative.”


Note that Kerner had volunteered to be interviewed by Alfonsi, but she refused to talk to him, knowing he would destroy the divisive narrative she was trying to create:

You want to know why I have been writing for 25 years that the utterly corrupt, Soviet-style fake news media establishment is the single greatest threat to our country’s survival? This smear job, designed to divide the people of Florida, is a textbook case.

It is crucial to understand that CBS News and Alfonsi created this false narrative out of whole cloth in an effort to benefit their masters in the Democrat Party. There is simply no question that DeSantis has run circles around all other governors of big population states in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, repeatedly going against the official guidance coming from Anthony Fauci and the CDC ghouls while doing so. Florida’s numbers of cases and death rate from the viral gift from China have vastly out-performed the records of blue states that have slavishly conformed to the federal edicts, and that makes the Democrats quite uncomfortable, especially given Andrew Cuomo’s ongoing scandals and the recall efforts being mounted against Gavin Newsom and Christine Whitmer.

Even worse for the Democrats, DeSantis’s performance under pressure during the COVID crisis has made him the obvious successor to Donald Trump as the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. This reality makes him the prime Republican target for media smears like this one on behalf of the Democrats.

Because of this competing dynamic between red states and blue states, the corrupt propaganda media has spent the last year making up a series of false narratives about Florida’s performance in efforts to damage DeSantis, culminating in this despicable smear by 60 Minutes. They do this for one simple reason: The Democrat Party demands it. It’s the same reason why the media mounted a set of smears defaming Texas Governor Greg Abbott when he rescinded his idiotic, useless mask mandate in early March.

The philosophy of the Democrat Party has always, from its very founding, been to divide this country in order to rule it. That’s why it created the Ku Klux Klan following the Civil War, it’s why Lincoln was murdered, it’s why every “great” Democrat president in history has been a highly-divisive figure and it’s why it created BLM and Antifa to serve as its domestic terror apparatus.

The mission of corrupt, Soviet-style propaganda outlets like CBS News, CNN and MSNBC is to serve their Democrat Party masters by keeping us as divided as possible. That’s why they represent a clear and present existential threat to our country.

That is all.

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Welcome to the Corporate Socialist States of America, Comrades

“Corporate socialism. That’s where we’re headed.”

My uncle Thad saw this all coming 25 years ago, only I didn’t realize it at the time. He would throw that statement out there every time I visited him at the family ranch in Goliad County, Texas, but when I’d ask him to explain exactly what he meant, he’d just go off on a tangent and never come back to it.

Thad was an interesting guy, a really intelligent guy who chose to spend the last 30 years of his life living as a hermit in the ranch house that sat atop a hill. There, he had a 360 degree view of nothing but plowed fields and South Texas brush country filled with huisatche, mesquite and prickly pear cactus as far as the eye could see, which was basically all the way out to Berclair, 7 miles to the East. Thad seldom left that perch during the last quarter century of his life, which meant that anyone who went to visit him had best be prepared to sit at his little kitchen table for about four hours drinking coffee and enjoy a stewed tomato and Miracle Whip sandwich or two with a chaser of Oreo cookies while he told stories.

There were always two or three places during those conversations at which Thad would impart some nugget of wisdom and insight, but you had to be listening closely to catch it – if your attention span wavered during the other 3 hours and 56 minutes of story telling, you might just miss it. So maybe I made that mistake at some point or another when he actually did explain what he meant by “Corporate socialism” – I’ll never know for sure, since Thad passed away about 15 years ago.

But over the past several years I’ve come to realize exactly what he was foreseeing way back in 1995 or so, as the power of multi-national corporations over the lives of ordinary Americans has steadily advanced over time, exploding exponentially over just the last year.

It all started back when Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger went to China in 1972, establishing diplomatic relations with that sleeping communist giant for the first time. With that act, whether they understood it at the time or not, Nixon and Kissinger set in motion a long chain of events that has evolved today to the point at which China now essentially runs the U.S. government through the influence of giant multi-national corporations.

It is just a reality today that the entire Democrat Party and a large swath of the GOP are nothing more than wholly-owned subsidiaries of the communist Chinese government. This was the essence of what Donald Trump came into office to fight against, and he had initial success, striking new trade deals, invoking targeted tariffs and using the influence and power of the U.S. government to push back against Chinese hegemony not just in the United States, but all over the globe.

But ultimately, the corporate interests in this country proved too powerful for one man fighting almost alone to overcome. A tariff on China is little more than a tax on gigantic corporations like AT&T, Viacom, Apple, Disney, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Google, Facebook, Twitter, General Motors, Tesla, Ford, the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball and on and on and on. You name a major corporation ostensibly based in the United States, and I will show you a corporation whose revenue stream today is highly reliant on the Chinese market. These corporations could not abide any president who threatened to upset their multi-trillion dollar sellout of our country, so they threw in with the Democrats and their never-ending coup d’etat efforts to destroy him.

To the trained eye, this corporate influence is especially visible in our media/entertainment sector. All of your television networks and movie companies are slavishly tied to the Chinese market today, which is why they all slant their fake news and film scripts to include approved messaging of the ChiCom government. Indeed, this is why CNN and MSNBC, despite losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year, can continue to exist as subsidiaries of giant corporations Comcast and AT&T. Sure, they lose money in an isolated sense, but by spreading the ChiCom message to ordinary Americans, they make their parent companies billions in profits that far outweigh their inability to pay their own bills.

Television and film producers happily submit their scripts for careful rewriting by communist Chinese censors in order to have access to the Chinese market. “News” organizations like CNN, MSNBC and the major networks actively censor any reports that might reflect negatively on the ChiCom government.

The social media giants are even more outrageous in their conduct, knowing as they do that the U.S. Justice Department has been completely corrupted at this point and will do nothing to police their monopolistic behavior by enforcing the nation’s anti-trust laws. Thus, we saw the spectacle during the last election campaign of Facebook, Twitter and Google all banding together to actively censor the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, a campaign of outright censorship they continue to this day with zero consequence from anyone in law enforcement.

That act of Soviet-style censorship and history revision was not just an act of partisanship in favor of the Democrats: It was also an act on behalf of China, designed to deny the public accurate information about the Biden family’s illicit dealings with the ChiCom government.

Make no mistake: This is not just limited to the traditional and social media world. Over the past year, multi-national corporations have played a leading role in helping Anthony Fauci and Democrat governors around the country destroy the free-market economy in our country under the rubric of COVID response. Governor Greg Abbott may lift his statewide mask order, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still have to wear your mask to the local Wal-Mart or Target. You can trust these huge corporations to cooperate fully with the Democrats to extend these restrictions on your freedoms for as long as they possibly can, because that’s what the ChiCom government wants to happen to our country. It is incredibly naïve to think otherwise at this point.

These giant corporations beholden to China don’t just lobby congress anymore, they run the place. They actively write the laws and have their lobbyists hand the bills to congressional staffers who are incapable of doing that work anymore, and those staffers then write a one-pager of 5-7 talking points for the members to use to describe what is in the bill. That is exactly how the process works in Washington, DC today, and has for the last 20-25 years or so.

All these hearings held by congressional committees in which corporate leaders are called to testify? They’re nothing more than political Kabuki theater at this point, carried out for public consumption and nothing else. Think about it: When was the last time you saw any action of real consequence come about as a result of one of those hearings?

Hell, Eric Swalwell was revealed to have carried on a years-long affair with a honeypot ChiCom spy in December, and Nancy Pelosi just let him keep his seat on the Homeland Security Committee, with the entire Democrat caucus fiercely defending him against attacks from Republicans. It turns out that having an affair with a Chinese spy is now a badge of honor in the Democrat Party.

And it isn’t limited to Washington. States like Georgia that just experienced a massive degree of fraud in the 2020 election can’t even pass legislation without these giant corporate interests exerting influence to cost them billions of dollars under false pretenses. That’s what happened in the decision by Major League Baseball to cancel the holding of its annual All-Star Game and draft in Atlanta this year. The players, owners and managers didn’t vote to do that: That decision was made by cowardly Commissioner Rob Manfred under tremendous pressure from multi-national corporate interests like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and others with huge business interests in China.

Thus, we see this Corporate Socialism now extending its Washington, DC influence into the states. All of it – every bit of it – is designed to protect the priorities of Democrats and RINO Republicans who are in the pockets of the ChiCom government.

So, if you’ve been worried that America was about to become a socialist country as the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration runs rampant over your civil rights as Americans, you need worry no longer, because we are already there.

Welcome to the Corporate Socialist States of America, comrades. Sadly, Uncle Thad was right.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: Chris Christie Lambasts Biden as a “Liar” and “Hypocrite” in Epic Rant on ABC

In his Easter message on Sunday, China Joe Biden did not mention Christianity or Jesus Christ one time, but mentioned COVID-19, the Democrat Party’s new religion, 7 times. That’s all you need to know about that.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s new senator, the “Reverend” Raphael Warnock, issued a wholly blasphemous tweet on Easter Sunday, and then thought better of it and deleted it:


Hey, at least he didn’t mention the viral gift from China, so we got that going for us.

Over on ABC [fake] News, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie basically caused a lying Democrat activist to go into convulsions on set when he repeatedly corrected her lies defending the lies China Joe has been spreading about the Georgia voting law.

From the story at the Daily Caller:

Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed out at President Joe Biden during a Sunday morning appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Christie and former Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel butted heads during a panel discussion over Georgia’s election law, and Christie accused Biden of doing the same things he had accused former President Donald Trump of doing.

Emanuel responded to the law first, claiming that it was an unnecessary effort to find a solution to a problem that did not actually exist and arguing that it was an end run around elections that would allow the state legislature to overrule a secretary of state if the majority did not like the results of an election.

“If Donald Trump won Georgia, there would be no change in the law,” Emanuel said.


Before we go on with this, note the argument Emanuel just used there, that this law would allow the state legislature to determine voting processes in the state. Guess what? The Constitution unambiguously states that voting processes in any state are to be determined by the… wait for it…state legislature!

This is now where the Democrats have come on this: Having had their blatant lies about the content of the law fully exposed, they now have circled around to claiming it is somehow unnecessary, and somehow a novel concept in that it puts the legislature in charge of determining voting procedures, which is what the Constitution requires.

Despicable people. Horrible human beings. Ghouls.

The article continues:

Fellow panelist Sarah Isgur Flores interrupted, saying that the Biden administration had claimed the new law would end early voting, which it did not.

Christie pushed back as well, claiming that the Biden administration had intentionally mischaracterized what was actually in the law.

“It expands early voting, George, and the president said it ended it. Listen, here’s what Joe Biden’s got to live with when he wakes up this morning on Easter morning. He is doing exactly what he sat around in the campaign and the transition and accused Donald Trump of doing,” Christie said. “He is lying to cause racial divisions in this country. That’s what he accused Donald Trump of doing and he’s a liar and a hypocrite.”


Why yes, yes he is.

As pointed out in another piece by this morning, Christie went on to pants a third corrupt Democrat toady who Stephanopoulous had stacked his panel with:

ABC News “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos had a panel of guests on this morning to discuss “the latest fallout” from the law including the MLB caving to woke mobs and pulling the game. One of his guests was former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was clearly incensed by what Biden was doing and set about to point out some inconvenient truths during the segment.

When asked by Stephanopoulos if the MLB “made the right move” with their decision, Christie instead took direct aim at Biden for being a raging hypocrite who promised unity and healing but instead was delivering needless division:

And I hate to come in here this morning to say this because I sat here and listened to the president’s inaugural address. And I just want a couple of real quick points from it.

“Politics need not be a raging fire that destroys everything in its path. Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war, and we must reject a culture in which facts themselves are manipulated or made up.”

And Joe Biden’s broken his own rule, 84 days. And now, he’s lying to the American people, George. He’s lying about this bill. He’s lying to the American people about it to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. I’m very disappointed.

Stephanopoulos then turned to Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson, who proclaimed the 17 days that the Georgia bill allowed for early voting was not enough. “I think that, you know, what do we need to do to make sure early voting gets expanded. Seventeen days is not enough early voting,” she said

If that’s the case, Christie wondered, then why was Stacey Abrams praising New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for allowing 9 days of early voting in his state at the same time she called Georgia’s law “Jim Crow 2.0“?

Well, Stacey Abrams, by the way, Stacey Abrams was in New Jersey, in my state, praising Phil Murphy this week for a voting law where New Jersey early voting is nine days. Half, half of what Georgia is.

Yet she’s on TV in New Jersey — I saw it myself — saying that this is one of the greatest voting expansion bills we’ve ever seen, but this is Jim Crow? I’m sorry, George.



I don’t generally have much use for Chris Christie, but he did a bangup job on Sunday. He does have his moments.

Meanwhile, down here in Texas… – the numbers of COVID cases and deaths just continue to plummet since Governor Greg Abbott ended his useless mask mandate, much to the chagrin of the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration’s evil minions:

From the story at the Washington Examiner:

The state of Texas hit a record low for COVID-19 cases three weeks after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the state’s virus restrictions and mask mandate.

“Today the 7-day Covid positivity rate dropped to a new recorded low: 4.95%,” Abbott announced on Twitter, while also noting that hospitalization had also dropped to a “6 months low.”

“This week we have 1 million 1st vaccines available,” Abbott continued. “Everyone now qualifies for a shot. They are highly recommended to prevent getting Covid but always voluntary.”

The news comes just three weeks after Abbott made the controversial move to lift most of the state’s pandemic restrictions, allowing businesses to operate at 100% capacity. The Republican governor also lifted the state’s mask mandate, though businesses could still require customers to wear masks voluntarily.

“I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%,” Abbott tweeted earlier this month. “EVERYTHING. I also ended the statewide mask mandate.”

Abbot’s move to completely open the state was controversial, with politicians and some health experts warning that the state could be heading for disaster.


Yes, Democrat politicians like Joaquin Castro and health “experts” like the Little Menace to Society Anthony Fauci did line up to issue dire warnings predicting impending doom when the Governor lifted his order, because they all have a vested interest in seeing ordinary Americans losing their constitutional rights into perpetuity. What has happened instead has been exactly the opposite of what they all, to a person, predicted would happen.

There is an object lesson in there somewhere. Wonder what it could be?

Speaking of lying Democrat politicians… – You may remember that China Joe and weirdo wife, Si Se Pwadwe Jill warned us all not to travel over the Easter weekend to be with your families for fear of DYING AND KILLING EVERYONE ELSE YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ok, maybe they didn’t use all-caps, but the message was there, wasn’t it? Sure it was.

So, what did China Joe and his weirdo wife, Si Se Pwadwe Jill do over the weekend? Why, they traveled. To Camp David. To spend the Holiday with their family:

From the story at

Rules for thee but not for me.

As many people are celebrating Easter today, Joe Biden had been urging against gatherings, saying in March that his goal would be for people to get together for “small family gatherings” perhaps by the Fourth of July to hold barbecues and normal celebrations.

“By July the Fourth there’s a good chance you, your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,” Biden said.

“That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together. After this long hard year, it will make this Independence Day something truly special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.”

He reiterated that on April 2.

So reporters naturally asked Jen Psaki who would Biden be getting together with at Camp David?

Her response was curt and dismissive.

“He obviously has a wife he’s been married to for some time. He has a couple of grandkids who he sees when he goes to Delaware. But it’s a limited group, and certainly not the big Irish Biden clan that many of you have seen throughout the course of his time in public office.”


But wait, there’s more !

It gets even better. Check this out:

She was asked if all his immediate family had been vaccinated and she refused to answer the question saying she doesn’t have any more updates about his family. She doesn’t actually define whether it’s just immediate family or not. He had been going back to Delaware most weekends so far and visiting family there.

Biden even used his “Easter message” to push getting vaccinated, inserting a government message in a purportedly religious wish.


The word “hypocrite” does not even begin to describe these people. They are the worst people in our society. What’s the word for that?

That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: Major League Baseball is led by Cowards

I guess I’m confused here.

Major League Baseball announced Friday that it will move this year’s All Star Game out of Atlanta in a direct surrender to the cancel culture crowd that is outright lying about a voting procedures bill passed by the Georgia legislature. In announcing this pathetic act of cowardice, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that the move was was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport”, and said it was taken after consultation with the sport’s cowardly owners, managers and current and former players.

So, what exactly are the “values” of MLB at this point? They certainly have nothing to do with voting rights. After all, the Georgia bill actually expands voting rights in the state, adding additional days for early voting and more hours for the polls to remain open. Those “values” certainly have nothing to do with honesty, or courage, or standing up to bullies, given that MLB just caved in a cowardly manner into outright lies about this law coming from the bullies in the Perpetual Outrage Mob and the corrupt national news media.

What about racism – is MLB taking a stand against that by refusing to hold a single all-star game in a state that wants to require a voter to produce identification in order to vote? Not really, no. After all, MLB has held multiple all-star games in Texas, where voter ID has always been required in most circumstances. It has held all-star games in several other states that have always required an ID to vote.

And if a voter ID requirement is suddenly “racist,” how do we explain new polls from multiple leftist organizations that show such a provision being supported by more than 70% of the U.S. population, including majorities of Blacks, Hispanics and … wait for it … even Democrats?

Also, if MLB is taking a stand against supposed “racism” here, how can the league possibly still, in the year 2021, allow the team in Atlanta to continue carrying the name “Braves,” after decades of protests against that moniker by leftist Indian protest groups who claim that the name is racist? Indeed, if MLB won’t play its All Star Game in Atlanta, why then is it planning to allow this anti-Indian racist baseball team to play 81 home games in the very same city this year?

What does all of that reality say about the “values” of MLB and Rob Manfred?

It says they’re a bunch of money-grubbing cowards who are afraid to take a stand against the real bullies in American society today. That’s what it says about them and their “values.”

That is all.

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The Media Brainwashing About the Biden Fake Infrastructure Plan has Begun

The corrupt, Soviet-style, state-run media is all in on the $3 trillion Biden infrastructure plan. – The great Mollie Hemingway captured the essence of the media’s slavish, lapdog reaction to the Sock Puppet-in-Chief’s announcement yesterday in this tweet:

Everything about that New York Times headline is an outright lie, a Biden administration narrative parroted by leftist stooges who spend their days posing as journalists. Enlarge that chart on the left of the page and what you see is not a focus on “jobs, roads and growth,” but on payoffs to the Democrat Party’s supporters in the green lobby and its favored constituents who are dependent on government largesse.

Take the chart on “Transportation” as a prime example. Here’s what you see:

Electric Vehicle Incentives – An incredible $174 BILLION for you to subsidize the 1% of the upper class who purchase expensive EVs. Astonishing. This is the second-largest number in the entire plan.

Roads and Bridges – This seemingly positive provision comes in at $115 billion. But understand that, as I explained in yesterday’s News Roundup, most of this money will not go to repairing and expanding the nation’s crumbling road and bridge infrastructure, but instead will go to adding things like bicycle and bus lanes that are designed to make it more difficult for you to access these roads and bridges with your personal cars.

And here’s the thing: The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that we have become so far backlogged in repairing our nation’s road and bridge infrastructure that we really need to spend about 8 times this $115 billion over the next 10 years just to get the job done. Instead, Biden plans to spend a pinprick of that amount. Because, repeat after me, this is not an infrastructure plan.

Public Transit – Hey, more spending on buses and trains that nobody rides! Great idea! $85 billion.

Passenger and freight railways – And another $80 billion on trains and railroads. Actually, if this number focused on vastly expanding freight railways in order to take 18 wheelers off the interstate highways, it would be a true benefit to our society. But you can be certain that most of this money will instead go to even more subsidization of Amtrak, which has been basically bankrupt since the 1970s, and to prop up massively wasteful boondoggles like California’s railway to nowhere, which is already about 10,000% over its initial budget.

Those are the top 4 items under “Transportation,” totaling a whopping $452 billion over 10 years. Maybe 1/10th of that number will go to actually fixing dilapidated infrastructure. Maybe.

Let’s take a look at “Buildings and Utilities,” shall we?

Affordable Housing – An incredible $213 billion goes to a dramatic expansion of a social welfare program that has failed since the Great Depression.

High Speed Broadband – $100 billion. Another dramatic expansion of social welfare.

Electric Grid and Clean Energy – A $100 billion payoff to the fake green lobby.

Public Schools – Another $100 billion. I’m old enough to remember when public education and the building and maintenance of public schools was a power left to the states. Here’s your federal takeover.

It is only after that initial $513 billion of planned payoffs to Democrat constituencies that you get to some actual “infrastructure” spending. Surreal.

Now we have something called “Jobs and Innovation,” whatever that means to this evil administration. Here are some of the provisions included in this catch-all category:

National Science Foundation – $50 billion for what, exactly? Oh, hey, guess what is a big part of the NSF’s budget? If you guessed Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes for Health slush fund, you win the prize. Guess where most of this $50 billion will be going? It isn’t hard.

Semiconductor Industry – A $50 billion payoff to the Big Tech monopolies who helped fix the election last year.

Clean Energy Manufacturing – Another $46 billion Easter Egg for the fake green lobby.

Climate TechnologyAnother $35 billion Easter Egg – they’re everywhere in this plan.

Bottom line: You are going to be utterly brainwashed by our Soviet-style corrupt media establishment over the next month or two to accept this absolute travesty of a plan as the solution to all of our problems with “roads and bridges.” That will be the focus of the joint Democrat/media narrative that will be shoved down your throats.

But the truth is that this plan has pretty close to nothing in it that will improve the quality of our nation’s transportation infrastructure for individual drivers. In fact, there is far more money in this plan that is designed to intentionally make your daily commutes vastly more difficult in order to satisfy the demands of the Global Church of Climate Change.

That’s the truth, and you won’t be getting any truth on this plan from our corrupt, Soviet-style propaganda media establishment.

That is all.

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Today’s Required Reading: Stop Calling the Corrupt Media ‘Mainstream’

It has been manifestly obvious for several years now that the corrupt national media outlets that make up what we have traditionally referred to as the “mainstream news media” are no longer “mainstream” or in any real way “news” outlets. They all long ago made the joint decision to simply become propaganda organs whose duty it is to promote the narratives preferred by one political party, i.e., the Democrats. Yet, while many of us long ago quit referring to this propaganda monolith as the “mainstream news media,” others continue to persist in doing that.

Writing at the Federalist, the great Mollie Hemingway makes a strong case for why perpetuating that false description of what these corrupt media outlets truly are does great harm to our country and its prospect for survival. It’s a fantastic read that everyone should take 15 minutes out of their day to absorb.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

It’s easy to complain about the obvious reality that our political media are completely corrupted and engage in propaganda, not journalism. But as they are the largest, most powerful, and least accountable political advocacy group in the country, Americans also need to do more than complain as the press harms the country.

They need to be treated as what they are. So for the love of all that’s holy, stop calling them the “mainstream media” when they are anything but mainstream, with views far to the left of the average American, and they’re not media but propagandists and political activists. If you hear anybody else refer to the “mainstream media,” rhetorically slap that 1980s term out of their mouth.

Average Americans need to stop reading and watching the corrupt corporate media. They should immediately stop subscribing to them, stop advertising with them, and stop paying attention to them. Reporters at these outlets quite obviously hate many Americans and the values they hold, and it’s time most Americans realized that and acted appropriately in response.

If forced to engage with the work of these corrupt political actors, Americans should learn to identify the leftist talking points and assumptions in reporter questions and develop a reflexive suspicion toward them, without fail. Assume out of the gate that the narrative these leftists activists are pushing is not true.

Whether it’s claims about Brett Kavanaugh being a serial gang rapist, or claims about the Covington children attacking an innocent bystander, or claims about the 2016 election being won because Trump colluded with Russia, or any of the other daily false narratives they push, simply assume that the opposite is more likely to be true and only change your mind if you get real evidence from real reporters. When they all tell you in unison that indefensibly mild voter security reforms are the same thing as, and we’re not joking here, starving and dehydrating voters, assume they’re lying with every bone in their body.

It also goes without saying that average Americans should never, ever speak with a corporate reporter. Their decades-long track record of hostility, glee in destroying lives, and general mendacity mean you’re an idiot if you engage with them.


Go read the full piece. You’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: The Democrat Activists at the WaPo Give Biden Four Pinnochios

If China Joe Biden were a Republican, this would be the only video clip of him that our corrupt news media would ever air – and they would air it as their lead story every night of the week:

Biden is such a habitual and reprehensible liar, however, that even the corrupt Democrat toadies who run the Washington Post felt they needed to call him out for it yesterday.

Here’s an excerpt from the story at Breitbart News:

President Joe Biden advanced a false narrative about Georgia’s new election integrity law, claiming that it reduces voting hours, thereby compromising the ability of working-class Americans to go out and vote. This is a clear falsehood, as the law does not change Election Day hours and actually expands access for early voting, as the establishment media outlet, the Washington Post, pointed out in a fact-check, giving the commander-in-chief Four Pinocchios.

Biden has spoken sharply against Georgia’s election law, which Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed last week, repeating many of the talking points touted by far-left members of Congress, even referring to state election integrity efforts as “un-American” and “sick,” making “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick … deciding that you’re going to end voting at five o’clock when working people are just getting off work,” he said during last week’s news conference. The following day, Biden claimed the law ended voting hours early “so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.”

However, Biden’s assertions are not accurate. Election Day hours in Georgia, which are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., have not changed. Those in line by 7 p.m. are permitted to cast their vote.

“Nothing in the new law changes those rules,” the Washington Post reported.

Georgia’s law did, however, make changes to early voting, but the Post explained that experts said the “net effect was to expand the opportunities to vote for most Georgians, not limit them”:

“One of the biggest changes in the bill would expand early voting access for most counties, adding an additional mandatory Saturday and formally codifying Sunday voting hours as optional,” Stephen Fowler of Georgia Public Broadcasting said in an excellent and comprehensive report on the impact of the new law. “Counties can have early voting open as long as 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at minimum. If you live in a larger metropolitan county, you might not notice a change. For most other counties, you will have an extra weekend day, and your weekday early voting hours will likely be longer.”

Charles Stewart III, an election expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “I had also heard this generally reported as expanding early voting, so I’m surprised by the characterization.” He studied the precise language changes at our request and said it indicated an expansion of hours, especially in rural counties.

The law used to say early “voting shall be conducted during normal business hours.” Experts said that generally means 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The new law makes it specific — “beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM.” A Georgia election official said the change was made in part because some rural county election offices only worked part time during the week, not a full eight-hour day, so the shift to more specific times makes it clear they must be open every weekday for at least eight hours.

Ultimately, the Post issued Four Pinocchios to Biden’s claim, emphasizing Election Day hours were not changed and the early voting changes actually expand access, as Heritage Action pointed out amid the left’s steam of false characterizations last week:


So basically, the Sock Puppet-in-Chief accused Georgia Republicans of being racists based on nothing but lies that his handlers fed to him like they feed him his morning tapioca pudding. And the lies were so egregious that even the WaPo felt it could not just ignore them like it normally does for Democrat liars.

That’s some serious lying right there, folks. But hey, it’s Joe Biden, and that’s just how he rolls. In fact, it’s how he has always rolled.

Think about it: Even if you’re a Democrat voter, what has this man told you the truth about? That $15 minimum wage he was going to immediately implement, presumably using fairy dust? A lie.

Those $2,000 checks to everyone he was going to cut on his first day in office? An abject lie.

That $3 trillion “COVID Relief” bill? A massive lie that was 91% pork.

His taking credit for the vaccines that Donald Trump created via his own sheer will? Despicable lies.

His refusal to admit that he has intentionally created the crisis at the border with Mexico? All lies, provably so.

This is the very essence of Joe Biden, your national Sock Puppet-in-Chief. It is not just what he does, it is in fact who he is.

Thanks, Democrats.


That is all.

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The Truth About That Biden ‘Infrastructure’ Plan…

Today, China Joe Biden going to roll out a $3 trillion monstrosity that he will refer to as an “infrastructure” plan. – In reality, this plan is nothing more than massive new giveaways to the fake green energy lobby that helped to fund his fraudulent campaign for the presidency. Naturally the Democrat toadies in the corrupt news media will refer to those subsidies, mandates and corporate welfare provisions as “investments”, because that’s the preferred narrative of the Democrat Party:

From the story by the corrupt Democrat hacks at Axios:

President Biden is asking Congress to approve hundreds of billions of dollars to remake transit, overhaul power grids and expand clean energy in a sweeping plan the White House says will fight climate change while outcompeting China.

Why it matters: The plan, if enacted, would be the most far-reaching federal investment to date in programs that would help curb greenhouse gas emissions. But it faces serious challenges in the closely divided Congress.

  • It signals Biden’s high priority on fighting global warming while addressing racial and economic inequality.

How it works: Highlights of the transit, energy and climate parts of the broader “American Jobs” proposal include, per a 25-page White House summary:

  • $621 billion over eight years for transportation-related programs. The goal is to remake roads and bridges in ways the White House says would save fuel and curb emissions. This includes steering $85 billion to bolster mass transit and $174 billion to “win” the electric vehicle market.
  • Those provisions aim to build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030, expand consumer tax incentives to purchase EVs, create a rebate program, and fund electrification of school bus and federal fleets.
  • $100 billion worth of investments over eight years for the electricity sector and other energy programs.
  • Those efforts include new tax credits to build high-voltage transmission lines; extended tax credits that can be quickly monetized for renewable power and carbon capture projects; clean energy block grants; andbillions of dollars for plugging abandoned oil-and-gas wells and cleaning abandoned mines.
  • Elsewhere, it seeks to spend $180 billion to expand climate-related research and demonstration projects; launch a suite of efforts to expand manufacturing of climate-friendly tech; and invest in other research into advanced technologies.
  • It also seeks to invest another $213 billion to “produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live.”

Reality check: The price tag and some of the policy proposals will likely both face resistance in Congress and among other stakeholders.


Some points about the code language used in this piece:

Take this passage first: “The goal is to remake roads and bridges in ways the White House says would save fuel and curb emissions.” What this means is that the plan will be to make roads and bridges less accessible to your personal car by adding things like bike lanes and bus lanes, similar to the things we have seen Democrat mayors and city councils doing in major cities around the country for the past decade. Understand that that money is not going to go to rebuilding dilapidated and unsafe bridges or widening roads that no longer have enough lanes to handle heavy traffic, which should be the goal of any true “infrastructure” bill. The point is not to fix our eroding infrastructure: The point is to discourage you from using it, all in the name of “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever the Democrat Party narrative is calling it today.

Or how about this passage: “…new tax credits to build high-voltage transmission lines…” – This means even more of those 150 ft-tall transmission towers with 100-yard wide rights of way crisscrossing your neighborhoods in order to bring intermittent power generated by wind and solar farms into your market from hundreds of miles away. You can be certain that the initial price tag contained in this bill will be multiplied many times over before these projects are complete. In Texas, the initial $1 billion price tag promised by the wind lobby in 2001 ended up becoming $7 billion ten years later. This is how these people operate.

Then there’s this little gem: “…build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030, expand consumer tax incentives to purchase EVs, create a rebate program, and fund electrification of school bus and federal fleets.” – That means that the 99% of you who drive gas-powered cars are going to pay even more taxes and your children are going to be placed even further into debt in order to help fund the wealthy 1% of the country’s desire to feel good about themselves by purchasing an electric vehicle, which cannot be price competitive with gas powered cars if left to stand on their own.

Note that the fake reporters at Axios make no effort whatsoever to provide you any shred of the real truth about all of this Democrat narrative language, which is what an actual news organization ought to be doing. Because reporting actual news is not what Axios is in business to do: Parroting the Democrat Party narrative is.

You’re welcome.

That is all.

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Tuesday News Roundup: Trump’s Truth About Fauci and Birx is Absolutely Glorious

President Donald Trump tells the truth about Fauci and Birx, and it is glorious. – After the Little Menace to Society Anthony Fauci and America’s Keeper of all the Scarves Deborah Birx appeared on a CNN propaganda piece Sunday evening, telling all manner of lies about their role in the Trump Administration’s efforts to address COVID-19, President Trump decided he had had enough of their failure and dishonesty. The result is the statement below, and it is glorious.

May be an image of text that says 'THE THE OFFICE OF DONALD J. TRUMP -March 29, 2021- Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America Based on their interviews, felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which fortunately almost always overturned. They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine-putting millions of lives at risk.'

May be an image of text

May be an image of text

oof. Brutal. And richly deserved. More than anyone else in America, these two professional liars are responsible for the abject failures by governors all over the country to effectively deal with the viral gift from China and its impacts on our society. Their dishonesty and self-interested pronouncements on the virus gave license to Democrat governors all over America to deny Americans their constitutional rights, destroy businesses, deprive people of work and deny our children the right to an education for more than a year now.

Let’s be clear: As we sit here today, there is no shred of real science or data that indicates any of the draconian restrictions they personally endorsed has had any impact on the spread of the virus at all. These are two of the very worst people in our society, and God bless Donald Trump for telling the truth about them.

Sadly, their replacements are no better. – As poorly as Donald Trump did in choosing those who would advise him on the national response to COVID-19, China Joe Potato Head Biden is doing even worse. In testimony before congress yesterday, new CDC Director Rochelle Walensky did not do much to inspire public confidence:

From a story at

But, what’s really so gross about Walensky’s comments is the claim that said spike is happening because states are reopening too quickly. That’s a favorite left-wing talking point, but it holds no basis in reality. The only reason that claim is made is to attack states like Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and others that have removed restrictions.

Yet, if you look at the data, the spikes that she’s feeling “impending doom” about are occurring in blue, locked down states. NPR has a portal that shows the current case rates per state. Notice what the worst states are, who leads them, and where they are located. I took a screenshot and put it in a tweet so I could easily embed it here.

At that NPR link, you can also click on the individual states to view their specific graphs. What you’ll see is that Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc. are all seeing declining caseloads and positivity rates. Meanwhile, more locked down states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania are seeing an elevation in infections.


So, China Joe’s new CDC director is not only an emotional train wreck with apparently zero self-awareness about the impact her public comments might have, she’s just another leftist liar, too. Which of course is no surprise for this administration.

To be clear: The United States of America is NOT having a new outbreak of COVID-19 – A handful of Democrat-run states in the Northeast and Midwest are.

Meanwhile, let’s see what our mush-mouthed Sock Puppet-in-Chief has to say about Wolensky’s shrill comments:

Didja get that? Yeah, neither did I.

Here is another clip of the pretend President’s remarks on COVID, in which he actually demands that governors who have rescinded unconstitutional mask orders to put them back in place:

Yes, truly, we can’t risk more “desks.” Again, there is zero evidence/science/data indicating that wearing masks has made even a smidgen of difference in the spread of this virus. None.

If you want some real data and scientific information not soiled by rank Democrat politics, you have to go outside of the government sphere. – Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins hospital says our country is approaching herd immunity on the viral gift from China, and will fully be there by the end of April:

Anthony Fauci has been saying that the country needs to vaccinate 70% to 85% of the population to reach herd immunity from Covid-19. But he inexplicably ignores natural immunity. If you account for previous infections, herd immunity is likely close at hand.

Data from the California Department of Public Health, released earlier this month, show that while only 8.7% of the state’s population has ever tested positive for Covid-19, at least 38.5% of the population has antibodies against the novel coronavirus. Those numbers are from Jan. 30 to Feb. 20. Adjusting for cases between now and then, and accounting for the amount of time it takes for the body to make antibodies, we can estimate that as many as half of Californians have natural immunity today.

The same report found that 45% of people in Los Angeles had Covid-19 antibodies. Again, the number can only be higher today. Between “half and two-thirds of our population has antibodies in it now,” due to Covid exposure or vaccination, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday on “Face the Nation.” That would explain why cases in Los Angeles are down 95% in the past 11 weeks and the positivity rate among those tested is now 1.7%.

Undercounting or removing the many Americans with natural immunity from any tally of herd immunity is a scientific error of omission.


Many physicians believe that vaccinated immunity will prove more durable than natural immunity. I agree, and I think everyone should get vaccinated. But after a year of millions of Covid-19 cases in the U.S., it’s clear that reinfections are rare. Natural immunity is real and shouldn’t be ignored.

Dr. Fauci’s vaccination-only path to herd immunity has significantly influenced the national conversation. KNBC-TV in Los Angeles has a county-by-county vaccine tracker showing a bar graph of the percentage of Californians vaccinated, with the zone 70% to 85% labeled “herd immunity.” Currently, it’s at 26%. The false construct does create a greater urgency for everyone to get vaccinated. But it also creates false justification for continued excessive restrictions on freedom. And it raises the possibility that authorities are misallocating the limited vaccine supply by failing to direct it toward people without natural antibodies.


Some experts claim they don’t talk about natural immunity because we shouldn’t trust it. But a recent Public Health England study found that less than 1% of 6,614 healthcare workers who had Covid-19 developed a reinfection within five months—even though many of them work with Covid patients. Other experts believe natural immunity is powerful. “Natural immunity after Covid-19 infection is likely lifelong, extrapolating from data on other coronaviruses that cause severe illness, SARS and MERS,” says Monica Gandhi, an infectious-disease physician and professor at the University of California.

Dr. Fauci has said that we don’t have good data on natural immunity. That is largely because his own National Institutes of Health has done little to answer this and other important clinical questions.


To sum up: Dr. Makary is telling you that Anthony Fauci is not a doctor, but a politically motivated propagandist. But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

We can’t require an ID to vote, but we can require an ID to get a shot. – That’s the rules at CVS Pharmacy, anyway. Check it out:


Does anyone else see an inconsistency here? Actually there’s a second one: If the shots are free, why is CVS Pharmacy making distinctions between those who have health insurance and those who do not? At this point, what difference does it make?

What in the hell is going on here?


Meanwhile, in New York… – A cop-killer has been appointed by mass-killer of the elderly Andrew Cuomo to serve on a panel advising him how to…wait for it… reform the police!?!

I swear I do not make this stuff up:

From the story at the New York Post:

He fatally shot an NYPD cop execution-style decades ago in a Queens bar — and now Richard Rivera is helping reform police in upstate New York as part of a state-mandated plan launched by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The cop-killer — who murdered off-duty officer and dad-of-four Robert Walsh in 1981 — sits on a panel for Ithaca and Tompkins County as part of its “Reimagining Public Safety Collaborative.’’

The advisory group was formed after Cuomo ordered municipalities to submit police-reform plans to the state by April 1 following George Floyd’s death.

“I know people are going to be critical,’’ killer-turned-homeless advocate Rivera, 56, told The Post on Monday when asked about the possible reaction to him sitting on the committee.

But one of the slain officer’s sons said Rivera doesn’t have to wonder any longer what the family thinks — it is disgusted by the ex-con’s position on the advisory panel.

“We’re completely shocked that the man who murdered my father is being trusted to create police reforms,” Robert Walsh Jr., 47, told The Post through a rep.

“My father dedicated his life to serving and protecting New Yorkers. He should be the one serving on a panel to help reimagine policing, but he’ll never get that chance.”

Rivera was 16 years old when he and four other gun-toting teens donned masks and strolled into the BVD Bar and Grill in Maspeth just after midnight Jan. 12, 1981, looking to rob the joint.

Officer Walsh, a 36-year-old highly decorated cop with 12 years on the force, was inside wearing a cowboy hat hanging out after his shift.


My goodness. The depravity of Democrats knows no bounds. Truly.

And now for some comic relief… – I have no idea what this cat is doing, but it looks like something I should be doing:

Now, let’s combine some depraved Democrats and some comic relief to close things out:

That is all.

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Eric Trump Says Biden Could Stick Around Longer Than we Think

Could he be right? It’s plausible. – Will China Joe Biden’s evil, elder-abusing handlers just keep on pushing their addled patient out in front of the cameras for as long as they possibly can, rather than turn the presidency over to Kamala Harris on the timetable they all agreed to when she was selected as the party’s vice presidential nominee?

That’s the theory that Eric Trump posed to Maria Bartiromo in an appearance on Fox News Sunday morning. Here’s the money quote, courtesy of the Conservative Treehouse:

“[A White House] memo goes out saying all communications must read “Biden/Harris admin” ….. [Biden publicly claims Kamala Harris in charge of the Border Crisis, but] now Kammy isn’t the border gal … but she’s doing the diplomat stuff with south of the border governments. She gets cred for that while fully insulated from the crisis that Biden won’t have to answer for in any way except preapproved questions….have to give the WH team credit for creating a perfectly bubbled environment around jumbled Joe.

“It’s so perfect, why change it? With Joe at the helm, the White House can claim credit and deny responsibility with zero media pushback…couldn’t do that with Harris in charge. She is universally unlikeable, and so blatantly phony that her campaign couldn’t raise money….. Harris couldn’t get away with bumbling through a press conference or hiding from the world the way Joe does. I now think the WH team wants to keep pushing Joe out there for as long as possible.”


Eric Trump is obviously very frustrated by the the lapdog, corrupt media’s refusal to honestly report about the reality of China Joe and his performance as the nation’s Sock Puppet-in-Chief, as we all are, and that frustration likely has some bearing on this scenario. But you have to admit that it does make some sense.

After all, the White House and its media toadies do have their Kabuki Theater routine set in stone at this point, so why mess with it now just because the fake president is so brain-addled that he can’t function for more than 2-3 hours each day? It isn’t like he’s actually in charge of anything anyway, and as long as he can still read from his ever-present TelePrompter or repeat what his evil minions are transmitting into his ear piece semi-competently, why not just leave him in the role, especially when you know full well that Harris is, as Eric Trump says, universally unlikeable and has absolutely no self-discipline whatsoever?

To this point I’ve been operating under the assumption that China Joe would most likely be put out to pasture by no later than the first day of summer simply because his evil handlers would lack the audacity to continue the charade any longer than that. But after hearing Eric Trump’s comments here, it does seem at least possible that we might have Joe Potato Head to kick around somewhat longer than that.

After all, China Joe’s handlers see the same Kamala Harris who we all see, and that looming catastrophe ain’t pretty at all.

That is all.

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Monday News Roundup: When is Murder an ‘Accident’? When it’s Fake-Reported by CNN.

Totalitarians never voluntarily give up their power. – The Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci, still wants you to mask up your kids when they go outside to play, because of course he does.

Little fascists like Fauci never voluntarily surrender power once they acquire it. It must be taken from them, and who in the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration is going to do that?

The News-Faker of the Week Award goes to… – Well, it goes to CNN, because of course it does. We’ve all heard by now of the tragic story out of Washington, DC last week of the Uber Eats driver who was murdered by two teenage girls who tased him and attempted to rob him in a carjacking incident. After being tased, the driver, a 66 year-old resident of Springfield, VA named Mohammad Anwar, lost control of the car and ran off the road. He died at the scene, and the girls were arrested by DC cops and charged with felony murder and armed carjacking.

So, how did the scum at CNN characterize this incident? I kid you not, they said it was all just an accident:

That’s right: An ‘accident’ killed Mr. Anwar, not the two teenagers who tased him as he was driving a moving car. The motivation for CNN’s news-fakery here is quite obvious: The two girls are both African American. If they were white, they’d be portrayed as the rancid little monsters they really are, but because they are part of one of the Democrat Party’s favored minority groups, the Democrat activists at CNN must find some way to shift the blame.

Thus, it’s all just an ‘accident.’

You just cannot make this stuff up, folks.

The Tone-Deaf Public Official Award goes to… – But unbelievably, this story gets even worse, thanks to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, whose reaction to this murder by two of her city’s teenagers was even more reprehensible than CNN’s. And who would have ever thought that was even possible?

Anyway, here is the tweet Bowser sent out as her official response to the killing:

See? The murder isn’t the fault of the teenage girls – it’s the fault of Mr. Anwar for not properly protecting himself and his car.

Bowser later deleted the tweet, but that doesn’t really help anything. Again, if the two girls were white, does anyone really think her initial reaction would have been to blame the driver? Of course not. But as is entirely typical of Democrat politicians all over the country, her immediate reaction was to protect the Democrat Party’s preferred narrative, not the public.


Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – Just a reminder that all the numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths you see tossed around about COVID-19 are abject lies:


Do any of you really believe that in all of the United States of America, we have only had 1,822 cases of seasonal flu since last September, compared to 38 MILLION during the previous flu season?

Please. They think we are all idiots, and sadly, too many of us are.

Speaking of lies about COVID-19… – Remember how the corrupt news media, led by the Little Menace to Society Anthony Fauci, told us all that the annual bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota last August was going to become a massive “super-spreader” event?

Yeah, that didn’t happen:

From the story at JustTheNews:

Sturgis city manager, Daniel Ainslie, said the study and other models that predicted their hospitals would be overwhelmed were wrong.

“I think at the peak during the rally, and even after the rally, about five percent of the [hospital] beds were used for COVID,” Ainslie told Sharyl Attkisson on her show, Full Measure After Hours.

The media linked anywhere from one to about five fatalities to Sturgis, but Ainslie said none were scientifically traced.

“The hard data showed that there were about 260 cases that came from here,” Ainslie said. “Now, the reality was there were probably some additional cases beyond those 260 that were immediately traced here, but to try to state that there were a quarter million, that’s just ridiculous, and it was fanciful, and it was just pushing their narrative.”

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed the San Diego State University study.

“Results from this study should be interpreted cautiously,” analysts write, adding that “the associated data analyses used to obtain nationwide estimates were relatively weak.”

Last year, 460,000 bikers attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but that was fewer than usual. Although, Ainslie said, the media used footage from previous years to make it look busier than it actually was.

Ainslie said that “was really disappointing, because we have several live feed cameras, and we gave every media outlet permission so that they could use that, so that they could show current images. Because the vast majority of the time on our streets, there would be 40 or 50 people on a block.”

The media presented a different picture, she said.


Well, of course the media presented a different picture. Because the media no longer considers its’ job to report actual news: The media is now there solely to promote the preferred Democrat Party narrative, and the narrative around the Sturgis rally was that it it was baaaaaaaad, and if CNN and MSNBC had to resort to using old video from previous rallies in order to characterize it that way, then hey, no problemo!

This really isn’t complicated.

Dignity?!? This is “dignity”??? – During his visit to the Texas/Mexico border on Friday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was able to take and release video of the horrific conditions under which the Biden people are holding fake asylum seekers from Central America right now, but only after an administration staffer did her best to obstruct him from capturing the video. I kid you not: At one point, this evil minion actually told Sen. Cruz that he should preserve the invaders’ “dignity” by not taking video of the squalor in which they are being held.

Check it out:

From the story at Red State:

The staffer says, “Please give dignity to the people, please give dignity to the people. Please respect the people, the rules.” This, she says without any sense of irony or apparent shame about the Biden “rules” and policies causing this problem and not giving anyone “dignity,” keeping people packed together into cages like sardines in bad conditions during a pandemic. She doesn’t want Americans to see that the “humane” way that Biden has claimed that he’s responding to this all is just a flat-out lie.


Yes, friends: This is what the China Joe/Kamala Toe administration considers to be “dignity.”

These people are monsters. All of them. Every last one.

That is all.

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Sunday News Roundup: Gov. Abbott’s Neanderthal Thinking Pays off for Texans

Neanderthal thinking rules the day. – I’m old enough to remember 17 days ago, when Governor Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate and every liberal in the country screamed like stuck pigs that we were all dead and doomed to have another outbreak of the China virus.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Check it out:

May be an image of text

Thanks, Governor.

I’m also old enough to remember how China Joe Biden reacted to the Governor’s action:

From a story at Fox News:

Just over two weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted coronavirus mandates allowing businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity and made masks optional, the red state is still reporting decreases in cases and hospitalizations.

The governor championed his state’s success in a Friday night tweet saying, “Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day COVID positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%.”

“We also recorded the largest daily number of vaccines administered to Texans: 342,849. More Texans getting vaccines will keep down the positivity rate,” he said, though adding that receiving the vaccine was “always voluntary.”

Texas reported 2,239 new infections Saturday, roughly 500 fewer cases on average from the previous week, according to data from the state’s health department.

Biden slammed Abbott’s decision — which was shortly followed by similar mandate removals by Mississippi — as “Neanderthal thinking.”

“We’ve been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough [vaccines] for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot,” Biden told reporters from the White House earlier this month. “The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking.”


So ironic for a guy who is literally old enough to have memories of the stone age to accuse others of thinking like Neanderthals.

This downward trend in Texas and other red states who either never had mask mandates or whose governors have recently rescinded them is horrible news for Democrats, of course, which is why you see them out there still issuing dire warnings  and attempting to shame anyone who follows the Governor’s latest advice. Democrats are communists at heart, and as communists they want control over everyone’s life. Nothing in their lifetimes has provided them with the means of exercising their totalitarian impulses as readily as the COVID-19 pandemic and surrounding public panic has given them. Thus it is no surprise at all that they will now fight with every ounce of their collectivist bodies to maintain the fear that has given them their power.

But the data doesn’t lie, and bad news for Democrats is, as always, great news for America.

Speaking of the news and the faking of it by our Soviet-style media… – The evil media minions at the Associated Press continue their efforts to unabashedly fake the news this week, now ordering all of their employees to avoid using the term “crisis” to describe what is unarguably a growing crisis along our southern border.

I kid you not:

From the story at the Washington Examiner:

Associated Press Vice President and Editor-at-Large for Standards John Daniszewski cautioned staffers this week that the U.S. immigration disaster does not yet meet the dictionary definition of the word “crisis.”

In an internal memo this week, titled “From the Standards Center: A note about the current increase in border entrances,” Daniszewski told staffers to aim for “accurate and neutral language.”

“The current events in the news – a sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors – is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for Biden and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, but it does not fit the classic dictionary definition of a crisis,” the memo reads.

“Therefore,” it adds, “we should avoid, or at least, be highly cautious, about referring to the present situation as a crisis on our own, although we may quote others using that language.”


In other words, the managers at the AP got a call from the White House warning them that some of their writers were straying from the approved Democrat/media narrative on the border crisis and reacted by trying to shut that down.

This is what a crisis looks like:

What we have here from the AP is classic news fakery from a classic fake news service.

Joseph Stalin would be so proud right now.

Here’s another story the AP won’t be covering… – If you think you’ll get the truth about the Secret Service helping Hunter Biden cover up a gun crime, you are sadly mistaken. But you will get coverage of the story from

From the story:

Text messages allegedly retrieved from the laptop of Hunter Biden appear to confirm that the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI both had involvement in the now-unfolding scandal in which one of Biden’s firearms was discovered in a Delaware trashcan.

News reports have claimed that the Secret Service may have inserted itself into that controversy several years ago, even after Hunter Biden’s protection detail from that agency had already ended at that time.

On Friday, meanwhile, the New York Post said that text messages obtained from Biden’s infamous laptop appear to confirm those claims.

The alleged text messages shared by the Post apparently show Biden claiming that his deceased brother’s wife “stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with”

“Then,” the text messages claim, “when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids.”


Here’s more from a story at the New York Post:

Hunter Biden sent a text message that said the Secret Service responded after his handgun disappeared in 2018 — contradicting the agency’s assertion that it wasn’t involved, The Post has learned.

In a lengthy message sent the following year, President Biden’s son described the situation in detail, saying his former sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hallie Biden, tossed the firearm into a trash bin outside Janssen’s Market, a gourmet grocery store in Wilmington, Del.

“She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with,” Hunter wrote.

“Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids.”

The Jan. 29, 2019, message adds: “Really not joking the cop kept me convinced that Hallie was implying she was scared of me.”

In another message, sent closer to the incident, Hunter described the handgun as “my 38.”

“Took from lock box of truck and put it IN PapER BAG AND Threw it in trash can at local high end grocer. For no reason,” he wrote on Dec. 6, 2018.

“And I freaked when I saw it was missing 10 minutes after she took it and when she went back to get it after I scared the s–t out of her it was gone which led to state police investigation of me. True story.”

Both messages are contained on a hard drive obtained by The Post that holds the contents of a damaged laptop computer that was left at Wilmington repair shop by Hunter in April 2019 and never retrieved.


The Secret Service has officially denied involvement in the matter, but the Secret Service is no doubt lying about that.

This is America’s First Family in action.

Thanks, Democrats!

That is all.

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Biden Buys Off Joe Manchin – Will Kyrsten Sinema Save the Republic?

If you’re counting on Joe Manchin to save the Republic… – Well, you might want to think again. For all his bluster and fake media coverage about being some sort of “moderate” Democrat, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has always been nothing but a reliable, down-the-line leftwinger who operates in what I like to call the Lloyd Bentsen mode of being a senator.

You might remember Lloyd Bentsen, the long-time Texas senator who ran for the vice presidency in 1988 as Michael Dukakis’s running mate. During his 22 years in the senate from 1971 through 1993, Bentsen was the quintessential Texas Democrat in Washington: He’d run for election like he was the second coming of John Wayne, assuring Texans he was watching out for them in the bad ol’ nation’s capital, and then, once safely re-elected for another 6 year term, would travel back out to the Swamp so he could pal around with Joe Biden and vote with Ted Kennedy 95% of the time.

That is the very essence of Joe Manchin, other than Ted Kennedy no longer being with us. But hey, that’s no problem for Manchin – he just always ends up doing whatever Chuck Schumer tells him to do instead.  What Chuck Schumer is telling him to do right now is support the communist Democrat effort to get rid of the filibuster rule. Manchin famously came out in late January and told reporters that he was irrevocably opposed to taking that step off the cliff to destroy the American Republic, and was not open to negotiating about it. Remember that?

Yeah, I remember it, too, and what that was was a standard Joe Manchin lie. He was already negotiating away his stance, using it as a tool to get something else he wanted. And yesterday, we found out exactly what it was that Manchin was after.

It turns out that he was after a comfy new, high-paying federal job for his wife:

From the story at the Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden is keeping it within the family by picking the wife of a key Democratic senator whose vote he will need on a slew of items to lead a federal commission.

Biden announced Friday that he is nominating Gayle Conelly Manchin to become the co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission, a federal-state partnership aimed at creating economic growth within the region and lead it to parity with the rest of the country.

If Manchin’s last name sounds familiar, that’s because she is married to Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a pivotal vote for Biden in Congress’s evenly divided Senate. And Gayle Manchin requires Senate approval for the post.

Biden tapping Manchin comes as he prepares for his next big legislative push: an infrastructure and jobs package speculated to cost up to $3 trillion. Joe Manchin has indicated Congress should pass the bill through regular order rather than via the reconciliation process. Reconciliation would allow Biden to clear the measure through the Senate with only 51 votes.

The average salary for an ARC employee in 2018 was $128,295 — 108.2% higher than that of the average government employee, according to Another independent site that tracks federal salaries,, listed salaries with the economic-focused organization as high as $176,000.


So, will Joe Manchin sell out the American people for $176,000 a year? You’re damn right he will. Just sit back and watch.

There’s a new girl in town. – If you’re looking for a Democrat senator who might – might – provide the one vote in defiance of the communist takeover of the country via elimination of the filibuster rule, you might want to pay less attention to the bought-off Manchin and more to Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Unlike Manchin, Sinema has in her short time in the senate established a track record of actually following through on her promises/threats to oppose Democrat party orthodoxy as they all goose-step over the cliff together.

Sinema has repeatedly made clear that she opposes any efforts to end the filibuster, is not movable on the subject and in fact even supports rolling back Harry Reid’s previous reforms that ended the ability to filibuster judicial nominees, as reported by

That leaves Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who said last month that she’d even support strengthening the filibuster by rolling back previous reforms, as the primary Democratic holdout on filibuster reform. Because Democrats control exactly half of the Senate’s 100 seats plus the vice presidency, they will likely need every single member of their caucus to support filibuster reform in order for any filibuster reform to pass.


In fact, Sinema has already gone against Schumer and the communist Dems on one major key vote this year, theatrically casting a John McCain-like “thumbs down” vote on a minimum wage vote in February, a move that has garnered a lot of press attention in addition to the bleating from the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter:

“She has a theory that picking fights with the left helps her,” said Emily Kirkland, executive director of Progress Arizona. “I think that is a real misreading of the moment.”

With a handbag slung over her shoulder, she appeared to make a pronounced demi-curtsy as she signaled a thumbs down for a minimum wage vote that was bound to attract attention. The echoes of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, who used a similar thumbs-down gesture to block a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, were inescapable.

“She wants to see herself as a maverick. When McCain did these things, he bucked his party because he voted for something that would potentially save lives,” said Tomas Robles, executive director of Living United for Change Arizona, a Latino advocacy group. “Her votes have been the exact opposite.”


Leftist Democrats like those quoted in the report above like to describe Sinema’s independent streak as cynical politics while praising Manchin’s inevitable capitulations to party orthodoxy. The truth, however, is that Sinema appears to be that rarist of rarities in Washington, DC: An actual thoughtful member of the Democrat Party, sort of a senate version of Tulsi Gabbard.

It will only take one such Democrat to save the Republic from a rapid descent into communist hell by preserving the filibuster rule. Now that Manchin’s been so obviously bought off, Kyrsten Sinema seems to now be the last woman standing.

It remains to be seen how long she can remain standing in the face of what will inevitably a withering assault coming her way from the radical left and the corrupt news media.

Perhaps fortunately, Sen. Sinema is divorced, and thus lacks a spouse looking for a high-paying federal job. So, we got that going for us.

That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: For Democrats and the Media, ‘Voter Fraud’ = ‘Voting Rights’

Ok, so, the new Democrat/media narrative for this coming week is GOP efforts to stop massive Democrat voter fraud = GOP assaults on “voting rights.” 

Voter ID requirements are the new Jim Crow laws, according to the Sock Puppet-in-Chief, Joe Biden.

Being able to have a dozen or more mail-in ballots sent to your home by the state, city, county, school district, justice of the peace and dogcatcher where you live, as well as from several neighboring states if you’re a Democrat, is a “voting right.”

Being paid to agree to be transported to the polling place on election day by Democrat campaign workers passing out “street money” is now a sacrosanct “voting right.”

Having said campaign workers show up at your house with takeout tacos and Dr. Pepper and allowing them to fill out your dozen mail-in ballots for you is now a “voting right” designed to protect favored Democrat minorities from “voter suppression” activities by those mean ol’ Republicans.

Allowing leftist judges to ignore both the constitution and state laws governing the voting process in a given state the Democrats are targeting for takeover is now a “voting right.”

Being able to mail in your dozen mail-in ballots two weeks after the legally-mandated deadline has passed and have them still be counted is now a “voting right.”

Allowing Democrat vote-counters in cities like Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia to hide boxes filled with fraudulent ballots under their desks and pull them out after everyone else has been sent home at 3:00 a.m. on Election Night is now a “voting right.”

Letting local county clerks refuse to clear their voter roles of people who died before World War II is now a revered “voting right” for Democrat-controlled counties across the nation.

All of these things and many more will now formally be protected by the Democrat Party and our corrupt news media in a flood of articles like this one from The Hill:

Yes, there’s Slick Willie, Jeffrey Epstein’s best buddy, slamming Georgia Republicans for doing…what, exactly?

Answer: Trying to enforce the laws that have been on the books for decades.

What does the new Georgia law do?

Answer: It requires identification for those who wish to submit mail-in ballots, just as is required for in-person voting. Bill Clinton think Democrat voters are too dumb to have a driver’s license, library card, or even a birth certificate.

It also restricts the locations of “drop boxes” where such “mail-in” ballots can be dropped off by voters who don’t trust the U.S. mail to sites that can be monitored for compliance, eliminating that third stall in the women’s bathroom at the local Target from serving that role.


The law signed in GA today is a blatant attempt to suppress the votes of Black Americans and an attack on our democracy,” Clinton wrote on Twitter, linking to an event about voting rights that took place earlier this week. “I spoke with Stacey Abrams about this and other efforts to restrict voting rights and what we can do to promote free & fair elections.”

Dude, seriously?

“This is Jim Crow in the 21st century. It must end,” said China Joe Biden about the new law at his fake press conference on Thursday. “We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act.”


This is about Democrats wanting to continue to be able to commit the kind of massive election fraud they committed last November. That’s all it is. They want no safeguards, no sidewalls, no legal policing of the voting process whatsoever. Because if they have that, then their fixers will be able to fix every election from now on.

And the corrupt news media outlets like The Hill will happily be complicit in this effort, just as they were happily complicit in fixing the 2020 presidential and senate elections in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona.

That’s this week’s main narrative, and it will dominate the Sunday talk shows, because it’s all a coordinated act between the Democrat Party and their activists posing as journalists.

So. Damn. Tiresome.

The media won’t cover what’s happening at the border with Mexico, so Ted Cruz does it for you:

This is an invasion, folks. It’s only going to get worse.

Why is it going to get worse? Because the person assigned to deal with the issue isn’t dealing with the issue at all:

From the story at JustTheNews:

A White House staffer on Friday reportedly claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris is “not doing the border” even as she has been put in charge of the Biden administration’s efforts to address the swelling illegal immigration crisis there.

Breitbart reported on Friday that White House chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders told reporters on a flight that “the vice president is not doing the border.”

“The president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort, with Mexico and countries in the northern triangle to address the root causes of migration,” Sanders said, according to Breitbart.


More details from the referenced story at Breitbart:

Sanders spoke briefly with reporters on a flight with the vice president to Connecticut.

She said Biden had tasked the vice president with the “diplomatic efforts” to address the root causes of migration from Latin America.

“The president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort, with Mexico and countries in the northern triangle to address the root causes of migration,” she said. “There are many reasons that move these folks to make this dangerous journey.”

Sanders said Harris had made a “number of calls” on the issue but did not plan any trips to the border “in the near future.”

“This is not work that will be addressed overnight,” Sanders said. “This is a challenging situation, as you heard the vice president and president speak to but it’s it’s diplomatic work that needs to be done and Vice President Harris. Looking forward to doing it.


“This is not work that will be addressed overnight.” *sigh*

Let’s be honest here, folks, since the White House won’t be: This is not work that will be addressed at all, because this is exactly the situation the Democrats wanted to create at the border. The Democrat Party views this invasion as a voter recruitment effort, nothing more.

This is feature of the Democrat plan, not a glitch. Don’t expect to see future president Harris lifting a finger to make it better.

That is all.

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Today’s Required Reading: Tucker Carlson Slays Biden’s Woke Military

The U.S. military has a new Chief of “Diversity and Inclusion,” and he looks and speaks and does social media exactly as you’d expect. – Tucker Carlson went off on Biden’s woke military leadership again last night, and it was glorious. Carlson’s topic this time was the appointment of one Richard Torres-Estrada to be the Chief of Diversity & Inclusion of America’s Special Forces.

I swear I am not making this stuff up. Check it out:

As you might expect, Mr. Torres-what’shisname is your classic woke social justice warrior, not the kind of actual warrior you might hope would be in a position of authority in the U.S. special forces. In addition to being that special kind of stupid, Mr. Torres-whoseit is also too dumb to make his own personal Facebook page private, and so provided all sorts of juicy stuff for Carlson’s opening monologue Friday evening.

Here’s a transcript. Read it and weep for our military personnel who will now be subjected to Mr. Torres-whatchamacallit and his preferred pronouns for the next four years or so:


The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command recently made an announcement from its official Twitter account.

Special Operations Command is very significant in the U.S. military, and in our country. It oversees Delta Force, the SEAL teams and the rest of our most-celebrated, best-trained and most lethal war-fighters. The tweet announced that a man called Richard Torres-Estrada is now the, “Chief of Diversity & Inclusion” of America’s Special Forces.

They included his picture with the announcement. Then, at the very top of its website, the Special Operations Command included a link to its extensive new “diversity and inclusion strategic plan.” The one thing we know about that plan is it will result in the dramatic lowering of standards within our elite ranks. It probably already has. How will that make America safer? The generals never said. You couldn’t find that on the website. Instead, they explained that “all of us understand that diversity and inclusion are operational imperatives.”  They didn’t say how, they just said they’re imperatives. This is the operation that Richard Torres-Estrada will be running.

The question is: wWho exactly is Richard Torres-Estrada? His Facebook page gives us some indication of who he is. On it, you’ll find an attack on the police, you’ll find crude BLM propaganda, you’ll find a picture of Donald Trump holding a Bible in front of a church. Next to Trump is a photograph of Adolf Hitler. The point is, they’re the same. So, this is the guy who now oversees hiring for the SEALs.

If you’re wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, consider that question settled for good. The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles. That should concern you.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world rolls on and gets more menacing by the day. Tonight, the Suez Canal, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, is blocked by a stranded container ship. Was it an accident? Maybe. Maybe not. We don’t know. What we do know is the Suez Canal is vital to the world’s economy. That’s not an overstatement. The Suez Canal is one of about a dozen strategic choke points that control virtually all global trade. Now it’s closed.

This is a challenge to America’s critical national interests. How is the Pentagon responding to this challenge to critical American interests? They’re occupied with other things right now. For the last month, the entire U.S. military has been operating under a so-called “stand-down” order issued by the new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, the defense contractor who is now running the military.

Lloyd Austin believes the real threat to America is not the Chinese government or paralyzed global trade. The real threat is people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden.

LLOYD AUSTIN, JAN. 19: And if confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists … The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.

Forty-three Senate Republicans voted to confirm Lloyd Austin, and they have said virtually nothing about him since, because they’re paralyzed. They’re paralyzed because Lloyd Austin has no problem calling his opponents racist immediately.

“Ridding our ranks of racists and extremists.” The key question is, how does Lloyd Austin define a racist or extremist? The definition matters. This show has been denounced as a dangerous White supremacist organ for the crime of reading Martin Luther King quotes on the air. So it’s worth finding out what those words mean. But Lloyd Austin doesn’t provide a definition. That’s not accidental, because what you’re seeing is not an attempt to make the military better. What you’re seeing is a political purge of the military.

Consider what’s been happening during the military’s training on “extremism.” A lot of enlisted soldiers have asked a pretty basic question: Weren’t the BLM and Antifa rioters last summer committed by “extremists?” It seems like they were – they murdered a lot more people than died at the Capitol on Jan. 6. They burned businesses. They wrecked cities. In some places, it took the National Guard to stop them. So why aren’t these people “extremists?”


A man called Ramon Colon-Lopez was called in to tell the troops why they were wrong. Colon-Lopez is the Senior Enlisted Adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These questions, he conceded, are “coming from every echelon that we’re talking to. Some people may think that, ‘All right, so the events of 6 January happened. How come you’re not looking at the situation that was going on in Seattle prior to that?'”

Yeah, exactly. Kind of an obvious question. Well Ramón Colón-López has an answer. Actually, it’s more of a threat.

“I am concerned about the way that some people are looking at the current environment and what they are thinking, they can do and act upon based on their personal beliefs,” he said.

In other words, if you ask questions like these obvious ones, you are, by definition, dangerous.

Colón-López said he was working hard to, “make sure that military members understand the difference between Seattle and Washington, D.C.” What are those differences exactly? Here’s one: BLM, he explained, is a, “social injustice organization,” and therefore not extreme. Also, “When the military was called upon to go ahead and support an effort [in Washington], we did. We never got called for the law enforcement issue that was happening in Seattle.”

Oh. So the mayor of Seattle never called the National Guard to put down Antifa. Therefore, Antifa isn’t an extremist organization. That’s ludicrous, obviously. In fact, it’s not even true. In fact, the National Guard did deploy to Seattle during the riots last year. But whatever. Colón-López’s job isn’t to make sense. It was to send a political message from the Biden Administration: we’re in charge now.

This week, we spoke to a DEA agent who was fired for being in Washington on Jan. 6. He didn’t riot. He never went in the Capitol Building. In fact, he even defended cops against rioters. He’s on video doing that. But it didn’t matter. He didn’t vote for Biden, so he’s gone. And he’s hardly alone.

Earlier this month, the FBI arrested an Oklahoma man called Anthony Alfred Griffith. According to the FBI, Griffith’s crime was walking into the Capitol Building through open doors, taking some photos, then handing those photos to federal investigators. The FBI’s criminal complaint accuses Griffith of “witnessing multiple people trying to break down a door.” Oh, he saw it happenFor the crime of witnessing other people committing a crime, Anthony Alfred Griffith now faces seven years in prison.

But don’t worry. People like Anthony Alfred Griffith, our leaders tell us, are extremists. They’re White supremacists. And our military needs to be laser-focused on making certain no one who votes like Anthony Alfred Griffith can ever serve in the armed forces again.

SENATOR TAMMY DUCKWORTH, D-ILL., MARCH 18: We absolutely need to look at any type of White supremacists that are still members of the military and how they are being targeted for recruitment by White supremacist groups and we need to weed this out … This whole idea of police officer on police officer violence with those officers who have been turned by White extremists is really scary to me. And I know it’s got to be scary for the other police officers.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D-HAWAII, MARCH 9: I am considering legislation to create a standalone punitive article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice to address violent extremism in the ranks and to send a message of deterrence, that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in the military.

REP DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ, D-FLA., MARCH 12: We’ve seen a lot of reports highlighting how many of the attackers were veterans, and there’s been really a growing recognition that the military has to do more to address extremism in its ranks.

It’s really amazing. Hirono and Duckworth are extremists. They’re the most extreme members of the U.S. Senate. They went on television this week to tell us people with the wrong skin color couldn’t be hired for federal jobs. Did anyone at the Capitol on Jan. 6 call for that? Not one person that we’re aware of. And we denounce it immediately. So, they’re extremist by definition, and they’re lecturing us about extremism.

“The military has to do more to address” extremism. And in a way, they’re doing that — by aggressively promoting it. Every two months, senior enlisted leaders in the military gather for something called “the Commanding General’s Stewardship of the Army Profession forum.” In January, the forum included a “professional dialogue” on the racist hate tract “White Fragility” by lunatic Robin DiAngelo. No one condemned Robin DiAngelo’s obvious extremism. They celebrated it.

Just last month, Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, the commander of the Air Force Education and Training Command, made it explicit. He acknowledged that the Air Force was recruiting candidates with a private pilot’s license. That might seem like a wise course — flying planes is what the Air Force does — but to Lt. Gen Brad Webb, no, that’s systemic racism:

LT. GEN. BRAD WEBB: One of the other areas in line with that has been aptitude tests. In fact, the chief mentioned that one as well in his talk the other day. But we are deep underway updating pilot tests and also officer candidate tests that, at its root, you know, you get a weighted score … if you have a private pilot license. Well, that’s a socioeconomic influencer. In other words, if you’re rich enough to afford to have private pilot time, you can get a license. That ought not be weighted in such a way that you exclude, you know, various ethnic groups.

The real question is: how does a doughy moron like that end up with an important job in the U.S. military? This isn’t the Department of Transportation. It’s not the DMV. This is a serious thing. This is the federal agency to which we give the most money and exists to protect the rest of us from foreign threats. And guys like that have power?

That guy’s the commander of Air Force Education. And it’s not just him. In October, the head of Air Force recruiting office, Major General Ed Thomas, published a piece on Yahoo entitled, “86% of Air Force pilots are [W]hite men. Here’s why this needs to change.”

You have to wonder what the families of the thousands of American White pilots who have died defending this country over the last hundred years think of that. Ed Thomas wants them to know their husbands and fathers and sons shouldn’t have been flying in the first place, because they were the wrong color.

We called Ed Thomas after his piece came out to ask about this, and he was kind enough to talk to us. We had a long conversation, but he never explained the only thing that matters: How his race-mongering was supposed to make the country safer. He obviously didn’t care. He clearly hadn’t even thought about it. How did someone like that get power in the U.S. military? There are a lot of generals like that.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., represents thousands of military personnel, people who joined the services because they love the country and they want to protect it. No one is speaking up for them right now. So at a hearing in Congress the other day, Matt Gaetz did.

GAETZ: How long until MAGA hats are considered an extremist symbol? How long until Catholic or pro-life groups or those who believe in two genders are too extreme for the ruling Woke-topians? Today is about nothing more than cancel culture coming for our military and it is disgusting.

Disgusting. Usually that’s hyperbole. In this case, it’s understatement.



Democrats: If they didn’t already exist, you could never in a million years make them up. And why would anyone want to?


That is all.

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Friday News Roundup: Biden’s Fake Presser is Exactly the Travesty we Expected

Take 3 minutes to watch this video. – Watch as Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma lays out in great detail how China Joe Biden has intentionally created the crisis at the border with Mexico and how the corrupt news media has laid down and failed to cover any of it. It is a truly devastating story that literally no one in our Soviet-style media establishment will report, so you’ll just have to get it here at DBDailyUpdate:

My goodness. Now that Kamala Harris is “in charge” of dealing with this self-made crisis, it will only get worse.

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

About that Biden “press conference”… – Well, it was exactly what I told you it would be. A clearly impaired elderly man, talking from note cards, stammering around as he tries to remember his talking points, repeatedly getting flustered even though the questions and lapdog questioners had all obviously been vetted in advance. The Sock Puppet-in-Chief obviously struggles to maintain a train of thought for more than about 5 seconds, and should not continue to be shoved out into public by abusive handlers like this.

Check out this clip:

This elder abuse, folks. That’s what it is.

From a story at the New York Post:

President Biden appeared to repeatedly lose his train of thought early on in his first press conference as commander-in-chief Thursday, asking reporters if they wanted him to go into detail in his answers, forgetting questions and relying heavily on cue cards from a binder he brought along.

The president took ten questions at the 62 minute presser, repeatedly consulting his binder before calling on the next reporter.

The three-ring binder also held the opening remarks he delivered at the start of the briefing, as well as notes on topics of major concern he was likely to be asked about.

The first awkward moment occurred while the president was answering a question on the crisis at the southern border from PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor.

After speaking for four minutes about the migrant surge, the 46th president remarked, “And the other thing we’re doing, I might add,” before cutting himself off to ask, “Am I giving you too long of an answer? Because if you don’t want the detail …”

“I don’t know how much detail you want about immigration,” he continued, going on to say, “Maybe I’ll stop there.”


Well, yes, it is perfectly reasonable to ask whether the corrupt press corps actually wants any information at all about the Biden-created border crisis since it has thus far refused to cover it all in any real way.

But wait, there’s more!

The president spoke for another two minutes about the Senate, where Democrats are ramping up their push to abolish the legislative rule requiring 60 members to end debate on most topics and move forward to a vote, before losing his train of thought again.

“I have never been particularly poor at calculating how to get things done in the United States Senate. So the best way to get something done, if you, if you hold near and dear to you that you like to be able to, anyway,” he said, trailing off.

Biden sighed before appearing to finish up his answer, pledging, “We’re going to get a lot done, and if we have to, if there’s complete lockdown and chaos as a consequence of the filibuster, then we’ll have to go beyond what I’m talking about.”




Note that, over the course of an hour of fake reporters reciting scripted questions to which Biden recited scripted answers, there was not a single solitary question about COVID-19. Not one. Why? Because Biden has literally nothing to say about COVID that would be in any way new, since all he has done since assuming office is to continue initiatives begun during the Trump administration.

Also note that Fox News – whose reporter Peter Doocey is the only regular attendee to Jen Psaki’s pathetic briefings who actually poses tough questions to her – was not allowed to ask a question, nor was any conservative media outlet like OANN or NewsMax. This is most likely because reporters from those outlets refused to submit questions to Psaki and her crew in advance.

In an appearance on Sean “Captain Tick-Tock” Hannity’s Fox News program last night, President Donald Trump nailed the tenor of the fake event:

“It was like softballs, like you’re throwing softballs — and it’s just a different world,” the former president said.

“Nobody’s seen anything like it. It’s very sad to watch actually, they’re feeding him questions, they’re easy questions,” Trump said. “They were strange questions and they were asked in a very interesting way.”

As reported by the New York Post, Trump also took exception to Biden’s false attempts to blame him for the border crisis Biden has created:

The former president also rejected a claim made by Biden at his press conference that Trump let children trying to enter the US “starve to death” on the other side of the border.

“First of all, it’s just the opposite,” Trump told Ingraham. “By the time we finished what we were doing [on the border], very few people were coming up because they knew they weren’t going to get through.

“If young kids were with parents, but a lot of times, they weren’t, and we would take care of them, but … what they are doing now is outrageous. And they should finish the wall.”

Naturally, of course, the very same corrupt media outlets who cooperated in pre-vetting their questions for this clown show all in unison declared Biden’s performance to be a great success.


Heavy Sigh GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

One outcome from yesterday’s travesty may well be that it will be the last time Biden ever faces the fake press corps in person. Having now ticked off this particular box of holding a press conference – even if only a fake one – what would be the point of Biden doing another one? He waited 65 days to do the first one, and he may well not have another 65 days to go before the Democrats who installed him decide to terminate his presidency.

Another outcome from this disgusting, disgraceful sh*t show is that it surely must end all doubt in anyone’s minds about the reality that Kamala Harris will indeed be installed into the presidency very soon by the very same people who installed Biden following the stolen election of 2020. This man can’t be trusted to be able to tie his own shoelaces.

The frightening thing is, Harris is even less worthy of trust.

We are so screwed.

That is all.

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Why are Gas Prices so High? Here’s Your Answer.

‘Why are gas prices so high?’ That’s a web search question leading readers to my pages this morning, along with another asking ‘why are gas prices so high in California?’ That second one is just as important as the first, since California is basically serving as the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country.

Finally, a third web search question high on the list this week is ‘Is America energy independent?’ The answers to all of these questions are all intertwined with one another. Let’s examine why.

First, why are prices at the pump so high in general? There are several factors at play here that all have had an impact since last November:


  1. The loosening of COVID restrictions globally in recent months has led to a rapid recovery in global demand for crude oil that has exceeded the expectations of all of the “experts” on the subject, leading to a tightening of global crude markets;
  2. Strong discipline among the OPEC+ nations related to their agreement to limit exports has also played a major role in tightening the relationship between global supply and demand;
  3. The U.S. election has also obviously played a big role here. Since last November 3, the average price per gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. has skyrocketed by 75 cents. The markets clearly see the Biden/Harris administration as one that will work to inhibit U.S. oil production, which will also have the effect of tightening the global market, and traders have responded by driving up the price of crude oil;
  4. Refinery maintenance and the changeover to summer gasoline blends. This is a factor that I tend to write about every year at this time. Gas prices have continued to rise even as crude prices have dropped over the past week mainly due to the fact that March and April are the time of year in which many U.S. refineries are taken offline for annual maintenance and all refiners are switching from manufacturing a handful of winter blends of gasoline to the dozens of summer blends required by the EPA. This changeover invariably raises the costs of both refining and transportation of gasoline, and that is always worked into gas prices during these months.

To sum up: We’ve seen a confluence of factors since November that have driven up the price for crude oil now combined with the higher costs associated with the annual conversion over to summer blends of gasoline. Since gas prices at the pump tend to follow the price of crude on almost a linear basis, none of this is really surprising.

But what about California? According to AAA, the current average price for regular in the Golden State stands at $3.885 per gallon, while in Texas it is $2.626, about a 47% difference. This differential is almost entirely due to politics around climate change.


Read the Rest Here

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Thursday News Roundup: Biden Assigns Harris to Double Down on Border Chaos as he Preps for his Fake Presser

This’ll get your day off to a great start! – We have a new mentally ill person serving as America’s assistant secretary of health, and two senate Republicans – Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – joined the Democrats in confirming him/her. Because of course they did.

Holy crap.

In other news, China Joe Biden has decided the best way to deal with the border crisis he created is to double down on more crisis. – That can be the only explanation for why he decided yesterday to put Kamala Harris, who giggles every time she even thinks of the mass chaos taking place in Texas towns like Roma, McAllen and Rio Grande City, in “charge” of administration strategy.

From a story at DailyWire:

President Joe Biden is receiving intense criticism after tapping Vice President Kamala Harris to manage the border crisis, especially after her controversial past remarks about immigration and the message her appointment sends to those crossing the border illegally.

“She’s leading the effort because I think it’s important to put someone who, when he or she speaks, they don’t have to wonder about where the president is,” Biden said. “When she speaks, she speaks for me. She doesn’t have to check with me.”

In November 2018, Harris compared U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), suggesting that they were terrorists.

During a June 2019 Democrat presidential debate, Harris raised her hand in support of decriminalizing illegal border crossings into the U.S.

Later, when confronted during an interview on ABC’s “The View,” Harris doubled down on her position of decriminalizing illegal border crossings, saying, “I am in favor of saying that we’re not going to treat people who are undocumented that cross the border as criminals, that’s correct.”


Suffice it to say that the author, Ryan Saavedra, is correct when he says that Harris is without any question at all the very worst choice to fill this role.

Which of course is exactly why China Joe’s corrupt handlers picked her for the job. This isn’t complicated. The border chaos is a feature, not a glitch.

Ready for that Sock Puppet-in-Chief “press conference” today? – If you’re expecting the same kind of uniformly hostile questioning that the White House fake Press Corps invariably greeted Donald Trump with, well, sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. The corrupt Democrat toadies will toss softball after softball at China Joe, all of which will have been vetted in advance so that the Sock Puppet can simply recite canned answers that his evil handlers have written for him.

If he gets hung up with one of his regular brain freezes, no worries, he’ll just pause a moment to listen to the little voice coming in over his ever-present earpiece.

See the source image

Make no doubt about this: The press is entirely complicit in this entire charade, just as it was entirely complicit in the never-ending coup d’etat the Democrats ran at President Trump for four solid years. Fake reporters like Maggie Haberman of the New York Times have been all over MSNBC and CNN last night and this morning laying the groundwork for the farce to come and doing everything they can to lower viewer expectations:

See that? Biden’s “thin skinned” and these pressers are not a “great format” for him. Here’s more from that story:

She began by wondering if the president might announce some executive action on guns to “try to steer” the topics of the presser, and how many questions he’ll take, before declaring that “these are generally not great formats for him.”

It’s a point she would circle back to later, but first, co-host Alisyn Camerota asked Haberman “What will you be watching most closely?”

“Well look, I will be looking weather for whether he loses his —” Haberman began, pausing to say “these are stylistic points to be clear,” and listing some of the substantive issues she expects Biden to talk about, before continuing her style critique.

“Particularly what I will be looking for is how does he handle the press?” Haberman said. “He has, at times, certainly during the campaign, gotten irritated with questions he didn’t like.”

“How does he do, what is his demeanor, what is his style?” she asked. “Some of this will set the tone for how he does with the press corps going forward for a while. Listen, it is in our interest, in the Press is interest, frankly in the public interest, for elected officials, particularly a president to hold a press conference. I understand why the White House didn’t think it was in theirs to do one until now, but I think this is going to tell a lot.”


Hey, any of y’all remember corrupt hacks like Haberman wondering about Donald Trump’s “demeanor” and “style” while appearing on CNN? Yeah, neither do I, because that never happened. And check out that final sentence: Good ol’ lapdog Maggie understands why the White House hasn’t held a presser for 65 days. She was screaming like a damn shrew four years ago because Trump waited 25 days to hold his first one.

Look, this presser is going to be a joke because our news media is a corrupt joke, and Maggie Haberman is the literal personification of it.

Today’s Required Reading, from Buck Sexton. – Buck Sexton is a terrific columnist who everyone should read. He’s always insightful and writes with a flair that few others possess. This morning he has an excellent piece at about the ongoing COVID tyranny being imposed by Democrats, led by the Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci. It’s a great read that everyone should take time to absorb.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

If any expert had told you a year ago that people who were fully vaccinated would still have to mask up and avoid human contact whenever possible, that would’ve been considered absolutely nuts.

But here we are… and the bureaucratic COVID tyranny rages on.

Dr. Fauci, the diminutive public health Stalinist, has shifted the goalposts yet again. The official guidance – from the same lab-coat tyrants at the NIAID and CDC who’ve helped bring you “stand here” footprints in elevators and “mask up between bites” guidance for restaurants – is that you must act like an unvaccinated person even after you’ve been vaccinated or recovered naturally from the disease.

This is neither rational nor acceptable… They say it’s for safety, but mostly it’s for control.

As always, Fauci and his fan club of lockdown enthusiasts claim this is about “the science.” But that’s just propaganda… We aren’t talking about the temperature at which water boils or the products of photosynthesis.

Fauci, the CDC, and their ilk are making enormously consequential policy decisions under the guise of objective scientific truth. What they are effectively arguing for is the right to determine – without any meaningful public debate – when it’s “safe” for people to start living their lives normally again.


Go read the rest of it. You’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Familiar Narratives and Coincidences Surround Boulder Mass Killings

I’m old enough to remember when Democrats and their corrupt media toadies assured us that the mass shootings would end as soon as China Joe Biden had been installed as our Sock Puppet-in-Chief. – The biggest disappointment for our “friends” on the political left about the mass killings in Boulder, Colorado this week is not the ten white Americans who lost their lives, but the fact that the killer himself wasn’t also white.

Yes, that’s correct: all 10 of the victims who were killed by this vicious lunatic happened to be white, which is not all that surprising given that the same is overwhelmingly the case across Boulder’s entire population:

Now, if these victims were all of a different race, we’d have rioting in the streets all over the country right now led by BLM/Antifa, which serve as the domestic terrorist wing of the Democrat Party. We all know that is the truth, so spare me any pushback.

Immediately following the news of the killings breaking, white leftwingers all across social media leapt to the assumption that the shooter was a white male despite literally zero evidence that that was the case. Prominent blue-check fake journalists on Twitter led that parade, mainly because they’re all a bunch of Democrat activists and not journalists at all. Thus, the initial narrative became that the shooter was a racist, because at that point no one knew that all of the victims were white.

Hours later, when news broke – despite the best efforts of CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/CBS to cover it up – that the shooter is in fact a radical Islamic terrorist named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, not one single leftwinger expressed apology or regret for their prior false assumption. Because, you know, you never have to apologize for expressing racist thoughts and assumptions about white people in today’s America.

Police identify Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, as suspect in Boulder shooting |  Sports Grind Entertainment

Matter of fact, what they did instead was to shift the narrative over to the supposed need for “gun control,” led by the Sock Puppet-in-Chief himself:

Because of course that’s what happened – it’s what invariably happens in these cases. To repeat:

– If the shooter is white, the killings are racist, regardless of the race of the victims;

– If the shooter is black, Hispanic, Muslim or anything other that a white person of European descent, the killings are the fault of the guns.

This is Democrat/media narrative control 101. It’s really the first day of class kind of stuff for these people.

Oh, and guess what else we learned on Tuesday? If you’ve been paying attention to the narratives around mass shooters for the last 20 years, you probably know what’s coming, right?


The suspect’s identity was previously known to worthless agents at the raging dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence that is our Federal Bureau of Investigation. Same as the Parkland killer, same as the Florida nightclub killer, same as the Boston Marathon bombers, same as the San Bernardino killers, same as the Las Vegas shooter and on and on and on and on it goes. The FBI has had this guy under surveillance and did nothing about him.

From the story at the New York Times:

The suspect’s identity was previously known to the F.B.I. because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau, according to law enforcement officials.

When he was a senior at Arvada West High School, Mr. Alissa was convicted in 2018 of misdemeanor assault against another student in a classroom, and told the police at the time that it was in retaliation for insults and ethnic taunts. Fellow students recall him as having a fierce temper that would flare in response to setbacks or slights.

Mr. Alissa’s brother described him to the Daily Beast as mentally ill, paranoid and antisocial.

Among the victims of the massacre on Monday was Officer Eric Talley, 51, with the Boulder Police Department, who had responded to a “barrage” of 911 calls about the shooting, Chief Maris Herold said.

The authorities identified the nine additional victims as Denny Stong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowiak, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; and Jody Waters, 65.

Chief Herold said at a news conference that police officers had run into the King Soopers grocery store within minutes of the shooting and had shot at the suspect. No other officers were injured during the response, she said. She said Mr. Alissa was taken to a hospital for treatment of a leg injury

Court records show he was born in Syria in 1999, as did a Facebook page that appeared to belong to the suspect, giving his name as Ahmad Al Issa; the page was taken down within an hour of his name being released by the authorities. Michael Dougherty, the Boulder County district attorney, said the suspect had “lived most of his life in the United States.”

Mr. Alissa was a wrestler in high school and the Facebook page listed wrestling and kickboxing as being among his interests, and many of the posts were about martial arts. One, in 2019, said simply, “#NeedAGirlfriend.”


What a shocker, right? And some “coincidence.”

Speaking of unsurprising coincidences… – Many readers have pointed out the past couple of days that these shootings seemingly always tend to pop up whenever the Democrats are moving a gun control bill through congress. Surely, it’s just a coincidence – you know, just like the coincidence of the FBI always knowing about these shooters and having them under surveillance and doing nothing about them – but guess what? The Democrats in the House have indeed already passed a pair of gun control bills and sent them over to the Senate for debate.

From a story at USA Today:

9 bills from guns to George Floyd to the ERA wait in the Senate: Will any get enough Republican support to pass?

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., lauded all the bills the Democratic-led House passed in the first few months of 2021 as “just wonderful” on Friday.

“We were very pleased this week we were able to pass legislation,” Pelosi reiterated during a news conference.

Since the new Congress started in January, the House has passed at least two dozen bills that now await Senate action. A number of these provisions address major Democratic aims on immigration, elections, women’s rights and gun control.

Bipartisan Background Checks Act

H.R. 8 would expand background checks on individuals seeking to purchase or transfer firearms. It would not create a registry or other federal mechanisms for review.

Instead, the legislation would expand the cases in which a background check is required for the sale or transfer of a firearm, including for private individuals and groups, closing the “gun show loophole.” The requirements would apply to online sales.

The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, passed 227-203. It received eight Republican votes, and one Democrat voted against it.

Enhanced Background Checks Act

The Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 would close the “Charleston loophole,” a gap in federal law that lets gun sales proceed without a completed background check if three businesses days have passed.

It is linked to a shooting in 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina, where a white supremacist used the loophole to obtain firearms he used to kill nine Black people during a Bible study at Mother Emanuel AME Church. The bill would extend the initial background check review period from three to 10 days.

The legislation passed 219-210, with two Democrats opposed and two Republicans in support.


Don’t you just love how USA Today refers to the first bill as “bi-partisan,” since it got all of 8 GOP votes out of the Party’s 210 house members? That’s real “journalism” right there.

Anyway, surely this is all just mere coincidence, right? Gotta be. I mean, surely the same party that considers the sponsorship of two domestic terrorist groups to conduct mass rioting, looting and burning of a dozen major American cities across an entire summer to be just another political tactic wouldn’t intentionally encourage mass killings to help pass gun control legislation, right?

If you think it’s too reprehensible and inhuman to even conceive such a thing, well, you’re right. It is.

Quite a coincidence, though, just like the FBI always having these mass killers under prior surveillance.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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