Saturday News Roundup: Major League Baseball is led by Cowards

I guess I’m confused here.

Major League Baseball announced Friday that it will move this year’s All Star Game out of Atlanta in a direct surrender to the cancel culture crowd that is outright lying about a voting procedures bill passed by the Georgia legislature. In announcing this pathetic act of cowardice, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that the move was was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport”, and said it was taken after consultation with the sport’s cowardly owners, managers and current and former players.

So, what exactly are the “values” of MLB at this point? They certainly have nothing to do with voting rights. After all, the Georgia bill actually expands voting rights in the state, adding additional days for early voting and more hours for the polls to remain open. Those “values” certainly have nothing to do with honesty, or courage, or standing up to bullies, given that MLB just caved in a cowardly manner into outright lies about this law coming from the bullies in the Perpetual Outrage Mob and the corrupt national news media.

What about racism – is MLB taking a stand against that by refusing to hold a single all-star game in a state that wants to require a voter to produce identification in order to vote? Not really, no. After all, MLB has held multiple all-star games in Texas, where voter ID has always been required in most circumstances. It has held all-star games in several other states that have always required an ID to vote.

And if a voter ID requirement is suddenly “racist,” how do we explain new polls from multiple leftist organizations that show such a provision being supported by more than 70% of the U.S. population, including majorities of Blacks, Hispanics and … wait for it … even Democrats?

Also, if MLB is taking a stand against supposed “racism” here, how can the league possibly still, in the year 2021, allow the team in Atlanta to continue carrying the name “Braves,” after decades of protests against that moniker by leftist Indian protest groups who claim that the name is racist? Indeed, if MLB won’t play its All Star Game in Atlanta, why then is it planning to allow this anti-Indian racist baseball team to play 81 home games in the very same city this year?

What does all of that reality say about the “values” of MLB and Rob Manfred?

It says they’re a bunch of money-grubbing cowards who are afraid to take a stand against the real bullies in American society today. That’s what it says about them and their “values.”

That is all.

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Daniel Silvan

Cowards? Probably, but there is no punishment for being a coward other than having to look at yourself in the mirror. But since MLB has just signed a new streaming contract with a Chinese CCP-supported corporation, MLB should be referred to as “traitors”. And there is a legal punishment for that.

Barry bin Inhalin

This move is going to cost them, now and in the future. People are fed up with millionaire/billionaire types ramming their virtue in everyday issues.

I’m now of grandpa age and can actually afford a day at a ballpark for a few kids. But there’s going to be none of those $600 days in our future. Im out.

Bye Bye America

I loved sports all my life but that feeling is fading fast
each time these Wokeasses follow the Libtards down the swamp drain. They’re ruining this great nation and now you’re helping them
do it. Move the all-star game because of politics? Where’d your brain
go? Stupid is as Stupid does I guess. Good riddance. I hear Amazon is hiring.

Bob Hoye

The overall mangers of Baseball are not cowards.
They have joined the Marxist movement.
Very sad to see.

Mike Hamm

A secret ballot of both players and owners would NOT have moved the game. People caved lest they be cancelled, and THAT is not protest, its COWARDICE.

Daniel Silvan

What is really crazy and doesn’t make any sense is that the vast majority of Americans support voter identification laws. 72% of Americans polled were in favor of requiring proper id to vote. So who is going to cancel MLB? These Marxist protesters always want to make themselves seem large, influential and powerful, but they usually consist of a small number of paid and trained instigators that make the group seem large through use of the complicit media. It’s pretty obvious when there aren’t any huge protests, but they pressure weak, brainless CEOs to make up for their lack of public support. Horrible Stacey Abrams is one politician leading the destructive charge against Georgia. Democrats ruin everything, and she has zero political power.


Its called the tyranny of the minority Mike.

Our constitution was designed to protect all from the possibility of a tyranny of and by the majority, hence we are a representative republic and not a direct democracy where majority rule is the standard.

What has happened is our government has been corrupted to the point where the loud and vocal minority rules the day more often than not and it has been evolving that way since at least the civil rights act and minority set asides became law during LBJ’s (un)great society.

Karl Kaos

I wonder how long it will take until GA will change their new voting law. The woke warriors know the secret to getting politicians and corporations to march in line. Attack their pocket book. Money over ethics? Hmmm……Who will win?

Daniel Silvan

Polls show 72% of Americans in favor of voter id laws. MLB, Coke and other CEOs are morons and will cost their profits big time when that 72% starts doing something about it with their wallets.

jack johnson

Who knew the progressives were on to something when they bashed “corporatism” meanwhile us folks on the right fought for it. Shame on us.

Big tech and big corporations are now destroying our America.

Brandon Stover

Funny, the league known to award a world series title to a team who was proved cheating, is going to complain about a law that makes it harder to cheat voting.


I quit caring about baseball when they had their big player strike (don’t ask me which year, I don’t remember and I don’t care to) as it was a bunch of rich, grown men arguing with richer grown men about the pay they were getting for playing a game meant for kids.

I used to have a GM who had kids in little league. Those kids worked their butts off to earn money for uniforms and to maintain their home field. Parents gave their time helping to run it an do the field maintenance. Businesses sponsored them and the field.

So I could care less about the MLB, it’s owners and it’s players. They can all go pound sand up each other’s butts.


The strike wiped out the 1994 and shortened the 1995 seasons. It took me two years before I went to a game and ironically it was after my first one I was driving past JFK Airport when the flight TWA 800 (I believe) blew up off Long Island.

Mike Hamm

Another chapter in the Cleveland sports curse book. For the first time in literally 40 years, the INDIANS repeat INDIANS had a kick-azz team only to have the season cancelled. That same team went 100 – 44 in 1995.

Lionel Mandrake

Well spoken.


I cannot even fathom living with myself after such a COWARDLY act.


Yeah Dave, I was disgusted by the near orgasmic announcement by all the talking-head Meatheads on the MLB Network and many of the present and former baseball players chiming in on the great decision to move the All-Star Game (ASG) and the draft from Atlanta. I’ll bet the clowns at ESPN actually had orgasms over the news.

I don’t care if they play the ASG or hold the draft on the moon.

But if these (sports of all leagues) idiots want to get into politics (just like the Hollywierd crowd) then they should RUN FOR OFFICE, otherwise, as Laura Ingraham wrote and titled in one of her books: “Shut Up And Sing”, entertainers should do what they are paid to do – ENTERTAIN!

I shall be writing Commissioner Manfred a letter of protest concerning MLB’s position on the Atlanta, Georgia ASG decision and let him know in no uncertain terms if he politicizes baseball, he will lose me and many other fans like what has happened in the NBA and NFL. What the Georgia Legislature and Governor does should be and is of no concern to MLB unless it pertains specifically to baseball.  To financially hurt the city of Atlanta and the Braves by engaging in Political Correctness is ridiculous.

In recent decades Georgia has become a major player in producing TV and other media productions (no doubt because of favorable tax and other incentives over California), yet several years ago some donkey-holes tried to do a boycott of Georgia for film production because their chosen candidate: Tank Abrahams, couldn’t quite steal the governorship from the ultimate hack RINO Shemp.

The other stupid thing about this is if the new law was “racist” and really infringed upon voting rights it would be appealed to the courts and most likely struck down. And the law was passed by duly elected politicians upholding the values of our precious “democracy” the Left constantly claims to support – that means there are going to be laws passed occasionally that they don’t like; well, too bad.

This just goes to show the Left is never going to be satisfied even if they win and get their way. Georgia was instrumental (through massive and sanctioned voter fraud) in giving the donkeys the senate and getting Trump out of office for btfsplk/roundheels, yet they are still not and never will be satisfied.  The Left is/are the true bullies, the true hate group in our nation today.

PS: I saw a statement from the Braves denouncing the decision of the commissioner and their fellow gutless owners. Wonderful that they stood up in a meaningless protest, but if the ASG and the draft were being held in, say, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or in Detroit, Michigan, or Phoenix, Arizona, or in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (states where similar vote fraud occurred) and their respective “democracies” passed similar anti-fraud measures TO TRY TO UPHOLD ELECTION INTEGRITY, the Braves would probably be four-square in favor of MLB’s decision to move the ASG and the draft from one of those cities/teams, wouldn’t they? 

It all depends upon who’s ox is being gored.

Acid Queen

“the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport”,

I’m going to “best way demonstrate” my values as a fan: BOYCOTT.

President Trump has said as much too;

Boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections. Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all!

Sharon Campbell

I have no interest in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NASCAR. I‘be been done with them all for some time.


The POM pretty much bullied all of the pro sports into wokeness.
Shame is, most of the woke crowd could care less about sports.

Things like sports and auto racing gave all of us, regardless of political and religious ideology, a common ground we could all stand on.

The lefts whole communist agenda is to divide us and they and their
propaganda mill have done a fine job of doing just that.

Last edited 15 days ago by Silas

if only I could boycott MLB. But, alas, I haven’t watched a game in more than 20 years, and I have no interest anyway.

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